Winter 2012 Anime Previews

January 6, 2012 at 8:10 am 6 comments

I love the winter season. More so for the lesser load we’ll have on our anime watching queue, and it’s also nice to watch anime while bundled up in your blanket. Although nothing really stands out this time around, they don’t look too entirely horrible either. At least I’ll be guaranteed to get my moe fix no matter what happens!

As usual, another chart from Zana again. And of course Random Curiosity’s more detailed preview.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 (01/05 Thu)

Once again our four adorable yet insane loli detectives are back to show us that you can never fail too much at what you do! The first season was oddly a huge surprise, had more gags and comedy than I had originally expected. Despite being detectives, there are no real mysteries, so please don’t come in thinking that these moefied incarnations of famous detectives will do anything to satisfy any intellectual curiosity you may have. If you can get past Twenty’s nipples, Milky Holmes should be enjoyable for you :3.

Second season of a show I already hate with a passion, so I could not possibly care less about the second season of a show revolving around little girls using magical powers to solve mysteries for the sake of their local pedophiles. I will only watch this show if I find out the second season is the adventures of Milky Holmes in the unmarked van, at least then it would openly appeal to its target demographic.

Recorder to Randoseru (1/05 Thu)

So we have a loli who’s actually 17, and a grown looking guy who ends up being an 11 year old. Although adult lolis are pretty common, I have yet to see an eleven year old boy look that old in an anime. However as gimmicky as this is, this series should provide some decent level of comedy seeing these two siblings live their lives looking the way they look.

A show dedicated to taking an in depth look at the misperceptions of society when it involves a persons physical appearance, namely size. I fully expect this to be an introspective title that makes a valid point about the difficulties faced when being so different on the outside compared to your peers. Or so I would like to say, but lets face it, this show is dedicated to making fun of a legal loli. Were this to actually be a title centered around making a point about society that makes you think they would have approached it in a very different way to promote a mature feeling. Of course there will be comedy but I generally have disdain for anything that has to rely on loli for a joke or even just a plot. I get the feeling they only added the guy to make it stand out as unique while downplaying their obvious preferences.

Kill Me Baby (1/05 Thu)

I actually read a bit of the manga, and well it wasn’t that funny. But then I have to admit, reading through several volumes of 4koma gets tiring so that may have something to do with it. Then again who knows, it could be more cute to watch in anime form with moemoe voices to accompany it. I do like my twintail assassins after all.

As a child who grew up watching shows such as Tom and Jerry, I have a tendency to love slapstick over the top cartoon violence. As such I have found myself enjoying this manga a long time ago, as the silly antics of our dedicated boke make the painful tsukkomi amusing for me. A simple show with no real story to it that exists solely for comedic value, it is a 4koma after all. While unlikely to win any awards or end up as an especially memorable show there should be plenty of amusement to be had as long as you are not looking for anything too serious.

Amagami SS+ (1/05 Thu)

I thoroughly enjoyed Amagami, and for this genre who wouldn’t when all the heroines have their time in the spotlight. No worries about the anime picking that one character you hate with every fiber of your being and thus ruining the series for you. As long as you like at least one of the characters it makes watching that arc worth the time at least, although I did skip two and a half of the routes in the first anime myself. Other than the arcs that follow our “Streamlined” swimmer, shy boobs, and tubby airhead with a bottomless pit for a stomach I will definitely be following this show.

Where’s Miya!?!?!?!?!?

High School D x D (1/06 Fri)

I was hoping dungeons and dragons here, but it looks like a love-comedy demon harem anime with a bit of battle elements. With lots of fanservice based on how huge the oppai are on some of the girls, it’s just another ecchi anime for all the young boys to develop their puberty on. In addition, I don’t really like how subservient the main character looks in that picture.

While I would normally hate such a series instantly, I found myself enjoying the light novel. Either the protagonist being a completely open pervert amuses me or I am as much a sucker for demon girls as Micchi is for little sisters. For the sake of my image however, I am going to assume its the former, yes it is a wonderful thing to have a protagonist that is open about their desires. Story wise I am not too sure what to make of this series, I like some things and really dislike others about it so I end up more than a little conflicted. At least they did a good job with their characters even if they are a little on the bland side at times. I may not be expecting this to wind up as a classic but is a show I will definitely be watching as long as it stays more or less true to the novel.

