Fall 2011 Anime Preview

October 4, 2011 at 7:47 am 9 comments

Once again, a busy fall season. Lots of sequels and adaptations, but the one I’m interested in most is Fate Zero. Even as a prequel and already knowing how the characters there will fare, it is definitely the most interesting show in the lineup. The last season was one of the bigger disappointments in awhile, with me dropping and not watching a record number of shows. At the very least, the season of loli and super moe seems to be somewhat over, so I’m hoping some of these new shows will actually have potential this time around. Now back to rocket grabbing people as Blitzcrank ^___^

After the rather boring and lackluster summer season it is nice to have more than one or two anime likely to be worth watching. Of course there are still more than a few shows bound to be little more than redundant repeats of the same thing we have seen dozens if not hundreds of times before but hey that’s anime these days. I am sure many people are on the edge of their seats while waiting for series such as Fate Zero and Un Go, and even Majikoi, and for once I cannot blame them. The only bad thing about this season to me were the sheer number of seasons that make for rather tiresome work when writing even such very brief commentary..

Here’s a chart from Zana and a detailed preview by Random Curiosity.

Busou Shinki Moon Angel (09/22 Thu)

So basically what we have here is an updated version of the classic Angelic Layer. With our battling tiny female champions having designs reminiscent of Strike Witches/Infinite Stratos, our main protagonist, a young boy wishes to become a Pokemon Shinki master. As this is a series of 5 minute anime shorts, I doubt we’ll take much of a look at this. However, I have to comment that the designs are appealing! A friend of mine collects these lines of figures, so it’ll be interesting to spot which of the ones I’ve seen before.

Obviously lazy design brings them back to a past success in Angelic Layer using an updated mecha design that reflects modern series such as Infinite Stratos or strike witches. This appears similar to a certain free eroge, more of a promotion for figure sales by providing a direct tie in with the anime. Goes to show how lucrative a market figure sales are becoming, it does make me wonder if that is a good or bad thing though, personally I am inclined to feel this may be an overall bad trend to set should such marketing tactics prove effective. Pretty obvious with 5 minute episodes they are treating this as an experiment to see if it works rather than invest the time and money into a full length series, personally I hope this flops miserably so we don’t have to worry about future series being centered around moe figure advertisements.  

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume (09/26 Mon)

The first season of this was a nice joyride through the silly antics of our resident squid girl. With another season to invade this fall, I can’t wait to amuse myself seeing her fail. I hope we get even more mini adventures of mini squid girl, she was way too adorable the first time she showed up in that bittersweet dream segment. Hooray, Ika Musume!

As a second season there is little need to go into detail on the plot however, personally while I felt the first season mildly entertaining I could never keep watching as it got old pretty quick. Once you have seen a few episodes you have pretty much seen the entire series as it essentially repeats a standard sequence of gags over and over. It may have been better to leave this series its notoriety from a single season and us that fame for merchandising instead of diluting the joke even more with a second season. I will probably end up watching a few episodes here and there and will doubtlessly wind up mildly amused but as I am not into the whole pointless “Moe” thing there isn’t much to see her once I have seen enough of the whole squid girl is out of place in modern society joke a dozen times already.

C3 (10/01 Sat)

I don’t think I’m the only one that notices a visual similarity with Baka Test to Shoukanjuu. But yeah… cursed objects being able to turn into young, beautiful girls.. = supernatural harem anime. Let’s just see how much moe power this anime will exude, but this light-hearted, romance comedy should satisfy users who are accustomed to the format of recent anime.

Hearing the voice of the box girl in this series makes me keep thinking Togame reincarnated as some … box.. thing, she’s still tiny though. As far as the story is concerned I get the feeling this won’t be very deep to say the least, it seems to be mostly about cursed object bishoujos who want to remove their curse and thus give our protagonist meaning to his otherwise pointless existence. Unless there is some element introduced here that can propel the story better I cannot see this as anything beyond a run of the mill anime using a slightly different gimmick to help drive its comedy and act as a cover for the standard romance themes.

