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January 1, 2014 at 12:01 am 18 comments

Happy new year everyone! 明けましておめでとうございます!

A new year is upon us and it’s not a minute too late! There’s an exciting line-up this spring, but let’s first take a look at what happened in the past year. Oh, and there’s that little New Year’s resolution thing.

With the blog pretty much holding steady, there weren’t any changes to the format or frequency of the weekly or monthly posts. It seems like Zen and nemuiwanko have been too busy to work on the anime posts lately (or maybe they’ve been occupied playing other games like me). I didn’t report on Saimoe this year since I lost interest in it early and the organization was horrid. For those that are wondering, Madoka rampaged through with the goddess herself taking the crown. We’ve passed 2 million pageviews, so thank you for visiting us! We’re happy to inform and/or entertain you all.

My resolution from last year was to finish Sakuya’s route in Sinsemilla and play the Applique fandisk as well. Yeah, so much for that. I still intend to play it sometime (must experience the 魔妹), but I’ll have to see when I can fit it into my schedule, especially with the abundance of promising titles this upcoming March and April.


Random 2013 tidbits:

  • Kancolle. I’m not playing it since I play Yuzupara and one mobile game already sucks more than enough time out of me. However, it really has gotten quite popular, almost to Touhou levels. It’s all about the charas, like delicious Shimakaze.
  • Yuzupara is quite fun. I have a team of Sana. ^^
  • There were also lots of ecchi mobile/browser games, although a lot of them you would need proxies to play. Too bad most of them follow the same card system set-up, so it gets a bit dull.
  • As usual there’s a lot of console ports (PSP/PSV/PS3), but it seems like there’s been more old games being remade, such as Kazoku Keikaku, Rance 01, GREEN GREEN and Happiness! (scheduled for 2014). That’s on top of all those old titles which are made available for Android phones at discounted prices.
  • I feel like there’s an influx of ecchi chara-ge, like Oniishare.
  • Niijima Yuu left SAGA PLANETS and resurfaced in AMUSE CRAFT’s new brand Qoobrand. Karumaruka got decent reviews, although one could say it felt a lot like Hatsusaku.
  • The WA2 and Walroma anime adaptations came out this year, while Daito will get one next year. There’s also the Koikishi OVA (more Yuu!).
  • RO2 is a horribly buggy game. I spent the whole year playing it over two different servers. It sucks. Why do I still play? The only thing I do is grind my loli all day.
  • I went to Kansai in late March and early April to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The timing was perfect and they were very pretty. I also took the time to visit the imouto cafe in Nipponbashi (of course I had the classic homemade omurice) and pick up some goodies, including a bunch of Sana merchandise.
  • I never knew that dolls could go for over ¥100,000
  • There may be a Bell alarm app, but it’s not quite what I want. I want Bell herself.
  • Love&Piss is the worst title ever.
  • SLG = semi-little girl.


I ended up only playing a total of 9 games this year since I was a ‘bit’ occupied with RO2, although I did go back to some games I only partially finished last year to play through the final routes. Instead, I played a lot of trials, which got me interested in other companies I would have otherwise overlooked. The title I enjoyed the most was Sensuibu!. I think I had a little too much fun with the SLG part. The hardest fight was against the giant squid and tentacles. Berry’s was also quite enjoyable as a relaxing chara-ge. 4-komas were at the top of my reading list for 2013 with Kinmosa and Eroge-ya×Sister leading the way. Papakiki is still the top LN for this year. I hope we get to see more Miki!

There were plenty of lovable imoutos this year, including Pricolle‘s Konoka, Moteore‘s Hinano, Nostalgica‘s Akira, Hapymaher‘s Maia, D.C.III R X-rated‘s Himeno, Guardian☆Place‘s Aoi, Hitoren‘s Kurenai, Unmei Yohou‘s Hikari, Shoujo Shoujo‘s Sana, Ojonana‘s Hana, Magicha‘s FuukaYumekoi‘s Miruku and Kurumi, Reminiscence‘s AkiBerry’sYuuka, Sukisuki‘s Towa, Natsukumo‘s Himeka, Otomeriron‘s Resona, Amairo‘s Airi, Annaffiare‘s KazumiHoshinone‘s Ria, Ichiban‘s Hisui, Noblesse of Rouge‘s Rui, Natsufuyu‘s Yume, Usomeru‘s Seiko, Monobeno‘s Natsuha, Cocoro@Function!‘s AsagaoHHGX‘s Hikari, Kiraoto‘s Yuri, Sakuoto‘s Yuri and Hina to Issho‘s Hina. Then there’s also all the imouto-ge, such as Imoban, LO-angle!Imopara2Oniishare (with lewd imouto Seseri) and Imouto Spiral. However, the winner this year is… Moteyaba‘s Meguri! It was definitely worth going through all the heroines just to unlock her route where she patiently awaits her nii-san!


ジ ト 目 た ま ら ん

So, this New Year’s resolution thing… After playing eroge for so many years, you tend to look for the same type of games or follow the same companies or artists. So, I intend to try out at least five companies which I haven’t played a title from before. It’s a pretty open-ended resolution, so let’s see how I do this year.

