Spring 2011 Anime Preview

April 9, 2011 at 7:30 am 2 comments

Nemuiwanko is still alive! Just a bit busy with job related matters. But moving on, we will be covering the 2011 spring season. I’m really hoping that I’ll be satisfied with the upcoming season, but I found myself dropping so many series again for the winter season. But at the very least, I’m excited seeing that Gintama and Kaiji are back! Gintama, especially was among my favorite JUMP series for managing to keep me entertained even during its filler episodes. The sizable amount of series popping up for the spring should at least produce a few favorable series… I could use a reward for working on this long list of anime!

Ok so the post is just a teensy bit late, it’s not my fault. Or at least not entirely my fault… You see there are a lot of shows to cover… So some of the blame has to be directed at Japan for having such a busy season. Spring 2011 is one of those seasons where there is something for everyone twice over with a few slice of life shows to spare. As always the preview is mostly just our thoughts on the upcoming season as frankly other more dedicated people do summaries infinitely better than our own half assed attempts written in between clearing away our eroge backlogs.

Here’s a chart from Zana. I appreciate the hard work that goes into these to make life a bit easier. But I’m stuck saving random pictures when I visit the site :3 And of course, Random Curiosity’s detailed preview.

X-MEN (04/01 Fri)

Although, I’ve only taken a small look at the Wolverine anime, I think perhaps the X-Men anime won’t end up being the wreck that Ironman was. They’re covering actual storylines adapted from the comics, so it’s worth taking a look at. But I do find it funny that all these Marvel series are taking place in Japan. It must be nice to be able to gain immediate Japanese fluency in anime.

I don’t care, really it is impossible for me to care any less about their ongoing and pitiful attempts to animate western comics in japan.

DOG DAYS (04/02 Sat)

Oh god, it’s Zero no Tsukaima in an inumimi world! I… must…. watch…. for the dog girls. What’s better than one dog girl? A whole world of them! But I do find it depressing that it’s the main selling point for this. But as long as it caters to my interests… I can expect a comment from Zen anytime now >_<

MAR for furries. Dog girls to attract the furry crowd and your typical protagonist straight from a shounen adventure manga. My guess is that our otherworldly protagonist will somehow manage to save the country he is fighting for after overcoming an extended series of trials that prepare him for the final battle against generic bad guy A. Good luck finding something to enjoy you here if you are not just looking for animal ears or happen to be a 12 year old boy. As such it comes as no surprise our resident furry is interested, further proof that adding a few animal ears to characters can create a fanbase for any story no matter how lame or cliche it is.

TIGER & BUNNY (04/02 Sat)

I honestly don’t know what to expect from this. I enjoyed Tentai Senshi Sunred, which was a great parody of the Tokusatsu/Super Sentai genre. But this seems like something I really can’t judge too well without watching an episode. However, I’m displeased with the 3D animation shown in the trailer. I’m pretty sure it would look way better drawn in 2D.

Seems to me this show is an anime take on a western sitcom idea where you place to opposites together for the sake of the comedic scenarios and misunderstandings. Not very interested in what amounts to an extra silly version of black cop meets white cop. With the suits and all I suppose for those of you who have seen older anime it is something along the lines of an even cheesier version of Bubblegum Crisis. Credit where it is due though, the creators found a way to provide shameless product placement in an anime while fitting it into the story, bravo for new feats of corporate sell out marketing. Goes to show how marketable anime is becoming, and just like most forms of any niche market when it becomes popular, quality declines as popularity increases.

As a final mention I felt the 3d was far better than any other 3d animation I have seen from Japan, however it still has that annoying lag and slightly awkward movement that just feels off. So while the quality itself is better than what I have come to expect it still has yet to catch up to the west of ten years ago in terms of 3d animation.

Nichijou (04/02 Sat)

Another slice of life show for me to watch! And I’m not even done with Hidamari Sketch! I’m going to start going through my backlog until I finish a couple of these. But they can sure pump these out despite the amount of shows already available. But recently these shows have conveyed to me that being a schoolgirl > all. One day someone will develop the technology to turn men into lolis.

