March 2017 Eroge Releases

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Don’t dwell on the reduced number of games of the previous month, we’ve got plenty of promising games on the way! Live with an imouto android in minori’s TRINOLINE and seek a happy end for a tragedy in Uguisu Kagura’s Suisou Ginka no Istoria. Gods will want you to worship them in Clochette’s Haruru Minamo ni! or perhaps they will come to help support you in your quest for love in HULOTTE’s Kamidanomi Shisugite Ore no Mirai ga Yabai.. If you just want some quality ichaicha, look no further than eRONDO’s Koinosu☆Ichacolize.

A month that is filled with mostly deceptively sub par games sadly. The majority are reliant on gimmicks to try and hook people into a purchase. On the other hand the few that are not are either nukige or fandisks. Only one game made it past the Zen filter this month, sad days.




Company: eRONDO
Game site: こいのす☆イチャコライズ
Release date: March 24, 2017 Delayed to March 31, 2017
eRONDO’s second title Coicha is all about building a ‘love nest’ where you can be lovey-dovey with your ideal girlfriend. After choosing your heroine and deciding on your name (default is Masakage) at the beginning, the game branches off into three separate routes which all take place in the same setting (your apartment), although with different story backgrounds. Ichika is a servile waitress who catches your eye at a café that you frequent. Sachi is a petite girl who you used to play with and with whom you were entrusted on days when she attends a cram school nearby. Natsume is the imouto of your next door neighbour who temporarily lives there when her older sister studies abroad.


I always love me some ichaicha and all three girls are so cute! I want them in my room too, especially the shy (but lewd) Sachi-tan! (I’m not a lolicon.) Hau~ omochikaeri~! The seiyuus (Ayumu Sara, Akino Hana, Kusuhara Yui) bring the characters alive and the art by Takeya Masami is nice as well. A nice touch is that the decorations in your room change as each route progresses, as the girls bring in their own personal items. I feel like each story should have a decent amount of ero content (with some pretty original situations), so it should be worth your time if the heroines interest you! There will also be append discs later on, so you can continue your sweet relationship even past the end of the game.

I feel as though this bird nest simulator’s take on attracting a mate was created with the purpose of some desperate guy marrying one of the heroines in real life. A good way to get free publicity as Love Plus has shown us. What confirms this suspicion of mine is the way they have already stated they are going to add in more content later with what is essentially DLC. So either the actual game is going to be shorter than the midget limbo champion and will need a pair of stilts to justify standing next to all the other games; Or they want to throw this one under the Circus steamroller and stretch out the content as far into infinity as is humanly possible. Neither option looks promising personally.

But maybe the game is enjoyable so who cares right? Which brings me to the crux of what really makes the whole thing just a useless gimmick. There is no point. I am not one to deny a game for no reason, though it may seem like that at times. In this case the gimmick is something that really doesn’t add any substance to the story or character development. So what if the background changes? Does a background with some extra stickers and a few changed terms constitute a unique selling point? Does this emphasis on constructing a nest in some Ikea friendly mating display cause us to feel a deeper bond between characters as they develop themselves amidst a rich and involving setting? No. In the end Erondo is just trying to shove what is essentially a fluffy little kitten in our face in an attempt to cat tax content. When playing any visual novel character development and bonding is something of a reward. That is to say as the characters and their relationship change results in said changes being expressed makes the progress feel like a return on the invested time. Wherein lies the problem. All the characters and their development are circling the apartment gimmick as they are flushed down the vortex of mediocrity. If the whole each girl stapling her panties to the background wall to mark her territory was put in game with a solid foundation of character building with cohesive and involving story then I would be all for it. Turning the cherry on top into just a cherry is simply not as satisfying or appealing. Stop being lazy and go write a proper story.

This is just a nukige wrapped in pink ribbons with a cherry on top. The story is not the important thing and everyone knows it.

Nukige are fine as long as they know their place. Don’t try to print out your life story onto the pink ribbon as though it is supposed to make things better. The problem I have is that the gimmick means nothing for a nukige so it’s just trying to take advantage of people. It’s hard not to feel insulted when they try stuff like this to appeal to people.

