Spring 2012 Anime Previews

April 6, 2012 at 2:55 am 12 comments

Whenever the winter season ends, I weep at the upcoming spring posts. So many series to write up on…. the previous winter season was heaven! Well, it was more heaven than normal since we had less to write about :3. At least with this bigger lineup, maybe I’ll spend more time being entertained this time around. Aside from the return of the popular Fate Zero, I am noticeably interested in the seinen series that are popping up this season. Either way, the impressions post will probably take a lot longer to do this time x_x;; And sorry for the late post!

This season is too long, it really is so I decided to just be short and too the point. Or rather after writing a few comments and feeling as though I had gotten nowhere on a post that was keeping me from playing the games I wanted to I decided to spend my time wisely and be as blunt as possible. Don’t expect too much in the way of commentary till the impressions post when the list can be narrowed down even further to the select animes worth noting. At least half the post delay is thanks to my reading eroge, also the reason I didn’t put as much effort in as I probably should have, oh well. It is not entirely my fault however as I did not expect to be drawn into a game such that I did not want to put it down when only looking for a quick fifteen or so minute run through to get a feel for it.

Here you go with a chart and a detailed preview from Random Curiosity.

Saint Seiya Omega (04/01 Sun)

This is probably going to be a rehash of the original, but I really want to see some ‘Pegasus Meteor Fist’ again. Saint Seiya was among the number of Chinese dubs that I had watched as a kid, and it showed me nothing is impossible in anime as long as your cosmos is burning! It didn’t matter if you were fighting gods as long as you had plenty of plot armor. But overall, this will more or less be a carbon copy of the original as these new generation of Bronze Saints are going be tasked with protecting Athena over and over again. This is definitely not a show for those who expect something more than the standard shounen battle manga formula. Sigh.. reincarnation… someone’s genius idea to repeat history and milk a franchise.

Nostalgia ahoy assuming they are capable of pulling this off without turning me into a ball of burning rage. Honestly the best part of Saint Seiya has always been the agonizingly complex armors that make my hand ache just looking at them. One can only hope the animation quality holds up enough to make the battle scenes and armors look pretty enough to be worthy watching a series that suffers from a lack of real plot.

Uchuu Kyoudai (04/01 Sun)

With the exception of Fate Zero, I am highly looking forward to watching this seinen drama. With a promising premise, we have a young man attempting to once again chase his dreams and older brother. Finally we have something for the older fans that doesn’t scream fanservice, sausagefest or moe moe kyun <3. Not that there is anything bad with moe moe kyun! I just wanted something serious to watch once in awhile… and no… I’m not lured in by the dog in the picture who I’m sure will be part of the main cast…!

As much as I love space itself this is too down to earth to interest me, I never much cared for the bland and uninspiring version of reality our space programs seem to follow. As such I feel that in all likelihood  the make or break it aspect will be the more daily life segments. If you are watching this out of interest in astronauts and the space program, well you are an idiot, sorry but if you have to look to an anime for that it is rather shameful. If you had a legitimate interest you would already know enough that when made a part of the show it should become downright boring. Anime I feel should never mirror real life too closely as it misses the point in animation to begin with. Even I feel as though I am being too harsh but at the same time there is no romance in the concepts here, with things being so mundane I just cant feel invested in an anime set in the future about something that may have been interesting in the 1950s. While this does mirror actual NASA proposals the lack of vision involved makes me feel as though the creator looked over the internet for a setting for a seinen title and just happened to choose the space program.

Hiiro no Kakera (04/01 Sun)

One young girl stumbles onto danger and ends up being protected by a group of ikemen. This picture alone tells me that I’m looking at an otome-game anime adaptation. I think I’ll try saving up my monthly bandwidth this time around. >_<;;

I find nothing of value to protect in what are generally bland female leads, so I hope they betray her and take turns carving up their one dimensional heroine into pieces.

Kimi to Boku (04/02 Mon)

NO. Instead of this I’m in dire need of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Season 2. I’m sure most of you have a lot more exciting stories to tell than an anime that tries to make men moe.

I would sooner watch straight yaoi, at least then its honest about what I’m getting.

