July 2016 Eroge Releases

July 28, 2016 at 9:49 am 11 comments

It’s the lowest number of releases I’ve seen in a month, but anytime there’s both YuzuSoft and SAGA PLANETS games, I’m a happy camper! Floral Flowlove and Senren*Banka promise to be good reads, while Purple Software’s Amatsutsumi may also be a nice pick-up. All three seem to have a surprisingly strong story.

The timing for a slow month couldn’t be better with Micchi in MMO land. If there were not so few releases the games would probably have been out for a few weeks by the time this post went live! Good kids manage their addictions.




Company: パープルソフトウェア (Purple Software)
Game site: アマツツミ
Release date: July 29, 2016
Makoto comes from a family of ‘kotodama’ users, who can control people using their voices. One day, he ran away from the village to the outside world which he yearned for and was curious about.

However, he had lived a sheltered life in the village and knew nothing about the world. Not able to live a proper life on his own, he ended up collapsing on a rural road and was saved by a girl Kokoro, who happened to pass by.


Here’s hoping that Amatsutsumi will turn out better than Chrono Clock (Where’s my Miu route? =_=). Writer Mikage also worked on minori titles Yorino and Natsuperu before that. It’s great to have a special ability such as turning words into reality, but there’s a side effect: his life will be shortened with each use. The two heroines that caught my eye, Kokoro and Hotaru, are voiced by Akino Hana and Ogura Yui. The trial was of high quality, with a nice presentation, an attractive cast and a promising story. I’m hoping that it holds up in the full game and that I won’t end up being disappointed.

Purple software should be renamed to Disappointment Software, Sorry Micchi. Their problem is they overdo some element to try and force some form of conflict or drama into their stories at the cost of good writing. The result is they start out somewhat interesting but end up being rather boring. Another way of putting it would be if they couldnt make this a good story about the relationships and development of the various characters without the kotodama aspect they shouldn’t be writing it out to begin with. As for the power of control with words, that part alone is fine, however the subsequent limitations on it feel like it has been put in as a deus ex machina solution. I guess just change “Kotodama” to “Wishes” and you have a Micchi story. Still like always I hope for a good game from the Purple software company, but my logic tells me not to expect too much from them.

Aristear Remain


Company: アストロノーツ・コメット (Astronauts Comet)
Game site: アリスティア・リメイン
Release date: July 29, 2016
In a different world that’s similar to modern-day Japan, ‘magic’ exists alongside science and technology. It may seem like a peaceful world, but there are many irregular happenings which commonly occur out of sight. They are the work of the ‘handymen’, individuals who work for the ‘Underground Society’, doing any job so long as it doesn’t break the law.

Seigi is a young man who is true to his name: a strong-willed believer of justice. While he is part of a special police force, he currently disguises himself as a handyman. One day, he was assigned the job of protecting a mysterious girl Ruru who lost her memories. Their accidental meeting would set a small gear in motion, which would gradually roll in those closest to him.


A bit of a sci-fi feel from the latest title from Astronauts, with what seems like dual protagonists. I like the cat ears and tails art by Kokusan Moyashi and Rozea, and the ‘justice’ plot reminds me of Sorcery Jokers (but less dark). It also gives off an AkabeiSoft2 game vibe as well, although likely with more ero. Ruru is very innocent and cute, calling you onii-chan (because Seigi asked her to). I personally find the writing to be a bit on the boring side, but there’s action scenes and the protagonist is half cyborg, so that’s something. The OP is also very nice.

This setting would be good. Would be that is. If only the protagonist was an anti-hero type, not a hooray for justice goody two shoes. Were he a darker type and actually say a handyman there would be hope for a good version of Eustia. The main problem is a justice nutcase does not really work when trying to explore a darker setting. Unless of course the plan is to break him down into a polar opposite over the course of the story. However in that case the time required to do so properly would negate a lot of the value in choosing such a protagonist in the first place. Easier and more sensible to make a protagonist who is already jaded and doesn’t care, perhaps with some sad past to find people he cares about. A part of me wants to play the game just to see if they decide to bend the protagonist into a more realistic person, in which case the story may actually be enjoyable. 

Kimi to Yumemishi


Company: Laplacian
Game site: キミトユメミシ
Release date: July 29, 2016
This is the first work by Laplacian. Ever since an accident when he was a child, Kimito has been able to peep into the dreams of others. While his ability enabled him to see a person’s true self, he often became entangled in their nightmares as well. Gradually, he came to unconsciously avoid being too close with others.

Instead of helping others, he would rather pass his time peeping into girls’ unladylike dreams. He targeted the comprehensive school Shuuei Gakuen, which included a large hospital and an university. Not only would there be girls around his age, but he could also snoop in the dreams of sexually-frustrated nurses!

However, there he met four girls with wishes that they couldn’t tell others due to varying circumstances. He decided to enrol in the school to truly understand them. Before he knew it, he fell in love with one of them. For the first time, he felt a strong desire to help someone else.