Maybe it is just me but this show feels sort of like an Azumanga for really slow people. Very similar humor though seems to me the gags take forever to reach the punchline and reload the next joke, taking one simple gag and stretching it out for five minutes or more. The only thing worse than how long it takes for the punchlines are how predictable those punchlines are, I spent what felt like hours waiting for what I had already realized to come true. Whoever created this series seems to have forgotten that “Slice of life” does not mean everything has to be paced for people with learning disorders. Suppose I can see where this goes, but I am no longer as hopeful as I once was once upon a time as an innocent and naive child.

Toriko (04/03 Sun)

Despite the cooking theme, those huge muscles scream battle anime! I can easily imagine the plot and style of this anime given how typical shounen jump series are like. Given that it is a popular series, I’m sure I’ll either love it or hate it. But it is nice to see a new cooking show that isn’t aimed towards little girls (or those who like little girls).

Out of curiosity I read some of this manga and have to say it is just a stranger take on typical shounen fare. Following a guy with more muscles than brain cells as he hunts primeval style animals to eat with his bare fists is definitely not relevant to my tastes other than the eating exotic animals part.

Hanasaku Iroha (04/03 Sun)

After looking at the trailer, I don’t think I’ll mind watching this slice of life show. The art design reminds me of the atelier game series on the playstation 3 (I’m sure it’s by the same designer). The animation looks way too pleasing to pass up so I can’t help but be interested in what this anime will have to offer.

Well as much as I am all for slice of life many of the stories labeled as such feel as though they are lacking a certain depth to their settings and characters using the term “Slice of life” as an excuse. I am not saying this falls into that category yet, however I find myself remaining cautious as the basic plot boils down to a story about a girl traveling to a more rural area to meet people and live her new life. Okay her going someplace new and experiencing things is fine and all but there really needs to be something else to help keep someone interested and watching, comedy, drama, something like that. I am by no means saying slice of life is a bad genre, just I prefer not to watch a show that mimics real life so closely that it can bring that special brand of dull mindless tedium into a form of entertainment. My worries addressed however I am still finding myself hoping for this to be an enjoyable show well worth the time it takes to watch it.

Showa Monogatari (04/03 Sun)

I am personally delighted to see a new series that will cover the Showa period. I’m getting sick of seeing the present and a trip back to a more simpler time is welcome. I can rest easy expecting more story and a lack of panty shots (I’m sure the world full of dog girls will have that covered).

Certainly an interesting idea to create an anime about life almost fifty years ago, not sure how interested I will be in it but it is assured that I will at least give it a chance. May be that this will turn out to be something if a diamond in the rough among animes centered around the concept that fanservice, moe, and a few silly gimmicks create a good show that people will want to watch. Does make me wonder if there is a demographic for this show to even cater to however, as I find it hard to believe large numbers of an aging generation will be inclined to watch an animated show about their younger lives.

Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai (04/03 Sun)

With the decline in male protagonists, I was surprised to see that we’ll be expecting three in this anime! Seeing as the characters’ stories run parallel with each other, it’ll be a miracle if they can pull it off well enough.

I dropped this game some time ago due to the terrible writing, verbose enough to make Nathaniel Hawthorne’s works look like haiku. Couple this with an uninteresting cast of heroines overshadowed by the far more interesting sub characters, and well despite the hype and people trying to convince me this was in fact worth it I couldn’t keep reading, nor find myself caring about it. Now that it has returned in anime form I am taking yet another stab at completing the game… or maybe I’ll just end up stabbing myself out of boredom.. Either way the concept of three separate yet connected protagonists and heroines is a good one that I would like to see more of, provided there is littler overlap between them, as they tend to their own isolated worlds. While I am hopeful on finally being able to finish if not the game at least the anime, some of the cheesy elements and Navels perpetual inability to write anything more significant than females fawning over one lucky male leaves me wary.

