Summer 2013 Anime Preview

July 5, 2013 at 11:15 am 6 comments

Need more anime with dogs, now! That aside, this season is full of fun and amusement for those looking for loli love and cute girls doing cute things. I’m sort of going to miss the spring season, after seeing this lineup. But either way, they finally gave me a dog anime! Anyway, I’ll be heading to the Anime Expo convention this week, perhaps I’ll do a post on that and include lots of pictures!

Need more anime worth watching, now!

Here’s a chart, so follow along. And of course, a summer preview from Random Curiosity for more information on this season.

Recorder to Randoseru S2 (07/01  Mon)


Once again I’ll be able to once again witness the adventures of a 17 year old loli and her younger yet older looking brother! Can’t wait to see how many more times he’ll be arrested for walking with girls his age :3

I found this series extremely silly and boring… not touching it.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (07/01 Mon)


Whoa, did they really heed my call!? A dog anime, yes! Despite the dog being a former human, it should be fun seeing him get abused by a cute girl :3 Just from the picture alone, I can tell I’ll already like this.

This is such a Wanko show, it is hand tailored to him and not so much anyone else..

Free (07/03 Wed)


I just simply can’t watch a moe anime focused on a group of guys. Besides, they’re not even attempting to target males with this anime, so we’re obviously not going to even touch the first episode. I mean even if I could tolerate the concept, my eyes are just going to end up blind as the scenes focus half their shots on someone’s abs.

Personally I cannot help but think this series is going to be more about the doujinshi it will spawn than the show itself…

As long as no one links me a page from those doujinshi…

And I am going to make a point to send them to you disguised as puppy pictures.

Rozen Maden (07/04 Thu)


We’re back for another season of doll joints desu! As a nendoroid collector and figure owner, I’ll probably be watching this for a bit since I did take a look at the previous seasons. I hope for more Detective Shinku and Kunkun ^___^

Not the type of show I am interested in, but a popular and established series with an existing fanbase who already know they want to watch it.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G (07/04 Thu)


I just want to hear more music :3 But I do feel this sequel will end up more ridiculous and less interesting than the first season. But nothing the second season can bring out will probably top out the first episode of the first season. Now that was way more impressive than any other episode given that my imagination had better stuff than what was actually churned out :( The rest of the episodes had to ruin everything.

From what every little I have seen, the music for this series varied from horribly underwhelming to just plain bad so I find it hard to be interested in a show with nothing else going for it.

Servant Service (07/04 Thu)


It could be worse, we could have another slice of life that takes place in a school. Let’s see if office workers will be any fun and different..

The real question I have is whether or not they will ruin this series by putting a lot of emphasis on a terrible character the same way they ruined Working.

It’s quite funny how we both dislike the man-hating Inami :3

Rokyuubu! SS (07/05 Fri)


Everyone’s favorite loli basketballers are back for more lolicious action. Will our protagonist finally choose the loli route? Oh wait, every route is a loli route :3

No. Seriously anyone watching this should feel guilty as they are a bad person, I’m looking at you Micchi.

Now the 5th graders are joining the team too! ^____^

Kiniro Mosaic (07/06 Sat)


One moe anime after another, I guess British girls could be the newest trend. But I do find it quite silly that a couple of British girls end up transferring to Japan to follow their friend. Not one, but several.. man, talk about the power of female friendship!

Why bother putting effort into a show when blind moe sells just as well?

Love the 4koma. They’re all so adorable, espeically Alice and Aya <3

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou (07/06 Sat)


Not much information about this one, but I think all I have to know is that they’re kind of like mahou shoujo and one of them has striped thigh-high socks. Always a good idea to coordinate those stripes/outfit with your hair color~

This reminds me of that something or other Holmes fiasco, little magical girls going around doing things that appeal to thirty year old pedophiles and the odd ten year old girl.

Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya (07/06 Sat)


Not exactly Fate Zero or Fate Stay Night, but for those craving for more Type-Moon stuff, they can settle for this magical girl spinoff. Taking place in a very different Fuyuki City, we’ll see girls develop their magic, bonds, and love for Emiya Shirou >_O;  For those that complained about a lack of a loli route in FSN, at least you’re getting it in some form XD;

More of Type Moon giving up on any form of new content since all attempts have failed by turning into suck, and just milking their past success for all its worth. As much as I liked their older works, everything since since FSN itself has been pretty underwhelming and unable to recapture the magic that made their products good and their brand respectable. Please stop living in the past and trying to adapt it every which way and make some new content that is worth it Type Moon, you are not Circus and we do not need a second Circus.

Don’t worry Zen, Da Capo will still be there when we turn 50. The franchise will outlive us all!

Monogatari Series Second Season (07/06 Sat)


I skipped out on Nekomonogatari, so I’ll have to see if I still like the series before I can approach this one. But as usual, lots of lolis to go around this season. Although immortal lolis are illegal in some parts of the world =p

Was never all that interested in any series brought about simply to cash in on the popularity of its forebear, even less so when the series is nothing but a third layer of that trend.

Genshiken Nidame (07/06 Sat)


I’ll have to dig out some very old CDs and watch the first season. A friend of mine kept asking me to see this series, but I kept it buried under the stack of chobit discs.

I also have yet to ever watch the series as I was never quite in the right mood to bother when I had the time to so I am unsure of whether it is good or bad honestly. One of those shows where I will just have to see it and find out then assuming it turns out decent enough go back the beginnings.

Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi (07/06 Sat)


I’m slightly reminded of that Torchwood: Miracle Day with how people have lost the ability to die. Interesting setting at the very least, but I do hope that it’ll live up to how neat sounding the title of this anime is.

Interesting premise though I feel like they may have tried too hard to make the main girl cute, this makes me apprehensive towards the quality of the rest of the show. I feel the creators would have done the theme a service by changing her character design to allow for her to better fit the setting itself. It feels as though they are trying to force the innocence aspect of her character too hard through visuals than clever writing and character development.

As a random message board user once said, “no loli no life”.

Fantasis Doll (07/06 Sat)


Grabbed this summary from animelist, “This original story revolves around cute dolls who fight and power up with special cards”.  We’ve got another Rozen Maiden here folks, it’s the season of lolis and loli-looking dolls!

Yeah I’ll go out on a limb here, and say no.

Uchoten Kazoku (07/07 Sun)


Now this should be good, a fantasy comedy involving tanukis and tengu. It’s been awhile since I’ve had some supernatural creatures in my anime,  and I’m glad this isn’t one of those anime with bishounen youkai seducing a female protagonist :3 I think we had enough of those 2 seasons ago..

This could be a decent series this season, though I don’t expect it to be anything so special that it remains popular for years to come. During such a lackluster season it is nice to at least have some shows that should be worth the time to watch at least.

Blood Lad (07/07 Sun)


I do appreciate how the designs don’t look as generic as the stuff on most of the list here, but as long as this stays away from Twilight territory, then I should take a peek at this series. The main protagonist also gets points for being an otaku versus a perfect bishounen.

I read a little of this manga and while the concept itself is a little different the whole thing reeks of mediocrity. The entire story is basically everyone doing everything they can for the random ditzy ghost girl combined with a standard shounen setup.

Makai Ouji (07/07 Sun)


NO. I don’t watch anything with ouji in the title. Maybe except wanko ouji  T_T

For once I am with Wanko here, though for different reasons.

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui (07/08 Mon)


Not sure if this will turn out to be a full series or 5 minute web shorts, but I’m looking forward to see how this will transfer to the anime medium. I’ve never seen a female protagonist live such a depressing life, but despite all the socially awkward situations she gets into, one can’t help but feel a sense of reality from it. Keep in mind that this is more black comedy than anything else, so this will hopefully make you laugh rather than cry at how pathetic her life is :(

A show that will probably start out being entertaining but not be worth it past mid way when the story shifts.

