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After looking at this list here, I’ll add moe shows Joshiraku and Oda Nobuna no Yabou to my backlog >_>;  It’s getting harder to watch anime when all you see is the same thing. I might as well give most of these an episode 1 watch, but I do wonder how many will survive long enough to make it to the impressions list or the skim and garbage pile. Oh well, I am excited about one series in particular; Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! As a fan of the manga, I can’t wait to finally see all the arcs animated. WRRRRRRRYYYYYY

Ah another season down and a new one freshly lined up to take its place. While there are a few shows that will be good this season there are many more that feel as though they could go either way, which kind of sucks for me since that usually means they end up terrible thanks to bad decisions by the staff who made them. It is nice to have some hope for a season with so many bad seasons both with anime and the eroge sides of things.

Here’s a summary chart and unfortunately no preview from Random Curiosity yet. We sure pushed this post out a lot faster this time!

Shin Sekai Yori (9/28 Fri)

The promotion pictures and premise really does set this to be something more than the other anime on the list. With this tagged as a sc-fi/fantasy adventure, this does pique my interest way more than anything on this list (except for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!). I was wondering when we would get anymore anime from that genre, but let’s hope that it doesn’t fail like Fractale.

I agree with Wanko on this series, potential but if it turns out to be another Fractale I’m gonna murder someone.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (10/01 Mon)

I do like romantic comedies, but as this anime is also within the shoujo category, it’s going to give me an image of Kimi ni Todoke. I did like that series mainly due to awesome seiyuu Mamiko Noto, but I’m not seeing any familiar seiyuu for this anime here. I mean the premise and animation doesn’t exactly stand out, so it feels like a rehashed formula at first glance.

Not so interested in the typical shoujo plotline where the plain and boring girl suddenly has guys fawning over her in dramatic and passive aggressive ways. While there are a few shoujo style series I enjoy, most lack any sense of story or character development, choosing instead to focus on drama, angst, and excessive amounts of jealousy. Maybe the comedic aspect would be enough to carry this series but it is hard to be hopeful with such a terrible track record for this genre.

Kamisama Hajimemashita (10/01 Mon)

No, no, no! Inu x Boku came out just recently too, and just based on this picture alone, I’m going to shoot it down without a second look. Kemonomimi on males will never look right to me. >_<

I have actually read some of this manga out of sheer boredom before, and I can safely say this is as stereotypical shoujo as it gets, so this is one huge pass for me.

Litchi Hikari Club (10/01 Mon)

“Nine sexually frustrated teenage boys build a robot fueled by lychee fruit to help them kidnap girls and aid them in their plot for world domination.” I grabbed that from a plot summary somewhere, but sadly you have to admit that sounds better than a lot of the crap on here. But then I notice the guro and yaoi tags… not exactly a great combo for me there. It does feel misleading since they’re kidnapping girls >_O

I don’t even know what to think, so I won’t.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! (10/03 Wed)

Finally, we have an actual love triangle going on here versus a harem that most protagonists normally come equipped with. But despite the limited amount of love interests, we have a cutesy anime done by KyoAni that depicts the battle for love. From what I read, our characters have mental problems, so despite being a romantic comedy, the battle scenes will be over the top in order to demonstrate how delusional they are. Either way, KyoAni has unfortunately forced me to see K-ON character designs in all their new anime :(

I originally thought this was a LN when it first revealed. Now that it’s confirmed to be an anime instead, I’ll still probably check it out. Don’t care too much about chuuni, but when they have cute chars…

Nothing here interests me in the slightest but since I can’t be one hundred percent sure till I suffer the twenty odd minutes of probably wasted life to find out.

Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take my Eyes off You! (10/03 Wed)

As much as I do like Hayate no Gotoku, I do feel wary about the fact that part of the title consists of ‘Can’t Take my Eyes off You!’. Hayate no Gotoku is better off as a comedy than anything else, and I wouldn’t like for it to shift more into the romantic direction. But given that this is an original project rather than adapting the rest of the manga, it’s hard to tell what will happen here.

