July 2018 Eroge Releases

It’s summer, the time to enjoy the hot springs (AkabeiSoft3’s Haru to Yuki,) or fulfill some promises with divine beings (Alumi Soft’s Wanko no Yomeiri ~Youkoso! Inu no Shippo e~). Nitro+’s newest offering, Minikui Mojika no Ko, shows the ugly side of people, while CLOCKUP’s Erewhon welcomes you to a mysterious crimson-hued world where you are viewed as a bringer of good luck. If you’re looking for something a little different, look no further than Qruppo’s Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sundeiru Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka?! Can you protect your chastity!?

The theme this month is apparently a trip to the rural countryside. A good chunk of the games backing out of the high school settings for a breath of fresh air feels refreshing even when they may not be stellar games to play. So here’s to a month celebrating summer with more than just swimsuits. 


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Looking for Support

The fifth volume of FrontWing’s Grisaia: Phantom Trigger is planned for July 27th. The Kickstarter campaign is also up until July 7th. It should be able to make its goal of $30,000 USD, as it is already 70% of the way there.

The following titles were delayed:

Can Can Bunny Premiere 3 – August 31st
Iincho-kai no Anti-Hero – August 31st

The Raspberry Cube vocal album will come out on September 28th, the same day as the game. It is priced at ¥2500.

The PSV port for Seven Days comes out on July 5th, while the PS4/PSV port for Floral Flowlove is scheduled for August 23rd.

New figures available for pre-order include:

GSC – nendoroid Lancer/Elizabeth Bathory (FGO, December, ¥4815)
Kaitendoh – 1/5.5 scale Escalayer (Escalayer, October, ¥19,980)
Kotobukiya – nendoroid Saber/Artoria Pendragon (Alter) (FGO, November, ¥5500)
Kotobukiya – 1/7 scale Saber/Artoria Pendragon (Alter) casual wear ver. (FGO, November, ¥11,000)

I’ll be away for the next two weeks, so the next weekly news will be on June 29th. See you!

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June 2018 Eroge Releases

Enjoy your summer by playing key’s Summer Pockets or just take it easy with your childhood friend in Argonaut’s Uchi no Kanojo. It seems like many protagonists lead double lives, including as a phantom thief in Confiture Soft’s Rhapsodic Holiday. For those looking for a game with a great seiyuu cast, look no further than ensemble’s Koi wa Sotto Saku Hana no You ni.

Like visiting an amusement park for the summer the month is filled with ups and downs. Wait, no that’s not quite right. The month is filled with downs and the occasional perfectly level plateau. So more mediocrity of varying degrees with some awkward and terrible thrown into the mix, so basically just another average month.


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Moe Game Award 2017 Winners

The Moe Game Award 2017 winners have been announced! The grand winner is HARUKAZE’s Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart 2, and it was also voted as the top game by users! The rest of the top games are SAGA PLANETS’s Kin-iro Loveriche, SILKY’s PLUS DOLCE’s Hikari no Umi no Apeiria, and SMEE’s Making*Lovers. Individual winners are as follows:

Scenario – ChronoBox (NO BRAND), Kin-iro Loveriche (SAGA PLANETS)
Character design – Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou (BaseSon), Suisou Ginka no Istoria (Uguisu Kagura)
Pure love – Anata ni Koisuru Ren’ai Recette (UnisonShift), Haruoto Alice*Gram (NanaWind)
Ero (pink) – Haruru Minamo ni! (Clochette), Onii-chan, Kiss no Junbi wa Mada Desu ka? Ecchi no Junbi mo Mada Desu ka? (Tinkle Position)
Ero (black) – ChronoBox (NO BRAND), Boku wa Kou Shite Otasa no Hime ni Narimashita (Digital G Power)
Graphics – Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha (CRYSTALiA), O-uchi ni Kaeru Made ga Marshmallow Desu (Marmalade)
Fandisc – Wagamama High Spec OC (MadoSoft)
Game design – Ouka Sabaki (IRODORI)
Burning – Silverio Trinity (light)
Concept design – Hikari no Umi no Apeiria (SILKY’s PLUS DOLCE), Kotonoha Amrilato (SukeraSparo)
Theme song – Making*Lovers (SMEE), Aoi Tori (Purple Software)

Series – Fuyu Uso (Campus)
Low price – Aikagi (Azarashi Soft)
New brand – Shugaten! (Recette), Iyashi no Megami no Marmot (Shirokuma Dango)
Topic – Niizuma LOVELY×CATION (hibiki works), Tsukikage no Simulacre (Applique)

The anime for Frontwing’s ISLAND will start in July. Check out the latest PV!