Once again, thanks for continuing to visit and supporting us! I didn’t envision this little blog of ours to be heading into its sixth year. Here’s to more great eroge and imoutos!


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  • 1. gangrelion  |  January 1, 2014 at 2:58 pm

    Thank you guys for all you did in 2013! I am counting on you again for this new year! Hope you can keep your work for the Galge community and I wish for Micchi that this year is full of delicious imoutos for him!

  • 2. Ernest Mai (麦伟星)  |  January 1, 2014 at 4:49 pm


  • 3. Muhammad Wildianurahman  |  January 1, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    It’s late, but HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

    LOL at SLG = Semi Little-Girl

    btw, what do you mean with Karumaruka felt a lot like Hatsusaku? You mean Karumaruka is as good as Hatsusaku or something else?

    WA2 anime is good, but Walkure Romanze anime is meh and I don’t want see Walkure Romanze get season 2.

    I agree with you that Love&Piss is the worst title, but if I remember, it’s your favorite game right?

    • 4. Micchi  |  January 1, 2014 at 10:18 pm


      Just from what I’ve played, the way the story is structured is similar to Hatsusaku, but isn’t as good. Felt like a loose copy.

      • 5. Muhammad Wildianurahman  |  January 2, 2014 at 12:54 am

        I think it’s “YES” since if I remember it’s your favorite oshikko game. :D

        Well, though Karumaruka is really good (in my opinion), I agree with you that Karumaruka isn’t as good as HatsuSaku because HatsuSaku is certainly in different level than Karumaruka.
        I think HatsuSaku is in the same level as CLANNAD, Little Busters!, White Album 2 ~Closing Chapter~, Aiyoku no Eustia. Meanwhile Karumaruka, I think it’s in the same level as Natsuyume Nagisa, KonoSora.

        • 6. bakahyl  |  January 2, 2014 at 8:38 pm

          I would rank Karumaruka circle below Natsuyume Nagisa

        • 7. Muhammad Wildianurahman  |  January 3, 2014 at 1:32 am

          Well, I won’t argue if you put Karumaruka below Natsuyume Nagisa since it is your opinion.
          My opinion is still Karumaruka is in the same level as Natsuyume Nagisa

        • 8. bakahyl  |  January 3, 2014 at 3:09 pm

          In my opinion NatsuNagi has stronger indivual routes (Hitsuji !!!, Ayumu !! and even Haruka) than Karumaruka Circle.
          The main mysteries in both were just as good.
          Karumaruka has a slight edge over NatsuNagi’s true route , only because of it’s longer length but the twist in NatsuNagi was better

        • 9. Micchi  |  January 4, 2014 at 1:54 pm

          I didn’t play all of Karumaruka, but I may be in the minority in liking Natsunagi more than Hatsusaku. Both had their weak individual routes, but I felt Natsunagi‘s story was more intertwined and also more heartbreaking. Maybe cuz I like Hitsuji a lot.

        • 10. Muhammad Wildianurahman  |  January 5, 2014 at 1:20 am

          First of all, I still don’t play Natsuyume Nagisa. I only read peoples review about it. I plan to play Natsuyume Nagisa in the future though.

          If i remember, Ayumu’s route is the true route right? If Ayumu’s route is the true route it doesn’t count as individual route.
          Well, I agree with you that NatsuNagi has stronger individual routes than Karumaruka. Most of people don’t have any complaint with NatsuNagi individual routes. meanwhile, most of people have a complaint with Natsuki’s route and Shin’s route in Karumaruka individual routes. Well, I do really have a little complaint with Natsuki’s route too.
          the true route in Karumaruka is really great and probably I think it’s much much better than NatsuNagi’s true route.
          So, I think Karumaruka is about in the same level as NatsuNagi. but it’s still only from story aspect. Don’t forget the other aspect too (art, system, music, Movies (OP), character, and H-Scenes).


          Yeah, you’re definitely in the minority in liking NatsuNagi more than HatsuSaku. Well, I’m in majority since I think HatsuSaku overkill NatsuNagi in every aspect if I compare HatsuSaku with NatsuNagi (Probably it will be a different result if the title that compared with HatsuSaku is White Album 2 or Aiyoku no Eustia or other titles that about in the same level as HatsuSaku).
          Btw, what is both? NatsuNagi and Karumaruka or NatsuNagi and HatsuSaku?

          p.s: how to make a word into bold, italic, and underline in comment post? Also, how to post video in comment post?


          Well, at least the writer of Karumaruka have title that they can proud of now, though they still have many things to learn from the mistake that they made in Karumaruka.
          To be honest, i think the writer of Karumaruka did a good job in Karumaruka, especially with the true route of Karumaruka. They’re not well-known writer, but they did a good job, not like the writer of –a–o*—e—-s (heavy censorship :D). they’re well-known writer yet they made a disappointing one.

          btw, If I remember some people said Karumaruka felt a lot like HatsuSaku (or is the copy of HatsuSaku). This quote are fit for it.
          “The copy always at least below one level of the original”
          It’s already proved now. :D
          Glad that HatsuSaku level is really high.