I liked this series back when it was mostly comedy, eventually it became too serious for my liking however and with the introduction of the Athena plotline I couldn’t have anything to do with it anymore. As a result even saying something here is more than I care to bother with so rather than trying to look up information, lets have fun with random speculation! Judging by the above image it would seem to imply that this is going to be an alternate story in the same universe that focuses more on Hinagiku in order to cater to that characters overwhelming popularity when it comes to this series. If its not, well I don’t care and I have no intention of watching it one way or the other.

BTOOOM! (10/04 Thu)

As of late, I have been reading a lot of survival manga ranging from Cage of Eden to Kamisama no Iuutori. I am quite excited to see that a manga that I had on my queue, end up becoming an anime before I could even read it! Just based on the tags listed on mangaupdates, I do believe that there’s a lot of potential for this seinen series. However, despite its potential, I do wonder if it’ll ever make use of it. I’m actually starting to feel even less enthusiastic compared to when I wrote the second sentence to this paragraph as I remember how disappointed I’ve been >_>; I can’t believe my feelings toward this has changed within a minute x_x;;

I remember seeing this manga, I also remember discarding the very idea of reading it so it must suck. Since it sucks lets just leave it at that.. probably. Well unless it turns out to be good in which case I’ll take back that it sucks.

Zetsuen no Tempest (10/04 Thu)

Just looking at the picture, I don’t even want to write anymore. Shoo, we have other stuff to cover.

I had completely forgotten about this series a long time ago after reading some of the manga and finding it way too disjointed in its story presentation to be worth reading. Perhaps the anime may clarify it to some degree but with what hazy recollection I have I seem to recall Zetsuen being something of a reverse Queens Blade type of story, where the guys fight each other and go emo in that special fabulous way shoujo manga is known for. Also I seem to recall the one guys sister dating the other guy without telling her brother and a lot of angst looming over the impending homoerotic sword fight that would ensue upon discovery.

K (10/04 Thu)

Information is lacking at the moment for this anime, but there are a few trailers out which still doesn’t help narrow down the premise. All I can get from the multiple trailers is that this will be battle-centric. However, the different trailers give this anime a different image. One trailer has me thinking that this was going to be some harem anime and another got me thinking that it was going to be as yaoi as Togainu no Chi. Either way I’m not really that impressed with what the trailers had shown me.

Lack of info is K by me. Tee hee, bad puns are all you get for now! Maybe by the time this is posted there will be more info, but by then I doubt I will care enough to update anyway..

Oniichan Dakedo Sae Areba Kankei Nai yone (10/05 Fri)

So in the world of 2D, what is better than normal incest? Well, in this anime here, we once again have some twincest going on! It’s been awhile since we had such action, and I do remember how awesome Kasugano Sora (Yosuga no Sora) was. Well, unlike the latter, this is a simple harem/comedy anime, so it should definitely be a lot more safer to watch this time around! Yet, I still feel sick of all the harem anime from this current season, so I don’t know if even a twintail character can lure me into watching this.

Eeh.. certainly not my cup of tea by the sounds of it, but ya know maybe just maybe this will be one of those rare few series where the sibling is not an annoying pestilence upon all creation. That aside I’ll probably watch the first few episodes for the sake of something funny, then drop it once it tries to pretend as though it actually has a story to tell.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (10/05 Fri)

I am extremely excited to see that they are finally adapting this legendary series. There aren’t many series that use protagonists from one bloodline, and unlike Gundam Age, this anime manages to give more life to these characters and establish a setting that connects all the story arcs together. The manga is still running and is almost as old as myself, but either way you also have to consider that this is a shounen. For those who aren’t interested in super-powered battles, this isn’t for you. But I have to admit, the usage of the super abilities are a lot more interesting than what you normally see in any average anime.

The main problem I have with this series is how much of a good guy Jojo is, seriously there are limits to innocent naivete. If not for Jojo being such a terrible protagonist I would have enjoyed the series a lot more, as is I will leave it in the “Maybe” group that I watch when I just want something in the background.

