July 2017 Eroge Releases

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There’s a whole lot of sequels and fandiscs this month, with Campus’s Fuyu Uso -Snow World End- and Escu:de’s Re;Lord Episode 3 ~Grossen no Maou to Saigo no Majo~ wrapping up their respective series. Madoka gets her much awaited route in MOONSTONE’s Sakuranomori†Dreamers 2, while BaseSon is remaking Shin Koihime with additional characters in Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou, focusing on the Gi faction first.

As Micchi said it is mostly a month of fandisks and sequels with some delays thrown in for good measure. Nothing too spectacular but probably a few decent games worth playing, so not a bad month considering the usual these days. Well as long as you ignore the fact there is a Grisaia release which I can cite as a reason for there being no kind and loving god in the universe.

Re;Lord Episode 3 ~Grossen no Maou to Saigo no Majo~

Company: エスクード (Escu:de)
Game site: Re;Lord 第三章 ~グローセンの魔王と最後の魔女~
Release date: July 28, 2017
This is the third and final episode in Escu:de’s Re;Lord series. Following the liberation of Herford and Cologne, Iris was captured by Adler’s Jäger unit. Since she possessed too much sensitive information to fall into enemy hands, including the concealment of his own magic and plans for a rebellion, Wilfried pursued them into Greiz instead of going after the third witch.

Greiz is a middle-sized city in the center of Groesen, and it is home to the capitol. However, there were no trains entering the castle town, and the hustle and bustle of the past was eerily missing. Surprisingly, it was also under the territory of the third witch. He was forced to fight on two fronts, as fate also seemed to conspire against him. Wilfried’s final battle has begun.

And so the witch stripping battling is coming to an end. What will be the twist? Does it have something to do with Ria, who’s always been by his side? The battle system gets some improvements, including the ‘just attack’ and ‘revenge attack’ systems. There’s also the new sceptre equipment, which enables many different types of magic.

Okay I vaguely remember some game about running around violently stripping everything female you happen to come across. Beyond that I cannot for the life of me remember anything about this series. Sure I could look it up but once I have reached the point where I recall the distilled essence of the game, you know stripping girls. I find myself apathetic to the whole effort thing. So my judgement of this third and final game meant to give closure to an epic struggle against clothing is: If girl minus clothes equals better, buy. Else if girl plus clothes and your dignity are what’s important, burn.

I think you’re thinking of Akatoki, for which there’ll be a sequel coming out in September.

Close enough, just lets me copy paste the preview.

O-uchi ni Kaeru Made ga Marshmallow Desu

Company: ま~まれぇど (Marmalade)
Game site: お家に帰るまでがましまろです
Release date: July 28, 2017
Comments: New release date after being pushed back from June.

“Hey, are you all right?”

Kanon held out her hand to Ryou, who had collapsed on the ground in the park. Left without a home after being kicked out, he was taken in by her and given a place to stay in exchange for working at her pâtisserie, “Marshmallow Tree”. The shop had been very popular before she had become the owner, but now it doesn’t get many customers due to a change in opening hours and the arrival of a famous competitor nearby.

He was able to liven up the shop a bit with the help of others, but his relationships with them also got more complicated at the same time. Every day is full of chaos, with unexpected events happening one after the other. What will happen to him and the shop? It is the beginning of sweet and fluffy marshmallow days.

The selling point is the art for sure. Illustrators Ashi Shun and Sasorigatame are back from the PRIMAL×HEARTS series, and Chikotam is back with Marmalade for the first time since Koimari. Sweet cafe settings are good as a relaxing title, especially when there’s cute heroines, like lovable ponkotsu Kanon and picture book author Sasa. There’s also loli ‘onee-chan’ Ushio! That’s not a stereotype I see often, but one I’m definitely open to! Hau~ omochikaeri~!

Simple. I like simple. Sure, I used to spurn simplicity, but those were simpler times. Now simplicity in eroge is a rare blessing. Look at Ensemble for example, their insistence on inane complexity completely ruins their games. So, simple, is good. Complexity may be great when you can pull it off, but if you can’t or do not wish to put in the effort, then simple is far better than pointless gimmicks. A good solid foundation is all I ask for. No Matter if the setting, story, or characters are to my taste, start from the base and build your game well.

