Winter 2012 Anime Impressions

March 9, 2012 at 9:20 pm 5 comments

This post now belongs to hina <3

Sometimes I wonder if seasons can get more awful than the worst ones I’ve encountered, and then I find out that it can! Although a small number of series hold interest, and I mean 1-2,  I can easily forget about everything on this list here. But I have to say that I’m getting even less interested in anime nowadays. It’s now harder for me to watch anime, and I have to make some effort to go through certain series. I didn’t really think it would happen, but perhaps I’m growing out of this. Rather than getting burnt out, I’ve become an old and bitter person. Yet this nendoroid collection continues to grow T_T

Also of note, we probably hit the record for our huge number of dropped series.

I should probably say more here but the sooner I finish writing this the sooner I can go playing the third installment of a certain game and so rather than proofread and type out a paragraph highlighting my thoughts on this season I will say I dropped a lot, boring season happy gaming now ensues.

As usual, another chart from Zana again. And of course Random Curiosity’s more detailed preview.

Recorder to Randoseru (1/05 Thu)

For 5 min anime shorts, this isn’t half bad. It isn’t too different from reading a 4koma, and it’s pretty sad to see how different it is to be an adult-looking kid versus a loli high schooler. That kid is never going to be able to date without the police interfering :3


Played out much as I expected with the jokes being nothing more than “Tee hee she’s small and hes big!” with little else in between. If for some reason you find that hilarious even when done exclusively over and over again this would be a great series for you, otherwise one to two episodes is enough to cover the entirety of this show.


Kill Me Baby (1/05 Thu)

For a gag anime, there are definitely better shows to watch than this! Even though I do feel this is more bearable than the manga, the gags don’t really provide much of a punch. Sadly, I would give this a failing grade if the ninja girl didn’t exist. If I were to keep watching this, I would watch only the scenes involving our favorite ninja girl Agiri.


Basic gag series with a focus on the typical boke / tsukkomi. While not as funny as Danshi there is a certain appeal to basic comedic violence that keeps me watching this series. Perhaps because of its nature it is an easy series to watch and not have to pay close attention in order to enjoy it, just a relaxing and sometimes funny series that functions well as a distraction and entertainment. I do however agree with Wanko that Agiri is the best character by far and is usually the character making me giggle stupidly.


Amagami SS+ (1/05 Thu)

Amagami shorts in reverse order sums this up nicely. Rather than a series in its own right this is more like an Amagami fandisk in anime format, Fans of the original rejoice, everyone else move along as there is nothing different to see here.

WATCHING – Selectively though. Fatty, Boobs, and Sporty Washboard are being skipped right over

High School D x D (1/06 Fri)

It’s amazing to see that you can expect nudity from this anime just from the opening alone! With high schoolers, mediocre battles, and plenty of flesh,  it covered all the areas needed for me to drop this into the trash. If you take away the fanservice… what happens? They should have stuck with dungeons and dragons instead!


As much as perverted protagonists who are excessively honest with their base desires amuse me I cannot say the same for this series. The biggest problem among many others is the excessive and needless fanservice in this anime adaption. I have read some of the light novel and besides everything else making more sense and the battle scenes being longer than 5 seconds before another fan service cutaway the annoying and intrusive fanservice detracts from the entire point of the light novels. Sure there is plenty of nudity and such but not an all encompassing entity so much as a comedic background. Of course this series was never going to be anything special in any format but it never ceases to amaze me just how bad anime adaptations of any sort can be, it almost feels like the studios compete with each other to see who can destroy a work most completely.


Senhime Zesshou Symphogear (1/06 Fri)

The best thing to come out of this anime is the awesome Nana Mizuki OP theme! And sadly that is really it… after the first episode, I expected all future episodes to fail in matching the exciting pace and tension it built up. I mean you came in thinking it would be some sci-fi magical girl anime with some tragic Madoka-ish elements, only for it to heartrendingly turn into something generic. I really did enjoy the style of the magical girls and their massive attacks, but in the end it fails to demonstrate any engaging elements that would satisfy anyone looking at this genre. Not to mention, one of the biggest failures is that it seemed like they just slapped together a sloppy story in order to sell a soundtrack :(How dare you do this to Nana Mizuki!


