Summer 2011 Anime Impressions

September 20, 2011 at 8:33 am 13 comments

Although not really a surprise based on the previous preview, we’ve covered a smaller amount of anime this time around. It’s sad when you can’t tell if you’re burnt out from watching anime or if you’re just growing out of it. But keep in mind that the episodes we covered or at least I covered, were for at least 5-6 episodes of each series. That amount is normally more than adequate enough for determining whether a series is going to be kept or dropped. Hopefully with the summer season of moe about to end soon, we’ll get something that will intrigue me rather than make me squeal with glee.

A rather lackluster season this is, only a few series even worth watching and even then most of them just barely. That is unless you are a lolicon who cares about nothing aside from loli, in which case this is the perfect season for you as nearly every show has something based on loli it seems. To be honest half of the delay for this post was due to neither of us having been interested enough to even watch enough of the shows, and the other half was thanks entire to Feal baiting me with delicious eroge recommendations to distract me with while I should have been writing, damn you Feal, send any and all complaints to him.

Here’s a chart from Zana again. And as usual, Random Curiosity for a detailed preview.

RO-KYU-BU (07/01 Fri)

Who really cares about basketball when you have cute lolis to handle. Sure there are basketball matches and training for competitions, but all you’re really focused on is patting the heads of the adorable loli roster in this show. If you’re looking for cute, then this would do the trick, but otherwise this offers little substance for those looking for a lot more! In comparison to the other shows this season, the entertainment value here is sadly higher. I also want to claim Maho and Hina before anyone else does :3


Elementary schoolers really are the best, aren’t they? They’re really cute and pure and they call you oniichan without you asking them to. Damn you Subaru, I’m jealous. I’m following both the LN, manga and anime at the moment and it’s fun to notice all the differences. While there are some scenes that were taken out and/or moved about, the majority of the key scenes remained in the anime. Of course most of those were moments between Subaru and Tomoka, which I am perfectly fine with since Mokkan is the best! (Mahomaho, Aoicchi and Hina shortly after. They’ve definitely made the anime more focused on the fanservice side than the basketball games and how the team has come together under Subaru’s guidance. It’s a shame this is only 12 eps long…


Kami-sama no Memo-chou (07/02 Sat)

Looking just like Hanasaku Iroha, this anime is at least visually pleasing. But I do laugh at the concept of an internet NEET detective. But with the flesh search engine manhunts that we occasionally get on the internet, I guess it’s a bit plausible. However, they really do make hackers seem like internet gods in television. But as it takes place in modern Japan, I do applaud this for having an active story that takes place outside of a school. With its setting and structure, I am reminded of Akihabara DEEP and I do feel like the anime does a good job of exploring the setting and characters. At the very least it’s something to watch that isn’t banking on its moe power.


A better version of GoSick making a show with a detective theme about more than just goth goth loli loli. That said though the show is far from believable as it revolves around a loli neet version of the Puppet Master who directs the actions of her particular group of misfits. The actual story itself is nothing too special for anyone familiar with the typical formulas used in these types of shows though the main draw of this show lies in the character interaction and the complexity of a modern city setting. Yes the show does not focus too much on the moe appeal of characters but does she really have to be a loli? Maybe its just me but her aloof nature and tsun attitude seem more like a nod in the direction of popular archetypes than a decision made to better support the story or rest of the cast. There won’t be any amazingly well written plot twists for those who enjoy genuine detective stories but if you enjoy the characters, setting, and a little mystery on the side this has turned out to be one of the decidedly few decent picks this season.


Sacred Seven (07/02 Sat)

So the basic premise here is, boy is granted powers and has to fight others just like him. It’s a standard shounen anime with typical school related activity subplots, and I guess every season has to have one of these. Unlike Ao no Exorcist, I’m not as excited watching this as I should be. Although it does help pass the time, like a lot of the other anime this season, you won’t ever be mentioning this anime ever again afterwards.

WATCHING – Just a bit for the little shounen in me

A fairly typical shounen plotline for those little boys who dream of growing up and entering the glamorous world of geologists. As your basic shounen battle series, only about this time about rocks there is little here for most people even those who enjoy shounen series, Sacred Seven convincingly displays just how tapped out of ideas writers are when they have gone so far past the bottom of the barrel they have no choice but to use the rocks underneath as subject matter.