Gintama (04/04 Mon) (>’.’)b

Oh Gintama, how I have missed you. I am slowly counting the days when I’ll be able to bask myself in your presence. With a giant dog, moe creatures, and a whole lot of parody, Gintama is my favorite long running series in shounen jump. Sadly enough, it took a trip to Japan to get me to notice it. But even after viewing 200+ episodes, I never tire of watching the adventures that take place. Second season, please air already :(

Gintama is one of those series that is great to just watch to waste time. Parody humor coupled with unique characters and an endless supply of sarcasm makes this one of those shows that is just plain fun to watch. There are few other shows I can just sit back and let play while doing something such as ooh I dunno, lets say write a blog post. Either way love it or hate it you probably already know where you stand here and what this series is about so little need for me to bother with anything here, enjoy fans, move along everyone else.

Sengoku Otome (04/04 Mon)

Unlike Hyakka Ryouran, this will seem more like Koihime Musou with its larger variety of genderbent characters. I don’t think anything based off a pachinko game (ex. Rainbow Rio Gate) will end up being any good though. The only thing good to come out of this is that little white doggy wearing a kabuto helmet, which resembles my own dog.

Where have we seen this premise before? Oh yes most notably from Koihime as everyone and their mother has noticed already, along with a slew of other mangas, animes, and games. This time around the cliche premise somehow feels more boring than any such adaptation in the past. While I do enjoy something interesting especially takes on historical events, and while I may cringe a little at gender swaps I accept it and move on if the story is good enough, I find myself failing completely at any attempt to reconcile this as something worth watching.

Kaiji Season 2 (04/05 Tue)

The first season of Kaiji was quite an unbelievable show. I honestly had no idea of what I was getting into, but it ended up taking a special place in my memories for being different from the many shows airing at the time. As this is a second season of a show and I don’t want to reveal anything, I just want to say that debt is scary >_<

Stein’s Gate (04/05 Tue)

Microwaves, time traveling and John Titor…. I never thought an anime would use the last two. Time travel has always been an exciting genre for me so I’m looking forward to this. Let’s see if Nitro+ will will do well with this adaptation. At the very least I’m enjoying the nendoroid I got of Makise Kurisu.

No. As fond as I am of science fiction, crazed scientists, and a story that does its best to confuse you, time travel makes me cringe, as if all the physicists in the world cried out the implausibilities of it in a great crescendo. That aside Chaos Head was boring to me, rather than what they tried to present as something intriguing, instead the story felt as though it was a tacky and gimmicky half assed attempt at a mind F___ story made by someone not crazy nor intelligent enough to pull it off. Perhaps given enough drugs one could create a writer capable of a story like this but given past history I am not looking forward to anything here. While I may enjoy the idea of a time travel story, unless doing it for the sake of comedy a truly good story has to make you wonder if its possible to keep you thinking and wondering about the essence of your reality. Sadly I feel this will be unlikely to achieve that key niche unless people are either unaware or choose to turn a blind eye to any and all elements that give away the fictional nature of the plot. As much as I would like to turn this into a huge lengthy wall of text pointing out flaws, but I doubt anyone cares to see such a thing.

30-sai no Hoken Taiiku (04/06 Wed)

I’m reminded of the erogami in B Gata H Kei, but this should prove a lot more entertaining with the interaction between both the spirits and the humans. As a matter of fact, THIS IS B Gata H Kei with 30 year old virgins. However, I’m glad to see that there is an actual love comedy this season that looks appealing. Awkward 30 year old romances should be plenty of fun! It’s a bit sad to see I’m getting closer to reaching that age though…

I don’t much know what to think about this show, part of it seems funny and yet not so funny at the same time. Ah well I can’t imagine this will be much different than a standard eroge spinoff anime with just a bit more focus on relationship development and buildup instead of having everything female fall for you at first sight just because you exist. Otherwise all the same tendencies should be here as misunderstandings arise during the mutual quests people go through in order to understand their favored member of the opposite sex.

Sket Dance (04/07 Thu)

Another shounen jump anime adaptation here too!? Well, the premise of Sket Dance is reminiscent of Gintama and Medaka Box, which involves taking up jobs and solving various problems. What I find odd is all those series I mentioned above are all in shounen jump and started off as comedies. Given the path of shounen jump manga, it feels like this will turn into a battle manga in no time at all. Bakuman and Gintama has sure left me with a warped view of how shounen manga end up shounen jump.

