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October 2017 Eroge Releases

GIGA’s BALDR series comes to an end with BALDR BRINGER, while HARUKAZE moves on with its sequel Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart 2 -Nora, Princess, and Crying Cat.-. Mysteries abound in Azarashi Soft Zero’s debut title Yami to Shukusai no Sanctuary, whereas Curefull Base goes with the comedic route with its first game Tsugihagi Make Peace -pretending×friendship-.

Other than sequels and fandisks for games you may like there is not much to see this month. Those not relying on an existing game to cash in on a fanbase are lackluster to say the least. In fact the best one can hope for this month is a completely median experience. As an American I’ll be thankful should November be an improvement.


October 17, 2017 at 4:15 am 1 comment

You Know How to Make Me Happy

Windmill has announced a sequel to one of their most popular titles: Happiness! 2 Sakura Celebration. Will we see more of Jun? And more of Sumomo??!!! In addition, there’s a new work in Yakusoku no Natsu, Mahoroba no Yume. It is planned for spring 2018, while Happiness! 2 will come out later in the year.

minori has opened the site for their fandisc TRINOLINE:GENESIS. Along with the three heroines and subcharas Hanako and Ayaka, there will also be a guest character….

Token loli Kohaku finished on top of the Sainokoro chara poll and will get a tapestry.

Sakakibara Yui’s 11th album, “Next Door”, will be on shelves on December 13th. It contains 17 tracks in total. It’s her first album in two years.

New figures available for pre-order include:

GSC – 1/7 scale Super Sonico HOT LIMIT ver. (Sonicomi, October, ¥10,648)
Phat! – Tamamo no mae seifuku ver. (Fate/EXTELLA, June, ¥14,800)
Q-six – 1/6 scale Paulette (white sukumizu ver.) (Maitetsu, January, ¥12,800)

Dakimakuras for Haruoto‘s Eliza and Recette‘s Mieru were on sale at TECH GIAN‘s chara1 booth on October 15th.

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Switching It Up

CARAMEL BOX is building on its past with the cross-dressing ojou-sama game Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru Triple Stars. It is planned for February 23rd.

Kawauso Soft’s Bokura no Sekai ni Shukufuku o. has been delayed to November 24th.

The Aokana vocal album 3 will be on shelves on October 27th. It is priced at ¥3000 and contains five vocal arrangements for BGMs, including Misaki and Rika’s character songs.

The Nintendo Switch port for Aokana has been set for March 29th.

New figures announced this week include:

PLUM – 1/7 scale Kaoru Hi-Fi Days ver. (Deremas, January, ¥12,500)
WAVE – 1/8 scale Minami Noble Venus ver. (Deremas, January, ¥12,800)

Dakimakuras for Nekopara‘s Maple and Cinnamon will be on sale at chara1 oct.2017. Libido Soft is taking pre-orders for the dakimakura for Zanane‘s Suzune until October 10th. It’ll be shipped in November.

Playing a bit of Tsugihagi in preparation for the October post. The premise is kinda similar to Haganai

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The Most Popular Kid

HOOKSOFT’s next title (after Making Lovers) will be I×SHE Tell. The protagonist Hajime is loved by all at the school for which he is the student council leader since he overturned the ban on love relationships.

CANVAS+GARDEN (Miyasaka Miyu and Miyasaka Naco) have announced their doujin title, Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete, featuring their mascot characters. It will be sold at Comiket 93 on December 31st.

The append life vol.5 for Niizuma LOVELY×CATION is available for download.

Alphamax has a pair of 1/7 scale Fate/EXTELLA figures coming out in February for Artoria Pendragon and Nero Claudius, for ¥10,800 each. Other new figures available for pre-order include:

DragonToy – 1/6 scale Celia pink ver. (Walroma, January, ¥18,500)
FLARE – Pairon (Blade Arcus, May, ¥11,800)
Funny Knights – 1/8 scale Nero Claudius vacation ver. (Fate/EXTELLA, January, ¥9800)
GSC – 1/8 scale Anastasia: Story of Revolving Stars ver. (Deremas, August, ¥13,704)
Phat! – Parfom Nero Claudius (Fate/EXTELLA, May, ¥6300)

Dakimakuras for Hatsujou Sprinkle‘s Hazuki and Mashimaro‘s Ushio will be sold at the upcoming character1 on October 15th. CROWD is taking pre-orders for the Thea daki that comes out in January.