DROPPED – Even otherworldly rocks cannot make geology any less boring.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee (07/03 Sun)

No. Maybe if her caretakers were aliens and this took place on the Moon.

DROPPED – Couldn’t sit through a full episode.

Yuruyuri (07/04 Mon)

Like I mentioned earlier in the summer preview, cute girls doing cute things, especially to each other. It hit dead on, although it was pretty obvious. Another loli moe show like Ro-Kyuu-Bu but this one is full of moe comedy. Considering that it doesn’t take things seriously, this isn’t bad of a watch if you limit your moe intake. But overall, just another cute show if you can tolerate these.


Kamisama Dolls (07/05 Tue)

I did get interested in the story development of this anime but I started to wonder what kind of direction did the plot want to go into. For a 13 episode series, I find its lack of focus on that to probably be detrimental to how it will eventually build up. At the very least with its plot advances, I do find it better than Blood C. But given that it’s only gone through halfway,  I do find that it may have the potential to build into something greater.


I find two things absolutely intolerable about this series. First the little girl is annoying and completely out of place in a story that tries to be dark but just can’t when shes around being goofy for moe appeal. The second major flaw is that for a series with so much focus on death and characters dark pasts, the protagonist reaches almost Shinji levels of worthless human being. With the two main points addressed I do feel I have a general hold on where this story is going, however at the same time the layout and type of story does not suit a typical single season series. With the actual story moving along at a snails pace and significant time lost focusing on the brat being “Cute”, there is little time left over to bring everything back together in a convincing and satisfactory manner. While I did technically drop this series I will at least watch the end sometime to see if my predictions hold true, but otherwise this is one of those series that is a waste of time for all involved. Since the creators decided to try and satisfy everyone, there is nothing here to satisfy anyone, the story and characters are just so all over the place there is little here worth the time it takes to watch. Maybe not a terrible series but whether you like or hate some parts you can be pretty sure that when the roller coaster is over the average will be something easily forgettable.


Usagi Drop (07/07 Thu)

Adorable. That’s the only word you have to use to sum up this series.  If only real children were as obedient as Rin, I would want several in the future :3 This is why the 2D world is awesome.  As long as it sticks to the current formula, nothing should go wrong for now.


NO. 6 (07/07 Thu)

Despite the interesting setting, I just can’t help but notice all the shounen-ai overtones here. Right now I’m just wondering whether the show is going to put more focus onto the events occurring at No. 6 or the relationship between the two main characters. Although strengthening character relationships is a good thing, I just hope the plot doesn’t forget the dire issues coming forth.


THE IDOLM@STER (07/07 Thu)

The other show I’m following this season. I love idol shows. I even watched Lovedol. So obviously, I was delighted when it was announced that Im@s is getting an anime (No, I don’t count that one). The first ep from the producer-san camera-san’s perspective was a refreshing way of introducing the huge cast and each of their own charms. For someone who knows the series and the characters, the anime is showcasing the best of each of them, whether it’s the twins’ antics, Iori’s tsuntsun or Miki’s everything. And they had Go My Way! as an ED. My life is complete.


Blood-C (07/07 Thu)

Blood C has disappointed me for running a standard monster of the week formula. The school life segments are not even remotely interesting either. I suppose it is trying to slowly build up the storyline, but they really have to ditch such predictable episodes that feel like a waste of time. But given 12 episodes, I doubt it can catch up and pull off something amazing that would completely change the series.


Mayo Chiki (07/07 Thu)

This has to be one of the most pointless and typical series I have ever borne witness to, the entire premise is based around a cliche romance comedy when a tsun heroine and reluctant protagonist start things off by sharing a secret. Oh no she’s faking being a butler for some stupid family reason because apparently they never heard of maids, and of course if anyone finds out it is the end of the world as we know it. For the hell of it lets throw in some more random stupidity, oh I know we can make the protagonist have a fear of girls, and of course we need to explain that so lets attribute it to his mother and sister using him as their punching bag since they are apparently into that pro wrestling garbage. Lets not consider that it is the furthest thing possible from actual fighting, and to make things more interesting we should make two rival groups who are for and against the protagonists relationship with our butler wannabe heroine B. Of course heroines A, C, and D are involved in all of this, and thus we have the entirety of our cast and plot. All that is left is to throw in all the typical jokes, misunderstandings, and cockblocking and you have something we have all seen quite literally a hundred times before. Only the ojousama character has any merit in this series as far as I am concerned and was the only character I even watched for. Given she is quite obviously not the primary heroine I dropped the series pretty quick in favor of wasting my time in far more productive ways, such as staring at the nearest wall, or getting into youtube comment arguments. 


