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Natsuyume Nagisa Review


Game site: ナツユメナギサ
Release date: July 31, 2009
Links: Getchu, walkthrough, seiyuu listing

The latest game by SAGA PLANETS is Natsuyume Nagisa, a pure love ADV that takes place during the summer. Koriyama Nagisa wakes up on a island where it is warm even during the winter months, faeries fly about in the form of butterflies and penguins occasionally roam. Without any memory of his past, what lies ahead in his future?


September 12, 2009 at 8:11 pm 22 comments

Natsunagi Seiyuu Announced!

Nidozaki! TartletteThe seiyuu to SAGA PLANETS‘ upcoming game Natsuyume Nagisa have been gradually revealed on the staff blog over the past week. So far, the following have been confirmed:

Ayumu – Samoto Fuuri
Hitsuji Uehara Nagisa
Tsukasa – Aoyama Yukari
– Tanaka Michi
Haruka – Mitsuki
Nene – Naruse Mia
Yumi – Suzumori Chisato

Yes, Samoto Fuuri! And Naruse Mia will be good as Nene! I don’t recognize the seiyuu for Hitsuji at all, but I think it’ll turn out well. I can’t wait >w<b

The tutorial movie for Shiratama‘s Nidozaki! Tartlette is available for download. It explains the game system, including making cakes daily, inventing new cakes and cleaning up the store. Looks kinda fun, actually.

Release dates recently announced include: Ashita wa Kitto, Haremasu you ni (July 24th), Koibumi Romantica (September 18th), Tropical Kiss (September 25th) and Shuffle! Essence+ (October 30th). Shuffle! Essence+ will include the 5 heroines from the original game, Mayumi and Kareha, Sakura from Really? Really!, as well as 3 new heroines (デイジー, ルリ=マツリ, 謎の和服少女). Routes and event CGs will be new. There seems to be some additional news regarding Nadeshiko and Tsubomi. I want a Tsubomi route!! ><

FAVORITE has announced the results to the Hoshizora no Memoria character poll! I have absolutely no problems with it, since Yume, Mare and Asuho took the top 3! There’s a commemorative wallpaper of Yume and Mare available for download. I really like how each character thanks their supporters and there’s a bunch of in-game jokes and nuances thrown in. ダメ人間...クスクス...

Koisora_Mikoto_SDThe interim results for Koiiro Sora Moyou‘s character poll shows Mikoto in the lead with 31.5% of the votes and Sera in second with 21.5%, but it seems like she’s been losing votes to Shizuna. The poll runs till June 18th.

Other character polls going on right now: Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku o (ends June 19th), Haramiko (ends June 28th), Valkyrie Complex (via cell phone only). If Akiko wins, does that mean there’ll be a HanaOto twincest route in a future FD…???

There’s a dakimakura poll for Tenshin Ranman until June 24th. The two characters with the highest votes will be depicted on dakimakura available for sale at the upcoming summer Comiket 76. I’m voting for Sana cuz I can ^o^

Citron Soft is doing a date situation survey for Imouto Smile until July 10th. Their imouto poll is still going on till June 20th. They’re a fun read… so many good suggestions.

According to Lillian-chan Corner, there’ll be a figure of Lillian‘s mascot girl coming out in September. This 1/10 scale PVC figure costs 7140 yen and is 17cm tall (24cm with the sign). You can also change her facial expression. It’s not often that there’s figures made of mascot girls, but this one looks nice.

Itaru Hinoue’s artbook “white clover” will be re-released on June 26th with a new cover. More info over at 最速VisualAntena!: 123.

Happy birthday to Kudo! わふー!

Shou’s adventures continue… Is he destined to a uma*bo end!?

Zen on VC: “So that’s why Freya is busy helping them! I need to change my religion”

がんばれー しょーくんさん!