Bakuman Season 2 (10/01 Sat)

I’m excited to see this new season of Bakuman. Normally I don’t watch the anime version of a manga I’m covering, but even after catching up to the latest chapter, I still had enough interest to finish season 1. Although this may more or less be a romanticized version of the manga industry, I just can’t help but cheer on the two male protagonists as they do their best to become the top mangaka. Even without battles or fights, this manga carries the shounen spirit pretty well.

A second season of a show I never watched nor intend on watching, ask someone else about this one, I could not care less.

Working!! (10/01 Sat)

Cute Popura is back! As usual this is a second season of a slice of life, comedy series with occasional doses of cuteness. I’m not too sure if I’ll be hyped enough to add this to my list of series to watch though. Maybe like with Baka Test, I’m beginning to tire of sequels that actually make me question why I’m watching it.

Ahh, working. This show was great early on, funny, enjoyable to watch, and even had a cast of mostly awesome characters how I miss those early episodes. As it progressed the series lost its appeal as an entertaining 4koma styled gag show when it decided to focus on uhh I think her name was Inami? Well whoever that man hating girl who always punched our protagonist was she ruined the glory that was Working for me. I did not enjoy the show as some kind of romance comedy slash drama, I enjoyed the funny relationships between the characters and how it related to their personalities and jobs. Maybe if they put a muzzle on the annoying ama  and throw her in a kennel somewhere I’ll watch and love this season. Otherwise if it turns out to be more annoying half assed romance comedy this may be best ignored.

Fate Zero (10/01 Sat)

Saber is back and in an installment that most of the original anime viewers aren’t familiar with. As this is based on the line of light novels, this prequel covers the previous holy grail war that took place in Fuyuki City before Shirou’s time. As it is also animated by ufotable, who did the Kara no Kyoukai series, I can’t wait to see how this will go. This is probably my most anticipated series of the season… and if things aren’t looking so great for the other series… maybe my only one. But finally, we’ll see a more competent hero than Emiya ‘people die if they are killed’ Shirou.

Doubtless the most widely anticipated show of the season, the prequel of Fate Stay Night, Fate Zero right from the start has one major advantage over the original, Shirou’s dad as the protagonist for this fourth holy grail war instead of one of the lamest protagonists of all time, Shirou. Of course many people will just want to see saber again, but aside from that the light novel story is more of an overview than the original FSN was, giving us more insight into the perspectives of the other masters. Perhaps the only thing that bothers me is how I cannot agree with the portrayal of Alexander, it is almost as though they asked Blizzard to design that character for them with how needlessly muscular and old he looks.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai (10/01 Sat)

With this last one, we have our second anime adaptation of an eroge. Focusing on a harem of female warriors, at least this sounds like there’s an action/fighting aspect to this anime. But surely this isn’t another Fate Stay Night, so I’m doubting it’ll be of any extraordinary quality. Cute girls, pantsu shots during fight scenes, and excuses for clothing to be torn apart…. I think that will cover most of what will happen.

Majikoi was a surprisingly good eroge, sure it was completely over the top in just about everything, but it had good characters who were actually developed beyond stereotypical roles. To break up anything serious the comedy basis of it was well balanced such that even when being serious about the absurdity of the story or characters you couldn’t help but simply enjoy it with a smile on your face. Perhaps the biggest question here as with most eroge adaptations is which route or routes with the game cover, and whether we will get to see a solid conclusion. Lets hope our brains over brawn protagonist will at least choose one of the violent girls who surround him for a satisfying ending. I am sure almost all of those who have played this game are with me when I say, go Yukie route!

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (10/01 Sat)

Alternate dimensions, breast groping, and school battles… Like with Kamisama Dolls’ trailer, I have no idea what the heck they want to do here. Although the premise sounds fairly serious, the fact that they have school battles at all just completely dropkicks the serious part away. I don’t think it helps that they even show breast groping in the trailer already.