Baka Test to Shoukanjuu (07/07 Thu)

I was hoping for more class battles, but all I get is fan service and what I feel like a season full of filler. Not sure if this is what went on in the light novels, but it really feels too much like filler. Going to put this on hold for now or lose interest and drop it.


Itsuka Tenma no Kurosagi (07/08 Fri)

Loli pantsu and fanservice. Although the premise seemed interesting, this was what it came down to unfortunately. But those are some awesome shimapan :3 And despite that loli vampire’s age upgrade, she still seems pretty loli to me!


Mawaru Penguindrum (07/08 Fri)

Among the lineup this season, Mawaru Penguindrum is one that I have to praise. With the wacky  yet mysterious scenes involving some alien penguin hat, the story shifts from dark sequences to comedic ones. Although the main point of the story is to find the mysterious penguin drum, they’ve managed to pack in fun penguin escapades in a non-predictable manner. But seeing that I’ve only covered 1/4th of this 24 episode series, it is hard to say if this series will become repetitive or not. But at the very least, my only complaint is how repetitive the ‘Seizon Senryaku’ sequences are when they start it up. I’m starting to tire of ‘Rock over Japan’.


Initially a very entertaining series the focus on surrealism becomes a chore later in the series as it becomes pointlessly thrust into your face for no reason other than to reiterate things we already know each and every episode. The over use of the transformation sequence in every single episode eventually got on my nerves as it was unecessary past the first three or so times, not to mention it is exactly the same each time down to her silly and exaggerated movements while walking down those steps. A shame that they tried to make this into a mind ____ anime, as I can be quite sure by this point having watched ten episodes as of this writing that it is a garbage series, that failed completely at what it was going for. Characters that exaggeratedly skirt the insane in such a painfully boring and stupid fashion reminds me of Higurashi, just less blood and different animation style here as it would clearly be impossible to do something like that with shoujo artwork. When not being emotional little brats over every little thing and never quite reaching the level of insanity one would like to see from a series trying its best to convince you to buy into their poor attempts at binding the unnatural to the everyday world we are all familiar with. Throw in the style of directing used everywhere it doesn’t belong since Bakemonogatari by artsy cinematography school dropouts (Or a single idiot who is a one trick pony, far too lazy to be bothered checking that), and all those scenes meant to give a sense of being out of place feel so ordinary and just plain dull that twiddling my thumbs feels more interesting than waiting for things to move along again. I doubt anything here will be as memorable or well known as oh lets say the last few episodes of Evangelion, which means they have already missed the point entirely. Maybe had the creators had the intelligence of creativity to bring the surreal to life in a convincing manner providing a strange and twisted parallel to reality this series may have had some merit, as it is however this is just some shoujo rubbish that bit off more than it can chew.

DROPPED – Faster than I could throw her penguin hat in a dumpster.

Dantalian no Shoka (07/16 Fri)

A new forbidden book each episode! I wonder if they’ll actually show a main storyline or arc versus this current monster of the week formula. Although in the past, many anime followed this format, I’m starting to desire a lot more of what I watch. If it’s not a comedy or a moe show, I really demand much more from genres such as this. As of now, it’s not keeping me interested so I’ll drop this. For those who enjoyed Gosick, this may be your cup of tea.


While Dantalion no Shoka may be episodic the creators have chosen to use that as a means to further the emphasis around a concept of ephemeral beauty. As though they were two sides of a single coin tumbling end over end through the air love and hate exchange places throughout these stories to the point that love turning into hate or hate turning into love can no longer be distinguished from one another. Yes the series is episodic in the sense that each story arc lasts a single episode however there is no reset and each episode builds upon the subtle elements and relationships previously established. Whether or not this is intentional and they are going to reach the conclusion being steadily hinted at throughout the series remains to be seen however I am still hopeful that there will be a satisfying conclusion to this series. Typically I hate anything even remotely episodic as they tend to be too short to cover things, however this time around the point is not the battles nor the books even, but rather the allure of knowledge and how easily temptation can warp a sinner or saint, as such this series has become by far my favorite this season.