To Love-ru: Darkness (10/05 Fri)

From what I’ve seen of random articles, this series is now borderline hentai. Too fanservicey now for me to enjoy :3

This is the kind of series where it is probably best to mute the sound and enjoy the fanservice if you enjoy that kind of thing, because there sure as hell can’t be anything else to consider here.

Haitai Nanafa (10/06 Sat)

Based on the premise alone, I do think we got a supernatural Minami-ke in the works. Seeing as it is a 5 minute show, I do think I’ll pass for something better. The only short I managed to watch in full was Recorder to Randosell, and that was only mainly because I liked seeing the guy arrested for hanging out with his elementary school chums :3

Looking at the art made me think “This is what Pangya would look like if you chopped someones head off and sat him on their neck” .

Little Busters! (10/06 Sat)

I’m not too familiar with this KEY adaptation, but I am aware that people have been clamoring for an anime adaptation of this for awhile. The only thing I am looking forward to is Kudryavka Noumi. I do have her nendoroid after all! Although I wonder if this anime will get as dramatic as its Clannad or Kanon.

Little Busters is the point where Key started to go downhill so whole lot of pass here from me. 


Sukitte ii na yo (10/06 Sat)

Here’s a line I read from the summary chart… “He protects her from a stalker by kissing her”. After blinking several times, I realize that the best way to remedy this situation and restore my sanity is to send all these characters off to an island so they can re-enact Battle Royale.

Aww, thats so sweet, he’s like her knight in shining armor! In fact he is so brave that when facing down a stalker he chooses to take advantage of and kiss her instead of standing up to the stalker. My hero he’s so dreamy I can but swoon when faced with his overflowing gentle masculinity that compels him to aid a damsel in distress with no regard for his own well being.

CODE:BREAKER (10/06 Sat)

I’ve only read a few chapters, but I think the female protagonist would make a great contender for the most annoying female protagonist in manga/anime. With all the shounen battles going about, I have never seen someone so useless. As I haven’t read too far, I still do believe that the puppy probably makes a better character than she does XD

The very premise of this series is painfully stupid, not the powers or the existence of an above the law organization created to outright kill criminals but rather the heroine. This series revolves around the idea that the heroine is the only person who is immune to the powers of the male characters. Now here is the real problem, they want to kill her but because their abilities fail to work on her they just kind of give up on the idea and watch her instead. Come on now, you don’t need to set someone on fire to kill them, there are plenty of other ways it can be done even if you wish to avoid alerting the authorities. The very idea that they allow her to live as an exception for such a silly reason is painful at best. How hard could killing one little girl be for an organization of specialized assassins? I swear if I was given the right to kill without fear of judgement by law I wouldn’t fail at it, especially not this badly. I guess I just find it hard to believe how such an organization could continue to exist without being known despite the gross incompetence of its members.

Magi (10/06 Sat)

Another typical shounen battle series, but at least it has that Arabian Nights theme going for it. Unless there’s been a drought for battle anime, it’s hard for me to get interested in this genre. Besides, I still have Toriko running in that slot for me.

Interesting theme that makes me wonder what kind of spin they will put on it, so I’ll watch a little of it before deciding, although generally these series start out intriguing before turning to rubbish so we will see. I do think I saw this title before in a manga or light novel maybe, I can’t be bothered to look but if it does happen to be the same series I’ll drop it fast.

Ixion Saga DT (10/07 Sun)

A hero from another world given super abilities in order to help fight in a war… like I haven’t heard that before >_<; Seeing that this is adapted from an MMORPG, I don’t really expect much from this as it is supposed to help boost game sales. I can’t even remember the last time when an anime adaptation for a video game ended up being anything close to satisfactory.

