Summer 2012 Anime Preview

July 9, 2012 at 3:28 am 4 comments

In a disturbing twist, we are moving on to the season of harems! Unlike the previous season, I’m not really feeling this lineup here. Although some of these do have some nice potential, I do feel that the lack of diversity here is going to make it seem like I’m watching the same harem anime over and over again. Oh well, Yuruyuri is back so who really cares!

For those curious about my Diablo 3 progress, I made $40.00 off Diablo 3’s real money auction house. Nyaruko nendoroid, I’m going to take you home!

As usual, it is a slow summer for anime. Many competing titles fighting over marketable characters this season, with few shows having anything else to offer or be worth the time it takes to watch them. Other than Moyashimon I am hoping for a better fall and going to mostly skip this season.

Here’s a chart and a detailed preview from Random Curiosity.

TARI TARI (07/01 Sun)

Can I call this Hanasaku Iroha season 2? It might as well be, with the same animation style and the slice of life genre. Slice of life shows with drama as its core normally bores me, but I was entranced with P.A. Works former title, so this does somewhat interest me. But keep in mind I was only into Hanasaku Iroha due to its gorgeous animation quality. Take that away, and you have a generic slice of life anime. Heck, look at Kara no Kyoukai for example. It was a visual spectacle, but it could only keep my attention for so long before I fell asleep. Having too many slices of the same cake is going will eventually lose its appeal.

Ok I think it is about time someone sits down and redefines the slice of life genre. I believe this may well be the most stale and  repetitive types of series in existence, usually having at least one per season and nothing particularly special about it along the way. Slice of life does not mean there is no way to introduce a plot other than a group of usually four high school girls enacting a highly idealized life designed around imagined real world style problems. Most of these shows unfortunately use the same formula for comedy, a similar cast, and very nearly identical settings with only artwork and release dates to set them apart. I am not asking for much, no need for explosions or some kind of amazing storytelling, just something .. different, life is boring and has enough repetition on its own, why would I wish to replicate that in my entertainment?

Arcana Famiglia (07/01 Sun)

I couldn’t really believe this was adapted from an Otome game since these main characters don’t look so ultra-bishounen with their character designs. Anyway, with special abilities and a not so defenseless female protagonist, this may be the first otome game adaptation to really pique my interest. Then again, I can’t forget that this is an otome anime and I may end up running away from the first episode like I did with Hakuoki. At the very least I can’t dislike this anime for trying to appeal to me with twintails. I just love twintails <3

I’ll pass, rather than waste my time watching what amounts to an otome version of that terrible shounen uhh Reborn I believe it was called? I failed to find anything to like about the shounen version and past precedent implies I would find even less to like in anything dyed in a more shoujo flavor, I won’t be touching this unless a trusted source tells me otherwise.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (07/01 Sun)

This is either going to be a cute show or end up being something far more screwed up than I could ever imagine. The headless chicken may be a preview of what we should really be expecting, but sources do say that this might be a dark comedy.

While still too soon to say for sure with a series that may be unique I must admit I am intrigued by some of the potential here.  I must however question some of the choices with fairies and the relationship to the decline of humanity, well not that a bit of weeding would be bad for the species anyway given the current state… The anime however will depend heavily upon presentation, how humor is portrayed, how the environment and characters are expressed, and how we are made to care about the setting to make the viewers feel some form of investment into the creators universe.

