K-ON and Negima Movies Later This Year

February 21, 2011 at 11:15 pm 3 comments

Another light novel and eroge collaboration is in the works as catwalk will be making a game out of Sugii Hikaru’s Shion no Ketsuzoku. Other new titles announced this week include:

ALcot Honey CombAneiro
ApRicoT PlumNadeshiko Trip
Gesen18Sengokuhime 3 (May 27th)
Lilac SoftAkikaze Personal
Silver BulletNatsuyuki ~summer snow~ (May 27th)

Release dates have been set for the following:

Kimi o Aogi Otome wa Hime ni – June 24th
Walkure Romanze – June 24th

The following titles have been delayed:

White – March 25th
Yamiiro no Snow Drops – April 22nd
Kuon no Kizuna -The Origin- – May 27th

feng released a Valentine’s Day patch, which adds two mini routes for Ui and Hina. Only these two characters are voiced in their respective stories. There’s one H scene included for each. You need to type ‘hekaru’ at the title screen to activate the stories. I played them and it’s ok. Kasane still needs a route.

Could TENCO be the revival of little witch? The distinctive artwork is by Ooyari Ashito (NOCCHI), but the scenario writers are different…

Koharu has a slight lead in the HGB chara poll at the midway mark, but we can’t let up! Go Go Koharu!!

The chara poll for Damamuko runs until March 25th. Serial codes are required to vote. Nanawind restarted the Yuyukana chara poll after some voting irregularities. It runs until March 10th with the winner getting a dakimakura. Risa and Honoka are neck-and-neck.

The much anticipated K-ON! movie will be in theaters December 3rd. Also getting movie adaptations are Negima! later this year and romance manga Hotarubi no Mori eSket Dance will be on air this April, while Kamisama Dolls has been scheduled for this summer.

Natsume Yuujinchou is getting a 3rd anime season, while fans will be excited for a second season of Shinryaku! Ika Musume. Let the invasion continue!

The official anime character book for Yosuga no Sora comes out March 29th. I don’t expect it to be much different from an ero-book. Other books that came out lately or will be on shelves soon are: K-ON! official anime guide book, ComingxHumming and Natsuyume Nagisa illustration collections(February 23rd), Tenshi no Nichiyoubi visual fan book (February 25th), Oreimo Portable complete guide (March 4th), Navel illustration collections for Suzuhira Hiro and Nishimata Aoi (March 25th) and Hello, good-bye visual fanbook (April 1st).

Manaka de Ikuno!!‘s old-school RPG Final Dragon Chronicle ~Guilty Requiem~ has a spinoff light novel out from Nagomi Bunko. I think I’ll pick this up since they’d probably highlight all the hijinks that happens along the way to the final battle.

Need help with finding a 3D girlfriend? Maybe you can get some help from Fujita Satoshi Jukuchou no Real Kanojo o Tsukurikata. Know what to say, understand what her words really mean and how to target her weak points to your advantage. A worthwhile investment for 1365 yen? (If not, then you can stare at the pretty pictures) Need more knowledge about girls? Check the Onna no Ko Database, featuring their possible attire, club activities and helpful dating tips. Note: probably most applicable for guys living in Japan.

Yamaguchi Noboru has announced that Zero no Tsukaima light novel will end in 2012 at 22 volumes.

Steins;Gate PSP will be out in June, and they also announced a related Xbox360 game Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling. 5pb and CyberFront also announced a Xbox360 port of Ever17.

Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale figure of Shining HeartsKaguya is quite pretty. It comes out in June at 7140 yen. They also have a non-scale version of Fate/stay night‘s Saber coming out in the same month at 3150 yen.

Other figures announced this week are:

Daiki Kougyou – 1/6 scale Tamaki swimsuit ver. (ToHeart2, July ¥12,600)
Griffon – non-scale Alice doll set (Touhou, May, ¥5500)
MOVIC – 1/7 scale Yukionna (Nurarihyon no Mago, May, ¥5177)
quesQ – non-scale Cirno (Touhou, July, ¥5690)
quesQ – non-scale Suwako (Touhou, June, ¥5690)

How far can you make it in this Madoka Magica flash game: Homuhomu☆Jump? Better move quick and accurately, or you’ll end up like Mami.

It seems there’s an Oreimo and imouto chara only event that was held this past weekend in Tokyo and again next month in Nagoya. I wish I was there.

Read through Saki manga over the long weekend. They’re all hax. My fav chars are Stealth Momo, Yumi-senpai, Buchou, Captain, Tacos and of course, Kodomo. Going to go back to reading Lucky Star now… if I can remember where I left off -_-;;

Feeling pretty crappy the past couple days, so signing off for now~

Webclap responses:

So….what is this clapping for XD? by aquaspirit39
For anything you want! Make a wish, any wish!


This webclap is intended as a figurative e-chocolate gift for Zen. by Amoirsp
So Amoirsp here either thinks he’s a woman if he is trying to pay homage to the Japanese way, or that I am a woman if he is going about things the American way…
Probably the latter since we all know you’re a maiden at heart.

どんなパンツが好きですか? by ぜんーたん

アズアズと結婚してください! by アミア

あなたは小さい子が好きなの? by 琥珀

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Winter 2011 Anime Impressions Uryu! Uryu!! Uryuuuuu!!!

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. aquaspirit39  |  February 22, 2011 at 12:15 am

    Real Kanojo o Tsukurikata か。。。なんか 胡散臭いきがする。。。

    and if I make a wish micchi will grant it >.>?

  • 2. Hajikelist[アディル]  |  February 22, 2011 at 3:31 am

    f1j4r: Real Kanojo o Tsukurita… Nice one Michhi!!
    4d1l: しかし、それはあなたのためにうれしいですえ私のために本当の彼女は十分です..
    f1j4r: HO HO… souka”, well let’s see the new thing is Alcot make a new game aneiro huh… and daiki kougyou figures is looking good for me..
    4d1l: よく私はのために, K-On Movie とまどかマジカフラッシュゲームね..
    f1j4r: well if we look sket dance and other anime on april is gonna be good as this month well i look over for it..

  • 3. warum  |  February 24, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    I can never get tired of Micchi’s tags, how do you do it!

    Steins;gate anime, (light?)novel, and now psp+xbox, I see the plan is going as intended. Is this also the choice of Steins gate…muahahaha.


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