I’d rather play a game than watch a show about a game.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (10/08 Mon)

I don’t think I like the message of this anime… girls that can’t take care of themselves? So our main protagonist has to care for her as he would a pet o_o; It would be reasonable if she was an imouto, but we’re dealing with a girl that’s the same age as the protagonist. I just hope it doesn’t go as far as to show us scenes of him feeding her. Hopefully this will never catch on in real life… right?

I get this but I am just going to say I don’t and leave it at that.. How silly, he treats her like a pet, right?

Girls and Panzer (10/08 Mon)

I’m honestly quite disturbed by how simple the title of this anime is..and the sad thing is that this anime will probably garner quite a bit of fans. I didn’t like the similar Upotte, but seeing that people did enjoy that and Strike Witches, I do have a feeling it’ll be a top moe pick this season if it ends up showing enough pantsu shots to satisfy the audience.

When I look at this series I am truly amazed, in awe even of how no matter how painfully stupid the world can be and no matter how close to the bottom of the barrel you think you are, someone, somewhere, somehow manages to trump your foolish preconceived limitations. I welcome you ladies and gentlemen to the new bottom of the barrel, and to celebrate I propose we think of how to go even further, pushing the bounds on suck to new heights before they arrive so we shall not be stunned by the next generation of “How sad does your life have to be to actually take this crap seriously” that the anime industry throws at us.

Jormungand S2 (10/09 Tue)

This should have really went through 24 episodes instead of taking a break and ending the way it did in the first season. Heck, with the way it ended, I was expecting more episodes the week after instead of a long wait for a new season. I am fine if an anime takes a break but it should at least finish up with a satisfying ending or arc for the end of the season. After what they did, I seriously cannot hype myself up for this series. Just like with Fate Zero, some series are better off riding the train all the way. Perhaps my patience has thinned with age ^^;;

While I do agree with Wanko when it comes to not taking a break for multiple seasons with any anime series, I disagree about the ending of the fist season. I prefer they follow the actual manga storyline instead of trying to mold it to fit in a tv time slot, it is something so few companies manage to do with adaptions and I appreciate the extra thought put into making a quality adaptation. Definitely topping my list of series to watch this season I hope they continue a faithful rendition of this show all the way to the end.

Robotics;Notes (10/11 Thu)

I liked Steins;Gate but I hated Chaos;Head, but I do think with the premise set by this series I’ll probably give it a shot. As I do love giant robots, I do have to see how these students do with their attempts to create one. If it’s more like Steins; Gate than Chaos;Head, I’ll be thankful that they didn’t name anything that sounds similar to gigalomaniac.

I liked the protagonist for Steins Gate but I hated everything else about both Gate and Head. These series feel like they are taking a Star Trek approach to anime, throwing as many incoherent buzz words and techno-babble at the audience as possible to make them feel smart or something. Maybe if I were illiterate on the subject matter or perhaps even illiterate in general I may have been more keen to like these series. Or maybe I prefer my series with sci fi elements to be more than a disjointed collage of themes thrown in a blender with some standard anime character archetypes made “Fresh” again by the change in setting.

Seitokai no Ichizon S2 (10/13 Sat)

Mafuyu! Mafuyu! <3
Zen x Echo of Death! Zen x Echo of Death!

Mafu! Mafu! Aka-chan! Aka-chan! Ringo-chan please!!!

One of the better parody animes I have seen, this ends up as one of the must see shows for me this season. Though unlike the other two, I prefer Chizuru, I also love the protagonist for this series, capable yet silly instead of just complete failure makes his character much more memorable.

Aoi Sekai (10/20 Sat)

Once again, we have another anime adaptation made by an H-artist. If it’s anything like Maken-Ki, I think that these guys should stick to what they do best and provide more H-doujins. I’m sure the audience would prefer being able to release their pent up lust rather than building it up with all the teasing! But other than that, the story here is supposed to be one huge parody of the video game console wars… and that guy in the middle is supposed to be a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog? I can’t wait to see how Mario looks…

Ehh… I’ll save most of what I want to say for the impressions post.

On a side note did anyone else notice the Mass Effect animated movie, and just how bad it is?