Chiccha na Hanayome ~Mada Mada Tsubomi da mon~


Company: Galette
Game site: ちっちゃな花嫁 ~まだまだつぼみだもんっ~
Release date: March 24, 2017 Delayed to May 26, 2017
New release date after being pushed back from January. Keita works at the flower shop Frances, taking care of the storefront and doing deliveries on behalf of the scary-looking manager. He mostly makes deliveries to the town’s large cultural center, where events are held almost every week, including piano recitals, ballet performances, art contests and drama shows. He delivers flower bouquets of celebration and support to the site. When he saw the girls who were trying their best to achieve their dreams, he remembered his own dream which he had given up on. He wanted to make clothes for girls, specifically wedding dresses. What will become of his and the girls’ dreams?

Galette is still making loli-ge after K-ko and Azumabito moved to Tinkle Position, with pikazo taking over lead illustration duties. All the girls are under 150cm and 77 chest size. So at least they got that part down. I’ll wait for the trial to see if the story is decent.

If you find yourself wanting to invest in the pedo market via a flower shop I have a suggestion for all potential investors. Remember that your fields of flowers will require bees for pollination, in which case you should import them from Africa. Also remember bee suits are an unnecessary expense for the friendly African variety of bees. So really get in there and rub your face on the hive to let them know you are their friend.

Leave it to Zen for all the swell advice.

At this point I should be given a medal for my public service.

Haruru Minamo ni!


Company: クロシェット (Clochette)
Game site: はるるみなもに!
Release date: March 24, 2017
The seaside town of Tamatsue is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Even though it is undergoing modernization via re-development of the coastal area, there is still a feel of a small town in the mountain side. There are two shrines in the town, dedicated to the ‘god of the mountains’ and the ‘god of the sea’, but while the former has a ‘living goddess’ who they are proud of, there is no enshrined deity for the latter. Thus, they invited a new god to take its place. However, the ‘living goddess’ who appeared was rather useless and couldn’t fulfill the roles required of her!

The older brother of the ‘god of the mountains’, Tatsuki, was asked for help by the new goddess, who also became his classmate. While he supported her in her divine training, many other gods descended on the town. It seems that they all had an interest in him…?


Clochette’s latest title brings back memories of their debut work, Kamipani. Their games have been pretty consistent, as well as the size of the heroines’ oppai (after a blip in Kokonatsu). This time each route is by a different writer, so we might get some variation in the quality. The trial went through all the character introductions and highlighted each girl once. I thought it was decently paced, although it didn’t grab me as much as other games this month like Istoria or TRINOLINE. I do want MONGAAAAAAAAAAAAA though.

Blah blah isolated town (because of course it is) with gods who all want to rape our protagonist who judging by his circumstances must be the god of eroge. I can never quite place Clochette games in all honesty. It is really hard to tell if their writers are retarded but trying their best, or just being really lazy and don’t care at all since most people only play their games for the heroines and art style. Every game I can think of has some kind of supernatural element to try and add spice to the story but it is essentially all completely pointless anyway as there is no real story being made with it. Not that I want them to as their settings for such things are pretty awful. But the fact they try so hard for something that really doesn’t matter is extremely confusing. Point being play it for the characters, ignore roughly 80% of those useless squiggles that appear on the screen, since the setting and story are basically pointless. Clochette should team up with Erondo, match made in heaven. 

Office de Sasou Ecchi na Kanojo


Game site: オフィスで誘うエッチな彼女
Release date: March 24, 2017
Touma started his career at the Saint Laird company fresh out of school. There he met the beautiful and caring senpai Mai, who is quick to get jobs done. However, he soon found out that she is actually quite the slacker away from work. Although she warned him to keep it a secret, their relationship soon became one where they would talk about anything.

One day, Mai came over to his room to drink with him, and ended up in just her underwear in a drunken state. Tempted by her words and actions, he ended up having sex with her. The next morning, she bashfully dismissed the events of the previous night and left without saying another word.

Starting from that day, Touma’s life began to change rapidly. His relationship with his stylish boss Shinobu deepened as their workload together increased. When everything was completed, he was assaulted by her and they had intense sex together. Meanwhile, he had caught the attention of a high schooler Mikoto who works at a family-run lunch shop which he favours. What will become of his relationships with these attractive women?


This is a nukige that is similar to Hataraku Otona. However, it’s quite odd to promote a more mature setting when there’s still a high-schooler among the heroines. I guess having passionate sex at the workplace is a way to de-stress? Or at least in the fictional world…

As Micchi already mentioned the first thing I thought of was Hataraku Otona, which was pretty much a nukige itself. So now I will make a heartfelt request. Please someone, make a game like those two without the nuki part of the ge. Thank you.

