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Time for a Change

Popular seiyuu Sakakibara Yui is trying her hand at starting an eroge company via crowdfunding. LOVE×GAMES will debut with Kimi to Tsunagaru Mirai Chizu, planned for summer 2020. The art is by Katagiri Hinata (Koihime), and Sakakibara Yui herself will voice the main heroine, Mirai. Other titles announced this week include:

CRYSTALiAKizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha -Tsubaki Renka- (January 25th)
Escu:deMaid in Witch Life! -Yakata de Hajimaru H na Miryou Seikatsu- (January 25th)
Marshmallow SoftLove Commu
SukeraSparoItsuka no Memorajo ~Kotonoha Amrilato~ (January 25th)

Release dates have been set for the following:

love clear – January 25th
Pieces – March 29th

Libido Soft’s Hinekuremono no Gakuen Seishun Monogatari has been delayed to December 21st.

PS4/PSV ports are coming out for Sankaku Ren’ai (January 24th), Alicegram (January 24th), Karigurashi and FLOWERS 4-game compilation (spring 2019).

The novel version of Yamisome Revenger will be on shelves on October 30th.

Pre-orders have started up for the following figures:

Aquamarine – 1/7 scale Altina (Blade Arcus, April, ¥17,800)
GSC – nendoroid Lancer/Ereshkigal (FGO, April, ¥5370)
Insight – 1/6 scale Celia (Walroma, January, ¥23,800)

Dakimakuras are available for Sakukoi‘s Yoshino and Saya, Himeoto‘s Belleage, and Saimin Paradise‘s Aoi.

Looking forward to Atropos next week…


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