Fall 2012 Anime Impressions

December 2, 2012 at 2:00 am 3 comments

Sadly, yet expected, the best character in Code Breaker!

Unfortunately, I don’t have that many series viewed this time around since I had to move into a new house during the past few weeks. Still busy sorting things out and failing at my attempts with ranked games in LoL, but finally…. I now have room to buy a DETOLF case from IKEA! Or perhaps something even bigger…  Time to bring the nendoroids out of their boxes ^_____^

Boring season with not much to stand out, the best series in my eyes is still Jormungand although I am not watching till its complete and I can finish it all at once. Most are generally lackluster though, falling into the same stale cliches despite a few unique ideas and settings that could have spiced things up sadly.

Here’s a summary chart and a preview from Random Curiosity.

Shin Sekai Yori (9/28 Fri)

Shin Sekai Yori is probably the top on my list this season for an engaging plot that drives me to learn more about the world that these characters live in. It’s been awhile since I’ve been fascinated by the setting and background of an anime’s universe. However, one problem that I’ve seen in the first few episodes is the lack of focus on the main characters. As they don’t exactly stand out in the episodes, the story itself takes precedence over their character development.  Fortunately things have picked up in the more recent episodes, but I  do fear that eventually at the 60-70% mark, this series may end up losing its steam at the pace it’s going. Some series simply cannot maintain itself throughout the entire length, but I do hope that in the end we’ll find out why it’s a winner of a Taisho Award.

And now that I’m at episode 9 out of 25, I can say that the plot is still progressing fairly well. At some point, I thought we would get pointless episodes that wouldn’t do anything to advance the plot but at this point I don’t think I have anything to worry about.


Interesting setting, uninteresting characters and poor writing define this series. I want to like this show, I really really do. However I find myself unable to want to stick around when instead of focusing on the strange new world of the future we are too busy being dragged into a story about children growing up in the strange new world of the future. There are moments things are interesting and the choice to use kids to explore the setting and how they come to understand more about their world and themselves seems almost like a good idea even. Shortly after however it turns back into being bored with the characters and just wanting to know more about the world with them doing something interesting or worthwhile for once.

I have to say I think the problem here is twofold, problem one is the characters themselves, and problem two is the writing. Even if the writing was amazing and everything aside from the characters themselves happened to be amazing they just are not interesting nor even good for associating with. The fact they are children hurts but then even though they grow up throughout the story there are simply too many irrelevant scenes that take up way too much time to keep the series interesting. I find myself simply not caring about the characters, I don’t hate most of them I just don’t care about them as good characters will pretty much force you to. Add onto the boring characters the mundane writing and I feel this series may be a lost cause. As far as the writing itself there simply is a lack of exploration of setting, a lack of story movement, and a lack of meaningful character interaction. Narrative pace ranges between too fast and too slow never finding a nice niche, instead trying to blend everything into some hodgepodge of mediocrity.

All in all yet another series with potential yet even with an interesting setting poorly made and fleshed out to the point it doesn’t even make use of its main selling point. Granted this is going to be a long series so it may turn around but the beginning of any story is the most important time to enthrall your audience into sticking around for the rest, and on that they failed. I do still have some small hope for the series to get better but a lot will have to change in the latter half.

DROPPED – For now at least

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! (10/03 Wed)

Just another standard moe show from KyoAni! If you can enjoy cute girls doing cute yet delusional things, this is probably already on your watch list. I must be suffering from Chuunibyou as well since I also possess a large Buster Sword that I have stashed away in my closet >_>;; 


If you are the least bit interested in this series I suggest watching the first episode as that pretty much sums the rest up. Beyond lies only the standard cliches and solutions for behavior that are seen everywhere. Perhaps what makes this series most boring are how the characters are so far beyond nothing special they can’t even achieve two dimensional status with hundreds of cheat sheets to copy off of. Some humor able to at least bring about a smile would be nice considering the type of show this is. A for effort to all you oh so very “Special” writers involved with this series.


Hey, if they weren’t special, we wouldn’t get twintail nunchaku!

Sadly there isn’t a bus short enough for twintail nunchucks. I must say though I am surprised that the protagonist has yet to cut them off, I know I would.

Zetsuen no Tempest (10/04 Thu)

While I was doing the previews, I could have sworn this was a shounen-ai show.  From some of the promo pictures, I would have thought these two main characters were going to gaze into each others’ eyes throughout every episode. Thankfully that didn’t happen from what I’ve seen, and I have to say that it was more entertaining than I thought it would be. With magical abilities, battles, and a quest of revenge, our main characters embark on a grand adventure that will have them saving the world in the process. From what I saw, this does seem like it has a lot more potential than I would give it credit for, so I’ll stick with it for the time being.


As I have read some of the manga I already know where the series is going and while they stuck to it fairly well minus some extra filler I don’t know the end, and this is one of those series that will be judged based on how the series ends. There is nothing glaringly wrong here for what it is thus far but whether good or bad there will be a fine line between a “Wow it was good till the ending now I hate it” type finale and “Even if it wasn’t what I hoped for I still enjoyed the conclusion”.

Story wise it is pretty standard with the constant blurring of good and evil and who you want to side with. They further compound this feeling by utilizing what are essentially two protagonists who carefully tread the border between friends and enemies. Add in some mystery to make you wonder about the catalyst for everything and where it leads with some conflicting personalities to get a series that while not amazing does manage to keep you wanting to know what comes next. For a season without much I feel especially compelled to watch this is enough for me to see this series through to the end fingers crossed the whole way they don’t trip in the final five meters of story.


