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Cabbage Soft‘s next title, Amazing Grace -What color is your attribute?-, takes place in an art school in winter and is illustrated by Korie Riko.

Other new titles announced the past couple weeks include:

ALcotShogun-sama wa Otoshigoro FD
AzuriteTamayura Mirai
bootUP!Mama Haha 2 (September 28th)
minoriSono Hi no Kemono ni wa,
Shiba SoftLove Coordination!
SILKY’s PLUS DolceKotonoha Maichiru Natsu no Koe
TokohanaBoku to Kanojo no Gohoushi Dousei (September 28th)

The Maoten chara poll is underway and will run until August 20th.

All-ages fandisc Nekopara Extra is now out for download, with the packaged version with 36-page illustration book available at C94 on August 10th.

Listen to hits from 2003 to 2017 on the “Symphony Sounds Records 2018”, featuring OPs from Clover Heart’s, CLANNAD, Nursery Rhyme and more. The Summer Pockets OST will be on shelves on September 26th for ¥3500. The character song album for Maitetsu‘s Hachiroku will be out on September 28th for ¥1800.

Broccoli has revealed that they are working on a figure for Sanoba Witch‘s Meguru. It’s designed by Komowata Haruka.

Pre-orders have opened for the following:

ALTER – 1/8 scale Avenger/Edmond Dantes (FGO, February, ¥12,800)
ALTER – 1/7 scale Mash Kyrielight (FGO, April, ¥13,800)
AMAKUNI – 1/7 scale Lancer/Medusa (FGO, May/June, ¥17,280)
knead – 1/7 scale Ranko Unmei no Machibito ver. (Deremas, April, ¥18,500)
Stronger – 1/7 scale Saber/Nero Claudius [Third Ascension] (FGO, May, ¥19,800)

The Eushully 20th Anniversary Live has been set for November 25th at Kichijouji CLUB SEATA. Lottery tickets are available on their PIA site.

Dakimakuras are coming out for Maoten‘s Rita, Yosuga‘s Sora, Natsu no Ame‘s Rikako, Shukugar‘s Yuuri, NEKO-NIN exHeart 2‘s Maya, Tayutama‘s Mashiro, Koikoro‘s Mashiro, Sumire and Sorairo‘s Hinahime and Ai, Kagura Reimeiki‘s Ibuki, Nazuna and Koharu, FORTUNE ARTERIAL‘s Erika and Haruna, Ouka Sabaki‘s Shino, Muv-luv Alternative‘s Meiya, Amakano‘s Sayuki, Koihime‘s Renfa, Yamizome‘s Ayaka, Rance 10‘s Shizuka, Unionism Quartet‘s Mariel and Tiana, Shirokoi‘s Yuki, and KAI’s new heroine.

SAGA PLANETS’s 20th anniversary collaboration cafe is being held at Cafe ASAN until August 20th. Aokana Cafe 8th will be held at JAM AKIHABARA from July 27th to August 19th.

Webclap responses:

Just wanted to thank you for geting me into the wonderful world of Imouto. I’ve been enjoying anime, manga, light novels, and eroge more than ever before now that I’ve learnt to appreciate all the cute little sisters they’ve got to offer. It really soothes my soul.
I’d be thankful if you could recommend me some of your favorites, not necessarily restricted to eroge. by Neidhardt

You’re welcome! They are wonderful to just have around to dote on or be doted upon. Hanasaki Work Spring‘s Nonoka and Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco‘s Ai are among my favourite imoutos, not to mention Sana of course. For non-eroge, I like Haganai‘s Kobato and the Minami-ke sisters. Just a lot of comedy and light-hearted fare.

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You’re Mine! August 2018 Eroge Releases

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  • 1. ChaosRaven  |  July 31, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    I can’t find any information about Guildmaster from Astronauts, there’s nothing mentioned on their homepage about it. Any links with some more info about that?


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