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  • 1. ACEYALONE  |  September 16, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    do you guys plan to cover everything else?

  • 2. 神山早崎  |  September 16, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    Hurray for Chizuru!!

    Zen, your paragraph about Girls and Panzer should receive a nobel for the best description in the blog in this whole year.

  • 3. 2dicomplex  |  September 16, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    i feel like girls and panzer, like upotte, is just another example of a military otaku trying to figure out a way to make a living drawing guns or tanks and realizing that all hes got to do is throw some cute girls in there and bam, steady work and all the military hardware you could ever want to draw with painstaking accuracy

  • 4. Heavybell  |  September 17, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Where’s Initial D ;_;

  • 5. Amoirsp  |  September 17, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Lol it looks like you guys will most likely be watching Setokai? Interesting.

  • 6. MasterZero8  |  September 22, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Wow I like how you guys bashed Little Busters! That was not cool. And this is supposed to be a website devoted to eroge. I thought Little Busters! was one of the best works by Key.

    Oh well, I never listen to your opinions on these posts anyway.
    I get that they are opinions, but make them more respectable, please.

    Anyway, Kud!!!!!! Only 2 more weeks!

    • 7. lynaris  |  September 30, 2012 at 2:01 pm

      “Any opinion that doesn’t agree with my own is not respectable” A website devoted to any subject doesn’t mean it must post rose colored post on anything relating to that subject. Maybe you should really defend your series by stating why you like it, and why he was wrong instead of just whine.

      • 8. MasterZero8  |  September 30, 2012 at 6:10 pm

        Yes I know I was wrong. Please refer to my last comment below if you must know more.

  • 9. Anonymous  |  September 24, 2012 at 3:34 am

    1. Chuunibyou is indeed a light novel.

    2. If you never got past the part where Jonathan Joestar stumbles through life like a jejune imbecile, then you really don’t know enough to claim that you’re familiar with the series in the least. At all.

    • 10. Micchi  |  October 6, 2012 at 10:16 pm

      Ah, I must’ve misread it somewhere. honto doesn’t seem to carry it, for some odd reason…

  • 11. Zen  |  September 30, 2012 at 1:39 am

    @ ACEYALONE : Well we are primarily an eroge blog, but roughly mid season we will post what we think of the series we are actively watching.

    @ 神山早崎 : Chizuru is definitely the best character of that seires glad to see someone agrees instead of joining the pedo parade.

    But then next season if something trumps girls with tanks I’ll have nothing left to say.

    @ 2dicomplex : Maybe, although I would imagine anyone who is into military stuff would sooner be insulted by those shows.

    @ Heavybell : Long running existing series! I don’t believe either of us are especially keen on watching it either though. I was into that series during the original and second season, not so much since.

    @ Amoirsp : Well it is a fun series you don’t have to take too seriously so it is generally a good pickup.

    @ MasterZero8 : So saying something is not as good as what came before as it was slowly succumbing to the idea of rapid commercialization and not as well written is not cool. So it would be cool if my opinions happened to coincide with your own as that is obviously what everyone should do as you are the definitive resource on all things. You are free to like what you wish but I find it funny that I wasn’t even saying as much as I have previously about that series. Maybe instead of lusting for little girls like Kud you should learn to embrace the medium itself and widen your perspective on the games.

    @ Anon : I never professed to be some guru on the series to begin with however the anime is likely to follow the story up to the events on the ship headed to America with a follow up if it ends up being popular enough. It just so happens that I felt myself rooting for Dio the entire time, which is kind of bad for a series like this. I generally don’t like the authors style to begin with and thus my comment.