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Natsuyume NagisaSaga Planets is holding a situation poll for Natsuyume Nagisa where people can suggest situations for the NatsudokiNagisa book that accompanies the pre-order version of the game. The lead artists will then select situations to illustrate from the list. The poll runs till May 25th. As of today, walking in on Hitsuji changing and getting fed lunch by Ayumu are leading. I can’t decide on which to vote for, as I would be content with seeing any of them, but… anything with Hitsuji and Nene is fine by me. ^^

Citron Soft‘s last game Mikoko appealed to the miko fetish. This time, they’ve taken aim directly at me. Their second game is Imouto Smile ~Uchi no Imouto Shirimasen ka~. With a theme similar to Sister Princess, a guy inherits a mansion and a fortune after his parents’ sudden death. Then, a bunch of girls come to him claiming to be his younger sisters. I don’t think they have ill intentions as the game is about life with imoutos who love you a lot. There are 4 characters listed (Haruna, Natsuki, Akiho, Touka), but the other 2 will be determined by a poll where you can describe your ideal imouto. The poll runs till June 20th. Hmm, for me… small body size, red/orange/brown shoulder-length hair with cute accessories (ribbons for sure, beret is a bonus), decent at cooking (but fails sometimes), plays the violin or flute, genki, amaenbou but not overly clingy, bad at waking up in the morning (and hence, is waken up by her oniichan every day for school). However, any imouto is fine by me so long as there’s the お兄ちゃん好き好きオーラ!

Kemonomimi fans can now rejoice as Shakunage announces their latest game Mimi o Sumaseba. Every now and then, there is an “ear time” when people on the island grow ears. These ears have the ability to ‘listen’ to the thoughts of others so long as they’re thinking about them and within 10 meters. The residents on the island have grown accustomed to this, but our protagonist just recently transferred in… Will he be able to adapt? The plot sounds intriguing and probably quite comical. Character design is decent, so I’ll keep an eye on this one.

Marmalade‘s highly anticipated 5th game is Kiss to Maou to Koucha ~Kiss x Lord x Darjeeling~. It will come out on October 30th. The art looks nice (cute chibi CG) and the story seems ok. Does Tsubasa remind you of Minato from Akaneiro? I don’t care if Shinobu is a trap. He’s everything you can ask for from a kouhai. He’s mine. Screw the heroines.

After Devils Devel Concept, Akatsuki Works is coming out with Coμ -Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku-. Game site will be up by end of May. Seems like it has something to do with magic. Zen might be interested in this.

The trial to Valkyrie Complex came out on May 18th, but I haven’t tried it out yet. Circus has been updating the game site regularly. System info and tips are added to the staff blogs and there’s a countdown wallpaper available.

φage has also released the trial for Owaranaki Natsu Towa Naru Shirabe. As mentioned a few weeks ago, it’s widescreen and the feel is slightly different than other games. Go try it out!

July keeps looking better and better. The OP for Propeller‘s Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo, is out and it looks awesome. The Youtube version is here.

New companies and debut games include the following:

GargoyleMaho Ecchi!!
HUGAshita wa Kitto, Haremasu you ni (August 28th)
Lilac SoftAno Aoi Umi Yori (July 31st)
LupinusHachimitsu Otome blossom days
MoonStone CherryIcha Puri!
Tactics LatteDakko Shite Gyu!
Tactics LuxuryTrouble@Vampire
TwilightSummer Vacation

It seems MoonStone is trying to replicate what ApRicoT did and is making an ecchi-oriented sister company, coincidentally with the same name. HUG and Lupinus’ works seem interesting though.

&LOVE, Sakura Tale, Signal Heart and @HoneyComing RoyalSweet all are scheduled for August 28th, while Angel Navigate will be out on September 18th. I’m interested in AngelNavi since it’s about a guy who’s bad at dealing with girls and is introduced to an online love advice site where he gets relationship advice. The art could use some work, but it is Aries‘ first work.

I’ve been working my way through ALcot‘s FairChild the past two weeks. I love it so much! Yuuhi’s route is one of the best I’ve played. This is the first time I’ve actually picked up something off my backlog and will finish it. The review should be up next week before Tenshin Ranman comes out. SANAAAAA!!!!!!

Courtesy of UnisonShift (Flyable Heart): Will Shou finally capture Gumi-chan’s heart!? Part I; Part II.


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