Chou Jigen Game Neptune THE ANIMATION (07/12 Fri)


Based on my knowledge of the PS3 game and how adaptations turn out, this is obviously going to turn out to be a generic moe anime. I wish they would actually try when they adapt this stuff… but then again, I haven’t actually played the game… so the anime adaptation could end up better than the original. In either case, moe fans can rejoice at least!

Not a very interesting or unique idea, the whole series is a cheap gimmick for attention given the upcoming releases.

Kimi no Iru Machi (07/13 Sat)


Romance dramas aren’t exactly my thing, I kind of grew out of that after I graduated. But anyway, girl moves in with guy, guy likes another girl, I can see where this is going, now add lots of drama and let the love triangle begin >_>

The author of this series is one of the worst types of writers, second only to the ones who rely on magical deus ex machina resolutions. With a complete reliance on brute forcing drama into stories where it doesn’t belong, interaction feels unnatural and frustrating as the characters become harder and harder to empathize with beyond their existence as 2d drama generating devices. While I tend to like a few of the authors character designs, I can never like the stories that have every bit of drama poorly squeezed out of them till it makes the reader or viewer feel exhausted and bored, hanging around only out of sheer curiosity for the resolution. In fact beyond the poor writing the girl the protagonist likes in the two series I have read by him were both extremely one dimensional and poorly fleshed out characters. With a plot that amounts to the main character wanting to hop in bed with what amounts to standard eroge protagonist with boobs much of the appeal is lost on me.

Gatchaman CROWDS (07/2013)


How can this be based on the original Gatchaman if they aren’t wearing bird-themed uniforms!? The fact that the title isn’t even remotely as cool as the original title Science Team Ninja Gatchaman has already turned me off. These young whippersnappers butchering my childhood :(

Boring on top of a poorly developed setting story and cast, I honestly cannot see a single positive thing about this series, come on people at least try to produce something beyond what a child could think up in under five minutes.

Kitakubu Katsdou Kiroku (07/2013)


Meh, just another slice of life, club-themed show. In a way I’m glad that this genre isn’t popping up as much as it used to. I think 3-4 seasons ago, there were around 4-5 in a season. Either way, despite whatever theme they have, enjoy your “cute girls doing cute things”. I need a season or two to recover before I can handle these again.

I have nothing against slice of life, but it is getting rather out of hand when the vast majority of every show for every season falls into the genre. The worst part is that most of them are not even good slice of life but the standard exact concept and characters in every single one. It just boggles my mind how people can still be entertained by something so repetitive and dull.

All you need to do is add moe girls, and you have a winning formula.

You have discovered the recipe for modern anime it seems.

Gin no Saji (07/2013)


I’m really looking forward to seeing this new series by the creator of Full Metal Alchemist. Sure it’s not an action series like the former, but I do like the setting and concept. I’m interested in seeing how this agricultural school is like, and besides, a show with a dog can’t be that bad! (*** Please exclude Code Breaker from this statement ***)

I still read this manga and find it a surprisingly enjoyable series, it is the type of story that really shows what slice of life means and should be about, not just repeat moe antics of some annoying female characters. Definitely my slice of life pick and the one show I am avidly looking forward to as something good to watch this season.

Tokurei Sochi Dantai Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu (07/2013)


From Upotte to Girls and Panzer, we have the latest in cute girls engaging in mock combat. Like the shows I listed, these will appeal mostly to the military otaku who can truly appreciate the theme they’re covering. But then again, just having cute girls is probably enough to attract a following. The weapons and warfare are just there to provide something extra to the fanservice.

Why shows like this are allowed to exist makes me want to cry. Honestly why would anyone want to watch this… there is no legitimate military theme, its just throwing any kind of excuse they can to dilute the moe moe slice of life with some form of “Uniqueness”.