Area no Kishi (01/07 Sat)

I really can’t put my finger on this as I am still wondering whether to watch this series or not. The story only really starts after the tragic death of his brother, so it’s going to need more episodes for me to give better input. I can say at the least that adding such drama to the series gives the series more depth than the average sport series. But because of such a theme, I just hope that character development won’t suffer in the long run. There’s only so much that can happen and it would be a shame if character development is stunted in favor of making a long series that follows a generic formula.


While I did enjoy this series, I did manage to recall how much the random omnipotent and omniscient soccer mahou shoujo annoyed me. Her role in the story is fine and makes sense however rather than character growth her character is used as a crutch to move the story along and write the way out of most problems. There is also the way she is somehow the goddess of soccer yet wants nothing more than to be the protagonists doting support. As much as the former soccer player in me loves this series, I find parts of the drama and some of the characters an awkward inclusion, of course most notably being the mahou shoujo, Seven.


Zen still plays soccer, he just kicks lolis now instead of balls :(

And who can blame me? They are more useful there than as heroine material.

Mouretsu Pirates (01/07 Sat)

Seriously, I do not want to even associate the word ‘space pirate’ with this anime series. It is such a shame that I have to see it put a smudge on Captain Harlock’s legacy. After 6 or so episodes, with barely anything of interest happening, I can conclude that this is a failure for a 12 episode series. All you can really see are young girls playing pirate. I mean, what we even see is barely piracy and we might as well call them hackers based on how much they deal with technology versus any actual space piracy. I’m sure that this show does take awhile to build up, I mean she’s learning the ropes and such. But after taking so much time to cover the basics, the show feels like it’s going nowhere and will have a high probability of getting an open ending.

DROPPED – Let’s face it, high school girls can’t be space pirates :3

Surprisingly I find myself in complete agreement with Wanko here, the word “Pirate” has no business being used to describe this series. Hell, they aren’t even technically pirates but rather privateers making the entire story that much lamer.

DROPPED – Amazingly for the same reason

Brave 10 (01/07 Sat)

Ah so close, but too bad try harder next time. While at first there was some potential merit to be had in this series it soon became apparent this is little more than an animated Super Mario Brothers, where every episode is another rendition of “Save the princess from the bad guys”. After around four or five episodes of the same basic plot with nothing else happening I feel comfortable deciding this is a shounen battle series designed around twelve year old girls suffering from rescue the princess fantasies. Maybe next time the bishounen protagonist can do away with this annoying clingy puppy of a heroine with a penchant for being kidnapped (As we all know princesses tend to be) and get on with something resembling an actual story.

DROPPED – I prefer to leave princes on white horses rescuing princesses to Disney

Rinne no Lagrange (01/08 Sun)

With how laid back the main character is, the anime feels so much like Star Driver. Well, Star Driver mixed up with bits of Evangelion and Martian Successor Nadesico. But unlike the latter series, there isn’t a lot of drama in this. For the most part, it feels very much like Mouretsu Pirates. When you’re coming in to watch this series, don’t expect a mecha anime… just expect an anime with teenage girls… if you’re fine with watching cute girls doing cute things, you can settle for cute girls doing cute things in giant robots.


Ano Natsu de Matteru (01/09 Mon)

Really? Onegai Sensei v. 2.0!? Can’t really bear to watch this series due to that xD;;

Complete failure is the best way to describe this series. They attempted to mimic Onegai Sensei in far too literal a sense, going to the extent that most of the characters are carbon copies of the originals only somehow feel more shallow and far less interesting. Even with these characters and character relationships almost identical to Onegai Sensei they have this time around missed the mark so completely that rather than another series by the same creators this series feels like a cheap Chinese ripoff made in mexico. Aside from all the minor differences the only theme that is somewhat unique here is the kids making a movie, a theme which to be honest is garbage that does nothing save detract from the story by introducing long periods of painfully boring filler with little to no bearing on the rest of the story. I can understand wanting to add in some unrelated plot elements that would actively bring characters together and give them a purpose outside of the scope of this particular story however off the top of my head I am unable to come up with a single comparison for how badly it was implemented here. So in summary we have boring rehashed characters with no personality, cliche setting other than red head being an alien, a story that goes nowhere on its own, and a driving theme in the background achieving nothing aside from wearing out your fast forward button. My suggestion is , go watch the original and ignore this poor attempt at an easy way to cash in on an older and very popular series with little effort, after all as Wanko said this is just Oneigai Sensei v 0.2.

