Spring 2012 Anime Impressions

June 20, 2012 at 11:45 pm 5 comments

Spring Title Picture

With all the complaining we’ve been doing recently for anime, this season manages to entertain me! It’s been awhile since I’ve had an overall positive reaction to a season as a whole so I’m a bit ecstatic with the comedic lineup this season. With a few seinen titles to add some slightly serious drama to my list, moe, cute and comedy rule this season with an iron fist. But then again, Diablo 3 is currently ruling my life with an iron fist >_O. I have a feeling inferno mode fried my brain so much that I’ve reverted to my former moe-loving levels!

Certainly this is one of the better seasons we have had for anime in recent years, although there are still plenty of shows that are sub part to say the least there are also more than usual worth the time it takes to watch them. I can only hope the series continue to be worthwhile right up to the end instead of falling into the ever so typical pitfalls nearing the end of short one season series. I would probably have more to say here and in general if it were not for TERA abusing my free time with its delectable goodness, ah games the bane of free time.

Here you go with a chart and a detailed preview from Random Curiosity.

Saint Seiya Omega (04/01 Sun)

If I remember right, the original heroes were a lot more badass.. while here we’re left with an annoying protagonist that has to go to a school for Saints. I mean I shouldn’t compare the two series, but the original Saint Seiya had a lot more going on. With a slow story that has to involve a school setting, and lackluster characters, nostalgia can only do so much to keep my attention on this sequel. I’m guessing it’ll take a couple of more episodes for the villains to make their move, so I’ll be dropping it for now.

DROPPED -Would be more tolerable if I didn’t have to see them in school :( Heck, they even have uniforms.

Uchuu Kyoudai (04/01 Sun)

Woof! Sorry, the picture made me do it :3 It’s quite nice to have a slice of life that doesn’t follow the four young females in a school setting formula. Sure, girls do sell pretty well, but Uchuu Kyoudai is doing a wonderful job for an anime that is covering 30+ year old characters. With strong character development that grows in every episode, it’s weird to actually have a character that you can closely relate to. Geez, that makes me feel old. Although this anime would do well as a jdrama adaptation, I do feel that using anime as a medium allows it to focus more on the plot and progression versus a drama. Thinking back to live action adaptations of other anime, those tend to get so overly dramatized that it reminds me why I watch anime over actual dramas!


Zetman (04/02 Mon)

Keep in mind that I have read the manga, so I can’t exactly be objective here. All right, so they skipped a lot of the graphic sexual violence that took place in the manga. That’s not exactly a bad thing, but they didn’t really do anything to compensate for for the development it was supposed to do for Kouga.. Not to mention they skipped out on the emotional and character development that were supposed to help define both Jin and Kouga.

To make things worse, Zetman also wins an award for story compression… the anime technically went through 100+ chapters of material (keep in mind they skipped some arcs) in about 6 episodes. So instead of an epic story involving two tragic heroes, all I really see is a spoiled brat (Kouga) being given his power on a silver platter, while Jin is Son Goku starting at his Super Saiyajin levels in the Freeza arc instead of learning how to Kamehameha from the Turtle Hermit. Sadly for Kouga, he will never be able to redeem himself to us viewers like he did in the manga, so his lack of development is extremely detrimental to his character as a whole. I guess some people will enjoy what this anime has to offer, but seeing Zetman done in this fashion is a huge knife to the gut for any manga reader. Overall, this just feels way too rushed for me to have any connection to the characters, but then again I’m a biased manga reader.

DROPPED – I liked Dragon Ball more than Dragon Ball Z.

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? OF THE DEAD Season 2 (04/04 Wed)

I was very surprised to find myself liking this sequel more than the original. I guess ditching any focus on a plot and being able to just go all out with its wacky and insane humor allowed me to enjoy what this anime does its best at. But overall this is not too much different from the original, and with the story already established in the first season, the characters are allowed to freely amp up their activities to a new extreme. In addition, my favorite words from the season are now “Kuso Darling”. And oh, imaginary Eu <3 They get to finally meet the real Eu!


Lupin the 3rd (04/04 Wed)

Good Night, Sweet Prince~

I tried to give this a shot… but what made Lupin the 3rd was… Lupin himself, obviously. I’m sorry Fujiko Mine, you’re just not that interesting as a main character. The first episode was only decent due to the Lupin cameo and even then, I had trouble keeping my eyes focused on the anime. Fortunately you’re fine as a side character, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing a proper series revival with how your sales do.