For my part I feel this series sucked right away as a manga and I have no inclinations to even give this foolish anime a chance to grace my eyes with its god awful presence.

Hyougemono (04/07 Thu)

I do think I would appreciate this more if I was actually familiar with Japanese feudal history. Besides being able to recognize characters like Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura and the like, I have no idea how Japanese history played out other than finding out Honda Tadakatsu was a Gundam :3

I have to give credit where it is due, and in this case making a show about the warring states that is not about riding horses with exhaust pipes up walls while wielding more swords than you have hands is appealing in and of itself. Would be nice to have a look at the other side of culture during that time with a light sprinkling of comedy to ease the tone of the story. Whether or not I will stay interested remains to be seen but something other than harems and shounen battle themes during the Sengoku period sure does make me hopeful.

A Channel (04/07 Thu)

Another slice of life in a school setting… enough said… *hits head on the wall*

Slice of life comedy sure is popular this season, at least this one doesn’t take a cosmic lifetime to get to their punchlines. Not a whole lot to this as it is all about quick gags one after the other while the four main characters live out their daily lives. Perhaps the biggest downside is the sedate feel this series gives off, though this can also be a positive at times.

Kämpfer für die Liebe (04/07 Thu)

I was wrong to compare this to Ranma. Not surprisingly, the first season ended up being another generic harem anime. I’ll take genderbent Kanetsugu Naoe and her dog house any day of the week compared to the bland situations in Kampfer! Second season will probably involve Natsuru fulfilling his dreams of completing his harem through his yuri yuri relationships. I can’t consider him a guy :3


Dororon Enma-kun (04/07 Thu)

I’m starting to notice more older manga being adapted into anime. This isn’t such a bad idea given there’s a lot of great works that have yet to be animated and I could really use less garbage every season. But I do wonder if Go Nagai’s works will fit in with the modern anime viewers. However, given that it’s adapted for an anime television series rather than an OVA, it’ll be less offensive than his primary works. I guess we won’t be seeing stuff like the gore from Devilman, or a boy getting off from facing a tiger in Violence Jack! The stuff he puts in his manga is so disturbingly hilarious that people don’t realize how screwed up older works used to be.

I miss the time when anime could get away with just about anything, nowadays the majority of shows fall under either stereotypical shounen, or ecchi harem romance comedy. Of course there are exceptions here and there but the spirit of creativity which made anime so appealing is slowly but surely sublimating into oblivion as it becomes centered around mainstream moe. I for one am hoping for another Level E this season from Dororon, as that was the best of last season in my opinion.

Maria-Holic Alive (04/07 Thu)

I never really got into this series due to the main character. I think it would have been more appealing if they made the trap the primary focus. But at least for all you trap lovers out there, you can be happy with Shidou Mariya’s return :3

Also never really watched this series and since its a continuation no need to comment so eh.. yeah here you go fans.

SofuTeni (04/07 Thu)

Tennis and pantsu. Perfect! Although I doubt I’ll actually watch this series, perhaps I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get rid of the painful memories of being forced to watch the ‘Prince of Tennis’.

I hate the sport known as tennis, it bores me as much as watching golf.

Yondemasu yo, Azael-san (04/08 Sat)

That mermaid demon in the picture is highly disturbing. But other than that, this show looks like it’ll be fun to watch. Especially seeing these humans force those chibi demons into servitude. I could really go for plush versions of that demon lion, dinosaur and flying cow :( Cute mascots are too awesome.

Demonic comedy this time huh, well I’m in, always nice to have a simple funny show to watch while relaxing for a laugh or two. The take on summoning demons for arbitrary tasks to serve in chibized forms only makes the concept that much funnier. Of course I also feel I will like the protagonist as he is quite different from the bland and tasteless eroge protagonists I am used to.