Obviously to anyone who has read a bit of my commentary I am not fond of the setting, characters, or art style. Far too cutesy for my tastes. But even someone as jaded as me needs a good read without any pretention once in awhile, if just to affirm there are still writers that understand their craft. No matter how sugary it is. Diabetes ahoy.

Zen… playing… a… cafe… chara-ge…???

Boredom and despair make people do awful, sinful things. Besides I have played them before. Just none so… uhh, Micchi-ish…

So I played the trial and it was decent for the most part. I’m a bit worried about the sudden serious turn at the end though. I would’ve rather it stayed sweet and fluffy throughout.

Onii-chan Daisuki!


Company: たぬきそふと (Tanuki Soft)
Game site: お兄ちゃん大好き!
Release date: July 28, 2017
Osamu was born a siscon. He has taken care of his imouto Rio from the moment she was born, as well as his imouto Mio since she joined his family from his father’s remarriage. Every day he was on cloud nine being together with his two imoutos.

Finally came the day when they started attending the nearby school that he also went to. When he saw them in their school uniforms for the first time, his heart started beating faster as he gazed upon their slightly matured figures. Could it be love? Yes, he had begun to have a (sexual) affection for them.

Tanuki Soft never fails to disappoint. Now you can enjoy lolis complete with E-mote.

Proof that 72nd trimester abortions should be legal.

Mezase! Monmusu Idol♪

Company: Vanadis
Game site: めざせ! もんむすアイドル♪
Release date: July 28, 2017
One time at a live, the huge idol fan Homura came across a path where those affiliated with idols crossed. Out of sheer curiosity, he tried to sneak in and possibly meet an idol. However, he was quickly noticed and ran away, hiding in a side room. That’s when he came face-to-face with his favourite idol, Nere. He was moved at the chance meeting, but something was amiss.

“Y-You’re not human!?”

He was confused why she did not look like a human, despite her human form on stage. Many people quickly came in and accosted him; There was no way he was leaving, having found out her secret. Fearing for his life, he began to talk passionately about idols. Even though it was quite unexpected, the staff took an interest in him and made him Nere’s attendant. But she needs to regularly receive energy in order to keep her monster form hidden. They gradually got closer as he aimed to make her the top idol in the world. Will he be able to make her dream come true?

Idols are all the craze right now. You’ve got to stand out to make it in this cutthroat business, and what better way to do so than having multiple limbs. The game is basically an idol raising simulator. You have to plan out her training and take on work to earn more fans. It’s pretty basic, so the game’s mainly for those who likes both monster girls and idols.

Ok its a Vanadis game. So I can say without any shame it sucks. Basically they take a terrible game and add a few limbs or some fur or scales or whatever onto their heroines because their market is niche and they hate their customers. In this exemplary addition to their farmyard simulators we play an idol rancher. Which means we have to endure twice the terrible.

It is hardly any secret by this point that I hate idol games. I loathe how cheap the concept is as well as how far they go to insult the people who play them. But, and this is a fairly big but, I do not dislike them just for the fact they are idols. Yes I find that subject matter itself rather lame. However what drives my hatred, fuels my desire to burn all things labeled idol comes from a totally different direction. The story. They are all essentially the same thing.

Now this comes from two issues one is most idol games focus entirely on idol heroines. A stance I have long proclaimed as gimmicky and ineffective pandering to a chosen demographic. Be it young or old sisters, idols, club members or whatever else all heroines should never be identical. Doing so means they are entirely cheapened, as well there being little to no effort put into the games themselves since the creators were too lazy to do things properly.

My second issue lies more specifically with the whole idol game fad. Characters in these games are basically pointless. Everything exists to fuel the concept of “H scene with famous girl normally considered untouchable”. What this means for the game is that everything including characters and their motivations revolves around becoming an idol or a more popular idol. Meanwhile protagonist is along for the ride usually being forced by the setting to becoming the girls only confidante. While this applies to anything for me, in this case I will direct it to idol games; If all you care about is the word idol, or the costumed H scenes, why bother reading the game at all? I mean the entire point of the visual novel is to tell a story. When there is no story, or the story is virtually identical to all others, well there is no point.

Hence in summary, idol games can go die in a pit of slobbering fanboys, with acid, on fire.

What’s that? I was distracted with my idol mobile games.

At least yours don’t have H scenes. As far as I know anyway…

Not officially.