As tends to be the trend these days the more hopeful the basis for a series the more it lets me down. This was a horrible idea from the start but I had been hoping against hope that it would still be more about lupin and his hijinks just from another perspective. Alas instead what we get is some overly sexual series about a boring background character. Fujiko was never meant to be a protagonist her character is one dimensional and exists solely to highlight lupin while providing some comic relief, this is only further highlighted by how boring this show is in comparison to the original Lupin the Third. Since they were entirely incapable of reproducing that special Lupin magic I can only hope there will be no further bastardizations of this beloved classic series.


Acchi Kocchi (04/05 Thu)

Out of everything on this list, this unexpectedly turned out a lot better than I thought. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen a school comedy involving both genders, and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest! It just goes to show how much more fun a slice of life comedy anime can be when you’re not restricted to an all female group. I guess this is what happens when you fuse together School Rumble and Lucky Star. That is such a deadly combination,  but what is even more devastating is how cute Konata Tsumiki is! Cute characters and the comedy genre will always have me completely in their grasp.


This show turned out to be a surprisingly amusing light hearted series that makes for a good show to leave running while taking care of other tasks. There is no overarching story to speak of but in this case that is a good thing as the show is not trying to be something it is not but rather fits into its comedic niche perfectly. While not the type of show that is anything special nor will be remembered as an evolutionary example of animated series, Acchi Kocchi remains a mildly entertaining rendition of what made the old Looney Toons era of shows so endearing.


Sankarea (04/05 Thu)

I will never understand Furuya’s original obsession with zombies. That particular fantasy sequence of him and his loli zombie dream girl really made me question his future as a necrophiliac. But fortunately our romance comedy involves cute Sanka Rea who has to disturbingly die in order to escape from her creepy father. Although this show starts off slightly slow, this romance comedy builds up amazingly well throughout the episodes. I am thankful for the fact that the characters don’t spend too much time at school in the episodes I’ve seen, since the main character has the standard setup of annoying buddies.  Despite the romance comedy tag, I do like how somewhat dark this series actually is, and the underlying themes and issues that it goes through gives it a sense of depth that you don’t really see in these standard romance comedies. On a side note, the imouto Mero is cute :3 Her ghost obsession is a lot more adorable!


Definitely a rather odd take on the standard romance story I have to admit it is nevertheless handled in an interesting manner. Of course if you take away the zombie element there is nothing new here as far as romance based series go, so if you are expecting something completely unique you will be sorely let down. That said I feel the romance and comedy are far better paced than average and the incorporation of a unique theme only makes the series more appealing. Along with Tasogare this is one of the two shows of this genre I found worth watching this season.


Natsuiro Kiseki (04/05 Thu)

Honestly, this is just a standard slice of life with a magical touch. There’s nothing too special about it, I just liked how cute the animation and characters  were. This is at the bottom of my watching list, so it would barely make the grade if I didn’t like it for shallow reasons! Friendship is a strong theme in this anime and it goes to show that you need a magical wishing rock to make this tolerable!


Accel World (04/06 Fri)

I’ll give Accel World credit for having an interesting setting, but I would have to take off points for seeing Ouma Shu around again. Fortunately piggy here is at least doing better than his Guilty Crown counterpart. But just like Ouma Shu, Haruyuki here has been given special abilities and girls in order to turn him into a real protagonist. Although the idea of brain burst is quite absurd, the story at the very least flows very well. I did find myself transitioning from one episode to the next and getting engrossed with what’s happening without pause. There’s never really a dull (it’s hard for it to get dull when you’re raging at the character’s lack of self esteem) moment or filler material so I don’t get distracted here like I do with other anime.  I have no real complaints as long as our character doesn’t remain as emo as his other counterparts.


Rise of the worthless fatass is something I just cannot get past with this series. If instead of a waste of carbon, oxygen, and food the protagonist was a pudgy little panda, this series would be much improved.

DROPPED – Harder than the creator must have been by the doctor at their birth for them to envision such a terrible series.

Upotte (04/07 Sat)

I’m not too interested in the background of guns, so for the most part this anime seemed very average to me. The character designs were plain, and sadly I didn’t like the main characters. I think this show would have a better shot at getting my interest if they mainly covered either the high school students or their very loli counterparts. I had a lot more fun when they appeared, whereas our main characters irritated me to no end.