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear (1/06 Fri)

A music battle anime… wth? Well… I do love anime that utilizes music well.. but this kind of reminds me of that Suite Precure show. Despite the more its sci-fi themed outfits, is this just another mahou shoujo show? I bet there’s a cute animal mascot lurking in this one too. At least I hope… yes… you heard me, I do like fluffy mascots ;_;

No. Ever since the original Macross I have had a strong aversion to anything music based with only a few rare exceptions such as Polyphonica being enjoyable. I really don’t like how they have to warp their stories, characters, and settings to include the music battle themes. I would much rather they simply make an amazing soundtrack to a normal show, unless of course it is about musicians. Adding to my disdain for this series are the heroines outfits, almost feels like mahou shoujo grew up, and frankly battle girl shows almost always end up terrible in my opinion. At most I will watch a few episodes of this show just to see if I want the soundtrack.

Area no Kishi (01/07 Sat)

Soccer anime, nuff said. Will it follow the path of other shounen sports anime like Eyeshield 21, and Slam Dunk? I think I tend to like these when they over exaggerate the player abilities, but hey maybe I should check out Inazuma Eleven instead. But seeing that this is also tagged as a drama, this could turn out more than I expect.

I read this manga awhile ago and found it surprisingly enjoyable with a good mix of drama and character development, doesn’t hurt to enjoy soccer either of course. Although it has been awhile so I can’t remember exactly why, but I did end up dropping this series eventually for one reason or another so I remain wary. I think it was the random soccer mahou shoujo mentor and coach that bothered me. Oh well whatever the reason I will watch to find out and see if maybe the anime can make me want to keep up with the series.

Does make me recall the obviously biased refs in the World Cup denying Japan the game against some worthless no name south american nation of cheaters they should and would have otherwise won. Sometimes soccer sure can be extremely annoying.

Zero no Tsukaima F (01/07 Sat)

First Shana, and now Louise with her final season >_O. I haven’t really kept track of this series and only really finished the first season. I did enjoy it at least, but now I guess I’ll have to force myself to finish the other seasons in order to check this one out. With Louise’s nendoroid staring right at me, she’s sure making me feel guilty for not keeping up to date.

I will only watch this on the condition Louise dies painfully as I utterly despise her character. It is hard to get any more basic tsundere, yet they end up dragging on with this half assed excuse for a heroine for what is it now, four seasons? Suppose I do have to give credit where it is due for them being able to keep a story from going anywhere for so long, on that note bravo creators of Tsundere no Masochist. I can only pray the tsun loli fad dies off for a few years, it is getting quite old by now.

Nisemonogatari (01/07 Sat)

Why do they have shorter hair this time around? I already feel turned off by the picture here, but at least it seems that Araragi’s loli imoutos are going to have their turn in the spotlight. That idea is also strangely a lot more appealing than seeing the rest of the cast back in action! And god, I hope they don’t have any unfinished sequences like they did back in season 1. Although the visuals were amazing, they were offset by its lack of completed scenes.

I rather liked Bakemonogatari therefore I will watch this too. While I probably have more to say it would end up taking too long so I’ll save that for impressions.


Mouretsu Pirates (01/07 Sat)

High school girls becoming moe pirates… Although I did ask for more sci fi, I didn’t exactly want an intergalactic adventure featuring moe, females, and pantsu. Well, it’s nice to have but I didn’t want it to be the main focus! But then again, it might be better off this way since a lot of the recent male protagonists in these anime seasons make me sigh in shame. I can’t imagine how Captain Harlock feels about this :3.

Glad I am not the only one who instantly thought of Captain Harlock upon seeing this series. As much as I like sci fi and space settings however I definitely will not be able to watch something with such a silly premise and setting seriously. Provided it stays almost completely comical I don’t see anything wrong with it, however if it has the audacity to actually try to make a serious story out of that kind of plot I would rather watch US politics, at least they are not quite as deluded.