Henzemi (04/08 Sat)

We’ll basically be seeing a dirtier version of Seitokai no Yakuindomo. I wonder if I’ll end up getting amused or disgusted. I would rather prefer a second season involving my favorite twintail that’s too short to be seen in certain scenes.

I intend to watch this series out of sheer morbid curiosity if nothing else, though I don’t know how long that resolve will last in the face of what may be one of the strangest anime concepts ever conceived by an assumed to be human mind. Still if it is funny it’s all good, and I have a high enough tolerance for the bizzare and abnormal that I should be fine with it… right?

Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi (04/08 Fri)

I’ll leave this to you, Zen!

Normally this is where I would sarcastically feign interest in this series, but after Prince x Prince I am all boys-loved out. I will say here though that it baffles me how women can be interested in these things, if the rest of the yaoi / BL genre is as bad as what I have seen, its more about the sex than it is anything else, despite the claims I have seen to the contrary.

Zen x Nasser <3

Better than Wanko x his dog… Come to think of it in that relationship who is the uke? My money is on Wanko.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream (04/09 Sat)

I like her mini top hat. The end.

Barbie and friends the anime.

Astarotte no Omocha (04/10 Sun)

I’m surprised something like this came through. The concept behind this anime sounds like it came from some lolicon hentai doujinshi. I’m wondering how girls will think of this show. With how friendly the animation design looks, this is sure to deceive young innocent children into becoming the prey of otaku everywhere! I can already imagine the upcoming headlines in the next few months.

From what little I have read of this manga the concept is not as bad as it admittedly sounds, and here is hoping it never takes a turn for the worse to end up that way. Aside the obviously questionable subject matter, the story that I have read is more about family and humor, albeit on the somewhat perverted side. As long as they continue refraining from turning this into a pedo show I’ll watch it for the harmless humor, as in the end a show about a man hating succubus luring her unsuspecting babysitter into her world with humanoid dairy cows is amusing in that special silly kind of way.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi (04/11 Mon)

Again another stereotypical harem anime. With a plot I’ve already seen before. I should just copy/paste by now.

YES! Now the horror know as ayumu will be shared amongst the masses who only watch anime, they shall yet know my pain, and this pleases me. This game was bad, really bad, like Yosuga bad, and I fully expect the anime to be worse. Chances are it will follow Ui’s route, even though the only character that had something resembling a real route in the game was Madoka (blue hair). I may watch this train wreck just so I can see how bad it is in anime format, unless you are into watching disasters I recommend avoiding this horrible take on a stereotypical romance comedy harem show based on a game.

Kami Nomizo Shiru Sekai Season 2 (04/11 Mon)

A second season, so little to say for those of you who are already fans, though I have to admit that the new demon girl looks to be relevant to my interests.

Seikon no Qwaser Season 2 (04/11 Mon)

Rather surprised this is going to a season two, while it had some interesting ideas the stupid breastfeeding garbage ruined anything worthwhile here, it was too silly and unnecessary. To me it is not so much the inclusion of the breastfeeding itself but the pandering to fanservice that feels like the driving factor in its inclusion. If for example it felt like a natural piece to the story, complimenting everything else and fitting nicely into its place, then fine it’s not a big deal. However the creators saw fit to forcibly inject this plot device into the story in a manner that feels awkward and out of place. The feeling of what they saw fit to make a major part of the story being little more than something of a fanservice gimmick that attempts to have relevance just does not sit well with me, watching or reading makes me feel as though I am falling for a scam.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (04/14 Thu)

I’m looking at this with interest since this is labeled as ‘business’ anime. But with parallel worlds, and a scantily-clad assistant, I’m not too sure of the direction this anime will be taking. But I got to give credit to this anime for having a title that I would never be able to come up with.

Interesting idea, despite my strong hate for economics and how backwards most of it is. Here is hoping that they manage to make this show entertaining enough that the economics side does not interfere with the enjoyment of the setting and events. As it is still a unique idea however, I will be investing the time needed to properly form an opinion on this series no matter how much I may dislike the real life counterpart for this story.