Aoiro Note

Company: ad:lib
Game site: アオイロノート
Release date: July 28, 2017
Takuya entered Shikizaka Gakuen this spring. One day after school, he saw his classmate Misora inconspicuously putting up a club recruitment poster in the empty school building. With a cool aura and seemingly hard to approach, the beautiful Misora was the talk of the class since the first day. However, she is actually quite shy and the image that had been forced upon her had resulted in her becoming isolated from the rest of the class. So, she thought to create a club to make some friends and break free from her current lonely situation. Takuya couldn’t leave her after knowing the circumstances, so he decided to help out achieve the school life that she yearned for.

Is it just me or did ad:lib already make a game with essentially the same premise and almost the same name? The graphics (sprites in particularly) are a bit old-fashioned and I would like an option to turn off the moving mouths since they aren’t synced well. There’s two siblings who are both a bit odd (especially Mao who cross-dresses to disappoint all the guys in the class just because it’s cute), but the story isn’t that interesting, to be honest.

A longstanding staple of the genre where our noble protagonist reaches out to the pretty but lonely girl in order to take advantage of her emotional weakness and obtain her body. Of course being the nice guy that our protagonist invariably is there are no ulterior motives involved in his approach. He simply wants to help her, into his bed, without her clothes.

Don’t expect much story wise. Anything else you’re on your own here as for the life of me I can’t think of any reason this would be worth playing.

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol.3

Company: フロントウイング (FrontWing)
Game site: グリザイア ファントムトリガー 第3巻
Release date: July 28, 2017
This is the third volume of FrontWing’s all-ages Grisaia: Phantom Trigger series. While Rena and Maki recover from their injuries, the other SORD members jet off overseas for a school trip. Within moments of their arrival, though, the Mihama gang are pulled into a manhunt for a SORD deserter, assisted by students Sylvia and Velvet of St. Aile’s International School. Tohka’s the star of the show this time round, but she’s wrestling with her own issues – old memories of her parents, and a promise to a friend that she wasn’t able to keep…

“You’re right. There’s a reason we need to get back… even if it means crawling home on our hands and knees.”
“Let’s meet up again someday… if we’re still alive.”

And introducing Sengoku Ayame – Sengoku Ichiru’s brother, and a handler at St. Aile’s:

“If takin’ her in alive’s too much of a challenge, just get rid of her – I don’t give a damn. I wanna see this mess cleaned up.”

What answers will Tohka find? She has the truth in her sights…

The continuation of the Phantom Trigger series, for which an anime adaptation has already been announced. There’s likely more volumes in the works too.

Just die already shitty series. I feel more insulted and disgusted each new release. Everything. Every. Single. Thing. Except art I suppose which doesn’t really count anyway since most art is at least half way decent. But everything else is bad when it comes to Grisaia games. If you remove the CG they would not be worth using as toilet paper. Were I to have my own kid come up to me as early as five years old and try to write a story like this I would backhand them and put them up for adoption. It really is that bad. Seriously if you like these games, take a step back and reeeeeeeaaally think about it. The plot, writing, and characters are all so poorly done it is nothing but an insult to the audience. Close your eyes or use some text extractor and read it directly from that. Because I swear at this point people only buy into these games because of herd behavior telling them it’s good since apparently everyone else likes it. Else I am giving too much credit to humanity and their supposed intellect. 

Golden Hour

Company: NIKO
Game site: ゴールデンアワー
Release date: July 28, 2017
New release date after being pushed back from June. This is the first title by NIKO, a sister company of MORE. Yuuya got in an accident just before the regional qualifier finals for the soccer nationals and he couldn’t play anymore. After the team’s eventual loss and the end of his playing career, he lost sight of his goal in life, and instead just killed time at the game center every day. He also gave up on love, believing that the girl he’s interested in, Natsumi, did not feel the same way about him.

On the way to the game center after school one day, he met a girl, Yuki, who looked exactly like Natsumi. It felt like he had met her before even though it should be their first time seeing each other. She suddenly told him:

“I will support your love.”

And so the time which had stopped for Yuuya and Yuki began to move once more…

Eroge loves romanticizing high school love and this one is no exception. In fact, they went overboard with all the bloom effects to make it more ‘dramatic’. At least the scenario might be decent (by Konishi Tsubasa), if they keep it simple.