Brave 10 (01/07 Sat)

I hope, I just hope that this isn’t an otome anime due to the assumption that they have way too many men and just one female on the cover. But based on the summary, perhaps we’ll get another Sengoku Basara. It’s been awhile since I’ve considered anything GAR, so please, hopefully we’ll get something for the men to roar about this time around.

I feel that in all fairness this will be a “Wait and see” title as I can speculate on good and bad all over but until I watch a few episode I wont know which it is. Stories using a sengoku setting tend to be pretty hit and miss with me in general, ranging from some memorable title to others that are best forgotten. Considering I am having a difficult time being sure of exactly what I feel about this anime I will be watching at least the first two to three episodes.

Rinne no Lagrange (01/08 Sun)

Should I be pleased with another mecha anime here? Cute girls fighting to defend their city from mysterious alien invaders.. I can’t help but feel that this will have a slightly similar feel to Star Driver with how it handles its battles and school segments. With my current gundam fix, I’ll have to see if I’ll even be interested in seeing this mecha show that smells of yuriyuri relationships.

Mahou shoujo style take on Infinite Stratos, definite pass for me. What happened to the days when mecha anime were actually good, I just cannot comprehend why no studio seems to be able to come up with a decent mecha series anymore.

Aquarion Evol (01/08 Sun)

Was never very fond of this style of mecha myself, but if you happen to enjoy these shows this will likely be your best bet for something good for awhile.

Ano Natsu de Matteru (01/09 Mon)

An original romantic comedy from the Onegai Sensei/Twins creator does pique my interest. But I cringe at the possibility that I can already predict what’s going to happen in it based on all my watching experience -_-  However, I am interested in the fact that they’re going to capture a nostalgic old school feel for this. Let’s see how this old timer will fare against the newer generation!

Onegai Sensei was one of my favorite series of this genre, on the other hand I did not care for Twins. Thankfully this time the cast seems more interesting than in the case of Onegai Twins, and hopefully  should end up as an entertaining and nostalgic trip down memory lane that reminds us why we like this genre in the first place. I can’t help but look forward to the possibility of something good to watch this season and here’s hoping they can actually pull through with capturing the balance of themes that encapsulates the essence of previous shows. Can only hope this will not end up like many series made some time after the original and their cruel mockery of what made previous shows great.

Another (01/09 Mon)

The horror mystery genre itself sounds like something I would normally love to read/watch but I don’t have a good feeling about this at all ever since Ookami Kakushi left a bad impression on me. And especially the poor adaptation of Umineko which turns me off even more from watching anything adapted into an anime. Whatever happened to stuff like Monster, Ghost Hunt, or something as surreal as Ghost Hound? I would like to actually feel somewhat scared and mystified from watching something with the horror/mystery tag attached to it.

Like Wanko I tend to shy away for any type of anime horror as they just aren’t well done. I have yet to see any such series that truly feels suspenseful or feels clever enough to make you want to keep watching and trying to figure things out. Either too predictable and or trying too hard to be “Edgy” with gore and pointless violence with hysterics these series tend to wind up as far too childish to fill their designated role for me. A series I will probably avoid until someone tells me otherwise.

Danshi Koukousei Nichijou (01/09 Mon)

After looking at the trailer, I’m sure they will be able to cover young males the right way this time. Instead of the flowery lifestyle we see in Kimi to Boku, these guys are huge perverts, the way young males should be. Even though this probably will be a better representation, I’m still not sure how interesting a young boy’s life can be compared to the moemoe lily garden lives of young 2D maidens. Well, I can’t really complain after seeing how close Kimi to Boku is to being shounen-ai-ish.

This will likely wind up being my primary comedy show for this winter season, as thankfully unlike Kimi to Boku we have a show that seems to actually be entertaining beyond just gender swapping some emotional teenage girls.

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai (01/10 Tue)

Just take my money already. This looks way too adorable for me to pass up! 2D is always so awesome >_<.