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We Meet Again, Oniichan! Imouto Paradise: Part 2

13 Comments Add your own

  • 1. feal87  |  September 20, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    “And despite that loli vampire’s age upgrade, she still seems pretty loli to me!” <–and what's wrong with it? :D

    • 2. Aedes  |  September 20, 2011 at 9:46 pm

      Absolutely nothing is wrong with it. All we need in anime are lolis and more lolis.

  • 3. aquaspirit39  |  September 20, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    “and the other half was thanks entire to Feal baiting me with delicious eroge recommendations”

    So…wat is this eroge?

  • 4. andyashion8D  |  September 20, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    wtf with words “say no to loli” =____________= really disagree =_____=””

  • 5. tflops  |  September 21, 2011 at 1:28 am

    I prefer Omochikari to be all eroge news, plot, and reviews. But it’s good if it is an vn/eroge adaptation.

  • 6. eab1990  |  September 21, 2011 at 3:14 am

    >dropping Ikoku in less than one episode


  • 7. Pochikoi  |  September 21, 2011 at 3:18 am

    This is heaven for Jun, unfortunately he lives in 2 world..(lol)
    friggin loli >=___=

  • 8. Pochikoi  |  September 21, 2011 at 3:19 am

    damn.. “2D”

  • 9. Metaler  |  September 21, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Dantalian no Shoka started out as pretty bland for me. The pacing was too fast, not giving enough time to develop the story arc. But it’s one of those series that gets better with each episode. Yes, this may be Gainax, but at least they finally made something good which isn’t related to Evangelion.

    Though, from someone who read a little bit of the light novels, I can say that the creators were attempting to use a similar formula seen in the novels, which are the episodic nature of the series. But what makes Dantalian unique is that the episodic formula was used in such a way that you can read the chapters in whichever order you want, and I can see that the anime attempted to do the same. But, naturally, sometimes you can’t squeeze in a few dozen pages of story into a 23-minute episode, and it shows. Especially at the beggining.

    Still a good series though. I’ll keep watching it till the end.

    Though right now, Yuru Yuri is probably my favorite. It’s funny, moe, and it feels like the characters are aware that they are in an anime (post-modernity?).

    Now Kami-sama no Memochou is pure horseshit. This is NOT Gosick. Gosick was good. No, it was amazing. But this is pure bullshit. It’s like the creators took a dump down your face then asked a monkey to puke on your ass and said “HEY WE CAN MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF THIS BECAUSE VIEWERS ARE MORONS!” I feel rapped. In all of my body’s holes. I’m just gonna finish it because there’s one episode left but by the gods I can’t stand it anymore.

    Idolmaster started out as pretty bland for me, despite the interesting intro, but it’s starting to get my attention. I can see why this series has so many fans. What amazes me the most is that the creators somehow managed to give each character equal screentime (save for Takane, who needs more love). Considering how enormous the main cast is, this is quite a feat.
    And dat Miki. I’d take her home and rip her clothes with my teeth, then give her a whip and say “HELL YEAH BABY HIT ME HARRDDD!!”

    I remember I watched No. 6 as well, and despite the interesting premise, it didn’t really catch my attention. But I could sense the heavy amount of shonen-ai. Not that this bothers me. I mean, I go both ways, man.

    Now Ro-Kyu-Bu… I have to say, I was enjoying it…. Kind of. The thing is, despite all the roriness and moeness, the fact that I’m not exactly into basketball (or any sport) really doesn’t help me relate to any of the girls, because I can’t see this kind of thing as “serious business”. Though from the 3 episodes I watched, it did touch my heart a little, so I’ll give it that. Maybe I’ll finish it someday, who knows. Maybe for the loli, maybe not. We’ll see.