Ano Hana (04/14 Thu)

As I am already starting to tire of the many slice of life shows available, I am glad to see a dramatic coming of age anime appear this season. For the winter season, I could have really used something like this. Even though there was Hourou no Musuko, I wasn’t too interested in exploring the issues behind traps and transgenderism.

Again with the slice of life, this time however I am not interested in the least. Drama over friendships and the issues that plague relationships as people grow and change while understanding who they really are is something I find boring. Perhaps if it felt as though there was more comedy to be had or there were fewer shows this season I may have given this more of a chance, but now unless someone tells me it is something amazing I will be refraining from wasting my time on what appears to be a mediocre descriptor of the primary variations between Japanese youths.

Hidan no Aria (04/14 Thu)

Ryuuji and Taiga are back together again (Their seiyuus at least)! Toradora fans rejoice! Speaking of which, it’s been awhile since Kugimiya Rie has played a twintail loli. As usual I don’t understand how they come up with these kind of stories, but I’m sure this will be a lot better than Dragon Crisis. Kugimiyia Rie should never play anything outside of a tsundere ever again >_O

Arbitrary declarations of competence do not enforce believability, something I wish the author here would consider before picking up a pen. The writer for this series is one of the most incompetent I have seen in a long time, blatantly choosing the path of moe pandering instead of creating a story and characters that invoke the reader to feel for them. There are so many things wrong with this series that if I were so inclined the list would be longer than the entirety of this post, as the people whom I have talked to about this on IRC are aware, few things annoy me as just how many things are wrong with this series. Lets just mention the most obvious one and leave it at that for now, Aria; Her character was created to harbor all the most popular characteristics that people especially Japanese people find moe. She is tsun, has twin tails, and wields an assortment of weapons, it is almost as though some mad scientist dissected all the previous saimoe winners then stapled their remains together into a single entity representing all that aged basement dwelling lolicons find moe. The craftsmanship that so painstakingly and deliberately went into her design immediately invalidates most of what this story is even about, even were it actually about something other than creating something loosely labeled a story that revolves around their character in order to further make her stand out while giving her existence purpose. As the crystalization of all that is wrong with the industry these days, focusing on mass marketability instead of quality creations I hope this series fails so miserably no one dares to attempt the same, even though I am painfully aware deep down it is too much to expect from an increasingly unrefined audience.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (04/14 Thu)

Is this supposed to be the successor to Arakawa under the Bridge? I can’t help but get the same vibes from this, and it’s also coming from SHAFT as well. But seeing that I actually enjoyed Arakawa, I’ll probably be accustomed to what this anime has to offer. Come on SHAFT, I’m ready for another round of random weird episodes filled with nonsense.

Will this be a good show or will it not, as I ponder this I am as confused as Makoto must be when dealing with his cousin. I can see this going both ways but for now I will remain warily optimistic over the potential in this series. The key to whether or not this will end up as a good series or not likely will depend on the pacing of the story and how well the humor can hold the audiences attention. Provided they don’t just end up with one of the usual cop out endings most anime go for these days, I will be happy no matter how they explain things in this story.

Deadman Wonderland (04/16 Sat)

Deadman Wonderland and Kaiji are probably the top rivals for dark seinen shows this season. What concerns me the most is how much of the storyline and scenes will be put on the censor chopping block. Especially with how the television stations responded to Madoka Magica, I’m sure this won’t escape unscathed now. Thanks, Ishihara :(

Another show I have read the manga for, and hated for its pointless drama and boring premise, characters, and plot. The whole thing feels like something made to turn our emotional prozac reliant subset of the teenage population into mindless thralls programmed to watch and buy into this show every week. On the plus side it should shut them up from their terrible and misguided attempts at various types of the fine arts, not to mention their entirely unwarranted superiority complex. On the down side the rest of us have to put up with a sub par story taking up a time slot which could have been infinitely more productive, say for instance playing DBZ reruns over and over. However if you are one of those people who has forcibly convinced yourself that you are a vampire or that you have some obsession with blood you may be interested in a story about a kid sent to a prison where people can use their blood to form physical manifestations of weapons.