If you’re in the area, there’s a D.C. collaboration cafe at Nagoya’s Palette Maidcafe until October 9th.

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September 2017 Eroge Releases

It took a long time, but Haikuo Soft’s Omokage Railback is finally coming out. Over that same period, CIRCUS have already released two fandiscs, including this month’s D.C.III Dream Days, where some familiar faces from D.C.II make a re-appearance. Innocent Grey’s FLOWERS series comes to an end, while two chara-ges wrap up the month: Parasol’s Sakura Hitohira Koi Moyou and Enishi Soft’s Oni ga Kuru. ~Ane ga Hinshi de Pinchi Desu~.

I’ll believe it was finally released when Railback is installed and working. Also never compare Circus releases. They can just copy paste their games over and over with a few extra lines added, hardly fair to give them credit for that. This month is not bad for once. Sure many of the games are mediocre. Others are downright terrible. But the ratio isn’t bad. There are a few worth playing, a few that may not be good but probably aren’t too bad either, aside from delays on the post not a bad month.


September 28, 2017 at 11:11 pm 5 comments

You Want More?

A trio of sequels/fandiscs were announced this week: SILKY’S PLUS DOLCE‘s Hikari no Umi no Apeiria FD (December 22nd), Jitaku Studio‘s Real Eroge Situation! H x3 (December 22nd), and AkabeiSoft3‘s Hataraku Otona no Ren’ai Jijou 2 (February 23rd).

Other new titles announced this week include:

FrontwingMomoiro Closet
HexenhausKonya Dake Demo Tomete Kudasai (November 24th)
PreKanoAzayaka na Irodori no Naka de, Kimi Rashiku (November 24th)
pure moreShoujo Graffiti
Skyfish pocoKoneko Neko Neko (December 22nd)

Release dates have been set for the following:

Kiniro Loveriche – December 22nd
Zutto Mae Kara Joshi Deshita – December 22nd
Kieta Sekai to Tsuki to Shoujo – January 26th

The following titles have been delayed:

Arui wa Koi to Iu Na no Mahou – October 27th
Maho×Roba – November 24th
Lost Echoes – December 22nd

Apeiria and Thinker won in the Apeiria chara poll, while Ushio topped the 2nd Mashimaro chara poll.

Shizuku has claimed top spot in Campus’ Uso series chara poll! Congratulations! She gets an original story, some goods and a special wallpaper! Good job, lolicons!

The Sakukoi character song and sound album comes out on the same day as the game, September 29th. It is priced at ¥2600.

August is partnering with DMM to create the free-to-play Iris Mysteria! R~Shoujo no Tsumugu Yume no Hiseki~. These games are basically like any mobage with their gachas and don’t turn out well. We’ll see if this one fares better.

GIGA 1st LIVE ~Sky Ticket~ will be held on March 10th at DIFFER Ariake. It will showcase songs from titles over their 25-year history.

New figures available for pre-order include:

Kaitendoh – 1/6 scale Narika compulsory execution ver. (Beat Blades Haruka, December, ¥17,800)
UNION CREATIVE – Tamamo no Mae tail maid strike ver. (Fate/EXTELLA, December, ¥13,800)

Ya, I know the September games will be coming out this Friday. We’re almost done… >_>

Also, grinding events on three mobage takes too much time… >_>

September 25, 2017 at 1:15 pm 9 comments

Enjoy The Last Moments of Summer

Liar-soft’s next title will be Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia.

light’s Sora no Baroque has a new release date of January 26th, while the following titles have been delayed:

VenusBlood -BRAVE- – October 27th
Yami to Shukusai no Sanctuary – October 27th

SkyFish has started up the chara poll for Kinrin no Soleil. It will run until September 22nd.

The VenusBlood -BRAVE- OST will come out on the same day as the game, October 27th.

The PSV port for Amenity’s Life has been set for November 22nd.

New figures available for pre-order include:

ALTER – 1/7 scale Shiki Perfume Tripper (Deremas, May, ¥20,800)
Di molto bene – 1/7 scale Saber/Mordred (FGO, December, ¥13,800)
EGG – 1/6 scale Ai wedding ver. (Fault!!, January, ¥14,800)
FREEing – Excela swimsuit ver. (Shining Resonance, February, ¥3685)
FREEing – Rinna swimsuit ver. (Shining Resonance, February, ¥3685)
FREEing – Sonia swimsuit ver. (Shining Resonance, February, ¥3685)

September 9, 2017 at 12:01 am 2 comments

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