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Wave of Support

Recently announced titles include the following:

CabbitKagi o Kakushita Kago no Tori
Escu:deHime to Aiyoku no Sacrifice (July 26th)
WhirlpoolNEKO-NIN exHeart 3 (July 26th)

Citrus’s Tasogare no Folclore has been delayed to June 28th.

HOOKSOFT is making a “Music and Happiness Pack” for Sugar*Style, which will include a mini fandisc with after stories for the heroines. The 4-CD Sakura, Moyu. music collection will be on shelves on April 29th for ¥6264.

The Raspberry Cube Switch/PS4 port is planned for August 29th.

New figures available for pre-order include:

GSC – 1/7 scale Saber/Altria Pendragon: Heroic Spirit Formal Dress ver. (FGO, July 2020, ¥10,000)
Phat! – 1/7 scale Super Sonico: Senran Kagura PBS ver. (Senran Kagura, January, ¥15,800)
Q-six – 1/6 scale Sumi navy blue sukumizu ver. / white sukumizu ver. (Monobeno, October, ¥12,800)
UNION:CREATIVE – Gilgamesh (Fate, September, ¥11,000)
WAVE – 1/7 scale [Little Hero] Hikaru (Deremas, July, ¥13,800)

Dakimakuras are coming out for Ototsuki‘s Nagisa, Koihime‘s Miu, Amakano SS‘s Yuzuka, Aibeya‘s Aki, pieces‘s Yua, UQ AAA‘s Selphy and Tia, Sakura, Moyu.‘s Kuro, Yorikure‘s Momiji, Sorceress*Alive!‘s Yuumi, and Amazing Grace‘s Sakuya.

The Cinderella Girls general election has started up again! Please spare a few votes for our favourite fish idol Nanami! Thanks resu~!

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Light has Gone Out

Another veteran of the eroge industry, light, has announced that they have disbanded as of the end of March. This means the likely end of the Dies irae series, but Campus will move to AkabeiSoft2 and the fate of the Silverio series is still up in the air.

New titles announced this week include:

HamHamSoftYuki no Yoru, Ore wa Imouto o Hadaka ni Suru

Momoiro Pocket’s debut title Custom cute has been delayed to May 31st, while release dates have been set for the following:

Otome ga Musubu Tsukiyo no Kirameki Fullmoon Days – June 28th
Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka? 2 – July 26th
Ren’ai, Karichaimashita – July 26th

New figures available for pre-order include:

ALTER – 1/7 scale Chie party time gold ver. (Deremas, December, ¥14,800)
AMAKUNI – 1/7 scale Caster/Nitocris (FGO, October/November, ¥17,900)
Insight – 1/5 scale Ema swimsuit ver. (Harumina, June, ¥19,224)
quesQ – 1/7 scale Saber/Elisabeth Bathory [Brave] (FGO, December, ¥18,800)

The crowdfunded Kud Wafter anime has been delayed a year to September 2020 and its director has also changed from Yamakawa Yoshinobu to Suzuki Kentarou.

The dakimakura for Koihana‘s chara poll first-place finisher Saki will be out on May 31st. Pre-orders close on May 7th.

April 6, 2019 at 2:03 pm 2 comments

March 2019 Eroge Releases

Do you believe in angels? Maybe you might meet one in Whirlpool’s pieces/Wataridori no Somnium. For something a little more normal, how about GIGA’s Aonatsu Line or PULLTOP’s Sakurairo, Mau Koro ni? Purple Software also has a title that revolves around a mysterious social game called Realive. The story might remind you of another game where an app suddenly appears on your smartphone…

Another month has come and gone. Emphasis on the gone this time. A few interesting games this month though nothing revolutionary. Unless you count elves raping orcs that is.


March 30, 2019 at 12:50 am 8 comments

Winds of Change

minori has bit the dust, citing a disconnect between what they aspire to make and the games that they’re now producing. While the news was surprising, I do personally feel that their recent games have not been of the same quality of their past ones. Sometimes you have to introduce elements in your games just for them to sell, and the market has somewhat changed in that regard. It doesn’t impact MangaGamer’s localization of their games, although the fate of the Supipara fundraiser is still up in the air. I honestly forgot about that ever existing. All the best to the staff and their future endeavours.

Recently announced titles include the following:

Alumi SoftWanko no Yomeiri ~Arata na Nihon no Shippo~ (June 28th)
Astronauts SiriusChaos Dominus
ensembleOtome ga Musubu Tsukiyo no Kirameki Fullmoon Days
Tinkle PositionOnii-chan, Asa Made Gyutte Shite! Yoru Made Motto Ecchi Shite! (June 28th)

Heliodor’s Ryuusei World Actor has been set for July 26th, while the following titles have been delayed:

Dai Sengo Muramasa – May 31st
Study§Steady – July 26th

It was awfully close, but Sol Press’s kickstarter for FAVORITE’s Irotoridori no Sekai was successful! Look forward to the hotcakes!

The ports for Mekuiro (PS4), Hello Lady! (PS4/PSV), and your diary (PS4/PSV) will all be coming out on June 27th.