Stories like this bother me, sure there is an interesting premise going on with the setting but must they really force things to center around a school, even Wanko noted that the school theme instantly negates any valid social commentary or interesting plot here. Maybe he would enjoy it more if they had a dog mascot.. The vibe I get from this series is that we may be ending up with another Highschool of the Dead that is trying to pass off a more serious story with social commentary in what is essentially a fanservice based shounen battle show.

Hunter x Hunter (10/02 Sun)

I will always know Hunter x Hunter as the biggest sausagefest ever in a shounen manga. I have never watched the original anime, but if you don’t mind a cast full of guys and a lineup of females you can remember/count with the fingers on one hand, this series does depict an interesting world that slightly reminds me a bit of Toriko crossed over with the style of Yu Yu Hakusho. I’ll have to comment that despite how long the series has been running, the arcs are enormously long. You’re going to have a hell of a time waiting for certain storylines to resolve.

As a series I have little knowledge of as I never got very far into it (Fishing pole as a weapon was stupid) so I’ll mostly take Wanko’s word for it here. If you happen to be into shounen anime might be worth your time, otherwise probably best to leave this one to the little kids its made for and move along.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (10/02 Sun)

I’m actually somewhat turned off by the animation but an anime focusing on solving puzzles does seem fairly interesting. At the very least it’s different, but I still don’t have a good feeling on this one. Hard to say how this will turn out until I actually watch this.

This is little more than an anime ripoff of the movie Pi. Even the title “Phi Brain : Kami no Puzzle” seems to blatantly show off the tie in of the golden ratio, phi with god which was the entire premise of the movie Pi. That said the anime is obviously half assed in comparison and infinitely more childish. If you like watered down copy cats posing as a shounen anime complete with all sorts of unnecessary high school based filler where some random kid ends up being the center of the world to fulfill your weeaboo need for a pseudo intellectual show this season ,this show was definitely made for you.

Tamayura Hitose (10/03 Mon)

Just another fluffy and mellow slice of life involving four young girls. With cameras and photography being the main theme, you’ll be enjoying the nice atmosphere of the environments they’ll be partaking in. As not much goes on, you’ll either relax on this or get so comfortable you’ll fall asleep bored.

The most interesting part of this series to me is how well the creators of Aria can replicate that feeling. I love a good slice of life story, however most never quite get their ambiance right, and not since Aria have I found a series to compare to that warm fuzzy feeling you get when watching a show that is so simple and yet so immensely entertaining. With a show like this, I don’t need romance or moe or far fetched comedy scenes, I just want them to bring that simple feeling of happiness to life again.

Kimi to Boku (10/03)

Just from this picture alone, I’m reminded of Sasameki Koto. Thankfully this won’t be some shounen-ai outing, but a normal slice of life focusing on male characters… wait… male characters!? Been awhile since that’s happened! We’re already familiar with a 2D girl’s lifestyle from the many slice of life anime that gets pumped out every season, so let’s see if the male side is any interesting… But do I even want to bother?  :3

It will be interesting to see how the viewers react to a different take on the standard slice of life formula, will they embrace an all male cast or will they scorn the lack of female moeblob characters? Of course part of that equation has to do with whether or not the show itself is interesting, which I for one sure hope it will be as it would be nice to have more variation in slice of life anime than just the typical female group that is starting to become rather tedious. 

Chihayafuru (10/04 Tue)

I’ve occasionally seen Karuta played in various anime, but since I’m not familiar with Japanese poetry, it’s never interested me much. Although we’ll be focusing on the drama and human interactions here, I do wonder if the lack of familiarity with Karuta will be a deterrent. But I do laugh imagining how much localization hell this will go through if it ever gets licensed.