    But right now, I’m just waiting for Ikamusume 2 to start degeso. It’ll be awesmoe degeso. And it will start on the same week Nichijou ends, which means I’ll get the double dose of moe degeso! I may not survive this degeso.

    My nutbladder. It’s in grave danger. But it’s alllriiiight!

  • 10. mesousa  |  September 21, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    You’re watching RKB but dropping YY because of “cute girls doing cute things” make you a hypocritical retard. Just post or review some VNs or comiket stuffs. That’s your forte and nothing more.

    • 11. mesousa  |  September 21, 2011 at 7:23 pm

      Oh wait, I take that back. I wish I wasn’t color blinded with loathe. My apologies.In other note, I also disagree that Memochou is good version of GOSICK. It was intriguing at the start due to Alice, who was supposed to be a speaker of the dead, but in the latter, she had been slowed down to nothingness and only good for her dere-dere mode. The mystery was also toned down the gutter in which there’s no suspense and death flags involved, while GOSICK maintained its mystery part throughout the whole show, plot, character development, romance, etc. starting from the middle episodes, the Leviathan Arc for instance. All in all as I still watch Memochou, it’s dead mediocre and shouldn’t be compared to GOSICK nor comparing to Shoka if allowed.

  • 12. Deathfire  |  September 23, 2011 at 11:35 am

    The reason I like Mayo Chiki is because I think the romance is actually going somewhere unlike most harem animes

  • 13. Zen  |  September 30, 2011 at 4:54 am

    Sorry I kind of forgot to check up on this post while doing other things and working on other posts, as usual I’llrespond to the sensible comments that require it.

    @ aquaspirit39 : Just some old games we were talking about and he made me want to play as I had intended to but never really felt a strong enough desire to actually sit down and play them.

    @ Metaler : Dantalion to me feels like looking down on a tree, each branch may be unique and have no direct connection to its neighbors, however they all eventually come together at the trunk. It is that connection that I feel suits the episodic nature of the series and gives it a purpose and meaning. No anime will ever be as good as the original medium, it is just a fact we deal with for the sake of animation.

    Sorry but I will have to disagree with you here Gosick was absolute garbage, there was no mystery or meaning behind it save to showcase the stupid loli. I’ll respond in more detail to mesousa since his rejection was more intelligent with a reason to reply to.

    On the whole I would have to say the majority of your reasons center around a taste profile instead of general quality which is fine but hardly something to flaunt as though it were an objective truth. There is a general theme of focus on little girls being cute instead of concerns over story which places your taste in direct contrast to my own.

    @ mesousa : Glad you realized the different colors represent the different authors on your own, I am always surprised how often it seems people mistake that.

    As far as Gosick, I feel that it was fundamentally inferior in every single way to Kamisama, your reference to Alice seems to point that you were more interested in the loli than anything else. In Kamisama the purpose of the mystery and characters was different than Gosick, which had used their loli as a deus ex machina for their half assed plots. Instead Kamisama used the concept of NEET to bring together an unrelated family group often bound by their lack of real families. While the continued emphasis on NEET has its roots in representing the individual value of people otherwise considered social pariahs. This was used to great effect with the family group theme by forcing them to all come together and employ their individual talents to solve a case. Granted the mystery aspect is often easily preempted by our logic as the viewer which often ruins the climax. However unlike Gosick which relied on deus ex machina to reveal the plots via their chosen loli, Kamisama at least followed a logical format that allowed for such preemptive conclusions and did not grant Alice any special god like powers. Of course she was slightly over the top in her abilities as far as gathering information but nowhere near the level of uhh Victoria I believe the name was. The concept of speaker for the dead differs from Orson Scott Card in that the subject does not need to be dead here, and was simply saying her only role was to find the facts and nothing but the facts for those who could not, or would not speak them. This was used throughout the series to emphasize that she did not make use of the facts she found so could not always give answers to what the facts meant or how they fit together as this was the role of other characters. I for one appreciate that Alice was not made the omnipotent focus of the series and other characters were given their stories as well, if you truly wished for a speaker of the dead reference it does not get any better than that, as each were given their spotlight and chance to tell their story without her getting in the way. A little fanservice here and there that also gives characters more personality than as a plot device is fine, especially when it is compared to the overwhelmingly intrusive emphasis on such devices throughout Gosick.


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