Ao no Exorcist (04/17 Sun)

I’ve only read a bit of this series, but the strongest point I felt was the character development. I’m not sure how well it’ll do with only 12 episodes as it took quite a lot of chapters to reach a major story arc. So I’m a bit worried at how well it’ll be adapted and received as an anime. A great manga doesn’t necessarily equate to a great anime.

This will end up being something of a guilty pleasure of mine this anime season. Yes I know it feels like it may very well turn into a standard shounen plotline, but at least from what I have read in the manga it has done a decent job of straddling the thin line between an eternally recursive shounen battle series, and a finite story that develops the characters for a final goal. While it has plenty of flaws I still find myself enjoying this series and should the anime keep up with the the quality of the manga I won’t have much choice but to set aside some time each week to indulge myself in childish delight.

Moshidora (04/25 Mon)

One girl and a productivity/management book is all it takes to whip a baseball team into shape! I do find the premise of this show to be pretty interesting for a sports anime, so I’ll probably take a look at this anime. I guess hard work, guts, and fighting spirit isn’t going to help much this season.

Maybe if this was soccer I might have had some interest here, but the only thing more boring than playing baseball is watching it or stories about it so I am afraid I will have to pass. Maybe if by some freak coincidence I somehow manage to catch up on all other animes and have time to spare I may devote said free time to testing whether I will still feel the same after watching the show itself.

Let the spring season begin!

Leave it to Wanko to end with a picture of himself in a fursuit with his anime merch.

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Homerun the Movie Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Review

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Koop  |  April 10, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Mmmm I enjoy slice of life, looks like I got a lot of material to at least attempt at.

    Showa Monogatari sounds nice, a really good change of pace from the usual. Same for Hyougemono, although my history knowledge is lacking as well, so how much this can teach me or leave me in the dark will be left to see…

    All these western marvel franchises just seem so wrong in an anime form. If people are really interested in western material they would just read/watch the original material like so many westerners do with anime, it almost feels disrespectful to their own franchises.

    Anyway, this is my first time posting, I forgot how I stumbled upon this blog. Just wanted to say great stuff and keep up the great work! I will be a diligent follower from now on.

  • 2. freeform  |  April 20, 2011 at 2:57 am

    Second seasons of both Qwaser and Kampfer? At the same time? What have we done to deserve this abomination?


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Sora to Umi ga, Fureau Kanata
Boku to Nurse no Kenshu Nisshi

てんぷれっ!! 2018年4月27日(金)発売! 1月19日より予約受付開始!
Koneko Neko Neko

Onee-chan no Yuuwaku
Yuusha to Maou to, Majo no Cafe
Momoiro Closet
nine Episode.2 Sora Nimi
Nyanto Suteki na Natsuiro Days
God Sisters
Shunkyoku no Tyrhhia
Sono Taiju wa Makai o Kurau!
Making*Lovers Mini FD Vol.01

Kimi to Tsunagaru Koi Flag
Koisuru Kokoro to Mahou no Kotoba
Kimi to Hajimeru Dasanteki na Rabukome

Kimi to Mezameru Ikutsu no Houhou
Kimihane Couples
Yakusoku no Natsu, Mahoroba no Yume
Onii-chan, Asa Made Zutto Gyutte Shite!
Shamrock no Hanakotoba
Kanojo to Ore no Koisome Dousei

Mirai Radio to Jinkou Hato
Summer Pockets
Koi wa Sotto Saku Hana no You ni
Can Can Bunny Premiere 3
Hatarakanai Honey-Life
Curio Dealer
Uchi no Kanojo
Cute Resort
Rhapsodic Holiday
Yamizome Revenger
Iincho-kai no Itansha

Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei- (Go)

Hime to Otome no Yakimochi LOVE
Shirokoi Sakura*Gram

Recently announced
Alice Muppet
Momoiro Guardian EX
Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru
Ama no Shoujo
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm -ZWEI-
Tsukihime Remake
Tonari no Shoujo
Sakura no Toki
Cross Concerto
Minikui Mojika no Ko
Natsu Ecchi 2
Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o Interstellar Focus
Sakura, Moyu.
Happiness! 2

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