As much as I want to like the unique concept behind this, it just screams shoujo variation of Hikaru no Go which just happens to use a different type of game and doubtlessly will have far more pointless drama. It feels like the creator of this series watched Hikaru no Go or something similar, and decided to use a shoujo format instead, but just doing that would be too blatant so changed which traditional game to use. But what would a shoujo story be without silly emo drama?  So of course besides wanton emotional fluctuations there needs to be at least two guys to fight over the attentions of our heroine sometime later in the series. Frankly I always have the same problem with most shoujo stories, the overdone drama and lame characters get on my nerves. I find it interesting that the majority of girls I know or have just passingly talked to hate shoujo stories as much as I do, makes me wonder just who their audience is..

Maken-ki (10/04 Tue)

Not much to see here, another school battle harem anime. When it comes to girls, you know, gotta catch them all.

Fanservice the anime. While the manga was not bad per se I did end up dropping it as it had little going for it beyond the ecchi developments. Actually I could be wrong and I am too lazy to check but if I recall right when I was reading the manga I think I read that the author at least started off doing hentai, which if true may explain the erm.. robust character designs.

Mashiro-Iro Symphony (10/04 Tue)

As usual, just another anime adaptation of an eroge. Boy surrounded by girls as an all girls school turns co-ed, harem starts to form, profit! Character designs are nice, although a lot of anime adaptations of eroge tend to be like that. If you’re looking for your thousandth school-life anime, feel free to enjoy your harem fantasies with this. I’m not as young as I used to be :(

As much as I know this will piss off fans of the series frankly this can be summed up in one sentence : Boring eroge make for boring anime. Even as an eroge this game was a pretty bland run of the mill chara-ge that was right up Micchi’s alley, those of us who favor interesting stories and character development on the other hand were not as fond of this game. Same will likely apply to this anime, if you enjoy a deep story to your eroge style plots move along, if you just want cute characters doing the standard scenes over and over with stories about as touching as a pedo in a van full of lolis then you should be immensely pleased with this show.

Persona 4 The Animation (10/06 Thu)

As I have never played the fourth installment, I am happy to see this adaptation. The games were quite a drag with how grindy they were, but they did have an interesting setting. Thankfully this should get the bad taste of the Trinity Soul anime out of my mouth.

I never was much of a fan of the persona series, and the previous anime left a lot to be desired as well so personally I will likely be skipping this series. If however you were an avid fan of the game then provided the anime doesn’t take everything about the game and turn it all into a mockery of its former self you may begin rejoicing.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (10/06 Thu)

Moe comedy at its finest. I’ve read a few chapters of the manga, and I praise this series for adding in so many game/anime parodies. With a weird yet cute cast of characters, this is a show that only an otaku would love. Seriously, you have to be reasonably insane to enjoy this show xD

Fun series about making friends, of course all the friends of our protagonist are females who each adore him in their own way so this is more or less an eroge in manga / anime format. That said I did find the series surprisingly enjoyable as it functions well in its comedy role and does branch off from the standard archetypes of characters by usually adding on at least one other unique and silly trait. While Wanko noted the parodies, I disagree that you need to be able to get all the parodies to enjoy this show, even without all the “Otaku” jokes there is plenty to enjoy as the characters exhibit some of that 90s craziness that is sorely lacking in animes these days.

Shakugan no Shana Season 3 (10/07 Fri)

I have watched the previous two seasons of this series, but with such a long gap I don’t even remember what’s going on anymore. Not to mention, I don’t feel too interested due to that. In the end, I might as well check it out and finish this trilogy, but then again I never did finish Zero no Tsukaima either. Oh boy, will I be able to stand hearing Shana’s ‘urusai x 3’.

A third season of an immensely popular series hardly needs any introductions, but at the same time doesn’t feel very interesting anymore either. I think the main fault of this is that the second season was a pretty big letdown in comparison to the first, feeling almost like a giant episodic filler episode. Maybe if they can prove they are not wasting my time with this season I may take more than a passing interest when bored, otherwise I’ll just pretend the whats his name protagonist finally got in the sharp tongued sword wielding lolis pants, the end.