DROPPED – Harder than all these surprisingly coincidental UFO crashes in Japan.

Another (01/09 Mon)

I have to admit, I was surprised with how this actually turned out. They really ramped up the horror aspect of this series and I for one do agree that the horror/mystery tag best suits this series so far compared to other anime tagged the same. In each episode, we are continually being drilled into the mystery that surrounds this class of death. Often we see a lot of anime derail from the main situation with school events, beach episodes, and fanservice, yet here it’s one never-ending roller coaster ride. Watching it at night definitely doesn’t help me get to bed. In addition to having great animation, you can’t help but notice how the creepy and eerie music help heighten the already morbid atmosphere. If I were to have any complaints, it would probably be the main character. He’s just way too calm, or perhaps naive about the situation he’s placed in. Sadly enough at this current rate, my twintails character will eventually exit the show in a gruesome way. Twintail love <3


Not the best series to make you feel suspense or horror, even the mystery elements are rather lame amounting to wondering which character is the cause and little else yet not a bad series to watch provided you don’t expect anything above average or special here. I think that part of the problem is that most of the characters that die are purposely avoided just enough to make the viewer not feel too bad when they end up raising their death flags, furthermore there is a somewhat cartoon styled and almost comedic element to the deaths that seriously negates the impact. Matters are further not helped by the lack of attention outside of the class and how little people dying left and right affects the survivors, causing the anime to give a feel of a sterile and controlled setting that allows the author to focus on what they wish to exclusively. The directing is also to blame in many ways thanks in large part to how the point of view always makes the viewer feel separated from the story and characters as though they are a completely disconnected narrator. There is a time and place for such an approach, and to generate a sense of attachment to the characters, setting, and events a horror mystery is definitely not the place to rely on an almost documentary styled presentation. Perhaps the only things that keep me watching is curiosity regarding how many “Accidental” yet improbable methods of killing characters off they can come up with, and wondering how obvious the creators will be with their choice as to which character is the origin. Sadly this may have been quite a good show to watch had they spent more time cultivating attachment with the characters, developing the story more carefully in regards to how events play out and people relate, worked on their setting more, and done a better job in portraying the death of characters. Alas it was not to be and this series also fails at creating a series that makes me want to do more than chuckle at it like a fat kid trying to chase an ice cream truck, especially when it is about as likely to achieve the goal.

Oh on a side note I found the OP to be way too similar to Rozen Maiden, which funnily is likely to be a lot creepier to more people than Another is without even trying.

DROPPED – Faster than a falling elevator, although I will watch the last few episodes just to see how they end it.

Since Zen mentioned it, there are just way too many anime with Rozen Maiden-like opening songs.. I feel like I can’t go through a season of anime without hearing it once! And of course it doesn’t help that it’s the same band performing it x_x;;

Danshi Koukousei Nichijou (01/09 Mon)

Now this is a show that I can definitely label as a slice of life that shows what being a boy is like! Well, if you exclude all the exaggerated nature of some of the scenes. Rather than the frilly and feminine style of kimiboku, we have the crude stupidity that young males possess! It is so delightfully nostalgic yet painfully funny to see how embarrassing young boys are. For the most part, a boy’s life is just one giant gag. It would have been nice to have a friend voiced by Sugita Tomokazu <3.


And finally we get a slice of life show about guys, that feels like its about guys not post op former girls. The sense of silliness and desire to turn everything into either a joke or some form of enjoyable entertainment does a good job at showcasing the meandering and seemingly nonsensical thought process that goes into making a teenage guy. Definitely my favorite series this season Danshi Koukousei Nichijou is one of those series that is good times to be had all around as it makes the dull monotony of everyday life seem more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

WATCHING – Like a creepy voyeur through your open window.

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai (01/10 Tue)

As a person without any prior knowledge of this series, I was slightly shocked at the death of the parents. But at least that didn’t get in the way of their new fluffy lifestyle! Not much for me to say about this except that it’s too cute and moemoe for me not to watch. Just keep doing what ya doin, Hina <3.