Natsuiro Kokoro Log ~Happy Summer~


Company: Hearts
Game site: ナツイロココロログ ~Happy Summer~
Release date: March 24, 2017
This is the fandisc for Natsuiro Kokoro Log, featuring after stories for each of the four heroines, as well as harem routes for both the real and virtual worlds! It takes place one year after the original game as the computer research club members head to a training camp and end up helping out at a traditional Japanese café.


I made sure to make time to play the original game before this came out and Rin is now one of my favourite imoutos! Of course that means that I can’t wait to play the fandisc! Let’s dive into the cyber world once more!

Fandisk yay.


Full Kiss


Company: 戯画 (GIGA)
Game site: フルキス
Release date: March 24, 2017
This is the latest game in GIGA’s Kiss series. Masaharu started at his new school hopeful of getting a girlfriend. A year later, his dream appeared to have been merely a delusion. However, the falling cherry blossoms signal the beginning of a new year and perhaps, a chance for his dream to finally come true.


Just an average guy who happens to befriend a shy classmate, catch the eye of the student council president, have a female ‘bro’ and be served by a kouhai. Basically the usual Kiss set-up while everything just seems a little too convenient.

Giga releases games that are mediocre at best so often now I am exhausted from griping about it. I wonder if their strategy is to flood the market with so many bad games that standards are much lower thus making their progressively worse Baldr series look that much better by comparison? Probably is.

Amanatsu Adolescence


Company: コンフィチュールソフト (Confiture Soft)
Game site: 甘夏アドゥレセンス
Release date: March 24, 2017
This is the debut title by Confiture Soft. At Kazamitou Gakuen, students are free to do as they choose and the light music club which Akira is part of is actually the most ‘free’ rock band! Following the motto of enjoying everything in the world, he partook in the club activities as a base player with guitarist Ryou and vocalist Natsu. That was until the club was disbanded after setting the auditorium on fire with a flame-throwing guitar.

Akira was put into the science club and remained melancholic even while being comforted by his classmate Amane. However, when he returned home, he was greeted with the sight of a beautiful and naked silver-haired girl. Sasha is a Russian girl who will be staying at his place due to his parents’ arrangements. Together with the former light music club members, Sasha and Amane, he works towards the upcoming Amanatsu Music Fest and the Russian rock festival Вторжение.


It’s basically your typical school setting eroge with a band. They seem to promote oppai, but they’re up against Clochette this month. What does Russian rock sound like?

K-on went out of fashion how long ago? Not that it was ever a good fashion mind you. This game is like going to your parents house only to find them trying to be funny referencing the “latest” internet meme from ten years ago.

But did K-ON! have a flame-throwing guitar?

For all I know it may have? Did you watch that awful series? I know I did not make it past two episodes before I wished the Earth fell into the Sun just to keep that shameful existence from tainting humanity any longer.

Noroi no Maken ni Yamitsuki Otome


Company: ソフトハウスキャラ (SofthouseChara)
Game site: 呪いの魔剣に闇憑き乙女
Release date: March 24, 2017
A long time ago, the continent was peaceful until a black mist enveloped the kingdom, making ill all those who touched it. The citizens believed that it was the work of a demon lord and became scared to leave their own homes. When the beautiful princess also fell ill, the king beseeched someone to defeat the demon lord in exchange for a reward. One young man offered to do it in exchange for the princess’ hand in marriage. Together with his friends, he defeated the demon lord, who vowed to be resurrected one day to get his revenge. The young man returned to the cheers of the people who called him the ‘hero’.

Claire greatly admires the hero who saved the world and thus, started on the path of the adventurer. However, there is not much work available for novices like her, so she does part-time at Len’s magic item shop. One day, she came upon an old magic sword in the shop. When she picked it up out of curiosity and swung it around, a dark glow emanated from it and a demon beast came out! While she was able to stave it off, the beast escaped from the shop. Not only that, but the sword had cast a curse upon her. With the help of the former adventurer Len, Claire embarks on a life-risking journey to drive back the darkness and rid the sword’s curse.


This is pretty much a typical SRPG, where you explore maps, hunt monsters, collect items, gain levels and skills, upgrade weapons and stats, and all the wonderful grind that you love. The difference here is the auto map exploration, where you can give relatively simple commands to Claire, like switching weapons or objectives. The main difficulty for me was deciding when to leave the dungeon since travelling too deep while not being high-leveled enough is a surefire way of getting a game over screen. Luckily, the game auto-saves after every day so you don’t have to repeat too much. The system is pretty in-depth and you could customize a lot, so if you’ve got the time to play an SRPG, then go right ahead. I’ll be passing though.