Last Exile: Fam the Silverwing (10/07 Fri)

I heard the previous Last Exile series was well received, so I’m curious to check out this newer series! The artwork seems neat, and knowing that it’s a retro-future, action-adventure story excites me. I’m sure this should quell the disappointment of my initial preview of Gundam Age. I just hope that the characters aren’t as horrible as the ones Zen mentioned from the first season >_<

Last Exile sucked in my opinion, the show had all sorts of neat ideas in the setting, had good characters, and they still went and ruined it all by having a crappy protagonist / heroine pair that made me want to tear my hair out. Maybe this time the main characters will grow a pair, but I am skeptical to say the least. Maybe younger kids and or people who idolize Ghandi will disagree with me, but if there is even a hint of the same rubbish with this series I for one am going to drop it instantly.

Ben-to (10/08 Sat)

Buying lunch has always been a hectic battle in school anime as people look to get the best deals. So now we have a gag comedy anime focused completely on that. We have anime for tennis, racing, biking, otaku culture, and a variety of other themes. So err why not bento? Okay, this sounds stupid, but it might at least it might be enjoyable. At the very least I’m hungry. I’m hoping for an anime series based on badminton someday!

Well I can’t say this series is not unique at the very least. This may even end up as my comedy pick for the season provided it is as amusing as I hope and avoids falling into any pitfalls. Not a series to watch for story, but still fighting over cheap food is at least more entertaining, believable, and intellectually stimulating than something like Horizon.

Mobile Suit Gundam Age (10/09 Sun)

The concept for this new gundam series definitely piques my interests. But the animation style makes me think this is gundam…. for kids… I can’t help but feel turned off by that, but thinking back, most of the main protagonists of the other series were barely out of puberty. I guess they’re finally catering the show to an audience that matches its cast. Oh well, I still have to catch up on the rest of the older series.

One of the things that always turned me off of gundam series was the age of the characters, seriously I am sick of the focus on children in shows about war. The other major flaw in gundam series was all the unnecessary emo about everyone circle jerking to the idea of peace. It seems to me each generation gets worse, with the exception of G Gundam as nothing could possibly be worse than that. I have no idea how they are going to trump this series with their next iteration of this long running franchise but I am sure they will manage to surprise me in some horrible way, maybe this time making newborn infants gundam pilots.

Mirai Nikki (10/09 Sun)

Gasai Yuno, how I miss you <3 If you’re looking for something beyond the norm, Mirai Nikki is among the top contenders in the fall season for a serious story full of suspense. (I’m still rooting for Fate Zero though <3) Using mobile phones with special abilities, random candidates are battling out to become a successor to God. I don’t really want to spoil more than that, but the story becomes quite twisted, so if you’re looking for something a lot more darker than what this season has to offer, this would be an obvious choice. I  do wonder if they’ll modify certain story segments given its television broadcast.

This is one of the series I am looking forward to, well admittedly with some trepidation as I have lost a lot of my faith in anime as a medium. Still there is a lot of potential in this series as the concept of a death match with something more subtle than super powers is worth checking out. The one thing that worries me is whether or not the protagonist will be good enough to truly earn a spot in such a story, I would hate to have a protagonist trying to save everyone in a series built on darker themes. 

Un-Go (10/13 Thu)

We’re finally back to having male detectives in our anime line up, so moe loli detectives seemed to have dried up for now. As it is an original series, there’s not much to go on or refer to. The only thing that I do question and am slightly bothered by is his shota sidekick. Can’t they have more normal looking partners instead of letting us tag our male protagonists with either an uke or seme label. Well, regardless of that, hopefully this series will surprise me..

I truly love a good detective story, please do note the word “Good” as that would inherently exclude shows such as Gosick from mention. While much of this series does seem to head toward rather obvious conclusions the main appeal is how will it get there, and will it retain an interesting story which keeps us on our toes without reliance on deus ex machina to avoid the author having to use their head when resolving situations.  I also appreciate the lack of a pointless loli to appeal to the moefag pedos who only care about the inclusion of such a character. Along with Fate Zero, Un Go will likely be one of the must see series of this season, especially for those who care about story, here’s hoping it doesn’t let us down.

