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Prince x Prince Review

So I found myself somewhat bored of eroge lately, completely incapable of finishing a game and this got me thinking, what is it that I feel is missing? After taking a long hard look at myself and exploring some options I came to the conclusion that I prefer boys love. I am fully aware this may seem somewhat out of the blue but honestly I have been planning this switch for months now, I have just been wondering how best to break the news. Ideally I was going to post this about a week prior, however real life and the April releases post delayed things more than I had wished. At least I managed to get it out without the significant delay into April that I had been worried may happen, though this day may not have been the best choice, I am just glad for it to be done though personally. Regardless I will be reviewing more often as many people have asked me to, just that the subject matter I am reviewing will be slightly different. I don’t believe it should be that big of a deal to change the gender of the “Heroine” type character, and I for one am looking forward to meeting any new readers with similar tastes my change in direction attracts. Come to think of it, I suppose this does explain why Micchi and I never seem to get along….

With that out of the way I would like to apologize for some of the screenshots, as the game was being finicky to say the least, it kept resizing itself to go full screen while i was taking screenshots, which wouldn’t have been so bad had it worked, but instead widescreen seems to confuse it leading to an amazing hassle. In the end i was forced to give up and use a few older screenshots such as the title shot above which from when I first started the game.


April 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm 24 comments

Fall 2010 Anime Impressions

Now that this anime season is underway we will give a more detailed impression of the series we have been watching as well as whether or not we shall continue to watch and thus make a review likely, or will be dropping the series, negating any chance for a full review upon reaching the conclusion. Having come to the decision that an early to midway single post would be more useful than simply providing summaries for episodes we will be separating our anime posts into three parts, a list of new series before they air, an impressions post once there are enough episodes to form opinions, and finally a full series review for those select series worth the time at the end of the season. Any series not listed here has been ignored by both authors, while series with only one author providing commentary have only been viewed by that author. As usual for anime posts Zen, and Nemuiwanko, will be providing the commentary with occasional outbursts by Micchi where appropriate.. and sometimes where not.

As usual here’s a series chart from our favorite provider chartfag, as well as more info from Divine at Random Curiosity.


November 6, 2010 at 11:12 pm 9 comments

Yosuga no Sora Review

Well what to say, I have finally gotten around to playing Yosuga no Sora as a response to the airing of this seasons anime. Given the similarities Yosuga (Not typing the whole title every time) shares with Natsu no Ame I was expecting something that had greater impact and felt less like a punishment game. As I wrapped up the final route for Yosuga I found myself wondering exactly what value people saw in this game to justify making an anime out of it. I can only conclude the fact it had a twincest route made it more interesting and appealing than it otherwise would have been. Honestly I really wanted to like this game, I tried so hard to like it but there was just no content there that was worth it.


October 6, 2010 at 3:03 am 21 comments

Koiiro Sora Moyou Review

So here we have it, a review it seems a fair number of people were waiting for, which comes as no surprise given how high expectations appeared to be for this game in general. Sadly though not everything lives up to what we may come to expect and KoiSora as I shall henceforth refer to this game is no exception here. While it may be as much my own fault given what high expectations I had of the game to start with, KoiSora is by no means a bad game. In Fact truth be told the game was an enjoyable experience when all is said and done.


April 13, 2010 at 11:05 am 18 comments

Shuffle! Essence+ Review

Ah Shuffle! a title that holds a special place in my heart as this was my first real introduction to eroge. I have never played the orignal game mind you, not understanding anywhere near enough of the language back then to even come close. Originally I had intended to play when the english patch was released… though since that never really panned out Essence+ arrived to remind me of the original Shuffle! and how badly I wanted to finally play this game. However I did watch the animated series when it came out, thanks to Micchi talking to me about the show. As a result I eventually became interested in the game and how different routes would play out, mostly Nerine. Thanks to Micchi and Shuffle! I have become the eroge player I am today,  so when Micchi complains about my being an ass… well that would be her own fault now wouldn’t it?