Danganropa (07/2013)


Seeing that this is based on a visual novel game, I can already visualize that this 13 episode anime adaptation will probably fail to convey the suspense and thrill of the story. I can’t even remember the last time they had a good 13 episode adaptation of a visual novel.. and given that this actually a serious storyline versus a harem anime, I can already imagine rushed storylines and an original anime arc/ending.

Silly excuse for another murder mystery game. Just the setting alone shows how poorly written the story is, necessitating a completely structured setting for the sake of making the story function. The only time I ever enjoyed one of these style of stories was Stephen King’s The Long Walk, which is also the only story I ever liked by him. With a story based around a game where a loss is death the setting is the most critically essential component that immerses the reader or viewer in the world of the story. It is absolutely critical that it is believable and not overly limiting, even more so when you enforce isolated mistrust on the characters. There is no need to be overly complex just develop a strong basic foundation for the rest of the story and characters to build off of.

Love Lab (07/2013)


Sometimes you’ll come across an anime synopsis so horrible that you don’t even want to talk about it as you’ll feel that it’ll actually lower your own intelligence. I even removed this entry at one point, but only re-added it so I could demonstrate how the ideas that created this anime have fulfilled its job of insulting decades of anime memories. Hey, for all I know, this could be entertaining… but the synopsis I’ve read has really degraded my view here.. At this point, I can’t tell which I hate more.. the idea of this anime .. or Kimi to Boku. I still can never accept an all-boys moe show >_<

Yet again I agree with most of what Wanko said, shows like this in general are just insulting to both new and old fans of anime in general. It just goes to show how little people care about the things that made anime so good and popular in the past. No longer is it about the story being well put together and allowed to explore extremes that were balked at everywhere else, instead its about which show can stuff more generically cute cookie cutter high school girl characters into the show.

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A Fresh New Look Assorted Watersports

6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. pyon  |  July 6, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    What if I’m a straight girl and am completely hooked on Ro-Kyu-Bu? Despite the obviously lolicon target audience, I still find it very entertaining and adorable. But seriously, back in my time anime with cute elementary school girls were for little girls, and any man who said they watched such anime in public would be called a fag for the rest of his life.

  • 2. masterzero8  |  July 7, 2013 at 2:59 am

    You guys need to just lighten up and enjoy anime for what it is. Most are way more enjoyable then you would ever imagine. For example, the first episode of Kitakubu Katsdou Kiroku had me laughing so hard the entire time I could hardly breathe. But to each his own. Thats why I love anime, it is just something fun and lets you experience things you never could in real life.

    But then again you guys are more VN otaku anyway I take it, just like myself. I always prefer a great VN over anime, but anime can convey things that VNs never could and vice versa. So thats why I fell in love with both, well actually all forms of Japanese media, but that aside.

    Anyway enough about me and my ranting.
    You guys are great, still glad I found this site many moons ago.
    And yes Micchi you really need to play Sensuibu. It is awesome! Then again VNs like it are some of my favorites, ones that incorporate mini-game mechanics.

  • 3. whiteshiver  |  July 9, 2013 at 7:46 am

    I totally agree with Zen… though as said as that I still believe that there are great animes that are released every year and that’s why enjoy looking forward for the next anime to watch…

    though the shingeki no kyojin is great but if you’ve read the manga before, the anime seems to be outmatched… especially with TWGOK

  • 4. Metaler  |  July 12, 2013 at 2:15 am

    Real talk, is there ANYTHING you guys like at all? >:

  • 5. mikansoup  |  July 14, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    Did you guys skip twgok on purpose? Anyway it’s loli overdose this season so no complains for me.

  • 6. nemuiwanko  |  July 14, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    @pyon – Maho is mine. And now I feel guilty, but then again I’ve always liked cute and adorable stuff. That is why I’m into nendoroids and I talk about dogs too much T_T

    @masterzero – We just miss the days when anime like Ghost in the Shell balanced the season lineup.

    @mikansoup – Oh, we didn’t have anything new to say, that’s why we didn’t list it there

    @metaler – Dog and Scissors!


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