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July 2010 Eroge Releases

This month looks particularly sweet with an abundance of cute heroines and fandisks for popular titles. In particular, I’m really looking forward to Sugar+Spice2 and the final chapter of Koihime: Moeshouden. Many new companies make their debuts this month, so you might want to try one of them out!

After being so “Grumpy” last month I tried really hard to be nice for this month. However the eroge companies sure failed to make it easy on me, so I mostly gave up as it required far too much effort to find good things to say for July. As an apology one of these months I will be completely nice and happy about everything. Now if they would just give me a month with a few decent games that I could perhaps curb my bad mood long enough to write at least one happy post. Orihime and Hikoboshi please give me better eroge!


July 1, 2010 at 12:00 am 31 comments

I'm no longer making any eroge posts, but will still update the upcoming releases. Thanks for following the blog through all these years and hope that it has been helpful. Please continue to support the eroge industry and love your imoutos!


Upcoming releases

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