Papakiki is one of my favourite LNs since the story about family is quite heartwarming. Sure, some parts (especially in the later volumes) are a bit hard to believe, and Yuuta keeps getting in ‘situations’ with Sora, but all-in-all it’s a very fun and entertaining read. I especially liked how the LN gives ample character development to Yuuta, the three sisters, Raika and even some of the side characters. However, I do have a lot of reservation about this anime adaptation. It seems they’re trying to sell the title off as fanservice (similar to the Sora manga) and it would be such a shame if Papakiki gets lumped in with titles like Kojikan or Ochinko. I’ll still watch it since I love the characters, but if you really want to know the story, please read the novels. Also, for the last time, Sora is NOT Haruhi. While they may be visually similar, their personalities are totally different.

Uninterested in having a Haruhi wannabe daughter character trying to seduce her father. Definitely the type of series Micchi enjoys as the focus is more on cute than story or characters, personally I would prefer something more down to earth and substantial.

Inu x Boku SS (01/12 Thu)

Based on what I’ve seen from the summary, this looks to be a shoujo version of Hayate no Gotoku. With characters beautified by the shoujo artstyle beam, be amazed at how sparkly and beautiful everything is. Just add in some supernatural elements, turn the butler into a youkai, and we have something new to sell. As anime has always taught me, it’s okay for lolis to pursue a relationship with their perfect butler!

As Wanko so eloquently put it this is more or less Hayate for girls. Proof that the whole kemonomimi trend isn’t just for guys who fawn over cute female characters that define animal traits. Now the female fandom can be just as shallow about what truly motivates them to invest time and money into their anime series!

Black Rock Shooter (02/02 Thu)

The original ova was short and unsatisfying. It was nice to see some nice black rock shooter action in an animated form, but it was too random and confusing for you to enjoy as it switched from the real world to the battle scenes. This newer production seems to continue from where it left off or at least continue in a similar fashion. My expectations are dirt low and I do not like Deadmaster’s meganekko look. On a positive note, this franchise will probably come out with great looking figures. I’m really running out of room to store those 1/8 figures.

Reminds me of that eroge awhile back the name of which I forgot but was made to be free in hopes of promoting figure sales instead. I suppose that business model fell through swiftly as no one else has dared take a similar approach and one can only hope the same thing happens here. We surely don’t need more marketing geared towards selling merchandise over making decent shows to watch. I will never understand the worthless conclusion to focus on marketability when the series where figures and marketability lasts for years to come are always those few series the creators actually put effort into. Others may sell fairly well short term but the appeal wears off just as fast as none of them are truly memorable.

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6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Aaeru  |  January 6, 2012 at 8:11 am

    Awesome season for me! no eroge adaptations but Nisemonogatari and Papakiki is already enough to take up all my anime time ~!

  • 2. Metaler  |  January 7, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    Kill me Baby is probably my best pick for this season. The manga is absolutely priceless, and I feel the need for some slapstick comedy.

    And the more I hear about Papakiki, the more I feel like watching it too, despite the fact that I found it to be rather uninteresting. But hey, I love being surprised.

  • 3. MokouMoe (@MokouMoe1)  |  January 11, 2012 at 11:44 am

    After reading all of Manga version of Another i think it’s more of a mystery manga rather than horror but some part of it sacred me.

  • 4. otakuyaro  |  January 13, 2012 at 3:13 am

    I read the manga for Brave 10 a few months before I heard about the anime. I didn’t really find it otome at all, as Isanami only seemed interested in Saizou. I liked the battle scenes, too — quite shounen, if I must say so.

    • 5. Gtfo anon tard  |  February 16, 2012 at 8:12 pm

      except the fact that it was made by an artist who draws frigging yaoi.

  • 6. kgptzac  |  January 26, 2012 at 5:39 am

    Post to confirm that Another is promising so far after 3 episodes. I haven’t read the original novel and only briefly read a bit of the manga adaptation so I can’t comment on the story/plot compression… but one thing I definitely feel is the same vibe from Higurashi anime’s first Chapter–the actual horror/mystery visual and audio elements in an anime. It’s hard to imagine the director of this anime was also the guy directed Ikamusume anime…


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