My nostalgic rant aside I can begin to get down to business, first off the original idea was to have Micchi and I do a joint post where each of us only read through the routes we liked, sorry this is no longer the case. Now that you have to put up with me for the entirety of the Shuffle! review I am going to make a few changes to best suit the nature of this game. I will separate the original shuffle game, which is a part of Essence+, from the new content introduced this time around.There will be two completely separate scores and for the story, characters, H scenes, and conclusion. The reason for this is to apply value directly to the new content rather than having the old game still around to make things confusing. For those of you who have only played the original or have not played any of the previous games I intended for this to be a more useful layout for you to deal with when deciding on whether or not this game is worth the time. Now, with all the ranting and preface notifications out of the way it is finally on to the review of a game which contains soaring highs and crushing lows, giving a bittersweet taste of the very best and very worst of eroge.


December 31, 2009 at 10:11 am 29 comments

Kiss to Maou to Darjeeling Review


Sarasa has finally arrived and I for one could not be happier! That is until I actually played the game. Not to say Kiss to Maou to Darjeeling (Dear god that is a long name, KissMaou it is from now on) is a terrible game but on the whole it simply lacks the sophistication a game of this type should have, and we have come to expect. Regardless of the disappointment I felt after playing there are still a few things to like about the game.


November 8, 2009 at 2:35 am 12 comments

Natsu no Ame Review


OK! So after an extended absence I have returned to review Natsu no Ame. Amazing as it is that I have actually finished a new game, I was helped by the type of game Natsu no Ame is. To be perfectly honest While the game was certainly not the most amazing eroge I have ever played, there does not seem to be much to gripe about either. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent playing through this game, causing me to often have trouble putting it down for other important things… such as sleep.


October 1, 2009 at 2:50 am 24 comments

Heliotrope Review


Well I am finally getting around to this post. I have finished Heliotrope five days ago but to be perfectly honest I was really unsure just how I felt about this game. In the end I feel the game disappointed me partially from my own expectations and partially because well… it’s a bad game. Being the first game from a company part of me wants to say they made a good effort but really these days there is no reason for a first game not to be at least average. Not to say it was entirely horrible, there are much worse games out there.


May 5, 2009 at 7:00 pm 5 comments

Bokuraku Review


Ok, so here I am (Zen) for my first real post. I know its late, I know that at this point it is pretty useless to even post this. Mostly this is something of a proof of concept. I will more or less start for real from the april lineup since I have some time to prepare. Anyway primarily working on the layout and such so lemme know what you think of it so I can change it as needed.

So anyway I have had Bokuraku (Boku no Te no Naka no Rakuen)  sitting there and had planned to play it after cleaning up my backlog a bit. However since I will be writing up such reviews in the future I figured I had better get started.


April 5, 2009 at 10:24 pm 7 comments

Mou Gaman Dekinai


Well it would seem that I have become a new author for this blog (Hooray, Cheers, *confetti*).  The basic story in a nutshell is that I will be reviewing games that Micchi would normally not play… or even consider playing. More or less I am here to provide the Yin to her Yang, and provide something for those of us who want a little something more than just highschool romance in our eroge. I will attempt to keep current of the newer releases of titles, backlog I hardly knew ye.

Case in point being the image above. Mayuri from Flyable Heart just happens to be my favorite character and the least favorite character of Micchi. I will go into greater detail if there is a review on FH where I will try to make where we differ more clear by using a game we have both played.

Ah well since there is not too much for me to say other than a basic introduction I will leave off here, Look forward to a wider range of titles being covered in detail.

By the way….  I’m Zen.

March 30, 2009 at 11:08 pm 20 comments

I'm no longer making any eroge posts, but will still update the upcoming releases. Thanks for following the blog through all these years and hope that it has been helpful. Please continue to support the eroge industry and love your imoutos!


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