Story is hauntingly similar to my all time favorite game of this type, Natsu no Ame. Which is honestly a double edged sword. If everything is well written sure this isn’t a bad way to go if a bit cliche. On the other hand if not, things are too complicated to end at simply mediocre and will dive into the bad side of awful real fast. In this case the whole Natsumi and Yuki thing is worrisome. No matter which resolution they go for with that I can only see it being superfluous to the story. As Micchi already said, the key is going to be keeping it simple. All I can do for now is hope they will do a good job.

Intro movie


Game site: サクラノモリ†ドリーマーズ2
Release date: July 28, 2017
This is the sequel to MOONSTONE’s action thriller Sakuranomori†Dreamers, composed of a main route and a Madoka route, both of which take place in the second school term after summer vacation if Shinji does not get in a relationship with any of the other girls. While the two routes are separate from each other, there is a common element which links them together, so the reader is encouraged to play both.

With the defeat of the Joker, all the bodachs disappeared from Sakuranomori. Peace returned, but it was only for a fleeting moment. A new nightmare had begun; It was a crimson world with man-eating monsters where the murderer who was supposed to be dead still wandered. Death in this world resulted into death in reality. The Sakuranomori Dreamers once again threw themselves into battle, to protect the town and those they loved.

On the other hand, the daily life with Madoka unfolds. But is it only a sweet nightmare?

Madoka went from 80 to 87. A-Amazing.

One of those games you probably won’t be playing unless you played the original so not much to say here.

Also, “Character development” is a good thing you know Micchi.

I know. I’d be proud if my imouto developed even 1cm.

Really? I thought you would be shocked and appalled while you cry yourself to sleep?

Fuyu Uso -Snow World End-

Company: Campus
Game site: フユウソ -Snow World End-
Release date: July 28, 2017
This is the fourth and final game in Campus’ Uso series, focusing on Setsuka. It follows the scenario of what happens at Mahoshi Gakuen if the magic contract didn’t end up in Satsuki’s hands, Souichirou had protected Aoi from being taken over by the succubus, and Eris didn’t find what she was looking for with Shizuku.

Everyone lies, whether it be to protect, to deny, to misrepresent, or to keep things unchanged.

In spring, Souichirou met Satsuki for the first time and she shortly thereafter was welcomed as a new club member.
In summer, he was busy preparing for the Mahoshi festival with Aoi and the student council.
In autumn, he was caught up in some trouble involving his longtime friend Eris.
Then came today, the first day of snow. He didn’t know the reason, but he could tell that it was a lie.

Even though he always found it hard to deal with her…
Even though he thought that their paths would never cross…
Even though it seemed that he must not reach for her…
— he could not betray his true feelings.

“I love you, Teidou-senpai. Please go out with me.”

It was the beginning of a story about the snow world end.

I always thought that Setsuka had that ‘last boss’ feel to her. Is she the cause of all the supernatural happenings in this world? Does she have a tragic backstory? While she’s not one of my favourite heroines, it’s still worth seeing this series through to the end. I wonder if Campus will still keep making games set in Mahoshi Gakuen after this though.

With the final game in the series I can finally consider playing it. Before this release I could not be bothered as I dislike waiting on releases to complete a story. Honestly though I am not all that interested in the series. None of the characters truly interested me. It is not so much their archetypes as just not feeling all that well written. Maybe the crux of the issue lies with how the setting interacts with the whole lies thing. Meanwhile the story itself was nothing spectacular or interesting. Ah well, if anyone read the other three feel free to tell me if they are worth it or not.

They’re the highest rated games by Campus, if that helps sway you.

Since I cannot remember any game I thought was particularly good from Campus, that doesn’t help much.

Tsuki no Michibiki Kumo Haruka

Company: でぼの巣製作所 (Debonosu Works)
Game site: 弓張月の導き雲はるか
Release date: July 28, 2017
This is the latest game in Debonosu Works’ ‘dragon girl’ series (and the first in five years). In a world where humans and dragons co-exist, there are those called ‘dragonmasters’ who can be contracted with a dragon as their partner since they can communicate with them heart-to-heart as a result of their strict training. Claude aspired to be a dragonmaster, but even after completing his training, he had yet to find a partner dragon. One day, the village chief permitted him to participate in a ritual to meet a dragon and he trekked into the depths of the forest to search for his own partner. He found her under a large tree: a cute dragon girl named Freya.