    • 12. MasterZero8  |  September 30, 2012 at 1:54 am

      Uh no. I was just stating that its a favorite of mine. And when I see someone talking bad about it, I can’t ignore it, thats all. Is there something wrong with that? And no, I clearly stated that your opinion is your own. I never said anything about it having to agree with mine. Thats why its an opinion. All I’m saying is that if you don’t like the series, please keep quiet about it. Instead of bad-mouthing it. And when did I ever say anything about lusting after Kud? I’m excited to see her again, yes, but thats because she is my favorite character. Is that so wrong? And I like and fully understand the series as a whole and the games in general. Played more than my fair share. So don’t try to lecture me on not knowing anything. Thank you.

      Anyway, I was just stating my mind. No need to lash out at me. Sorry if anything I said offended you. Its just that as a fan, I was defending a favorite of mine. Thats all, no harm intended.

      • 13. Zen  |  September 30, 2012 at 10:25 am

        Saying it in a manner such as “Wow I like how you guys bashed Little Busters! That was not cool. And this is supposed to be a website devoted to eroge.” is not exactly just saying its a favorite of yours. I’m not offended, that’s not really possible over the internet its just that you stated it in a manner that it was wrong to disagree that Little Busters was not as good as previous Key works. As though you cannot like eroge if you do not like Little busters. As far as keeping quiet to not “Offend people” that I won’t do, I’m sorry. I dislike that entire concept, my opinion of dislike is just as valid as someone else expressing their opinion of liking the series. There are people who agree with my opinion, so why should we stay quiet simply because other people dislike the very idea that others could disagree with the things they like. In fact the reason I express it towards games like this is because the old Key was one of my favorite companies, and the shift in their creative process has left me disappointed with them.

        Saying something in a manner such as “Oh well, I never listen to your opinions on these posts anyway. I get that they are opinions, but make them more respectable, please.” is rather confrontational to begin with. Especially considering it was a respectable comment to begin with, a simple sentence expressing what I felt about the series, not even demeaning in any way. All I did was express why I was not going to watch the series so if anyone should make their comments more respectable it would be you.

        As far as Kud, while I cannot know your intent the idea that you hold a girl who looks to be five years old as your favorite from the series is rather iffy. Most Kud fans are either the bandwagon weeaboos who see someone else liking it and mimic that, or genuine pedophiles seeing the 2d realm as a way to innocently profess their taste for extremely young girls. If I was in fact wrong about your intentions and you fall into neither category I apologize for my assumptions. Perhaps dealing with the obnoxious and revolting weeaboos from TERA made me even more sensitive than normal to all this loli this loli that bandwagon nonsense. In the end though you know your intent, whether you are trying to justify it as something acceptable or you harbor no ill will towards children is something only you can know.

        The point I was making in regards to saying you should embrace the medium was that instead of hopping on the popularized weeaboo culture’s opinions and holding them as some sort of fact that everyone who likes this industry must agree on, you should consider playing a wider variety of games to broaden your perspective. In my experience most people who make such comments tend to be very narrow minded in their selection of games and series in general. Focusing mostly on those popularized in the west by the “Mainstream” weeaboo culture. These people generally try their hardest to profess their credibility by sticking in a group where they all profess to like the same things and act as though they are an authority for the sake of their ego. I find much of it to be questionable as to whether they actually enjoy the medium as those who do are far more open minded about disagreements.

        I have no problems with anyone professing their like of anything whether or not I agree. The only issue I took was with you making your statement in a condescending manner as though your opinion must be agreed with or else it should not be spoken lest it offend you, as though there were some rules handed down that you must like certain things or else everything you say is invalid. Had you simply said “I disagree with Little busters, I enjoyed that game a lot and I am glad they finally made an anime adaptation.” would have been fine. I would have simply respected the difference of opinion and moved on.

        Well I already explained it but it is fine to express your opinion as a fan that is what fans do. Just don’t condemn others for doing the same for what they like or don’t like. As long as they are not trying to force their opinions on you they are just as justified as you. Though I was not really lashing out, if it came off as such I apologize for being overly harsh and critical. I had assumed perhaps incorrectly you were the same ignorant troll that came around last time I mentioned Little Busters, and was thinking “Sigh, again” when I saw it. As I don’t remember exactly which post it was from I don’t feel like checking but assuming you are actually someone else, I am sorry for being excessive.