Chitose Get You!! (07/01 Sun)

Pass. I have no interest in an anime about a loli going after her teacher. Maybe it would help if she had twintails, but then again I couldn’t get into Kodomo no Jikan either. Chitose Get Out >_<;

I find myself in wholehearted agreement with our resident furry this time around, minus than the twintails comment, we don’t need another Kodomo no Jikan thanks.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse (07/01 Sun)

So from what I can tell, this looks similar to the recent anime, Freezing. With how skintight those suits are, I’m pretty sure they’re going to have a nice amount of fanservice which will overshadow any action and story that this anime will try to pull off. I don’t mean to sound sexist, but any action anime that features female fighters normally end up becoming some generic boob-fest. This anime is going to have a hard time deciding what it wants to do :3

Not interested. This series always felt cheap to me, with the blind weeaboo fandom pretty much sealing the deal when I debated on whether I should bother with it or not. What really gets to me however is how little thought was put into the setting as is typical of sci fi mecha but usually ends up defining what makes them good or just average. Maybe I would find more to like here were they to focus more on the story and characters and less on the breasts.

Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi (07/02 Mon)

If this at all resembles the slow pace of the Tale of the Genji anime adaptation, I am going to end up asleep trying to cover episode 1. Unless it’s a romance comedy, the romance genre itself is very hard to sit through depending on the content.

This is probably a wait and see type of show. Hard to tell with any certainty whether this will be a diamond in the rough or fall by the wayside as an average or even below average series. At least the potential is there with an interesting setting and story.

<3 Yuruyuri <3 (07/02 Mon)

Ahhh… the return of my favorite moe series! Season 1 of this anime was by far the most adorable and cutest slice of life/comedy series that I’ve ever watched. If it’s anything like season 1, I can guarantee that you will overdose on cuteness. Now go on and mark that calendar, don’t make Toshino Kyouko cry :(

Did not see the first season so none too interested in the second.

Binbougami Ga (07/04 Wed)

With how the plot sounds, it seems like this will be a decent gag comedy for the summer season. As much as I like yuruyuri up there, I do want a real gag comedy on my list versus one with a slice of life genre.

Hopefully this turns out to be my danshi for the season, might be worth watching as it could be funny enough then, otherwise especially if they try to add in some kind of half assed story I will probably end up dropping this as something forgettable.

Moyashimon Returns (07/05 Thu)

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!~ I love Moyashimon, and although I never would have imagined it getting a second season I could not be happier to see one made. Nothing like a series with an eccentric but lovable professor, a protagonist who can see extremely cute SD versions of bacteria and viruses, a trap best friend, germphobe female classmate, and a group of colorful older students to make a winner. I loved the humor and references throughout this series and found the characters to be a fun crew that made me always wish for another season. Now that it is finally here all I can say is they had better not screw this up or so help me allah I will strap myself with cans of surstromming and raid the studio.

Natsuyuki Rendevouz (07/05 Thu)

It’s not often that we get an anime about a man getting cockblocked by a ghost :3 That’s all I really need to know in order for me to put it in my queue! I do hope that it’ll perform well given that it’s the only anime this season that’s targeted toward older viewers. We’re definitely lacking in Josei/Seinen series this season :(

Sounds like there will be too much drama and angst dragged out through this series for me to enjoy, though I do appreciate the premise more than your average plot of this type. For those of you who are actually into the shoujo style romance series this will likely be the best show you have had in awhile, well assuming they don’t manage to screw it up that is.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (07/05 Thu)

I don’t really doubt that this will be another generic anime adapation of an eroge. Since I didn’t get a chance to play the game, I can’t comment very well on the story. However, what I was attracted to was the unique art style it used for the eroge itself. With that missing from the anime, it lost much of its appeal. I can’t help but think this will be a repeat of what happened with the Shining Hearts anime. It just doesn’t really go so well when a work known for its art ends up downgrading itself into some cheap anime that can never replicate the art style that you fell in love with.

Having played the game, I’d say that the art was good and the story was… well, not so good. That being said, the characters are likable so it might be worth watching just to see the club eat yaoibou every day. And for Isara. A-ha~☆ I’m hoping for anything but Chisato’s route. It’s for the best. Really.

