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Flyable Heart Creative Merchandise Poll


Recently UnisonShift asked fans to submit creative suggestions for Flyable Heart merchandise. After looking through all the submissions, they have released a list and are asking fans to vote on which ones they would buy. This is a great marketing scheme, even if it’s a bit late. Anyways, you can vote once until September 27th, for up to 15 items.

There are a lot of standard items, such as dakimakura, T-shirts and posters, but there are some that are really interesting. I’ve included some of the more interesting items, along with those that I personally would love to have. You can find a full list of the items on the poll. Fans love MAXX’s shiny metallic body (like Zen), scolding from Mayuri-sama and food.

Note that all the items do not exist yet. They are merely ideas. However, the most popular items will probably become reality!


September 20, 2009 at 3:37 am 4 comments

Flyable Heart 2nd Chara Poll Results


The results for the second Flyable Heart character poll is out! Mayuri won it handily, with Kururi and Amane are taking the next two spots. Surprisingly, Akira beat out the other 3 heroines with Yui finishing last out of the 6 (passed by Suzuno at the last moment) even though I had thrown my full support behind her. Souryu beat out Shou among the guys (my shinyuu excluded).

There’s a commemorative wallpaper available for download on the site. I have uploaded the 1920×1200 version above. Be sure to check out the comments on the site… they are absolutely hilarious!

When’s the fandisk coming!? ><

April 24, 2009 at 5:44 pm 10 comments

Flyable Heart Review


Company: ユニゾンシフト:ブロッサム (UnisonShift Blossom)
Game site: Flyable Heart
Release date: March 19, 2009
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

Flyable Heart is the third game by UnisonShift Blossom, following Nanatsuiro Drops and Alice Parade. A heartful school life love comedy ADV, FH follows mysterious transfer student Katsuragi Shou as he enters a new school, makes new friends and relationships, while learning more about himself and the dream-filled world he resides in.


April 24, 2009 at 3:49 am 34 comments

Flyable Heart Game BGM


Since Zen and I both loved Flyable Heart a lot and I’m sure many of you do too, we went ahead and extracted the music from the game. Zen did the file extraction, while Micchi converted it into MP3 format (for your iPods and what not), as well as labeled it accordingly. I really hate titles with obscure kanji… especially Kei’s epic theme. Anyways, feel free to download it and listen to it 24 hours a day (yes, while you sleep too). We may decide to do the same for other games if we like it enough.

Please support UnisonShift and get the OST when it comes out. I’m actually planning to get the visual book when they release it too.

[Omochikaeri]Flyable.Heart.Game.BGM.rar (104.49 MB)

April 3, 2009 at 1:24 am 7 comments

Flyable Heart has Landed!


That is all!

Yes! Flyable Heart!

March 18, 2009 at 3:28 pm 11 comments

Flyable Heart Delayed

『Flyable Heart 応援�!』I’m saddened to announce that UnisonShift‘s Flyable Heart got pushed back to March 19th. It seems they’re not the only ones that couldn’t make their release date. PeasSoft re-scheduled Tsun na Kanojo Dere na Kanojo to March, as did Haikuo Soft with Sakura Sakura. Silver Bullet also moved their release date for Hanafubuki back a month to April 24th.

However, with the new year comes new studios and announcements. Native is releasing seKirara in autumn 2009, as will Sputnik with echo.. Flat has an interesting mystery/thriller game Secret Game -Killer Queen- with a spring release date. Doujin game maker Team Caricature is turning official with their release of Fukai Kiri no Naka de. Pleats Soft is working on their first game Koko yori, Haruka. Finally, Twinkle is debuting with Tropical Kiss.

Some familiar companies are announcing new games too, as follows:

FizzSakura Tale
Little PrincessNatsuiro Penguin
Lump of SugarTayutama -It’s Happy Days-

Good thing that the January releases are so stacked. I still want my delicious fryable heart…


January 9, 2009 at 3:04 pm 6 comments

I'm no longer making any eroge posts, but will still update the upcoming releases. Thanks for following the blog through all these years and hope that it has been helpful. Please continue to support the eroge industry and love your imoutos!


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