Terrible RPG with porn to make up for it.

Kamidanomi Shisugite Ore no Mirai ga Yabai.


Company: ユロット (HULOTTE)
Game site: 神頼みしすぎて俺の未来がヤバい。
Release date: March 24, 2017
Hajime is just like any normal guy who wants to fall in love, except that he collects charms from shrines all over the country with the hopes of becoming popular. The self-proclaimed goddess of marriage Urara suddenly appeared before him and told him that if he didn’t find his fated partner within a year, then he will remain a virgin for his entire life! His future had become very unstable because some of the charms which he had collected were actually real. Just like eating too many sweets would lead to a stomachache, his obsession with charms of marriage had resulted in the opposite effect.

He was eager to get a girlfriend and avoid a solitary life, but he didn’t want to put in much effort to do so. Fortunately for him, Urara showed him three girls who were potential partners and also taught him how to tell how close their fate is to him. It is similar to the idea of the red string, except it is displayed as a number instead, and the goal is to reduce the number to zero.

The prime minister’s daughter Nanami, popular idol Suzuna, and Japan’s greatest detective Yukari. All three of them have their own eccentricities. Thus begins his relationship with girls whom he had previously no ties with.


It might sound like the ‘en count’ is a gimmick and well, it is. The increases and decreases seem random, and it’s just another way to show a change in affection (and so that you can say you have a love scouter). Urara can basically do whatever she pleases (the Kami-phone is hax), including becoming his imouto. Because every god wants to be an imouto. I don’t expect much of a story from HULOTTE; it’s a chara-ge through and through.

Premise is needlessly complex. No need for the time limit, the charms, or the fact that he is a friggin “Normal guy who wants to fall in love.”, seriously. I think that whole normal guy falling in love bit is on half of all eroge in one form or another. Anyway point being there are plenty of ways to get him in bed with his love scouter installed in a magical real doll without all these useless story contraptions forcing it. By making it needlessly complex it is hard to have a positive opinion towards the story itself, as it detaches itself from its own sense of setting by doing so.

Oh and I swear to Rngesus that if there is an over 9000 joke in here I will fly to Japan and murder their family.

(Good thing I didn’t make such a joke…)

Suisou Ginka no Istoria


Company: ウグイスカグラ (Uguisu Kagura)
Game site: 水葬銀貨のイストリア
Release date: March 24, 2017
The “City of Water”, Amemadoi, was built on a man-made island and boasts a beautiful and gorgeous cityscape. The lone wolf Eishi and his bizarre imouto Yuura and polite and kind childhood friend Sayo each have their own problems, as is the case with the hero-admiring kouhai Yurugi and cool Kukuri, who he found stuffed in a trash can in an alleyway. Various events and expectations were waiting ahead for these individuals with wounded hearts, such as playing concentration with the club room on the line, playing old maid with a girl who had been cast off, making up for what has been lost while watching the fireworks with fascination.

Despite his disposition, Eishi vowed to bring a happy end for everyone. One where everyone would be able to smile. He would do it in his own way, working hard to attain an uncertain goal. This is the beginning of a story about growing up in a city where tears have been lost.


I had high expectations for this second title from Uguisu Kagura after their impressive debut title Kamimaho and the trial didn’t disappoint. There was plenty of content through the three chapters and a constant air of mystery, enhanced by the music choice (and sometimes lack thereof). There are three major themes: 1) overcoming the hardships from the past and growing up; 2) changing the future via intense card battles; and, 3) family relationships, both real and fake. Nothing is what it seems and the variety of card games (memory game, old maid, texas hold ’em poker) were incorporated neatly into the story. Even a game of concentration is captivating when the stakes have been raised considerably high.

I’m particularly interested in what will become of Sayo and Yuura’s relationships with Eishi after the grand reveal, as well as how the legend of the mermaid and the lack of tears, and the associated ‘suisou ginka’ apples will tie into the endings. Should Eishi be considered as a hero or a dark hero? The sad circumstances and seemingly helpless situation sure set up for a tragic ending, as Kureha was planning all along. Is there any way that we’ll get a happy end? I strongly suggest that you pick up this game and find out yourself!