I played part of this game and just .. could not get into it, the main problem being heroine candidate number one being one of the most boring and lamest heroines of recent times yet was a required route to get to the other far better characters. Even if she was not such a copy paste of boring and standard cliche traits the chocolate theme was plain stupid, and the election segment of the game was exaggerated in scale and significance and yet somehow managed to be unbelievably boring. As I am about 90% sure this will be going Chisato route I won’t be watching, there is nothing interesting or noteworthy that will happen in the course of her route so this is just going to be a waste of time to watch even for people who like the genre.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! (07/05 Thu)

What could be more horrifying than being cockblocked by a ghost? Well, it’s the idea that your sister could potentially be one of the girls that you’re going after :3 Here we have a cruel story of a mysterious younger sister that intends to break the moral fiber of her older brother. Not knowing who his sister is, he treads on forbidden territory with every step. Beyond that, all I see is a harem anime with a dash of incest. Or in his case, wincest?

Before all you guys start claiming: Miyabi is mine. Miyabi is mine. It’s important, so it’s worth repeating. If you’re hoping for a solid ending when this series ends… let’s just say, the LN is now at v7 and it’s just starting to show some plot movement. I never expected this to get an anime, but I guess it’s an imouto boom lately (not complaining here). Oh, and Miyabi is mine.

After the July eroge post we have yet another Russian Roulette of little sisters story, find the empty chamber man, for the love of god your chances are good so if you fail you have the worst luck known to man.

Joshiraku (07/05 Thu)

I noticed that this is from the author of the Zetsubou-sensei series, so we can expect some interesting dialogue! But as another slice of life comedy featuring an all female cast, let’s hope that it’ll provide something different from what we normally see from these types.

Just being random is not enough to be funny or make a good show sadly, and sadly is where this series will most likely fall.

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai (07/06 Fri)

Definitely a harem anime here, and will also be full of fanservice from what I’ve seen in the trailer. Come on, with a title like that you can’t expect anything less. Might as well call this shinigami lead here an erogami instead!

Another take on The World only God Knows, which was an incredibly boring series in its own right and I hardly expect more from a more fanservice oriented series of the same vein.

Campione (07/06 Fri)

Once you bring in a term like godslayer, I can’t help but be interested. But seeing that there is a large amount of female characters, is this fantasy/action show really a harem anime instead? We really need some proper shows, and I’m hoping for a third season of To Aru Majutsu no Index. But then again comparing the main protagonist’s design with Touma’s, why must a lot of our heroes use a white dress shirt as part of their ensemble >_<;; You think they could at least give some of these protagonists a better school uniform to differentiate them from the many other similar looking ones.

I have always disliked children being given world ending importance, and honestly this looks too silly and over the top for me to enjoy it so pass.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica (07/06 Fri)

Although the premise is interesting, this could turn out very horribly and become another generic harem anime. With our main protagonist as an overpowered hero who has already saved another world, we’ll be seeing how he integrates back into his former world. I can’t help but think that this will be similar to the anime, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. But seeing as the main protagonist is a hero instead of a demon lord, he’ll have a bigger pool of girls that will jump onto him from the start.

Infinite Stratos with demons instead of poorly designed fanservice machines.

Dog Days (07/07 Sat)

What could be better than one dog girl? A world of dog girls! I think I said the same thing in a previous post :3 Although this show was quite mediocre, it was a lighthearted show that did a decent job of giving me enough kemonomimi service to last a lifetime. I can’t wait to see my favorite loli dog girl, Ricotta Elmar ^_^ Lab coats and dogs girls for the win!

More silliness with ears.

Sword Art Online (07/07 Sat)

From the creator of Accel World, we have another virtual adventure coming this summer season. Compared to Accel World, the story is a lot more twisted this time around as players are forced to play an MMORPG for their lives. Without the ability to log off back into the real world, players have to advance to the end of the game while trying to avoid getting killed by fellow players or monsters. With death in the real world as the end result for dying in the game, Sword Art Online has the potential to do things that Accel World couldn’t do. Considering the trend in anime though, I do doubt it’ll ever reach that potential x_x;

It’s a bit sad to see how much more powerful they seem to make technology and hackers in fictional literature… But anyway, this does feel a bit similar to the .hack series, except here we have permanent death instead of comas. Hopefully this won’t be as emo as the .hack SIGN anime series, and hey since we’re lacking a piggy as the main protagonist, maybe Zen will take a gander!