        • 11. Micchi  |  January 5, 2014 at 1:33 am

          You really should play Natsunagi. It may not be as polished as Hatsusaku, but it had a deeper lasting effect in my opinion. Unless you’re an Aya fan I guess (since her story is already over). I think that Hatsusaku had more superfluous elements which didn’t really add to the true route. But I guess you could say the same about the way the individual routes in Natsunagi unfolded.

          By ‘both’, I mean Natsunagi and Hatsusaku. I’m not going to compare to Karumaruka since I did not do a full complete. Reading reviews is fine, but every person’s level of enjoyment will be different. It might just be that the story ‘clicked’ for you, and not for someone else.

          And yes, I was severely unimpressed with Amairo.

          To format text (bold, underline, italicize) or add links, you have to use HTML code. So put tags before and after using the ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’ symbols. Refer to this. The comments will just support basic HTML code. If you’re wondering, most of the sidebar is written this way, and I also manually adjust things in HTML editor a lot.
          To add Youtube videos, you can just post the URL as is, like so:

        • 12. Muhammad Wildianurahman  |  January 5, 2014 at 4:34 am

          Well, I really wanna play NatsuNagi, but I’m too busy. Heck, I even still not finishing Grisaia no Kajitsu and My Girlfriend is the President yet.
          Also, yes I’m Aya fan!!! Somehow I found her character is really awesome (and 2nd is Sakura. She is lose by a little to Aya for me). Remembering her ending in her route and true route only make me sad and depressed

          HatsuSaku had weak individual routes? What makes you think that HatsuSaku had weak individual routes? I think individual routes in HatsuSaku is really great.
          You didn’t do a full complete for Karumaruka. That means you’re playing until halfway of it (or maybe you’re playing it not until halfway). Then why Karumaruka is in your backlog?

          oh, so you know that I’m talking about Amairo at that heavy censorship. I think no one won’t know I’m talking about Amairo*Islenauts there.

          btw, I hope one day I can see NatsuNagi, HatsuSaku, and Karumaruka got anime adaptation. I really want those three got anime adaptation (though the truth is there are many eroge that I really want to see get anime adaptation).
          Also, somehow, I think SAGA PLANETS is the weirdest eroge company.

        • 13. Micchi  |  January 5, 2014 at 11:02 am

          I’m not sure where you’re reading that I felt that Hatsusaku‘s individual routes were weak. They were fine and better on average than Natsunagi (I would hope so considering the writing ability should’ve gotten better, not worse). I do believe that certain ones are weaker than others (e.g. Shirokuma), but I’d apply the same for Natsunagi (Tsukasa). I just felt that they didn’t intertwine as closely as in Natsunagi.

          Also, while the true ends for both were the best parts of the game, Natsunagi had a more profound effect on me. At least we got a group photo at the end of Hatsusaku for a pseudo happy end.

          That being said, I think our judgments are clouded by the characters (you with Aya and me with Hitsuji).

      • 14. Muhammad Wildianurahman  |  January 6, 2014 at 4:34 am

        Sorry, looks like I intepret it wrong. btw, I think the weakest route in HatsuSaku is Nozomu’s route. Though Nozomu’s route is the weakest route in HatsuSaku in my opinion, her route was good because her route had many comedy.

        Well, I think you’re right that the true ending (We’re talking about the ending, not the route) of NatsuNagi had a more profound effect than HatsuSaku, but I think probably the true route of HatsuSaku had a more profound effect than NatsuNagi since manly tears came out many times when I read the true route of HatsuSaku

        Well, my judgment probably not clouded by the characters, but clouded because I still don’t experience it for real for NatsuNagi (means I still don’t playing NatsuNagi yet).
        To be honest, I really want to play NatsuNagi ASAP because Niijima Yuu is involved in the scenario of NatsuNagi and Niijima Yuu is one of 5 author or writer that I really respect (besides Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina), Eiichiro Oda (One Piece), Jun Maeda (Angel Beats!, CLANNAD), and Komi Naoshi (Nisekoi)).

  • 15. warum  |  January 2, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    (Belated) Happy new year! Jitome banzai!

  • 16. rc Akira  |  January 4, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    Ragnarok in 2013~4? Feels like entering a time machine, haha. I spend so many time in this game (first one).

    About this year I think I’ve read 20~ titles and my favorites were Reminiscence, LxC2 and Daitoshokan, though halfway through the year felt I was only reading my backlog aside the most hyped title of the month that much times wasn’t even that good…

    • 17. Micchi  |  January 4, 2014 at 5:27 pm

      My New Year’s resolution should be to stop playing MMOs (again). Hahaha……… >_>

  • 18. shammey  |  January 21, 2014 at 9:47 am

    Ahmmm, I started playing Yuzupara… (Even though I can’t read japanese >w<… but I can play it well and I really like it…)

    I just have a question,,,

    How can I get the items in the gift box(贈り物BOX) ?

    Thank you TTwTT…


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