Guilty Crown (10/13 Thu)

Possessing a different ability yet with the same ‘Power of Kings’ tag as Lelouch from Code Geass, our young protagonist pulls out weapons from people in a way similar to Revolutionary Girl Utena. With a fight against the government, we might as well call this series Code Geass S3. All Hail, Britannia :3

Gah, kids again. I’m sorry but when some annoying children are responsible for overthrowing a corrupt government I can only laugh at the idea while thinking they must be going through a rebellious phase and throwing tantrums aimed at the government because they have nothing better to do. This would be more convincing with realistic social parallels, characters at least old enough to buy tobacco or drink, and powers more useful in changing society than something out of a straight forward shounen battle series. At the very least we may be granted a series like Code Geass without one of the most worthless and infuriating characters ever conceived by man, Suzaku.

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9 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Aero  |  October 4, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    I have yet to see a anime adaptation of an eroge that was as satisfying as the game. Sadly the first episode of Majikoi was the same. However, the animation quality of the fighting scenes were decent so I’ll stick to it…for now.

    • 2. Choux  |  October 5, 2011 at 2:59 am

      I think it’s because I watched the anime first, but I thought that the Air anime was just as satisfying as the game, if not more so.

      • 3. Aero  |  October 6, 2011 at 4:02 am

        I watched Kanon 2006, sometime after that I tried to play the game, but I just couldn’t get into it. But with Air and Kanon I think the coverage of the anime was decent enough that there wasn’t really much of a point to play the game. But that’s just personal opinion.

  • 4. feal87  |  October 4, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    This season’s Zen is not enough bitchy! We need more moans! :D

  • 5. Aedes  |  October 4, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    Even though I haven’t played the original eroge, I’m still looking forward to Majikoi to see what it’s like. And also Shana, merely because I’ve watched the first two seasons.

  • 6. Wrathkal  |  October 5, 2011 at 9:07 am

    I partially agree on the Yukie route… because it shows the most of Wakamoto and the fighting tournament is awesome… but the true route isn’t bad either…

  • 7. Clephas  |  October 5, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    In comparison to the original anime, the new Hunter X Hunter seems to lack the dark undertones, subtlety, and maturity the series displayed, even early on. As a rather striking example… there is this one guy that Gon and the others save from drowning… in the new anime he is something of a faded, shallow character with a distinctly toadyish attitude toward Gon. In the original, he was a somewhat vicious-looking knife thrower who didn’t hesitate to beat down a mouthy passenger when it was warranted. The degree of difference there illustrates the degree to which they seem to be planning to retool the series for a younger audience (most likely pre-teens). I shudder to think what they’ll do to Killua…

  • 8. Metaler  |  October 8, 2011 at 12:06 am

    There are so many anime I picked this season, I don’t know where to begin. I might just drop most of them and stick with Fate/Zero plus one or two.

    I have yet to watch Horizon and… I don’t know if I want to. Opinions out there have been mixed. Some say it’s amazing, others say it’s pure horseshit. I dunno.

    I watched the first episode of C3 and I’m less than impressed. It reeks unoriginality. Though I heard that something good’s supposed to happen in 1~3 episodes, so maybe I’ll stick with it. Otherwise, I’ll drop it.

    Un-Go seems quite good. I love mysteries as well, and this one might just fulfill my need for something like that to replace Kara no Shoujo and Umineko.

    I’m reading the Mirai Nikki manga, and I gotta say every chapter makes me sit at the edge of my seat. It’s pure suspense all the way. Definetely recommend it. It’s like Death Note, but without all the unnecessary amounts of ham.

    Ben-To is… eeeeeh… I dunno. Fuck it.

  • 9. Guy Saelim  |  October 16, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    wait…. where’s Zen???


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