I could never get into this .hack spinoff, something about it felt kind of lame and boring, as though they were trying much too hard  to appeal to the readers something was just off about this series.

Kokoro Connect (07/07 Sat)

I’m not sure how much fun I can find body swapping to be, as I imagine this topic to be more in line for a hentai anime. I occasionally see these done in random episodes of various anime, but to have a whole anime focused on this is something new. But given this theme, I just hope it doesn’t get too repetitive as we see these K-ON clones feel up their new bodies every episode.

Read a bit of this a while back. It’s somewhat entertaining, but I still can’t see anything but K-ON! in the art.

Gimmicky idea plus annoying artwork makes me wish to avoid yet another moe centric fanservicey series. Though maybe not about showing panty shots and battle damage left and right they are still trying a form of sexual appeal via the body swapping concept, so I expect the story to suffer, wait what am I thinking .. there is a story to mess up here?

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S2 (07/07 Sat)

This series sucks if you are anything but a horny teen who wants some well animated boobs to stare at.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou (07/08 Sun)

As much as I like genderbending in anime, I think they should really focus on something other than the Sengoku period. I can easily recall 3 different female versions of Oda Nobunaga, and sadly I think that list will continue to grow. I do believe that the anime industry has already done its job with sexualizing these historical icons, so could we target something new!? Instead of Hakuoki for example, let’s genderbend the Shinsengumi :3

Another Koihime the animated series. Not to make things too similar though they chose the warring states of Japan instead of the three kingdoms of Han era.

Ebiten (07/14 Sat)

Seitokai no Ichizon season 2? Why not, since this reminds me of it with the premise and the character designs. If it’s just as funny as Seizon, I hope one of the characters can match up to my favorite Mafuyu <3.

If they somehow manage to make this as funny as Seitokai no Ichizon I’ll watch no matter how bad the rest could be, but if they cannot do that, I will throw in the towel early and give up on this series.

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First Love is Frustrating Great Expectations

4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Pd  |  July 10, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Hmm… Well SAO is great but unfortunately it becomes popular after .hack and other series even if this novel has written since 2002, the same time as .hack.

    Well at first I found it a bit boring too when I heard that it’s just an online game story and while I was reading I feel something off about the story as well. But somehow I found the story fascinating that I read the first volume finished in one night.


    Kokoro Connect ; I guarantee for the novel and story but I think the anime’s quality is lower than my expectation.

  • 2. suzushinayuriko  |  July 11, 2012 at 2:25 am

    Sword Art Online was originally written as a web novel before .hack. .hack//Sign simply had the advantage of being an anime first. You cannot call something a “spinoff” just because it has similar themes to something else.

  • 3. Takami  |  July 22, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Oda Nobuna no Yabou is quite different from the other sengoku spinoffs in that there’s a male protagonist in there and a chance for some romance. Idk–I’m liking it so far–animation quality seems nice and Nobuna is too adorable.

  • 4. Zen  |  September 30, 2012 at 1:29 am

    @ suzushinayuriko : Sure I can, because it is. Neither has an original story and build off of ideas that came way before. However .hack shouldered the burden of popularizing the concept and taking the risk to invest in it. As a result the main risk factor is gone by building upon the popularity another series has built up over a long time, thus its a spinoff. Perhaps if they were not from the same generation to begin with and actually had original ideas then yeah maybe you could claim it’s not a spinoff, but as is its just how it is whether you like the series or not.

    @ Takami : Which is why.. its Koihime, play the game sometime, it is basically the same exact thing.


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