I guess that’s the best way of taming a dragon: befriend them when they’re young. Freya calls you onii-chan, and you can raise her to become your ideal woman (dragon?). The system is quite simplistic, akin to modern day mobile games, with the goal of strengthening the bond between you and Freya via repetitive activities. Sakakibara Yui showcases her wide range of voices as Freya. Kawaii wa seigi!!

Pavlov’s dragon get. 

Hikari no Umi no Apeiria

Company: シルキーズプラス DOLCE (SILKY’S PLUS DOLCE)
Game site: 景(ひかり)の海のアペイリア
Release date: July 28, 2017
This is the debut work for SILKY’S PLUS DOLCE. Winter 2045. Reiichi, a member of the AI Research Club, successfully developed an artificial intelligence called “Apeiria”. She told him from inside the computer that she wanted to touch objects. So, together with the other club members, he searched for a way to make her wish come true and created the full immersion VRMMO “Second” using the functions of Apeiria. In this virtual second reality that is a fusion of magic and science, they went on an adventure and had a boisterous time.

However, “Second” was an unregulated game full of danger. Apeiria was taken prisoner in the virtual world and Reiichi and his friends had to log in to the game to save her, risking their own lives in the process.

They’ve got a lot of elements in this game, from comedy and action to magic and a battle of wits. The trial started off with the protagonist jerking off in the park and causing a misunderstanding, and ended with a time slip that was likely foreshadowed. It was long, but it at least kept my interest throughout. I guess it’s expected from Hanno Shuusei, who wrote the award-winning Byakko. I do wish that Reiichi was not so much of a pervert though (and then there’s also all those H scenes that pop up at random times).

So let me get this straight Japan. Assuming this IS from Japan. Instead of turning the AI into Mecha Godzilla or a Gundam or even just a mecha maid with boob missiles… you made an MMO. Are we sure this isn’t imported from Korea?

Ok fine I can suspend that much disbelief. But then so little makes sense about this I would have to suspend myself into orbit to ignore how badly put together it all is. Where to even begin, why do they not have GM access for a game they made? This applies doubly to the AI which helped make the entire thing. Furthermore yes, yes, the whole VR immersion you die in real life thing, we get it, but no. Not only is this concept beating a dead horse at this point but it doesn’t even make any sense. It’s not like messing with sensory input is the same concept as logging into someones brain to cut and paste their consciousness itself onto a server. I was willing to ignore it for a long time but this is becoming way too accepted. Then there is the issue with touching. Ok how is playing an MMO touching? Lets ignore the fact that them playing a game in the AI’s world is not the same as the AI touching things in reality. As I stated there is a difference in consciousness and sensory interference. Everything screams no thought being put into any of it, just existing because drama that way.

Honestly I could go on for much longer than I should about this because the hypocrisy of it annoys me. There are so many little things which point to bad writing and terrible design. What bothers me most about that is how blatant the lies they are trying to convey with it are. Just look at that cover art. Were this solely a comedy game I could put all the nonsense aside. After all the point of a comedy game is just to be funny so none of it matters. The vibe I get from this is they are trying to go a bit deeper with the whole AI thing else it serves no purpose to do so in the first place. Could just make it a fantasy setting to laugh at if that were not the case. Yet whole story is just an excuse for the setting and I am having none of it. This isn’t deep, certainly not thought provoking, let alone serving a purpose. So either way it turns out in the end I will spurn this game.

Hatsujou Sprinkle

Company: Whirlpool
Game site: 初情スプリンクル
Release date: July 28, 2017
Souta is a second-year student at Seirei Gakuen who has an extraordinary sex drive. Even as many students (mostly girls) kept their distance away from him, he still pressed on with his pointless actions to achieve his goal of a fulfilling erotic school life. He was marked as a dangerous person by most people and at risk of being outcast by society. But it wasn’t always like this: he couldn’t think of anything but lewd thoughts. Just seeing a lady walk down the street makes him want to fondle her breasts.

Then a mysterious bishoujo appeared before him. The self-proclaimed witch Hazuki told him that his demon side had awakened inside of him and it was the demon of lust, Asmodeus, which granted him the ‘porno switch’ ability, causing females around him to feel lewd. The cause of his awakening was due to a hidden treasure which was stolen from her family. She had come to this town to search for it, and enlisted his help.