Fate Zero Season 2 (04/07 Sat)

There’s not much I can say that I haven’t already said about this anime at a previous impressions post. It’s doing adequately well and picking up the pace it set off in the first season. However, I think the long break it took had dissolved a lot the enthusiasm I had for the series. I mean it’s still a good series, but I think I’ll be better off finishing this in one go once it’s complete. On a side note, I liked how one of the episodes connected with the Tsukihime portion of the Type-Moon universe.


Simply put I am with Wanko here, I cannot sit around and be annoyed at the potential cliffhangers so I won’t be watching this till it is complete, and at that point I will be watching it to the end no matter how bad it turns out.


Kuroko no Basuke (04/07 Sat)

I guess realistic sports anime has dropped in popularity as Kuroko no Basuke follows the unrealistic style of Eyeshield 21 and Prince of Tennis. As entertaining as I found it to be, I found it very funny how a person could become “invisible” on the basketball court. It just doesn’t make sense since he’s not a ninja :( Thankfully there aren’t any flashy special moves that turn basketballs into fireballs. However, what I really don’t really understand is why the main protagonist is considered to be physically weak when he actually has a decent amount of muscle for his lean build. I’m sure he’s more developed than than any average anime fan from what I’ve seen! But overall this is just a standard shounen sports anime, so if you’re looking for more of the same this should be your cup of tea.


Tasogare x Amnesia (04/07 Sun)

Somewhat similar in design to Sankarea only with ghosts instead of zombies I find this to be an fun romance series as well. Yuuko is a great character and the issue of her past brings up an intriguing mystery to solve throughout the series. With an emphasis on the various mysteries in the school and usually how they are attributed to the resident ghost whom few are able to see the lighter comedic side of the series is certainly not lacking. Hopefully they will not ruin the ending by coming up with some original adaptation to cut the series short doing the characters and plot a huge disservice along the way. Still this is one of my favorite series this season and I will keep watching regardless.


Saki: Achigen-hen Side A (04/08 Sun)

A warning to you all, this Saki sequel is still a moe show. It offers nothing but moe and mahjong. Unless you’re willing to accept this overdose of cuteness and embrace the yuriyuri fun of an all female cast, I recommend staying away. On its own, this sequel doesn’t fare as well compared to the original, but it does make a cute addon! There are lots of cameos and fan service for those wishing to see characters from the original. Therefore, I can’t really recommend this to a new viewer but only to those who want to sample more of the moemoe Saki universe.


Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san (04/09 Mon)

Compared to the flash animation version, I am definitely liking this a lot more with its superior animation (Although it doesn’t take much to beat the flash animation version). And yet to due to that, it makes me more of a victim of moe anime this season. It’s really been awhile since I’ve put so much moe anime on my watch list, but hey maybe I’m not as burnt out as I thought! But it really helps that this anime in particular has a nice mix of comedy and moe content. The comedy portion in particular has a huge range of parodies from various series and I can’t help but squeal with glee whenever I see Nyaruko-san perform those Kamen Rider poses. I’m still not too sure how an actual Lovecraft fan would react to this anime, but I sure liked seeing those references that I could recognize from my Arkham Horror board game.


In exchange for the improvement in time and animation we have lost some of what made the flash such a fun series to watch, the rapid and constant humor. Understandable though it may be, and while I do still prefer this version I cannot help but feel a sense of loss due to the lack of density necessary to spread things over a 20 minute time slot. Definitely a relief to have a proper anime made however as this was a show that deserved it and has done well with the new lease on life. When in need of a silly comedy series they have managed to deliver without incorporating the parts that traditionally ruin such series, at least so far.


Jormungand (04/10 Tue)

I cannot see what kind of direction this show is heading toward, but it does do well in providing me an action-packed anime this season. But as I glance over and see that it’s a 12 episode series, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to end to my satisfaction as that doesn’t leave much time for character development or some epic story arc. I’m six episodes into this and that’s normally enough to tell me about how a 12 episode series will do. Either way I could still use a little bit of stylish violence in my anime season.


After reading the manga I can only hope they manage to bring this show to a tactful conclusion that least a second season open instead of castrating it with a rusty spoon prematurely. Misgivings about the brevity of the series aside Jormungand is one of my favorite shows this season as it combines action with well paced drama, development, and story into one neat package topped with a light sprinkling of comedy. While obviously not realistic (As if anything ever is) there is reasonable effort put into making the series presentable with a gritty sense of what the dark side of the world looks and feels like.