Yurumates 3D (04/02 Mon)

Well, this is undoubtedly going to be one of those standard slice of life anime we have every season. The only difference is its inclusion of a male member who may end up bringing something new to the table. The real question of the matter is what’s with the 3D in the title? Are we finally getting 3D anime?

Zetman (04/02 Mon)

Zetman is definitely different from the battle seinen manga that we’ve typically seen. With a main focus on two protagonists, we see the development of two people who eventually become heroes through differing paths. When I was reading it, I really liked seeing how both the heroes grow into their respective roles through their different experiences. Don’t come in expecting much fanservice that you can enjoy, as this remains a serious anime throughout the whole story. Although there is nudity and such I guess,  it’s however normally linked to sexual violence and rape, so I do wonder how much of it will be on screen. The manga tended to get very graphic so I was surprised that this managed to get adapted.

I am not quite sure what to think about this series, sure  it seems like it caters to a more mature audience which is great but on the other hand there are some childish aspects and the inclusion of rape and such is usually something I feel is done just for shock value not as a valid plot element. I will definitely have to see a few episodes to figure out just what kind of show this turns out to be.

Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden (04/03 Tue)

You can never really have too many gag comedies.. which is how I originally thought… But let’s see if this cutesy gag version of Naruto will manage to appeal to the older fans who’ve already dumped the main series. Maybe I’ll actually enjoy Naruto again, which hasn’t happened for years!

No. About the only thing worse than Naruto are the Ryu07 works.

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? OF THE DEAD Season 2 (04/04 Wed)

My bigggest wish for this second season is for Yuu to appear more often. Sure she’s a main character, but you can never have too much of her! Can’t wait to see her various seiyuus voice in those delusional moe daydreams that Ayumu gets.

Honestly does this really need a second season? While it started off rather well, the series mired itself in becoming too serious to be worth watching by the end. Unless this is nothing but a gag anime for the entirety of the season I am fairly certain they have used up any material they could have had to make a story here, and they failed the first time, this doesn’t bode well for a second attempt made to cater to the first series popularity.

Lupin the 3rd (04/04 Wed)

Sadly most of the exposure to Lupin the 3rd that I have received is from the English dubs that I encountered while channel surfing. However, I did enjoy some of the movies I watched and I do aim to see Miyazaki’s Castle of Cagliostro sometime. I’m worried this new adaptation will have trouble retaining what made the original series popular but seeing how I am disappointed most of the time with how anime end up doing, I’m not expecting much from their latest attempt to revive this franchise.

When I saw Lupin this season I reacted with the same amount of joy I would were everyone in the world I hate suddenly to cease existing. But seeing as the majority of humanity still lives I will make do with Lupin, all the while praying to whatever gods or god like squids will listen in the hopes they don’t manage to screw up one of the all time anime classics too badly. For those new to anime it is probably not such a big deal to see Lupin make a comeback outside of a movie here and there, but for those who have seen the older series back before the garbage shounen anime / fanservice craze made it popular these series that provided the foundation modern anime were built upon were a glorious experience of what animation could be, beyond children’s shows.. I find their choice in animation style an interesting hybrid of modern and classic 70s animation that I feel works most of the time though I find a few characters like good ole Pops look a little too serious for this show.  

Medaka Box (04/04 Wed)

Medaka Box is a bit hard to explain… it’s really all over the place. Although this is still classified as a shounen, it feels more like a fanfiction piece written on acid. With NisiOisiN of Bakemonogatari fame as the creator of the series, you can expect a lot of of the witty dialogue that you see from his other series. The battles that take place are definitely something else… from awesome to ridiculous, the abilities you’ll see are outrageous for a manga that only takes place in a school. One thing to take note of  in this manga is how Medaka Box tries to differentiate itself from other shounen series;  sometimes it’ll seem like it’s going “full re**rd” with how it’s progressing the plot. Either way you’ll be the one deciding whether this anime borders on insane idiocy or if it ends up being a work of genius that surpasses the traditional shounen formula.

I read the manga for awhile but it became repetitive so fast I ended up dropping it just as fast. From as far as I got the emphasis was basically how the President is capable of everything as a superhuman being and it was up to our sidekick childhood friend protagonist to support her by stumbling his way ungracefully to victory while staying securely in her shadow. Repeat the same basic plotline for each new short story arc and you have Medaka Box. Whether they manage to make the anime series watchable seems unlikely but if they can do just that, this may end up being one of the extremely rare cases where an anime is better than its manga predecessor..