From that day on, he was caught in outrageous events one after the other. Will the day come when his uncontrollable urges subside?

I love magical comedies and Whirlpool always does a good job with them. This protagonist is a total pervert too, but at least he’s got an alibi. I’m a fan of mahou shoujo fan Mio and ramen enthusiast Shizuku. Hazuki’s voice also fits very well. I want to try her original kimchi stew-style miso cheese ramen. Actually, I’d join that ramen club and eat ramen all day.

Thankfully this is a Whirlpool game. So I don’t really have to say much other than, well, this is a Whirlpool game.

Oh I guess I can say I’m personally not a fan of over the top horny protagonists. A little with the right timing and well planned out is funny and enjoyable. Going too far makes it stop being funny and turns boring, or even annoying.

Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou

Company: BaseSon
Game site: 真・恋姫†夢想-革命- 蒼天の覇王
Release date: July 28, 2017
This is the first of three new Koihime titles, expanding on the events from Shin Koihime†Musou and focusing on the Gi (Karin’s) faction. I’m happy for an expanded ‘remake’ with even more characters, but I’m sad that there’s been a seiyuu change for some characters (Shuri, Nenene, Shuuran, Nanano). In particular, Shuri’s voice is a bit too high-pitched now. I’ll still probably play this, although I’m more of a Shoku follower. The battle system has also been upgraded, now featuring real-time battles.

Proof that Baseson can’t do anything else. Or at least nothing else has been very successful. Hence they keep going back to the Koihime series. None of the games have enough depth in all honesty. Be it in terms of gameplay or characters the series has always been kind of shallow so all the remaking is not really helping matters. Point being there are better ways to approach it other than adding on a few new gimmicks coupled with a new paragraph or two stapled to a fresh CG set.

It’s a lot more of everything, in fact. Really looking forward to this.

My issue lies with the fact they keep selling the same thing with some more bells and whistles added on over and over. They had the chance to complete everything they wanted to a long long time ago. Yet they only add a little bit at a time. At some point it just starts to feel stale.

Choushi Shinki no Ixseal

Game site: 超昂神騎エクシール
Release date: July 28, 2017
Tsuguhiko is an aspiring eroge writer who is actually the reincarnation of the demon king. He bides his time as a normal student while awaiting for his reawakening and chance to take over the world.

However, he was attacked by the valkyrie Ixseal on that long-awaited day, who had come to exterminate him. He managed to escape, but he was betrayed by his right-hand man Bezel and left with no powers except for the power of ‘lust’.

He joined forces with Ixseal, who had also been trapped on Earth by Bezel, to fight against Bezel and his army of demons. To defeat these strong demons, Tsuguhiko uses the only power that he had left to power up Ixseal: lust (sex).

Will this joint alliance between antagonistic forces result in victory?

Like Escalayer and Haruka before it, this is mainly about the H scenes.

Lazy swordfighting.

System movie

Bishoujo Mangekyou -Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo-

Company: ωstar
Game site: 美少女万華鏡 -罪と罰の少女-
Release date: July 28, 2017
New release date after being pushed back from June.This low-price title is the latest in ωstar’s Bishoujo Mangekyou series. Yuuma is on leave from school since being hospitalized due to a certain incident. He reunited with his beautiful twin sister Yuuri for the first time in a year and began to live with her, but he had a secret that he could not tell her: he is deeply in love with her. When that secret came to light, love turned to madness and he was assaulted…

Twincest is wincest.

Been awhile for these CG sets.

Hyakki Ryouran no Yakata

Company: アストロノーツ・シリウス (Astronauts Sirius)
Game site: 百奇繚乱の館
Release date: July 28, 2017
Yoshito is a student who is studying folkloristics. He followed his professor to a remote area, but got lost and ended up at a Western-style mansion which belonged to the former noble family of Mikado. He was allowed to stay as a temporary guest and also participate in the “Eigu Ceremony” to decide the next head of the family. He meets the three beautiful and mysterious Mikado sisters, the other invited candidates who had gathered at the mansion, as well as the past and present heads of the family. What fate awaits Yoshito at this mansion where the desires of men and women mingle?

Another game where sex is used to attain one’s goal. The world is such a dark place.

Would be more interesting if their cult of penis worshipping made me laugh.