A mix of gap moe and catering to various fetishes highlights the first work by illustrator Shimofuri and writer Ono Wasabi. The art is average at best, and from the trial, it doesn’t really seem that polished. Half-Russian kouhai has ridiculously huge oppai. I’m curious to learn more about the mysterious dream girl Mikoto. How would you like to peep into a girl’s perverted dreams? You might see something that surprises you. I don’t want to if it involves watersports.

Yeah, this one is pretty stupid. Which I feel sums everything up rather nicely. I’m going to consider this a nukige as the emphasis is more on the H content than actually trying to make anything work from a story or character perspective. If they wanted to make an actual game, ya know, with a story that is, there were better paths to choose. For example let him be able to freely wander and observe the world around him in his dreams instead of being the dream invader. By giving him the role of an observer where people he knows are like beacons it would give both a logical reason for those map choice options in many games and a reason for him to feel detached. Such an approach allows for a more gradual introduction and character development. Something that is important if you want your characters to be more than just material for H scenes.

Floral Flowlove


Game site: フローラル・フローラブ
Release date: July 29, 2016

“If you become lovers with a girl who’s like an angel,
then surely every day will be like heaven!”

Masataka didn’t think that he had anything to do with heaven, but one such angel had him firmly in her sights.

His osananajimi Kano is the top ojou-sama at the school, an unattainable flower despite showering him with love every day. Her best friend Nanao is a beautiful black-haired girl with looks that rival a model’s, however she has a cold personality that garnered her the nickname ‘tsuntsun angel’. Adelheid is a real princess with an angelic voice, but she is always listless and needing other’s help. Kohane is a devout Christian who is like an angel or even the Virgin Mary due to her kindness.

It may be fate, but he has a small secret. By looking at someone, he can see wings on them. They appear as white feathers when the person is good; When they are bad, they show as black feathers. It all started one day when he was a child… when he saw an angel for the first time.


There’s an angel in here, and her name is Riku. Well, of course I love imoutos the most, even if they seem resigned to subheroine status in SAGA PLANETS games. Kano and A-chan are good girls (especially Kano), and I would like Kohane more if not for her constant religious talk. Don’t be fooled by the synopsis; the trial offered more than just the usual chara-ge fare with a quite unexpected serious direction. It’s a bit like AXL’s Koitate where he has to protect Kano from those with black feathers. I have high hopes for this title.

My brain hurts just trying to imagine the logic behind a game like this. There is simply no point at all to the angel bit. It exists solely as a gimmick to make the game seem like there is something more to it than a generic charage, a not very good one at that. All good charage require a means to develop their characters to make them worth the investment. Essentially Floral Flowlove is just an eroge by numbers with wings. I’ll pass.



Company: Campus
Game site: 罪恋×2/3
Release date: July 29, 2016
Kouichi was walking home one rainy day with his imouto Meguri under the same umbrella when he suddenly heard a loud thud behind him. It was not the rain, but the sound of something heavy falling from above. Even though he sensed that he shouldn’t look back, his curiosity got the better of him. What he saw was his osananajimi Reina, with a pool of blood spreading out from her body.

Reina remained in critical condition over the next few days, with no sign of waking up. Was it a suicide or murder attempt, or simply an accident? Kouichi and Meguri fretted over their childhood friend’s sudden predicament. However, Reina then suddenly appeared in front of them, even though she should still be sleeping in the hospital. She had returned as an apparition, with no recollection of the day of the incident. If they could recover her memories, then she might regain her consciousness. The three of them search for the cause of Reina’s fall, as their feelings entangle like a spider’s web.

Campus sure churns out a lot of low-priced titles, although the quality isn’t too bad. They probably saved some money by reusing BGMs from other games. The plot wasn’t that interesting to be honest, but Meguri is really darn cute. She’s very worthy of being the lone heroine (osananajimi never wins against imouto). Hau~ omochikaeri~!

You get what you pay for. The main problem I have with the game is that the sister didn’t get run over, and then is gone forever.

Kagura Houshinka


Company: でぼの巣製作所 (Debonosu Works)
Game site: 神楽訪神歌
Release date: July 29, 2016
The Suwa Shrine has fought against evil youkai since ancient times. Even now, two exorcist mikos, Mikoto and Ryouka, stand against them. They had just resolved many youkai-related incidents in the ancient cities under the guidance of the shrine deity Tome-sama, overcoming the hard battles and gaining allies and invaluable experience. Suddenly, a strange seal appeared above them and the spiritual power around them grew stronger. There was a flash of light and Tome-sama had vanished.

They returned to Suwa to open a wooden box in the back of the shrine, as agreed upon for times such as this. Inside was a miniature version of Tome-sama. However, she didn’t remember anything, even Mikoto and Ryouka themselves.

Their youkai extermination duty has reached its final stage. Are the youkai waiting for them in the darkness, or is it something else?

The latest chapter in Debonosu’s roguelike RPG Kagura series. You can still switch between the melee attacker Mikoto and technical fighter Ryouka (with longer range). Dungeons are randomly generated and there’s also a new ‘mini Tome’ system, which grants special attacks. I haven’t really played their games outside of trials, and I didn’t care much for what I did end up reading/playing. Besides, I’ve already got enough MMOs/mobage to spare the time to play a roguelike title.

