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Summer 2012 Anime Preview

In a disturbing twist, we are moving on to the season of harems! Unlike the previous season, I’m not really feeling this lineup here. Although some of these do have some nice potential, I do feel that the lack of diversity here is going to make it seem like I’m watching the same harem anime over and over again. Oh well, Yuruyuri is back so who really cares!

For those curious about my Diablo 3 progress, I made $40.00 off Diablo 3′s real money auction house. Nyaruko nendoroid, I’m going to take you home!

As usual, it is a slow summer for anime. Many competing titles fighting over marketable characters this season, with few shows having anything else to offer or be worth the time it takes to watch them. Other than Moyashimon I am hoping for a better fall and going to mostly skip this season.

Here’s a chart and a detailed preview from Random Curiosity.


July 9, 2012 at 3:28 am 4 comments

Spring 2012 Anime Impressions

Spring Title Picture

With all the complaining we’ve been doing recently for anime, this season manages to entertain me! It’s been awhile since I’ve had an overall positive reaction to a season as a whole so I’m a bit ecstatic with the comedic lineup this season. With a few seinen titles to add some slightly serious drama to my list, moe, cute and comedy rule this season with an iron fist. But then again, Diablo 3 is currently ruling my life with an iron fist >_O. I have a feeling inferno mode fried my brain so much that I’ve reverted to my former moe-loving levels!

Certainly this is one of the better seasons we have had for anime in recent years, although there are still plenty of shows that are sub part to say the least there are also more than usual worth the time it takes to watch them. I can only hope the series continue to be worthwhile right up to the end instead of falling into the ever so typical pitfalls nearing the end of short one season series. I would probably have more to say here and in general if it were not for TERA abusing my free time with its delectable goodness, ah games the bane of free time.

Here you go with a chart and a detailed preview from Random Curiosity.


June 20, 2012 at 11:45 pm 5 comments

Spring 2012 Anime Previews

Whenever the winter season ends, I weep at the upcoming spring posts. So many series to write up on…. the previous winter season was heaven! Well, it was more heaven than normal since we had less to write about :3. At least with this bigger lineup, maybe I’ll spend more time being entertained this time around. Aside from the return of the popular Fate Zero, I am noticeably interested in the seinen series that are popping up this season. Either way, the impressions post will probably take a lot longer to do this time x_x;; And sorry for the late post!

This season is too long, it really is so I decided to just be short and too the point. Or rather after writing a few comments and feeling as though I had gotten nowhere on a post that was keeping me from playing the games I wanted to I decided to spend my time wisely and be as blunt as possible. Don’t expect too much in the way of commentary till the impressions post when the list can be narrowed down even further to the select animes worth noting. At least half the post delay is thanks to my reading eroge, also the reason I didn’t put as much effort in as I probably should have, oh well. It is not entirely my fault however as I did not expect to be drawn into a game such that I did not want to put it down when only looking for a quick fifteen or so minute run through to get a feel for it.

Here you go with a chart and a detailed preview from Random Curiosity.


April 6, 2012 at 2:55 am 12 comments

Winter 2012 Anime Impressions

This post now belongs to hina <3

Sometimes I wonder if seasons can get more awful than the worst ones I’ve encountered, and then I find out that it can! Although a small number of series hold interest, and I mean 1-2,  I can easily forget about everything on this list here. But I have to say that I’m getting even less interested in anime nowadays. It’s now harder for me to watch anime, and I have to make some effort to go through certain series. I didn’t really think it would happen, but perhaps I’m growing out of this. Rather than getting burnt out, I’ve become an old and bitter person. Yet this nendoroid collection continues to grow T_T

Also of note, we probably hit the record for our huge number of dropped series.

I should probably say more here but the sooner I finish writing this the sooner I can go playing the third installment of a certain game and so rather than proofread and type out a paragraph highlighting my thoughts on this season I will say I dropped a lot, boring season happy gaming now ensues.

As usual, another chart from Zana again. And of course Random Curiosity’s more detailed preview.


March 9, 2012 at 9:20 pm 5 comments

Winter 2012 Anime Previews

I love the winter season. More so for the lesser load we’ll have on our anime watching queue, and it’s also nice to watch anime while bundled up in your blanket. Although nothing really stands out this time around, they don’t look too entirely horrible either. At least I’ll be guaranteed to get my moe fix no matter what happens!

As usual, another chart from Zana again. And of course Random Curiosity’s more detailed preview.


January 6, 2012 at 8:10 am 6 comments

Fall 2011 Anime Impressions

I didn’t chew it, Zen did!

If you ask me about the fall season, the only thing that will really pop into mind is Fate Zero. I’m dropping more series every season and it’s not stopping. Is this all you have to offer me now, Japan? Oh well, anime and gaming backlogs are getting cleared up pretty well recently at the very least! But as usual, less series for me to watch, the more time I’ll have for other things! Maybe I’ll finish off my visual novel backlog too now :3

As usual a busy winter season full of anime to drop and discard. Of course this post comes extremely late, largely due to Skyrim soaking up most of my free time like some kind of digital sponge, so for that I apologize as for once the delay was my fault. Thankfully this season is one with a few series I actually enjoy watching and will continue to watch, I suppose once you have enough shows in a season everyone is bound to like something.