The PS4/PSV port for Tayutama 2 is planned for September 27th.

Pre-orders have started up for IxSHE Tell‘s Ayaka.

New figures available for pre-order include:

ALTER – 1/7 scale Saber kimono dress ver. (Fate, January, ¥16,800)
BINDing – 1/4 scale Chocola (Nekopara, December, ¥29,800)
BMG – 1/7 scale Mana (Amatsutsumi, October, ¥15,000)
Max Factory – figma Panther (Persona 5, November, ¥6296)

The second CG STAR LIVE at VR ZONE Shinjuku will be THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS new generations★BrilliantParty!! As expect, it’ll feature the New Generations unit (Uzuki, Rin, Mio) with a new song made specifically for the live: “Stage Bye Stage”. It’ll take place on July 13th. I want to go…

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Just the Same Old

New titles announced this week include:

ANAGRAMDare mo Shiranai Sora e no Namida -My tears are for the sphere. Let’s cry in the sky-
CasketIegami Nyoubou (July 27th)

CLOCKUP’s Erewhon has been delayed to July 27th, while Marble CandySoft’s Amaenbo has been set for October 26th.

Should we be surprised that Rance won the Rance 10 male chara poll? Or that a Hanny is in second?

The seiyuus has changed for Cute Resort‘s Mikan and Yuzu to Amekawa Shino and Akatsuki Yumu, respectively.

Pre-orders have started for the following figures:

GSC – nendoroid Saber/Miyamoto Musashi (FGO, October, ¥5093)
ICREA – 1/8 scale Mayu Feel my heart ver. (Deremas, October, ¥11,800)
Kotobukiya – 1/7 scale “Red” Saber (Fate/Apocrypha, October, ¥12,000)
Kotobukiya – 1/8 scale Reinhard (Dies irae, October, ¥17,800)
Licorne – 1/8 scale Kanade Tulip ver. (Deremas, January, ¥14,800)

Things are pretty quiet on the eroge front lately…

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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Carol Works’ next title will be Boku no Amayaka Seikatsu -Seishou-chou Kankouka, Mainichi Ecchi na Locodol Katsudou!-. It features another unwilling trap protagonist and is planned for July 27th.

Laplacian’s Mirai Radio to Jinkoubato has been delayed to August 31st.

The Rance 10 chara poll results have come out and the winner is Shizuka! They also show the top 50 finishers. There’s a commemorative illustration at the bottom of the results page.

Chieri is now available as a crane game prize figure and has been used to hold up everything imaginable.

SkyTube’s 1/6 scale castoff figure of Biman‘s Kirie is available for pre-order at ¥16,800. It will ship in December.

They’ve made two perfumes modelled after the FLOWERS girls, L’autre automne and Le printemps et l’hiver.

The results of the 7th Cinderella Girls General Election have come out and Nanami has finished 45th!!!! Thank you for all your support! This is the start of bigger and better things for our dear fish idol!

Is it just me or is there not much eroge news lately?

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Just a Little Bit More

The Motto I×SHE Tell Ayaka & Yoshino Mini After Story has been set for July 27th.

DOLCE’s Shamrock no Hanakotoba has been delayed to June 29th.

Parasol and Studio Kanata have opened up a page for the Chinese translation of Sakukoi. It’ll be in both traditional and simplified Chinese.

Yui topped the Butterfly Seeker character poll, while the Butterfly Seeker memorial music CD will be on sale on May 25th for ¥2000.

There’s a Getchu-only version of the Imopara3 ALL ILLUSTRATIONS that comes with a original B2 tapestry with Sakura and Rika.

The PS4 port for ISLAND will be coming out on June 28th.

Pre-orders have started for the following figures:

Funny Knights – 1/8 scale Jeanne d’Arc gravure vacance ver. (Fate/EXTELLA, August, ¥10,800)
PLUM – 1/7 scale Momoka [Summer Mademoiselle]+ (Deremas, July, ¥12,000)

Dakimakuras have recently become available for IxSHE Tell‘s Yoshino, Karigurashi‘s Ayaka, Zutto Mae Kara Joshi Deshita‘s Sena, and Kieta Sekai to Tsuki to Shoujo‘s Hajime, Miina and Tsubame.

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