A New Chapter Begins

February 9, 2018 at 9:19 pm Leave a comment

Liar-soft’s Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia has been set for April 27th.

MORE’s Shoujo Graffiti has been delayed to March 23rd.

The Kinkoi complete soundtrack will be on sale on March 30th. The 2-CD soundtrack includes full versions for three songs.

Heart’s Rorolog PSV port has been set for April 26th, while Prekano’s Mikagami Sumika no Seifuku Katsudou PS4/PSV port will come out on May 24th.

The second volume of the Furifure 2 H anime, featuring imouto Sumire, will come out on April 27th.

Pre-orders have started for the following figures:

Aquamarine – 1/7 scale Archer Route: Unlimited Blade Works (Fate, August, ¥16,800)
GSC – nendoroid Rider of “Black” (Fate/Apocrypha, August, ¥4815)
Lose – 1/6 scale Hachiroku (Maitetsu, July, ¥19,200)
native – 1/4 scale Hijiri (Amakano, July, ¥24,800)

Dakimakuras are available for pre-order for Kagiroi‘s Sumire and Furifure 2‘s Sumire.

There’s a new im@s game on the horizon: Shiny Colors

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February 2018 Eroge Releases It’s Fate

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