Here’s a chart from Zana and a detailed preview by Random Curiosity.


December 28, 2011 at 5:55 am 2 comments

Fall 2011 Anime Preview

Once again, a busy fall season. Lots of sequels and adaptations, but the one I’m interested in most is Fate Zero. Even as a prequel and already knowing how the characters there will fare, it is definitely the most interesting show in the lineup. The last season was one of the bigger disappointments in awhile, with me dropping and not watching a record number of shows. At the very least, the season of loli and super moe seems to be somewhat over, so I’m hoping some of these new shows will actually have potential this time around. Now back to rocket grabbing people as Blitzcrank ^___^

After the rather boring and lackluster summer season it is nice to have more than one or two anime likely to be worth watching. Of course there are still more than a few shows bound to be little more than redundant repeats of the same thing we have seen dozens if not hundreds of times before but hey that’s anime these days. I am sure many people are on the edge of their seats while waiting for series such as Fate Zero and Un Go, and even Majikoi, and for once I cannot blame them. The only bad thing about this season to me were the sheer number of seasons that make for rather tiresome work when writing even such very brief commentary..

Here’s a chart from Zana and a detailed preview by Random Curiosity.


October 4, 2011 at 7:47 am 9 comments

Summer 2011 Anime Impressions

Although not really a surprise based on the previous preview, we’ve covered a smaller amount of anime this time around. It’s sad when you can’t tell if you’re burnt out from watching anime or if you’re just growing out of it. But keep in mind that the episodes we covered or at least I covered, were for at least 5-6 episodes of each series. That amount is normally more than adequate enough for determining whether a series is going to be kept or dropped. Hopefully with the summer season of moe about to end soon, we’ll get something that will intrigue me rather than make me squeal with glee.

A rather lackluster season this is, only a few series even worth watching and even then most of them just barely. That is unless you are a lolicon who cares about nothing aside from loli, in which case this is the perfect season for you as nearly every show has something based on loli it seems. To be honest half of the delay for this post was due to neither of us having been interested enough to even watch enough of the shows, and the other half was thanks entire to Feal baiting me with delicious eroge recommendations to distract me with while I should have been writing, damn you Feal, send any and all complaints to him.

Here’s a chart from Zana again. And as usual, Random Curiosity for a detailed preview.


September 20, 2011 at 8:33 am 13 comments

Summer 2011 Anime Preview

(Unfortunately no Sawako this season, but plenty of nyanko-sensei~)

Sometimes I feel the best way to do these anime previews is by punching them!  That’s how I feel about the upcoming summer season. :3 Just watching the trailers so far have not elicited any type of exciting response at all. Given that I temporarily suspended my spring anime watching for a few weeks to address my anime burn-out, they really need to bring out more unique series and a better variety of them.

Another rather lackluster summer season for anime. Plenty of shows to watch and some that may end up being an enjoyable use of time but nothing seems very likely to remain a memorable show for years to come. Also I hope RO KYU BU is a Japanese version of How to Catch a Predator, and they will arrest everyone who watches it.

Here’s a chart from Zana again. And as usual, Random Curiosity for a detailed preview.


July 2, 2011 at 4:42 am 14 comments

Spring 2011 Anime Impressions

So busy… I miss being a student! There’s way too many series this season to watch that it becomes so overwhelming to take on this post this time. But fortunately this season is at least has a larger number of entertaining shows. Although there’s a lot more serious and dramatic stuff this time around, what I do notice is the larger amount of cute moe characters. Either work has done a lot of extensive mental damage to me or I’m getting an overdose of moe cuteness this season. I can’t tell, but I do feel my brain turning into mush. But I am beginning to suffer from burn-out though. I enjoy watching completed series, and waiting for new episodes each week and going back and forth between different series isn’t as exciting. Sadly I won’t be watching a couple of series as I go back to watching Doctor Who and Torchwood!

Too many shows this season. Just finding the time to watch enough episodes to comment on them was not easy. That said while there are a few shows worth watching although the majority turned out to be duds, I suppose that much is to be expected with any season, it is not possible to appeal to everyone with every show. This is certainly the season for slice of life and should almost certainly contain some variation thereof catering to just about anyone’s tastes. There may be few shows here that will be memorable in a few years, and this season probably has the worst show I have ever seen bar none, but hey at least Madoka Magica is over with, who says I can’t be positive!?

Here’s a chart from Zana. I appreciate the hard work that goes into these to make life a bit easier. But I’m stuck saving random pictures when I visit the site :3 And of course, Random Curiosity’s detailed preview.


June 12, 2011 at 2:32 pm 17 comments

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