Ongoing series, you like it or hate it by now.



Company: ゆずソフト (YuzuSoft)
Game site: 千恋*万花
Release date: July 29, 2016
The village of Hoori lies deep in the middle of the mountains, inaccessible by rail. Since there isn’t much interaction with its surroundings, the town seems like it is stuck in the past. However, it is because of this exact olden feel and subsequent development that it has turned into a nice hot-springs town for tourists.

One of the popular sightseeing spots is the legendary katana Murasamemaru, embedded in stone. No one has been able to pull it out… until Masaomi somehow broke it in half. He has to take responsibility for his actions: “Marriage” with ‘shrine maiden princess’ Yoshino!? He was perplexed at the unexpected turn of events, but this is only just the beginning. What lies ahead for him is a much more peculiar and mysterious life, including his new fiancée, a mysterious girl who only he could touch, and the secret behind the curse that remains on the town.

What will become of Masaomi’s love amidst his rapidly changing life? The answer lies within the Murasamemaru in his hands.


This is an iyashi-kei story with both a serious side and slapstick romance, with a rural setting and a traditional Japanese feel reminiscent of Tenshin Ranman. The graphics are now in 1920×1080 full HD, and they have implemented a flowchart system seen in other games. You can’t really go wrong with a YuzuSoft title, although I have to admit I haven’t played the last few. Cute sword is cute.

Oh Yuzusoft. They never learn. The investment in their own games has waned significantly over the last few titles. Which shows in the quality. While their games have always been simplistic there has been a definite impression of going through the motions using some gimmick lately. Even the sub heroine routes which had been one of the nice touches I always appreciated about their games have been missing. Although I would say this is probably a better charage than Saga Planets flower shop this month, I know yuzusoft can do better. My main issue lies in the broken sword kind of forcing the protagonist into things. Which often happens in Yuzusoft games sure, but it feels even lazier and more blantantly trying to force the story along in this game. As such I worry about how long it would hold my or anyone’s interest.

Micchi’s Top 3 for This Month

  1. Amatsutsumi
  2. Floral Flowlove
  3. Senren*Banka

Zen’s Top 3 for This Month

  1. Senren*Banka
  2. Amatsutsumi
  3. Aristear Remain

Oh, I have to start writing August already…

Yes. Yes you do. Need to make better use of that MMO maint time.

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Be the Very Best! It’s Impossible to Beat!

11 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Norwegianboy EE  |  July 28, 2016 at 11:29 am

    I’m currently in Tokyo and i’m very uncertain if i should buy Senren Banka or Floral Flowlove tommorow. Which one do you guys think will be best?

    • 2. shirotanteii  |  July 28, 2016 at 12:25 pm

      Both!! just kiding, always like more Yuzusoft over Saga Planets, lucky I’m currently in Mexico and it’s a little expensive for me :(

    • 3. Micchi  |  July 28, 2016 at 2:06 pm

      Personally I liked Floflo more, but it’s close.

      • 4. shirotanteii  |  July 28, 2016 at 6:00 pm

        I can feel the great reason is the Imouto ( – 3 – )

    • 5. lurker  |  July 29, 2016 at 12:58 am

      Honestly I’d look at the shop tokuten and use that to decide, lol. You can import games new from AmiAmi while outside of Japan for not too much markup, but it’s harder to get shop tokuten without using a proxy or hoping Mandarake eventually lists it (and they rarely do).

      Too late to grab a pre-order slip and get the pre-order bonuses, but they’ll probably be floating around Akihabara used shops for a reasonable price if you really want them. Most of the shop tokuten probably will be as well by now, too, but they’ll probably be going for half the price of the game. At least.

      • 6. lurker  |  July 29, 2016 at 1:08 am

        (The overly entertaining dumpster fire that is tokuten economics is why I am glad I don’t like NSFW tapestries or dakis, for the record)

  • 7. Touch the rainbow  |  July 28, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Yes, definitively going to play Senren Banka!

  • 8. joyjason  |  July 30, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    Senren Banka seems like a kamige after I’ve been hitting games that skimp out on the character development as if it was their parent’s killer. It’s always nice to see some philsophy in games, but it just plain sucks when the content is presented with heavily underdeveloped, boring, and unlovable characters. In that sense, I think I’m in it for a treat with all these charage. huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue (mental breakdown)

    Just as a filler for September releases, I have the same top 3 as with Micchi, except my priorities are reversed.

    • 9. ProBlackbird  |  August 6, 2016 at 1:41 pm

      Same here for my priorities list . I already start on Senren Banka after done with reading that I will go with Floral Flowlove and Amatsutsumi.
      But Kokoro such a lovely girl in Amatsutsumi xD

  • 10. darkdaemonpk2  |  August 2, 2016 at 9:28 am


  • 11. LoliEst  |  August 9, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Since it’s been a long time seen I’ve seen one of these (at least 5 months), it’s interesting to see how Zen has sort of mellowed out a little from the past :3


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