Acchi Kocchi (04/05 Thu)

Is that Konata? She finally gets her own romance comedy! Cute!

I don’t know enough to comment here honestly so I’ll watch a few episodes to decide whether this is more annoying loli or actually worth watching.

Sankarea (04/05 Thu)

I guess the U.S. isn’t the only country with a zombie craze. Good old necrophilia is finally going to to be the latest moe subject in this anime season! With a protagonist focused more on zombies than girls, our main character finally gets what he wishes for in this harem comedy. It just goes to show that Japan can moeify anything. I mean if they could do it with cockroaches, zombies shouldn’t be a problem!

This is an interesting take on a love comedy type of show, by introducing the zombie element they can do things that would otherwise be impossible. While I have a hard time thinking about just where this show will go for the anime it is on the list of shows I will be watching. Hopefully fanservice doesn’t end up overwriting the rest of this show as all too many animes succumb to such simple temptation.

Natsuiro Kiseki (04/05 Thu)

No need to read a plot summary for this one, this picture is good enough! 4 girls, slice of life and probably coming of age. Biggest selling point is its character designs and animation, time to sell some schoolgirl moe to the audience.

Accel World (04/06 Fri)

This is the first time you’ll ever see an obese protagonist. And no, he’s not a full time pig, but he’ll end up being fat in the real world and the online world. Let’s see if piggy here can battle his way and win the heart of that sweet girl that’s hugging him on there. Funny enough, I am envious of his current positioning in that picture >_<.

Sorry but fat protagonist is a big No in my book. I live in the US, if I wanted to see fatasses all I have to do is look out a window for an endless parade of hippos rivaling the NatGeo channel. As much as I dislike fanservice, repulsive characters in my anime are even worse, the last thing we need is more people thinking its okay to look as though they were impaled by the business end of a Twinkie factory. Accel the protagonist’s metabolism and remove the extra fat in this World and I might be interested enough to watch.

Pretty Rhythm Dear my Future (04/07 Sat)

I thought this was supposed to be an idol anime. I’m sure those floating pets can talk. I mean look at them, they have to be magical in someway with those heart designs on their tails. Unless they’re living in the Pokemon world, I’m not sure why they need them in the first place >_O Either way, you can expect some 2D loli idol fanservice.

I sincerely doubt any twelve year old girls are reading this, in fact if anyone of that age group are actually reading this, go away, I don’t like you. Shouldn’t be much need to cover such shows in the first place honestly.

Upotte (04/07 Sat)

If you wanted something similar to Hetalia Axis Powers, well here we have anthropomorphized guns instead of countries this time around. Moe firepower for those who can enjoy their moefied guns. Like I said earlier, if they can make cockroaches moe, they can do anything. 

Must be hard to make an asian series when there are no noteworthy asian characters. Almost every gun will have to end up being a variation on European (Mostly German), Russian, or American.

Fate Zero Season 2 (04/07 Sat)

Finally we can wrap things up here and see the conclusion of our favorite epic anime of the winter season. As it left us with a cliffhanger and a lack of progress on the holy grail war, I didn’t feel entirely satisfied with what we got when it ended in winter. I guess I can’t really complain about that since they needed more time to work on the anime before having us watch the completed work. As I down this bit of unfinished champagne, here’s to hoping they’ll be able to properly show us why Type Moon is popular. At this current moment, their anime adaptations have still been average and below par. I’m talking about you anime adaptations of Tsukihime and Fate Stay Night!

One can but hope the agonizing fanservice filler is a thing of the past and this new season will bring things to a reasonable conclusion. While this time around the protagonist is thankfully not a whiny little brat and knows how to get things done, I constantly feel hesitation in the writing of this series and not wanting to kill people off too early or resolve things too swiftly. All of this resulted in a lackluster first season more about showcasing certain well liked characters than providing a good story. Now they have to bunch everything that actually matters into the second half of the series which does not bode well for pacing, it is very likely the second season will end up feeling rushed and incomplete instead of so slow it needs pointless moe filler.