Sakamichi no Apollon (04/12 Thu)

Compared to Uchuu Kyoudai, Sakamichi no Apollon is as real as it gets for a slice of life. As it takes place in the Showa era, it differentiates itself from other anime this season by using a different time period as a setting. Originally I thought that this would bore people or even alienate the current audience since Showa Monogatari performed very poorly as an anime. However, I am glad that I was wrong about that as this anime proves to be very immersive… As a simple slice of life story and romance that also details the coming of age for our main characters, I felt that they’ve done very well in developing the characters and pacing of the story. The music is also one thing I often look forward to when watching this anime. I never really listened to jazz before this, but I found that it does a good job of making me feel at home with the setting of the anime. I am a personal fan of the past and eras long gone, and I really have to give this anime credit for allowing me to experience the Showa era in this manner.


Tsuritama (04/12 Thu)

Quirky best describes this science fiction alien/fishing-themed slice of life show. Even though from the start we find out that these boys will somehow eventually save the world by the time the show ends, what this show is mainly about is the growth of the main character and his developing friendship with the three other male characters. Despite having an alien in the group, this anime tends to be full of dry humor and is quite subtle with its approach to comedy and development. Besides, I do think fishing with an alien has to be more fun than being a character in Kimi to Boku 2! And I can’t get enough of Yuki’s face when he goes into full blown social anxiety mode xD


What.The.$%&*? Oh, in a good way though, maybe. I am not quite sure how this series will ever bring things together to make sense but so far despite how annoying I find the red headed protagonist there is a strange appeal to this series that makes it worth watching. Honestly it is amusing how they can tie fishing into the fate of the world especially to the point that I cannot help but be intrigued over how things will play out. I wont stop watching either till the end or I figure out what kind of drugs the creators must have been on to make this.


Shining Hearts (04/12 Thu)

I thought this was supposed to be based on an RPG, when will the plot actually advance? Cute girls selling bread every episode, with barely any substantial changes. This would be a lot more forgiving if this could do a better job of replicating Tony Taka’s gorgeous art. I’ll at least give points to the protagonist for starting off with a harem, not many could pull that off in episode 1!

DROPPED – I prefer rice over bread.

AKB0048 (04/29 Sun)

I was quite shocked to discover that the main voice acting cast for our primary characters consisted of real AKB48 idols. I’m actually impressed by how well they voiced their roles, but keep in mind that I’m not sure if I can tell if a Japanese voice actress is doing her role horribly or not. Aside from that, it’s hilarious seeing little girls fight armed soldiers and robots. With idols going against an entertainment ban and risking their lives to sing to the people, this whole show is just ridiculous. Regardless of that, I do think that’s what makes this show a bit entertaining. Not sure if I’ll stick through all 13 episodes, I just want to see lolis battling out for their lives again. :3


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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. fate  |  June 21, 2012 at 3:09 am

    Fate/zero is an Epic. Go watch.

  • 2. gkinni  |  June 21, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Jormungand already has a second season planned from what I heard.

  • 3. Metaler  |  June 21, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    I didn’t really like Jormungand. It felt too convoluted, and it seemed like the author had no idea about which direction he wanted the story to go. I do realize that this could be a problem with the adaptation and that the manga is much better organized.

    Still, I’m surprised. I was expecting you guys to HATE this season.

  • 4. johnishida  |  June 21, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Agreed. This is one of the most pleasing anime seasons in some time.

    I was thinking of watching Saint Seiya Omega once it’s finished but, just hearing it has a “school setting” made me lose my interest. However, it’s still Saint Seiya so I may watch it anyway.

    My favorites are KoreZom, Hyouka (isn’t any of you watching this?), Haiyore! Nyalrko-san and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia with almost everything else in my “to watch queue”

  • 5. Zen  |  September 30, 2012 at 1:14 am

    Been awhile since I dealt with my comment backlog…

    @ fate : The original is better written though there are still things to like about zero.

    @ Metaler : Rather than not hating its more I just did not care since i was too busy playing TERA. It just happens that being sorta nice and generally going along with popular consensus is infinitely easier than taking it seriously and caring enough to consider pros and cons.

    @ johnishida : If we didn’t mention it we are not watching it for whatever reason. These posts are all about what we are watching and what we think as a result


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