Of course Yuura is bizarre. What little sister in an eroge is not?

I may have been interested in this game without the cringe inducing card games. No, just no please no. The RPG games are bad enough when it comes to destroy the pacing of a story. Throwing in crappy card battles just destroys any feeling of attachment to the game by wasting our time. How many of us want to play solitaire? Since that is essentially what it is. Card games are meant to be played with other people. They are multiplayer only. If you find yourself playing single player cards especially in this day and age you took a wrong turn somewhere and need to evaluate your life.

The player doesn’t actually play the card games. They are merely used as a plot device and to good effect, if I must say.

If they played the games I would have set off on a rant lasting half this post. The concept is dumb enough without having to actually go through it manually.

Hoshizora Tea Party Extra ~”Ai” Hajimarimashita!~


Company: SkyFish poco
Game site: 星空TeaParty えくすとら ~「恋愛(アイ)」はじまりました!~
Release date: March 24, 2017
New release date after being pushed back from December. This is the 18+ fandisc for SkyFish’s 10th anniversary project, Hoshizora Tea Party. The story continues one year after the events of the free version. If you want to play the all-ages version, all three chapters are now downloadable from their website. It seems like more and more companies are repackaging their trials as ‘free downloadable games’ to encourage players to purchase the actual eroge.


Fandisks are glorious during busy months.

Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody


Company: ensemble
Game site: 想いを捧げる乙女のメロディー
Release date: March 24, 2017
Misaki is an aspiring pianist studying abroad in Germany, with the dream of someday playing the piano that his late father had built. One day, he received a call from his older sister Shiori who was the music teacher at Lilie Girls’ School. She told him that the lone piano that was entrusted to the school would be donated to the museum at the end of the year and asked him if he would take over as the music teacher while she goes on maternity leave. Presented with the opportunity to fulfill his dream, he decided to accept the position and returned to Japan.

When he arrived at the school, he discovered that only students at the school have the chance of playing the piano, and only if they are selected to perform on it during the school festival. Thus, he must attend as a student while serving as a teacher. Of course, that means that he must dress as a girl. While he was afraid of the consequences if his secret got out, his desire to take advantage of this final chance made for an easy decision. And so begins his new life as a cross-dressing teacher and student.


It’s another cross-dressing game from ensemble, and this one features a pretty level-headed protagonist, voiced by Kitami Rikka. He teaches the two competing quartets Eins and Zwei for the performance (Schulfest). I got a good sense of the characters from the trial (I like the kouhai subcharas Koume and Kotone), and I feel that it’s not much better or worse than their past titles. Play it only if you like a particular heroine… or you want to be a trap.

Okay Ensemble by this point we all get it. There is no one who doesn’t know you only make trap games. It is also glaringly obvious that there is some struggle going on when coming up with new scenarios. That said, no. Someone please just backhand every member of this development team nice and hard. Really, what in the ever lasting hell is this story concept. Can’t the protagonist just be a teacher, or want to learn from the music teacher thus tries to be a student? Not both. Even worse is the reason for either is just stupid and lacking. How hard is it to not write your own dumb asses into a corner within the first paragraph of a summary? If we can’t imagine any human being coming to the same conclusion as the protagonist and the setting that pushes him into his decisions then how can we possibly enjoy the reading? At the very least, when making batshit insane decisions for your characters, make it set in an asylum or something.

Something as trivial as a skirt won’t get in the way of a man’s dreams!

Fine. I don’t mind their trap games. But at least make it somewhat convincing. This is just way too convoluted and retarded as for why he is even there in a girls uniform.

Hataraku Otaku no Ren’ai Jijou


Company: あかべぇそふとすりぃ (AkabeiSoft3)
Game site: 働くオタクの恋愛事情
Release date: March 24, 2017
Tetsuya works hard as a taxi driver, and enjoys anime, manga and games during his private time. While he is satisfied with his current situation, he can’t help but feel a bit lonely not having anyone around with whom to share his hobbies.

One day, he picked up a female passenger and noticed that she had a keychain of a character from an old anime he loved. They chatted happily about anime during the ride and she gave him a business card when she got off. She worked at the anime song bar Blue Comet, a place where otaku like him can gather and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. He was somewhat interested and decided to pay it a visit. Meeting others who have the same hobbies as him, his daily life began to gradually change.