Nazo no Kanojo X (04/07 Sat)

Seeing that I read a few chapters long ago when figure shipments were dirt cheap, my memory is slightly rusty with some of the details. However, I clearly remember that I simply could not get past the drool/saliva fetish that the main character has. Even if it’s toward the girl he loves, I didn’t want to bother getting used to seeing it in action. I rather they leave out such details x_x;; Instead of seeing the sweet honey in the saliva that the main character sees, all I see is a cesspool of hygienic nightmares.

Interesting idea in making a heroine who is on the odd side instead of just a ball of standard tsun loli, perhaps with twintails even. As the series is more about the two characters getting to know each other slowly the pacing may be a little slower than most are used to, but it offers a nice change of pace from the normal romance comedy we see every anime season.

Kuroko no Basuke (04/07 Sat)

Thinking back to the Slam Dunk anime, I do kind of miss having characters that look like gorillas. Why does everyone have to be bishounen? Couldn’t some of them look plain or even more rough? These basketball players might as well be models. I am very sure that the main audience this anime is aiming to target are generally young boys, so toning down their boy band looks wouldn’t be harmful to the manga itself. But I can be wrong and they’re actually aiming toward the fujoshi market, so all these bishounen boys are necessary for some yaoi doujinshi. Anyway, moving past the character designs, I am interested in the concept of a weak main character who can somehow lead his team to victory. But whether I’ll enjoy this more than Ro-Kyu-Bu is going to be another question x_x;

I loathe basketball, shouldn’t even be considered a sport in my opinion, it is just way too stupid.

Tasogare x Amnesia (04/07 Sun)

We really do have a diverse collection of females this season. With zombie girls, gun girls, and Cthulhu girls popping out to round out our conquest of inhuman love, I guess there’s always still room for a murdered ghost girl. I hope all that fanservice won’t skimp out on the mystery and horror this anime’s supposed to have. I can already see a lot of your butt there. You’re supposed to be dead, stop seducing us poor mortals :3

This was an interesting manga, not so much horror as an entertaining foray on common ghost stories along a “What if” plotline that assumes the ability to interact with your friendly neighborhood ghost. Binding it all together was the theme of why she was a ghost, her past, and how things may not be as nice and peachy as they seem. For me the question is not as much whether or not the series is worth watching as whether or not the studio will manage to get it right. Far too often anime adaptations lose what made the original manga or light novel so good during the transition to animated fanservice for the sake of marketability and panty shots to sell.

Saki: Achigen-hen Side A (04/08 Sun)

Mahjong and moe have once again converged! Although we’ll be lacking tacos this time around, we have cute yuri fanservice once again. I hope Nodocchi and Etopen have enough cameos in this spinoff. Ooh, and Koromo too!

More moejong OH YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san (04/09 Mon)

Last time we saw this, it was a series of animated flash shorts. Horribly animated flash shorts might I add, which prevented me from ever checking it out. With a proper adaptation this time around, I can give this slapstick, sci-fiction comedy a try. I guess I’ll be getting more Cthulhu exposure this season even when I’m not playing with my Arkham Horror board game (Very awesome co-op board game by the way!). As I am not a reader of H.P. Lovecraft (I just love the board games!) I hope I’ll be able to get the same level of excitement as a person who knows exactly what a Cthulhu is.

I am thankful this series was made, I enjoyed the shorts but they were frankly too short. If they can retain the same sense of humor throughout this series it may end up being one of the better comedies this season.

Jormugand (04/10 Tue)

As far as I can tell this looks to be similar to ‘Black Lagoon’. With all the moe and love going around, I desperately need to see some action once in awhile that doesn’t always have to involve clothing being shredded every other minute. I for one am thankful for the seinen series this season! A shounen series can only go so far and do so much to satisfy the full palette of an adult viewer of anime.

Definitely one of the series I am most looking forward to this season, Jormungand is one of those series that portrays the world itself in a negative light. While plenty of unrealistic scenes abound in the manga, it is far more grounded than something like Black Lagoon. Following the life of an arms dealer the child soldier Jonah working as a bodyguard does often feel rather annoying as protagonist material, however the story and rest of the characters have always more than made up for that fault. If you want a more mature action series this season Jormungand is likely to be on top of the list.