Micchi’s Top 3 for This Month

  1. Hatsujou Sprinkle
  2. Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou
  3. O-uchi ni Kaeru Made ga Marshmallow Desu

Zen’s Top 3 for This Month

  1. Golden Hour
  2. O-uchi ni Kaeru Made ga Marshmallow Desu
  3. Fuyu Uso -Snow World End- (The whole series, maybe.)

I’ve got to help those poor girls in heat!

It’s too hot this summer for any more heat.

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  • 1. Steven  |  July 19, 2017 at 2:24 am

    Golden hour for me

  • 2. Aku  |  July 19, 2017 at 3:00 am

    I swear that I’ll buy all three Kakumei games if they’ve changed that Gi’s ending into a better, happy one. For gods sake please do it baseson.

  • 3. kzel  |  July 19, 2017 at 5:14 am

    Sakuranomori†Dreamers2 for me this month, since I played the prequel and I’m just generally a fan of horror games.

    I was pretty hyped for Hikari no Umi no Apeiria, but seeing your comments on the demo I’m not so sure anymore, and will probably wait for some reviews before playing it. The random H-scenes thing in particular is something I just don’t like at all.

    Listening to Hanasawa Sakura talk about Hatsujou Sprinkle almost made me want to try the game, and I guess it could be funny, but nah, I tend to dislike all those H-related superpowers.

  • 4. a5hack98  |  July 19, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    thanks for sharing

  • 5. EMP_James_Chen's_Tears  |  July 19, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    I hope Zen realizes his getting triggered over Grisaia is more pathetic than it is funny. Reminds me of all the capcucks and shills getting buttmad over the mere mention of Dragon Ball Fighterz. Move the fuck on bro. If you were at least endearing it would be entertaining but you come off as a pretentious faggot. “Hurr durr every one must be an idiot if they like this.” LMAO who the fuck are you man? You sound like a 12 year old who just completed one of those IQ tests online and got like 120 or something. I am very smart!

    Go outside man. Start lifting. Pay a hooker to blow you, I don’t fucking know, but if you’re getting triggered over Japanese picture books the one who needs to reevaluate his tastes is you, cuck.

    • 6. Anonymous  |  July 22, 2017 at 5:20 am

      I think Zen is quite jaded but you sound like the triggered one tbqh. Calm down bro

      • 7. Moreover  |  September 4, 2017 at 5:32 pm

        “Retarded” is the word you are looking for, certainly not “jaded”.

  • 8. dknuth  |  July 22, 2017 at 3:59 am

    Tanuki Soft’s eroges are good if you like to impregnate lolis, which is something you probably won’t and can’t do in the real life.

  • 9. joyjason  |  July 30, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    Late reply but better late than never.

    A lot of titles that I’m interested this month, in addition to the huge backlog I’ve been pretty much ignoring over PSO2 (which has a new update fml).

    Thankfully, I do have a better computer which can run both eroge and MMO so I’ll be spending more time with the July releases.

    Marmalade game looks nice but honestly the only thing in it for me is Chikotam so pass

    Tanukisoft game because I’ve completed all of it (Shut up; stop judging me)

    ad;lib’s games suck. Period.

    Golden Hour because of the same reason as Zen; Natsu no Ame. Hopefully they don’t fuck this up

    Ehhh, considered Debonosu’s title for like 10 seconds and then rejected because I didn’t really like the two games I’ve played from them. Sakikabara Yui’s a really good singer, but I don’t think she’s fit for voicing characters.

    Hikari no Umi… maybe backlog since it looks interesting enough

    Hatsujou Sprinkle definitely because Mamizu artwork and Whirlpool might suck but at least you can get a few hours of laughs from it

    Baseson’s Shin Koihime’s on the top priority for me. Call me simplistic but I absolutely loved this series. The only problem I have is that K.Bajo isn’t a part of the staff now and this title might have gone downhill instead of making improvements for me. I’ll literally play this along with the “Gi” storyline of the original Shin Koihime and making a review from that.

    Bishoujo Mangekyou–What’s with the shitty, spineless protagonists? Really a boner killer but considering I did have a fetish for twincest I might get into it for a bit… I hope it’s not that too long

  • 10. Kili Krieger  |  September 23, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Huh… it’s sad to see Re;lord not attracting enough attention… I personally really liked the story and the characters (no, they are not original, and that’s not really an issue), it’s a shame that it’s the stripping gimmick that shadows everything else good about the games…


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