While it has a similar name to Hataraku Otona no Ren’ai Jijou, there’s not really anything in common, other than being pretty much a nukige in a bar setting. There’s lots of references, including the usual suspects like Granblue, Idolm@ster and Gochiusa, but also to old titles such as R.O.D. and FLCL. Based on the trial, there’ll probably be plenty of cosplay H scenes, out of the 55 total. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Sakakibara Yui voice a main heroine (Amane).

Same problems as the office game above. Only this time drop the stupid “Otaku” references garbage. It doesn’t make the game or setting more relatable. All that does is show how little regard you have for your customers by flipping them off since you think adding that by itself is enough to sell.

I feel like it’s just a way to make a new nukige ‘different’. We all know everything but the H doesn’t matter, so the writers could do whatever the hell they want.

Even something as pointless as a nukige can have good or bad writing. I feel as though most companies don’t even bother with actual writers anymore. Just hire some hobo for 5 bucks to throw words onto a screen and you get a story.

Majo to Ken to Sen no Tsuki


Company: KAI
Game site: 魔女と剣と千の月
Release date: March 24, 2017 Delayed to April 28, 2017
This game takes place after the events of PENDULUM. Peace seemed to have been returned to the world with the decrease in the remaining number of circulars. However, one day the pure white circulars suddenly turned into pitch-black demons who have a increased penchant for destruction. These ‘evilised’ spread all over the world in an instant. The Magus Order continued to fight on the front line, but they were being overwhelmed by the power of the evilised.

In the midst of battle, Ren was turned into a circular due to the great magic power and was going to ‘evolve’ into an evilised until Sayaka was able to seal him in suspended animation. However, they would eventually have to fight against this immense power in the future. As a last resort, Sayaka decided to create the homunculus Rei using a part of Ren’s soul and hidden magic powers to fight against the evilised.

More tentacle action. Now in black.

Scantily clad girls showcasing the next generation of fully automated, adjustable, and flexible sex toys.



Company: minori
Game site: トリノライン
Release date: March 31, 2017
Shun’s imouto Shirone drowned on a hot midsummer day. He could not forget the memory of that day and was held back by the events of the past. Finally, he decided to continue living his life for her sake as well, accepting the past and moving on while still cherishing their precious memories. After suffering through his childhood, now every day is an unchanging day at school.

Summer has arrived this year and once again, he thinks back to his time with Shirone. Then he heard the sounds of her favourite song being played on the piano from afar. When he followed the sounds to its source, he saw his imouto there.

“Please take care of me from now on, onii-chan.”

Shirone was no longer in this world. Standing before him was Trino, an android who looked exactly like Shirone. She was a new kind of android that his genius childhood friend Sara had created to bring him happiness. Just like others which have gradually assimilated into society, Trino looks, moves, sounds and feels like a human. However, she had one unique trait: she carried Shirone’s memories.


Why isn’t technology advanced enough in the real world to give me an imouto android!? Despite the large chest sizes for recent minori games, I found myself liking all the girls, especially “Shirone” (the name given to Trino, written in katakana). She follows the Three Laws of Robotics (devised by Isaac Asimov) and the story deals a lot with the interaction between androids and humans. While “Shirone” looks and acts just like Shirone, she is merely a replacement and each person has their own feelings regarding this, from disdain to acceptance. Would such an android bring you happiness or is it just the same as dwelling on the past?

Now, most of the conflicts that arise are not uncommon for such a subject, but I feel like minori has pulled it off well, at least in the common route. The H scenes feel a bit out of place, but the main story kept me intrigued. “Shirone” is a good girl who learns what feelings are, and ponders why humans continue to live through suffering or fall in love even when it is so painful. I look forward to reading more of the story and think it’s definitely within the top 3 of the month.

Micchi’s first sentence made me the happiest person in the world. I was ready to end everything there, 10/10 game of the year just for that. But, perhaps in my gleeful enthusiasm I read on, only to come to the realization they made the pestilence that is the younger sister into robo zombies. There is no more hope, the world, it is doomed.

Ok all joking aside the concept itself can be kind of interesting. Doubt I’ll like the younger sister character, which does kind of ruin it a bit for me. Though it is not completely hopeless since there are a few of those imouto characters Micchi loves so much that I like as well, just rare. But as I said the concept itself about the conflict between real and false, definitions of such and advancement of technology can be interesting. The only thing I am a bit wary if is how the story will play out and develop. When trying to invest in a deeper story everything needs to match in order to pull it off and leave the reader satisfied in the end. At the very least I am hopeful and will definitely be giving the game a shot.