Sakamichi no Apollon (04/12 Thu)

How interesting, we finally have a Josei anime on the list here. As a coming of age and slice of life show, we’ll at least be getting a different flavor from this since it’s taking place in the 1960’s. I’m just a tad bit curious at how this anime will be received by the younger anime viewers (viewers younger than us at least). Feudal Japan is something we commonly see, but modern anime that puts the show on the Showa period is rare. Look at Showa Monogatari from awhile ago, that never got popular enough to even be subbed beyond episode 4. This may end up dying an early death like its comrades before it ever hits halfway.

Retro K on for girls.

Tsuritama (04/12 Thu)

Aliens, fishing, and the fate of the world. I guess you can only find those topics together in a Japanese anime. As another noitamina production, at least we’ll be guaranteed that this will be somewhat interesting given their track record.

Ecological Haruhi mixed with male slice of life? Sure, why not give it a shot, can’t be any worse than Naruto and sometimes these shows work.

Eureka Seven Ao (04/12 Thu)

If that kid is anything like his father (I mean it has to be him!), I don’t want to watch his family whine again in this new sequel. Young kids are too emo to pilot giant robots. My dog can do a better job at saving the world.

Annoying brat with a robot.

Shining Hearts (04/12 Thu)

The only thing I care about here is the beautiful Tony Taka art. The figures made from his art are so wonderful~ Don’t ruin the beautiful image and characters left in my mind. Then again the story might end up getting executed so poorly that I’m better off looking at screenshots.


Hyouka (04/22 Sun)

For a group that solves mysteries, they are lacking some Scooby Doo :3 Sorry, I just had to add that in being the dog lover that I am. I can’t quite tell if the mysteries they’re solving will be anything significant, but I do notice how K-ON-ish the characters look. Good old Kyoto Animation, I can see Mio and Yui in the characters. Can’t really complain about the pretty results though :3

Not interested.

AKB0048 (04/29 Sun)

With this and Pretty Rhythm, we have two idol anime in this season’s lineup. The biggest difference is that this idol group is based on a real one. At least this show has the slight edge over Pretty Rhythm as it forces their idols to dodge missiles and throw bombs so that they can perform  their guerrilla concerts for the sake of mankind. I’m not even sure if that’s what I really saw in the PV, but then again I’m not sure if idols with magical animals are better than missile dodging lolis.

Like this incredibly bland and tasteless idol group isn’t making enough from a rabidly insane fanbase of desperate Japanese men, so they just had to make an anime about whores on parade.

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Little Busters Finally Gets Animated! Serving Love-All Once More

12 Comments Add your own

  • 1. feal87  |  April 6, 2012 at 4:15 am

    KoreZom all the way to victory! :P

  • 2. KJacket  |  April 6, 2012 at 5:38 am

    I love laughing at the commentary posts about anime on this blog. Sometimes somewhat similar thoughts to what I have while reading synopsises.

  • 3. Metaler  |  April 6, 2012 at 7:01 am

    I’m gonna have to disagree with you guys on Accel World’s protagonist… Just look at him. He’s so adorable! It makes me wanna hug him and take him home~

    This seems like a good season. Plenty of shows caught my interest, and hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

  • 4. Alessandro (@BleedingGetter)  |  April 6, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    About Zetman ” I was surprised that this managed to get adapted”. I don’t who of you has written this but think about Gantz … you know what it is, don’t you? It has been (partially) adapted to be an anime too, that manga adapted to anime must have surprised you.

  • 5. Aedes  |  April 6, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    As an reader of H.P. Lovecraft I’m interested to see how the moefied version of his story turns out.

  • 6. Zen  |  April 6, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    @ KJacket : Glad to see you enjoy it, that is as much the point as anything really, giving our perspective rather than a summary which can be found anywhere.

    @ Metaler : You can have him. Maybe it is just me but I do not see the point in a tubby little teapot of a protagonist. I can make concessions and am capable of accepting weak Shinji-esque protagonists but do they really need to make him a bloated beachball? I cannot get behind a protagonist when I feel too annoyed with him to care about his story, I’d rather he be a perverted best friend if they absolutely have to make an inflated garden gnome character.

    @ Alessandro : It was Wanko who said that however I would like to point out that the Gantz anime adaptation is quite old by comparison. The times have changed for anime and as it became more popular the violence levels have decreased in favor of marketable moe. You wont see anime like Amon (At least I think that was the name) again anytime soon. With this change in climate for what is acceptable the inclusion of adult themes stands out as the exception rather than the norm. The whole point is rather than being unaware of previous titles that had similar themes he was pointing out how surprising it was for it to be chosen for an anime in this day and age.