Needless to say, I’ve been watching this with high enthusiasm. Luckily, they didn’t ruin the series with too much fanservice. I’m happy that other people who haven’t read the LN or manga are enjoying it as much as I am. There’s so many manga spinoffs that I need to buy since it seems they each fill in different parts of the overall story. I hope that it goes for 2 cours, so I get more Sora, Miu and Hina. SO. CUTE. HNNNNNGHHHHHHHHHHH.


When one is not completely swallowed up by a cute gimmick the first and most noteworthy part of this series is how the entire plot revolves around a concept of “Guilt free loli moe”. It is as though the author of the novels thought to themselves how popular little girls are but then realized they could not directly make them heroines while admitting to the usual age gaps. Faced with such a conundrum they then decided to make the relationship completely platonic by turning him into a guardian due to adverse circumstances and thus all those compelled to direct their lustful yearnings towards underaged girls have an outlet they don’t have to feel guilty about. If excessive moe from single dimensional children who don’t even care much that their parents are dead as they are too busy looking cute and getting into all sorts of borderline fanservice misunderstandings for the audience without any real theme beyond them looking cute and their new cartaker’s devotion then you have a winner. About the only thing interesting I found to this series for myself was the character Raika, however she is grossly overshadowed by filling as much screen time with the various underaged moemoe bombs all three of which conveniently look different so as to create that varied heroine appeal. To sum it up, rejoice pedos, as you have a somewhat legitimate series to indulge yourselves in that gives you the chance to claim you “Read it for the articles”.

DROPPED – Like an unwanted baby.

Inu x Boku SS (01/12 Thu)

For those of you who have wanted a completely loyal foxy humanoid to cater to your every whim… the end.


Black Rock Shooter (02/02 Thu)

I would give Black Rock Shooter 10 points for using the original song sung by Hatsune Miku in its opening, but then I would have to take away 9 more points for everything else. As usual like the OVA, the story could use a lot of work and it doesn’t help that the Black Rock Shooter scenes don’t have a huge effect or connection with the real world. Keep in mind that I’ve only covered around 3 episodes since there wasn’t much out at the time due to it being recently released on February. Schoolgirl drama here, random battles representing what happened over there, the show doesn’t flow too well. With the small amount of episodes, it’s hard to say if it will actually get any better, but like I said in the preview, I’m going to enjoy the brand new figures that’ll come out! Come on, this is just a huge advertisement for figure collectors! I’m sure they were in favor of pumping out new designs and power ups than creating a show that’ would appeal to an audience without a figure buying hobby.


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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. relentlessflame  |  March 10, 2012 at 12:07 am

    For whatever it’s worth, Mouretsu Pirates is a 26-episode show, so that may explain its slow pacing at the start. (Not that this helps if you didn’t enjoy the premise, but it may help explain that particular aspect. I think people have gotten really used to the rushed pace of the average one-cour shows these days.)

  • 2. 3chairz  |  March 10, 2012 at 3:21 am

    What happened to Nisemonogatari??!!!

  • 3. nemuiwanko  |  March 12, 2012 at 6:13 am

    @relentlessflame – That does change things if it’s actually a 13 episode series… but I think I’ll wait and see what people say about this after it reaches the halfway point.

    @3chairz – Originally we were going to watch the series. I thought one of us would cover it, but in the end we just didn’t feel like it. That doesn’t mean Nisemonogatari is a bad show, we both enjoyed the original Bakemonogatari. Perhaps we’ll revisit the series one day when we’re bored, but overall it’s just a lot more harder to stuff anime into our watching schedule. It’s too early for me to see Araragi get back into the saddle and have his way with lolis!

    • 4. Metaler  |  March 13, 2012 at 12:44 am

      I’m gonna have to disagree with you fellas and say that this season is one of the best there have been in a while. Then again, maybe you guys are disliking it simply because you’ve stuck with anime ever since you were kids and are now finding it difficult to adapt to changes….. But wutevz, I’m not here for that.

      I think that Papakiki and Nise take the cake for being the best ones of the season. Both turned out to be really good, and Papakiki was especially better than I was expecting. It’s really well written, and it proves that the so-called “generic” concept of harem anime can be done well if it’s in the hands of someone competent.