K (10/04 Thu)

I have to say that the Allen Cross and Kanda pairing is really popular! Last year we had their clones in the anime No. 6 and now we have another pair to inherit their physical appearance. Anyway, getting past these lookalikes, this anime did feel a bit like Durarara.. but with its simple story and presentation, I can’t help but feel that they focused on style over substance here. With all the bishounen, naked cat girls, and flashy visuals, they’re really trying way too hard to be a cool anime :3


Oniichan Dakedo Sae Areba Kankei Nai yone (10/05 Fri)

Guhehehe, I do like the imouto’s laugh ^-^

Lets be honest, this is a series for all the Micchis out there, and no one else. Out of morbid curiosity I watched one episode and now feel like I must know how this harem romance comedy will end. Of course I am rooting for a final and complete dumping for the little sister, the chance for which keeps me checking back just to find any sort of hint which way it will go. Plot wise, uhh well if you have the audacity to call it that anyway the series amounts to little sister is bracon to the extreme and everyone else gets in the way the end. About the only mystery here is how the brother feels, so far skimming episodes for any scene that looks revealing has resolved absolutely nothing aside from maybe. I had assumed they would have dealt with it early to address the after effects so as it goes on I have more and more hope for a little sister rejection ending. In which case I will laugh at Micchi just because.

WATCHING – C’mon reward my devotion with some little sister tears!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (10/05 Fri)

I’m glad that they’re taking the time to animate this first arc, but I’m wondering how far they’ll go with this. Either way, it’s great seeing this animated, although this might be way too ridiculous for newer viewers to pick up. But if you can get past that, it’ll be a long and bizarre journey!

WATCHING – Sometimes I wish Danny was a horse, not a dog :(

If you have read the manga you have more or less seen this series, that is all. Oh also, go Dio I’ll always be rooting for you!

WATCHING – In the vain hope that Dio wins.

Little Busters! (10/06 Sat)

So far this isn’t any different from any of the previous works I’ve seen by Key. Does that make it less entertaining to watch? Not at all! I’m liking the character variety so far, and it’s quite fun to see a larger male cast. But… when will the dogs show up? :3 Need to finish unpacking everything so I can watch more.


CODE:BREAKER (10/06 Sat)

Ah Code Breaker the story of a lone girl surrounded by young above the law bishounen with special abilities who protect her night and day for no logical reason. Yeah I think I hit that nail on the head pretty cleanly, oh so romantic *swoons*.


Magi (10/06 Sat)

Adventures of the midget wielding a flute filled with blue fundoshi giant. Some other stuff happens with others wielding their own giant space smurfs with the central story feeling disoriented and incoherent almost episodic but not quite. A series that would benefit from some better writing staff but what can you do? There is an overarching story and it connects things enough to be understood but still can’t quite shake the feeling that things could be conveyed and developed much better.


Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (10/08 Mon)

As much as I didn’t like the concept of a girl who couldn’t take care of herself, I can’t help but find the leading female so moe >_<;; As long as it’s in the 2D world,I’ll make an exception! Aside from the  standard romantic comedy setup, I did find the developing story to be more than I originally thought. Compared to other similar anime, our main protagonist is still trying to figure out what to do and how to approach his life. With a lack of firm resolve and his indecisive nature, it’ll be interesting to see how he grows and develops while living with the strange residents of his dorm.


Not quite what I was expecting and while I must say I am disappointed as this more tame version is rather boring and standard for the genre. As the only real differentiating factor is the main girl’s inability to care for herself and how this turns our wonderful standard nice guy protagonist into her owner there is little here aside from some comedy involving the wacky side characters. Now I am not saying the series is terrible just a little bit bland though it is more entertaining than plenty of other shows in the same vein there is still something missing to make the show better than average.


Robotics;Notes (10/11 Thu)

Unlike the previous anime Chaos Head; and Steins; Gate, it looks like I’ll have to wait a few more weeks before I can get a better picture of the major plot. As it will be a 22 episode run, I won’t have to worry about them rushing through the story at least. For now, I am enjoying seeing these characters attempt at building a giant robot. Considering that  it takes place in a world where giant robots still exist only in anime, I’m excited to see how far they’ll get. Although we’re stuck with small, remote-controlled robot battles for now, I’m sure that the plot will soon shift into a more dire direction. If this anime is anything like its siblings’, the protagonist and his friends will eventually have to save the world in some form. I just hope they don’t make up any new terms that will rival Gigalomaniac… that word will never leave my head ><;;


Seitokai no Ichizon S2 (10/13 Sat)

I’m still waiting for the 720p version >_> Need to see my Mafuyu in a higher resolution <3

More of Chizuru is never a bad thing although this series does feel stiffer than the last as though they are trying too hard to mimic the previous series, leaving it to be not as fun or funny. I’ll still watch till the end but does make me a little sad they can’t keep the same pace and humor.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. kiinoshita  |  December 2, 2012 at 2:53 am

    Most of the settings in this season seem interesting (one could say pointless) one way or the other so I am watching most of them. I am watching Magi just to see the perverted kid who is suppose to be someone great

  • 2. 小鳥遊 六花 (SnooSnoo) (@ShinJiwon)  |  December 2, 2012 at 7:04 am

    I cannot into Chizuru’s new voice D:

  • 3. magusgs  |  December 3, 2012 at 11:40 am

    You should check out BTOOOM!; it’s one of the better shows of the season and it’s not even on the summary chart you linked.


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