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December 14, 2013 at 5:55 am 4 comments

Magicalic_Sky_High_CharllesIt may have been a relatively dull winter so far, but there’s lots to look forward to next spring! ALcot’s Clover Day’s has been schedule for March 28th, while FAVORITE’s AstralAir no Shiroki Towa will be out on April 25th. Couple that with D.C.III P.P., Daito DS and Sakusaku and you’ve got yourself quite an exciting lineup!

Release dates have also been set for the following:

Baldr Sky Zero 2 – March 28th
Haruka Kanata – March 28th
Majo Koi Nikki – April 25th
Soratobu Hitsuji to Manatsu no Hana – April 25th
Reminiscence Re:Collect – May 30th

The following titles have been delayed:

Timepiece Ensemble – December 27th
Sekai to Sekai no Mannaka de – January 31st
Koisuru Shimai no Sextet – February 28th
Doko no Donata no Kanjou Route – March 28th

Rinon and Hagar won the Gensou no Idea and Shin Shirogane no Soleil chara polls, respectively. The Moteyaba chara poll has started up and will run until December 20th, while the Sakuoto chara poll ends on January 17th. It’s not far-fetched to see an imouto double victory here with Meguri and Yuri.

The science ADV series 5 years jubilee commemorative book will feature info about 5pb.’s next title Chaos;Child, in addition to staff interviews and an original comic.

More delicious dakimakura from upcoming events: Noblesse of Rouge‘s PorthosGensou no Idea‘s RinonHoshinone‘s HisuiKarumaruka‘s ShinGangsta Republica‘s Misogi and all the heroines from Koiken Otome (Yuzu, Akane, Touko, Yves). Or you could get an Innocent Girl tissue box.

Time to be with my dear imouto Meguri, who had been patiently waiting for me these two long weeks. What a wonderful way to spend my birthday ^^


Webclap responses:

that’s clap for you.
Can I know your opinion about which Visual Novel that will win Bishoujo Games Award 2013? Do you think which Visual Novel that will win Bishoujo Games Award 2013?
By the way, Is it true that you like to steal other people’s little sister? by Amonynous

Thanks for the clap ^^ Grisaia no Rakuen is always a good bet, along with Otomeriron (although not sure if less Luna detracts from popularity). ChuSingura46+1 had some good reviews, same with Hapymaher and Monobeno -happy end-. We’ll see in a month.
My imouto is my imouto, and your imouto is my imouto. I love them all equally.

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  • 1. Muhammad Wildianurahman  |  December 14, 2013 at 9:12 am

    I can’t wait for AstralAir (though I’m still questioning why they released it in April. AstralAir is a winter themed game, so I think it should be released in Winter too).
    Quite exciting line-up for March and April 2014. I’m sure at least there is one eroge that I definitely will play in that month.

    Noooo, Timepiece got delayed. Oh, just 1 week delay. that’s not a problem.
    Noooo, Sekai to Sekai got delayed too. Well, I don’t much care if it got delayed or not.

    Micchi, I kinda doubt Grisaia no Rakuen will win Bishoujo Game Awards 2013 because it lost to Reminiscence in May vote. ChuSingura46+1 definitely have no chance since it lose to those two (Grisaia and Reminiscence)
    My bet is on Daitoshokan and Otome Riron since from what I see, those two that have the biggest chance to win Bishoujo Game Awards 2013.
    I’m still hoping for Karumaruka*Circle win Bishoujo Game Awards 2013.

    “My imouto is my imouto, and your imouto is my imouto. I love them all equally.”
    Looks like Zen is right. This sentence kinda sounds that you like to steal other people’s little sister, in a certain way.

    • 2. Micchi  |  December 20, 2013 at 10:52 pm

      I only wish for them to be happy… with me.

      • 3. Muhammad Wildianurahman  |  December 21, 2013 at 1:32 am

        But what if they don’t want to be happy… with you? Do you still wish for them to be happy… with you?

  • 4. gangrelion  |  December 19, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Yeah! New Titles!
    There is a new game from Q-X, one of my favorite Galge developers! It seems to be yet another Cocoro-something. At least there is not a “@” in the middle of the name!


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