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August 10, 2015 at 1:12 am 2 comments

Ichibun_no_Ni_Koigokoro_SD_BannerDebonosu and light are partnering up for Studio e.go!‘s renewal title, IZUMO4. It is planned for the upcoming winter. Other new titles announced this week include:

AppliqueToki o Tsumugu Yakusoku
MOREKono Koi, Seishun ni Yori.

âge’s Schwarzesmarken Kouketsu no Monshou has been delayed to November 27th., while release dates have been set for the following:

Sorairo Innocent – October 30th
TsuyoKiss FESTIVAL – December 25th

Iris was voted as best onee-chan in the Yuusha poll. Chara polls have started up for Valet Style (until August 16th) and Kyuuketsu Hime no Libra (until September 6th).

Whirlpool’s Melodia and HOOKSOFT’s MeltyMoment are getting PSV ports, while the PSV ports for Tsuriotsu and Kiss Ato have been set for November 26th.

ALICESOFT’s Blade Briders is getting an H OVA courtesy of Pink Pineapple. It comes out on October 30th.

AXL’s vocal song collection 5, “Drafting”, will be sold at Denkigai Matsuri 2015 Summer, as will the Dies irae drama CD “Todestag Verloren” (which will then be on shelves on August 28th). The PRETTY×CATION2 raburabu birthday collection for Azusa comes out on September 24th.

New figures coming out are the Cu-poche of im@s movie’s Miki (August, ¥3200) and nendoroid of Fate‘s Shirou (December, ¥3704). Broccoli also has some teaser pics for their upcoming figures of Sanoba Witch‘s Nene and Tenshin Ranman‘s Sana.

sprite_Live_2015Recent dakimakura on the way include 11gatsu‘s Sena and Airu, Schwarzemarken‘s Irisdina, Biman‘s Alice and DorothyKanotsuku‘s Koharu, Kami no Rhapsody‘s Mistoria, Sakigen‘s Ouka, Akaseka‘s Shinku, Himakoi‘s Akane, Sorakoi‘s Sora, Yorino‘s Mayura and Haruka, Kamimaho‘s Kisaki, Shoujo Ramune‘s Tenka, Tearstilla‘s Marine, Sakura no Uta‘s Rina, Mayosube‘s Touka, Maitetsu‘s Hachiroku, PENDULUM‘s Makoto, ALIA’s CARNIVAL‘s Tsukuyomi and Karin, Rensou Relation‘s Himari and Aiko, and Sakusaku‘s Yuuri.

A bonus patch for Karin in ALIA’s CARNIVAL is available from NanaWind’s webpage.

sprite is holding a live event for Aokana and Koichoco in late December at DIFFER Ariake.

My west coast trip was awesome, full of fun in the sun and plenty of good food. Then I came back to the Tree of Savior closed beta. Where did my week go?


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  • 1. maohsama  |  August 10, 2015 at 6:13 am

    Isn’t Izumo 4 a completely new game rather than a remake?

    • 2. Micchi  |  August 10, 2015 at 9:55 am

      It’s a new game, but Debonosu is making it under their former Studio e.go! brand as part of their anniversary.


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