      Another is a good pick as well, but I do find the characters to be a tad forgetable. Not even Mei seems to stand out too much. At least the mystery seems pretty nice, but I can’t help but feel that the whole thing is filled with cockteases (episode 9 comes to mind…). I’m also a little annoyed at how they decided to fit in a beach episode. Not that I mind beach episodes (hell, they’re so common in anime nowadays it’s already gone beyond a narrative element, but a common characteristic), but I don’t think an episode like that really fits the series. I mean, it’s a horror anime, dark and edgy. Having the characters suddenly go play around at the beach like that really doesn’t suit the atmosphere of the show (and they even came up with an asspull so that Mei was there as well).

      Black Rock Shooter is another show this season which I’m liking a lot, but it does have some serious flaws in it. My main problem with it is how it’s too melodramatic. I don’t usually mind the psycho-faces and everything, but in this show it really manages to break the serious atmosphere it has. Fortunetely, the good outweighs the bad, and I do think that BRS is well written, with characters who are easy to sympathize with, and a powerful plot to boot. The other world scenes are a blast as well. In fact, the entirety of the other world is much better executed than in the OVA; this time, it actually has a meaning to it. It’s not just some empty symbolism, but it actually plays an active role in the plot, making the scenes in it much more meaningful and enjoyable.

      I’m watching other shows as well, but I decided to write about these ones only since they left a deeper impression on me.

  • 5. Zen  |  March 16, 2012 at 12:49 am

    @ relentlessflame : It is slow even for 26 episodes, but even then that isn’t the main problem. The series is just so stupid it is impossible to suspend disbelief without a few bricks to the head. Most problems seem to magically be solved by “Hacking” via random keystrokes which mimics the likes of a blind, rabid, and drunken mentally .. lacking monkey taking LSD. When the early part of a series is that bad it only serves to remind me of Infinite Ryvius, which assuming I spelled it correctly was one of the worst “Serious” sci fi series I have had the misfortune of witnessing.

    I usually prefer the 26 episode format, at least when a series is good enough to be worth watching, Mouretsu Privateers certainly is not however.

    @ 3chairs : Nisemonogatari failed to interest me enough to actually watch it, I have yet to see a single episode. Much of this is because I enjoy the Light Novel and both Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari, however the decision to add a new series to the list in an existing popular universe is nothing short of business like milking of character popularity. So rather than risk tainting my enjoyment of the previous series with the corporate whoring that is all too common and all too often ruins good series and characters I will refrain from watching until the series is complete and I hear otherwise.

    @ Metaler : Your own misjudgment of our reasons which were already stated in the post aside, we tend to dislike shows not for being different and changing but for being the same. The evolution of anime is well an oxy moron of sorts, as rather than evolve or change it simply repeats. This by itself is something generally negative but not why I dislike things, as repetition of a good thing is not always bad. However all they do is take the concepts from before and take out what they feel is most marketable to the largest amount of people and construct things around that. Even then they usually get it very wrong and to make things cheaper and easier they fill in those missing gaps with moe moe fanservice in the hopes it will distract any viewers from the flaws. Surprisingly this works far more often than it should, but on the same token it also has diluted the current industry to the point that few series are memorable anymore. Which as a fan sucks but from a business standpoint is good right? Only that is not the case, ever notice which series still sell figures and other merchandise five or even ten years after their creation? Not to mention the remakes, re releases and so on are always those series which have put the effort in to try and create something worthwhile, not just another easily marketable tsun loli. Add into all of this the VN industry which tends to be something of the tip of the spear of the industry, giving us an idea of changes likely to happen a year or two ahead of time at least. What you get is a level of exposure that tends to leave one more than a little jaded towards anime. This is especially true as it is the most easily approachable of mediums and the one that requires the least quality given it can make up for poor story and characters with production values and fanservice. Rather than not adapting to change as there are a few newer series i enjoy, it is the lack thereof, and the fact they are too foolish to carry on the good things, the longer you watch and more series you see the more you become aware of where this joke or that character or this concept came from and why it is not as good.

    As that was longer than intended I won’t bother with individual series, even more so as I have already stated most of what i wanted t about them and just leave it here.


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