The Switch port for Summer Pockets is planned for June 20th. There’s also a visual fan book in the works. The Grisaia: Phantom Trigger art book vol.5 will be out on April 26th for ¥1500.

The first of three PCS figures is ready with Licorne’s 1/8 scale figure of Deremas‘s Kyoko Love Letter ver. out this November for ¥14,800. Other new figures available for pre-order include:

alphamax – 1/7 scale Jeanne d’Arc JK blazer ver. (Fate/extella, October, ¥13,800)
GSC – nendoroid Foreigner/Abigail Williams (FGO, August, ¥4815)
GSC – 1/7 scale Super Sonico Libra ver. (May 2020, ¥13,704)
KAITENDOH – 1/6 scale Narika standing pose ver. (Haruka, June, ¥17,800)
kneed – 1/8 scale Takane Elegant Moment ver. (im@s ML, September, ¥15,556)
Max Factory – figma Saber Alter 2.0 (Fate, November, ¥7222)
MegaHouse – Rider/Ozymandias (FGO, September, ¥21,384)
Vertex – 1/7 scale Marion swimsuit ver. (Shining Resonance, May, ¥13,000)

The dakimakura for ISLAND‘s Rinne has come out for ¥12,000. There’s also one available for pre-order for Koihana‘s Saki.

You might’ve noticed that Holyseal has been down. Their server has died and it doesn’t seem like they’re too motivated to keep it going. I’ve been mainly using Getchu and official sites to download trials.

March 24, 2019 at 2:14 pm 3 comments

Guaranteed No Delays!

Lump of Sugar revealed that next title, Wakaba-iro no Quartet, and it’s already master up!? Other new releases announced this week include:

ASa ProjectRen’ai, Karichaimashita
Kogado StudiosYumeutsutsu Re:Master (June 13th)
Lass PixyKakeochi (April 26th)
Momoiro Pocket – Custom cute ~Ore to Kanojo no Ikusei Battle!~ (April 26th)
PrekanoAikano ~Yukizora no Triangle (May 31st)

Release dates have been set for the following:

DEAD DAYS – June 28th
Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei- Ryuuki no Taibou – July 26th

The Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou vocal collection will come out on the same day as the game, June 28th, for ¥2800.

The full FLOWER series will be out on the PS4 on March 7th.

New figures available for pre-order include:

ALTER – 1/8 scale Velvet (Tales of Berseria, November, ¥18,800)
Kenelephant – Caster Shinwa Reisou (Fate/EXTRA CCC, July, ¥13,800)

Go get this PRIMIL-illustrated Anzu dakimakura from Clover Day’s right now! You have till April 5th.

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February 2019 Eroge Releases

Has it really been that long since Happiness! and SHUFFLE! came out? Windmill’s Happiness! 2 Sakura Celebration and Navel’s SPIRAL!! are apparently sequels, even though there are major differences. If you’re in the mood for RPGS, the much anticipated Evenicle 2 from ALICESOFT is here, along with Astronauts Sirius’ Guildmaster. feng’s Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru, featuring art by karory, has finally went master-up after countless years, while SAGA PLANETS has made their first fandisc in a while with Kin’iro Loveriche -Golden Time-. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a pretty good month.

Not a particularly impressive month. We have a choice between spiritual successors, RPGs, fandisks, and single heroine games. I guess there is Feng’s new game, but frankly I wouldn’t get my hopes up for it. Who knows though, in the end anything can happen and maybe, just maybe one or even better more than one of the games will turn out being something truly special. 


February 21, 2019 at 2:00 am 12 comments

Getchu 2018 Bishoujo Game Awards

The Getchu bishoujo game awards 2018 have been announced and the grand winner is key’s Summer Pockets! They also took home the awards for best scenario, music and OP. ALICESOFT’s Rance 10 and YuzuSoft’s RIDDLE JOKER rounded out the top 3 overall. Rance 10 also won best system, while RIDDLE JOKER had best graphics, as well as the top character – imouto Nanami! Finally, Atelier Kaguya BARE&BUNNY’s Love×Holic ~Miwaku no Otome to Hakudaku Kankei~ won the ero category. Qruppo’s Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka? and Cabbage Soft’s Amazing Grace both had good reviews, so they are also worth checking out.

New titles announced this week include:

AkabeiSoft2Bosei Kanojo 2 ~Chisei Houkai-hen~ (April 26th)
ensemble SWEETOtome Kishi♥Ima Sugu Watashi o Dakishimete (April 26th)
Ge-sen 18Dai Sengo Muramasa -Majin Kakusei- (April 26th)

There’s only one new figure available for pre-order and it’s no surprise that it’s another FGO figure. Max Factory’s figma of Avenger/Jeanne d’Arc [Alter] Shinjuku ver. will be out in September for ¥7,222.

SAGA PLANETS has opened up a Kinkoi collaboration cafe at Cafe ASAN in Akihabara until February 24th. The food doesn’t look too bad.

Just two one week left till Evenicle 2!

February 16, 2019 at 2:30 am 3 comments

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