        • 14. MasterZero8  |  September 30, 2012 at 6:08 pm

          Ok, ok, ok. Everyone please lets just get off the subject now, I don’t need multiple people confronting me now. Let me first say that I was in a terribly bad mood that day I made that comment and now I know it came off really bad. For that I apologize and should have done better to word things more carefully. So sorry to everyone.

          Yes I embrace the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just want them to back it up with a decent reason for why they like or dislike it. Now yes I know I should have done that too. I’m just sick of people who say something like “I hate anime, its so stupid.” And they give no reason as to why. Thats not a valid reason to hate it. And I dislike the word “hate.” If they don’t like something then just say you don’t care for it. Thats how I am with many anime and such. There are plenty that I like but none that I truly dislike, I just don’t care for them, for one reason or another.

          Yes, yes. Again, I know I came off as being really rude and I know that no matter what there is no justification for it. So I am truly sorry and I will try my best to make any future comments more respectable.

          Now as far as your paragraph about Kud and such. I am not going to comment much about it because I only have terrible and very nasty things to say. One thing I will say is that I cannot stand the kind of labeling I see in it. That whole paragraph is extremely rude, offensive, and demeaning to anyone that truly just appreciates the story and character development of said character. And that is what I like about Kud. I like her story and the sadness and deep meanings that are behind it. Also her character is just fun and exciting. I see her mainly as a little sister. Someone that I want to protect and see happy. Is that so wrong? And if it is then I want to have nothing to do with anyone like you. Please respect my decision for what I choose to like. Thank you.

          I am sorry, but this is where you are really wrong. In terms of the games as a whole. Now I am not trying to brag at all. But I have played hundreds of eroge in my time. So I do know a thing or two about them. All different ones too. I do not limit myself to one certain genre. Sure I have my favorites, but to truly embrace the medium you do need to play all sorts of different types.
          Let me list some of my favorites for you:
          Mashiro Iro Symphony -Love is pure white-
          Tenshin Ranman – Lucky or Unlucky!?
          Koiiro Soramoyou
          Blades Heart
          Yomehapi ~You Make Happy~
          Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-
          Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
          Twinkle Crusaders -Passion Star Stream-
          Magus Tale ~Sekaiju to Koisuru Mahoutsukai~
          These are just a few of my favorites, as an example.

          No that could not have been me before. Since this is the first time I have ever commented on this site. I do want to say that you all have a great site here. It is quite enjoyable, it keeps me coming back at least. Keep up the great work. I am always looking for new people to talk about my hobbies with. I hope I can do so, maybe some more in the future. I am, by nature, a person that defends what he likes in a very strong manner. So I know it does not come off very well, ever. Thats why whenever I talk on the internet, no matter the site, everyone always thinks I am trolling. I am saddened by the fact, but I try my best to word things the best I can. They just never come out right though. So I am truly sorry for any and all ruckus I have caused here.

          I do love this site and I plan on sticking around, so I hope we can set aside our differences and just embrace our like for the medium as a whole, I hope. Thank you and sorry once again to everyone.
          A true and dear fan.

        • 15. Micchi  |  September 30, 2012 at 8:58 pm

          I think that both sides have aptly stated their reasoning and also recognized each other’s positions. I do think Zen’s generalization regarding smaller characters like Kud was a bit overboard, but that’s an archetype that really rubs him the wrong way, so don’t fault him too much for it. No worries, MasterZero8, you’re not the first nor the last who would defend LB or any other eroge. It’s the passion for characters and games that makes us who we are. Should you or anyone else wish to talk more about them, feel free to join our IRC channel. Wafu~

  • 16. The Big Guy  |  September 30, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    I wouldn’t worry that much about Shin Sekai Yori, on the basis that the source material won the Nihon SF Taisho award, given to the best work of science fiction of any medium. The last anime that won that award was Evangelion, so it is in good company. I doubt we will see any Fractale like screw ups here


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