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Mamiya-kunchi_no_Itsutsugo_Jijou_Moericalme and Sekai Project are teaming up to produce a low-priced title, KARAKARA. It is illustrated by p19 with Natsuno Koori and Kawashima Rino as the main heroines (Kazane is also in the cast). The project is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. It’ll be first released in English on Steam on June 27th, followed by the Japanese version in late July. Looks pretty good and the perks are reasonable.

Inre has also started up a teaser site for their next title, Bakumatsu Jinchuu Houkoku Resshi-den MIBURO.

The following titles have been delayed:

Ichibun no Ni Koigokoro – March 25th
School of Fantasia – March 25th
Koi to Mahou to Kanrinin ~Unmei no Haguruma-hen~ – April 28th

TECH GIAN is running a dakimakura chara poll for Carol Works’ debut title Boku no ××× wa Ryousei-tachi no Tokken Desu! until February 19th. CandySoft’s TsuyoKiss FESTIVAL female chara poll is currently underway and closes on February 29th.

The Custom Maid 3D2 official fanbook will be on shelves on March 31st. I wonder if it’ll just be a catalogue of all the customization options and positions.

H OVAs for Amakano‘s Koharu and Koinaka are planned for March 4th and April 28th, respectively.

Aselia the Eternal has been greenlit on Steam, while Nekopara Vol.2 is also ready for its February 19th release.

Deremas_MikuThe PSV port for tone work’s’ Hoshiori Yume Mirai is planned for this summer.

New figures available for pre-order include:

ALTER – 1/8 scale Miku (Deremas, August, ¥11,800)
GSC – 1/7 scale Saber Alter huke collaboration package (Fate, August, ¥20,185)
Kotobukiya – 1/7 scale Liz (Schwarzemarken, July, ¥8800)
Max Factory – figma Mika 346 production ver. (Deremas, July, ¥5833)

The February append life for PRETTY×CATION2 is now available for download.

I played plenty of March trials this week. Wizards Complex was quite entertaining, while Otoiro still felt fresh even though it’s just another crossdressing game by ensemble. Maybe it’s all the cooking. The most promising one is probably Tokisoku. I hope Miri/Miria gets a happy ending… T_T

Oh, it’s a special day today? Oh right, it’s Mashiro’s birthday!

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