  • 7. nemuiwanko  |  April 8, 2012 at 8:02 am

    I am happy to see that we have people reading this post ^-^

    @Metaler – I want to bring him home as bacon xD;; But with that aside, I don’t mind his chubbiness, however I do think having a fat protagonist is one risky move as we expect our main characters to look reasonably average or cool. I mean we had short characters like Edward Elric, but we’ve never had a chubby protagonist that looks like he’s in super deformed mode 24/7. I can personally get behind our piggy friend to some extent since I love chibi/super-deformed characters/nendoroids. But it does make it slightly hard for me to take him and the setting seriously enough due to that. It also doesn’t help that he feels like Ouma Shu v0.5 with his personality and voice. And to my horror, I realize that I’m eating ham and talking about a porky protagonist.

    @Aedes – I hope I’ll see some references from the board games I play. Nyarlko looks to be a very cute character ^____^

    @Alessandro – In addition to what Zen has said, I was also considering the legal/political environment. With all the bans and censorship Japan has implemented and are still trying to get to pass in these past few years, Zetman would be very risky to do due to the sexual violence. *** SPOILERS IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T GOTTEN TOO FAR BUT I ASSUME YOU’VE READ IT – Continuing on, we’re also talking about sexual violence on 2D minors. If I recall, in that arc, those girls were of middle school age. I mean I’ve seen all sorts of nudity, and the sex and violence in the Gantz anime was nothing out of the ordinary. Anime has gotten away with a lot of things, but graphic rape of middle schoolers? And then you kill them off? It isn’t even implied, it is actually done for you to see! In addition to a huge orgy and a clone gang bang, all those elements combined aren’t something you would want to show on television so you can be razed by angry parents and politicians. I was talking to a friend earlier, and he agreed that whenever there was sex in Zetman, someone always gets hurt. Of course it’s always the women x_x;; but I really don’t want to get anymore into this. SPOILERS END ******
    Anyway, I’m sure after the first episode, they’ll be modifying the story quite a bit. After seeing Kouga’s justice club in action, they’ll be diverging from the original source material. I mean the manga hasn’t ended yet, so they’ll be going for an original ending. I doubt they’ll leave an open ending for another season.

    • 8. Alessandro (@BleedingGetter)  |  April 24, 2012 at 7:21 pm

      If you must ruin a manga making an adaptation (let’s call it so) of it for an anime series of 12/13 episodes, is better not to make it. An episode for each volume of the manga (till now) … I can’t find the words to say how they destroyed the manga. If I had not read the manga before and I was wondering after the anime’s vision if to read it or not, it would be a hard choice … the anime reflects in minimal part the story of the manga. The first episode is a clear demonstration of this. As for the episode/part of Kouga and the middle school girls, I don’t know how much of it there will be. “Sex in Zetman” … good thing to speak about. Apart that episode of Kouga and middle school girls having the scope to destroy the Amagi’s family, being in the following part Kouga afraid (in the manga) to hurt or to be hurt by his girlfriend and Jin in the same position with his girl (not Konoha, sorry), I’ve not seen sex scenes involving them. Violence scenes fighting the EVOL players there are, but sex scenes … I’ll have to read the manga once again looking for them.

  • 9. souji291  |  April 14, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    Reblogged this on My Blog.

  • 10. kgptzac  |  April 25, 2012 at 2:30 am

    I think Green needs to take some happy/chill pills :p

    Anyway, after watching a few episodes of the shows of my interest (http://blog.kgptzac.info/archives/2255), I’d say the “wacky” ones turn out to be entertaining so far.

    And seems you guys missed Polar Bear’s Cafe. It’s pretty good too.

    • 11. Micchi  |  April 27, 2012 at 8:38 pm

      I added Shirokuma Cafe to the sidebar.

  • 12. weeaboo  |  April 27, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    quotes of the thread

    “Sorry but fat protagonist is a big No in my book.” HOHHH DID I LOL

    “More moejong OH YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” MICCHI BANZAI

    “Annoying brat with a robot.” trufax


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