Micchi’s Top 5 for This Month

  1. Suisou Ginka no Istoria
  3. Natsuiro Kokoro Log ~Happy Summer~
  4. Koinosu☆Ichacolize
  5. Haruru Minamo ni!

Zen’s Top 3 for This Month

  2. ??
  3. ???

I’m going all in for my imoutos!

In that case, I fold.

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  • 1. Steven  |  March 1, 2017 at 12:21 am

    I’m so excited for Minori games every year altho I don’t like the oversized oppai

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    Its a wonder how these games gets released every month.

  • 3. kzel  |  March 1, 2017 at 3:06 am

    I really liked Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai, so Uguisu Kagura’s Suisou Ginka no Istoria is a pretty sure pick for me. I’m not sure about the cards games part but why not, at least it’s a different, more cerebral form of battle.

    Apart from that, I’ll probably also give Clochette’s Haruru Minamo ni! a try, since Koko Kara Natsu no Innocence was pretty good. I may also finally give a Minori title a chance.

    Given the title and the box art, I’m sure not who could think Office de Sasou Ecchi na Kanojo would not be a nukige… contrary to Hataraku Otona no Renai Jijou, which I was uncertain of until its release crushed my hopes for a decent visual novel with adult characters. I don’t tend to agree with Zen’s comments but I’ll second his request for one.

  • 4. norwegianboyEE  |  March 1, 2017 at 3:27 am

    Natsuiro kokoro log was a great game so i’m looking forward to the fandisc. Not sure about the bias on fandiscs… they can be bad sure, but if the original game was great, it’s a good way to extend the experience and meet one’s favourite characters again.
    Btw i recommend that game to anyone that reads this, it’s a good chara-ge. If you haven’t seen it you should at least check it out.

    • 5. kzel  |  March 1, 2017 at 2:28 pm

      Was it really? It got only very average ratings on both VNDB and EGS. Ratings aren’t always reflecting a game’s quality (especially lately as I think there is tendency to overrate games on EGS), but still.

      I tried the game myself a few months ago but quickly gave up once the gimmick was introduced : lettings the heroines think they interact with an AI version of the protagonist in a simulation while he was in fact very much watching them.

      It’s like peeking in a girl’s diary, or the ever-popular ability to see and be in her dreams (remembering everything while she doesn’t), it’s such a dishonest way to learn about someone. I really couldn’t approve of a main character feeling no remorse over doing that to his close friends and family.

      • 6. Sanbaiman  |  March 1, 2017 at 8:25 pm

        I personally didn’t enjoy it because the character’s virtual personalities changed so much to the point where they felt like completely different characters. For example Kotone (blue hair) is a shy well-mannered girl in real life, but her virtual counterpart is a slutty idol type. The black-haired girl Kirara was a strong yet friendly club leader in every day life. However her virtual self does a 180 into a masochistic maid. The “tsundere” character (although she is more of a reliable and strict girl) turns into a completely submissive placemat. Basically I didn’t like how each character was basically two different ones integrated into one. I get that they probably wanted to stress how people are different in real life and online, but they went too far and changed every character completely. They’re also made entirely dere-dere for MC in the virtual world so it feels like there’s no real progress in their relationships. There was no subtlety at all.

        Also with the part you said about dishonestly, I completely agree. All in all nothing feels honest about this game.

  • 7. Morricane  |  March 2, 2017 at 9:41 am

    “cool Kukuri, who he found stuffed in a trash can ” – how is that cool! :D

  • 8. Diato  |  March 2, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    Trinoline shall I play, the boobs too much for me tho. I need to bear with it

  • 9. joyjason  |  March 5, 2017 at 3:03 am

    Trinoline and Suisou Ginka, and since I’m hearing both sides for Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai, that’s also going to be a definite pick-up for me.

    Dropping Sora no Tsukurikata like I drop my base (kek) because damn this game is so annoying.

  • 10. Arioch  |  March 8, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    Suisou Ginka no Istoria and Haruru Minamo ni! for me.

    Just came back from “Holy Nipponland of the rising Sun”, and saw lots of Haruru Minamo ni! poster in Akiba.

    As a fan of Shintaro art need to play it!

  • 11. indoor jungle gym  |  July 10, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    indoor jungle gym

    March 2017 Eroge Releases | Hau~ Omochikaeri~!


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