February 2011 Eroge Releases

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This month isn’t an imouto paradise, but there sure are plenty of lolis. If you’re looking for story, Applique Imouto’s Artemis Blue and FrontWing’s Grisaia no Kajitsu should be nice pick-ups. SkyFish’s Soukyuu no Soleil should keep SLG lovers busy for a while. I’ll be niyaniya‘ing over everyone in highly anticipated fandisk Flyable CandyHeart. Yui! Suzuno! Gumi-chan! Kururi! HNNNNGHHHH!!!

Well, the Chinese calendar has failed me as well it seems as February is even worse than January was, the year 2011 sure looks bleak for eroge thus far. Unfortunately I am unable to even suggest there may be a few good games to stand out here, as unless you are a complete lolicon (You know who you are, even if you refuse to admit it) there is nothing that would be worth the time during a better month. I pray things will improve over the next few months.

T.P. Sakura ~Time Paladin Sakura~ (Part 2)


Company: CIRCUS
Game site: T.P.さくら~タイムパラディンさくら~
Release date: February 24, 2011 (Part 2)
This is the second part of CIRCUS’ all-ages game following the release of the first part in January. Let’s all be mahou shoujos~♪

Do I even need to state my opinion anymore? Circus + mahou shoujo, nothing good can come of this.

Artemis Blue

Company: あっぷりけ-妹- (Applique Imouto)
Game site: アルテミスブルー
Release date: February 24, 2011
In 2040, a mysterious natural disaster causes all planes to stop functioning above 500 feet (150 meters) of the Earth’s surface, resulting in over 20 million deaths. The year is 2060 and it is forbidden to fly above this limit. Pilots call this stretch from 500 feet to outer space ‘Artemis’s hymen’. Now a group of people operate a transport agency from the abandoned building that was to be the New Third Tokyo International Airport (nicknamed Edowanzu). They wish to fly higher than what is permitted by aviation laws.

Haru is a cheerful, honest, polite and hardworking girl who always wanted to become a pilot. Following her dream, she went overseas after graduating from high school and earned her pilot license after two years in an aviation school in San Diego. She applied to become a co-pilot and got an interview with the Kubo Air Transport Agency. There she met Katsura Keima, the test pilot who had broken the impenetrable barrier in Project Ikaros five years ago.

The story has similar themes to Applique Imouto’s previous work Fake Azure Arcology. Applique and its sister companies have done a good job in telling stories thus far, and I don’t expect this to be any different. Haru is the main character here as you follow her dream with all the obstacles that she has to overcome. Will she be able to surpass the limits imposed on her and realize her dream? My only concern is if they will make it too overly dramatic.

This natural disaster is so… arbitrary and makes no sense, while I won’t go into it here, it makes even less sense than their last game which was also a poorly written and researched disappointment. Even worse referring to the limit as space for such a silly reason makes me cringe, I could understand 50,000 feet but not 500, in fact for those who may not realize it is ILLEGAL to fly a fixed wing aircraft below 500 feet, you would get your pilots licensed revoked so fast its not even funny. There are many reasons the setup and setting of this game show how little the writers know about flight just like their previous game Fake Azure Arcology, and yet their audacity to write about these topics with knowledge that wouldn’t impress a primary school student is nothing short of an insult to anyone who would read their games.

Well enough complaining about how poorly designed the concept for this story is, and on to complaining about how boring the characters and story are. Frankly this looks almost exactly like Fake Azure Arcology with the concept of trying to fly beyond established limits, and the guy who happens to have already been past the limit being a guide and focus for the story. Not to mention I find Haru and her character to be dull enough to turn a spoon into a razor.. which I would then use to end my suffering if I had such a stupid game forced upon me. The rest of the cast is about as interesting as Haru with a general assortment of standard character types all joining in the nonsensical quest to fly higher than 500 feet.

Flyable CandyHeart


Company: ユニゾンシフト:ブロッサム (UnisonShift Blossom)
Game site: Flyable CandyHeart
Release date: February 25, 2011
The much anticipated spinoff/fandisk to UnisonShift’s 2009 title Flyable Heart which features the full cast from the original game (unlike Kiminago) as well as cameos from Nanatsuiro Drops, Alice Parade, Kiminago and Peace@Pieces. As opposed to Kiminago, it will be back to a love comedy instead of serious romantic drama. There are individual spinoff routes for each of the six FH heroines, as well as bonus routes for everyone’s favorite student council secretary Gumi-chan, Shou’s shinyuu MAXX (and ‘I can’t believe it’s not a girl… or a guy!’ Akira), and the mega crossover route.

IT’S HERE!!! A fandisk for Yui and Suzuno after they were left out of Kiminago. Waaaaaai~!! Gumi-chan and Akira finally get routes. Zen finally gets MAXX’s hard shiny metallic body. They’re also having a fun time with nekomimi. Shou-kun, maybe you should take Yuki-chan’s advice and make a run for it while you can… Definitely top of my list just because I enjoyed the charas and Itou Noizi’s artwork. Also, Agumi Oto voices four chars in this game! Four!

After the war crime scale of the atrocity this company made Kiminago into I remain wary of their fandisks to say the least, as I suspect them of falling prey to the Circus style of milking. Only difference being the terrible job UnisonShift Blossom has done of being consistent with their characters and stories. Regardless of their past failures this does seem to be a step in the right direction, hopefully it will finally give us a proper Mayuri route.. not to mention the route I am sure everyone is looking forward to, MAXX! Were this a better month I may have found myself skipping over this as there is little room for the story to be developed further, but since there is not much else to play this month I will give it a shot hoping for the best and fearing a repeat of Kiminago.

Zen playing a fandisk… Btw, Sayuri will be in Mayuri’s route.

Meh, as long as Mayuri is Mayuri.. and not some emo doppleganger using her face.

White ~blanche comme la lune~

Company: ねこねこソフト (NekoNekoSoft)
Game site: White~blanche comme la lune~
Release date: February 25, 2011 Delayed to March 25, 2011
While this game has the same title as NekoNekoSoft’s debut title in 2000, this is a different story altogether. Shigetomo is a 25 year old insurance agent who lives a pretty standard life with his imouto Hotaru ever since their parents’ deaths 10 years ago. One day he travels to a small faraway island for work, but was shipwrecked. When he awoke, he found himself in a seemingly different time and place, where everyone was pure and trusting. He wondered if it was a time slip or a parallel world and thought about looking for a way back to the world he knew, but he soon grew fond of this place and its people. In particular, a young pair of sisters take a liking to him. However there’s a hidden secret which he soon finds out about…

10 years old. That’s how old Maricca and Brigitte are (even if they removed that note on the OHP). You get your choice of a ponkotsu gothloli or a tsundere gothloli. Sure they’re cute, but it’s really too small for almost everyone. It also doesn’t help that the theme of this game is purity, as I’d just think of Kururi’s scene all over again. I guess the scenario is probably a time slip or something as the chars will end up getting older, similar to other NekoNekoSoft titles. The main reason I’d suggest their titles is because of the mood and setting, which is probably close to Aka and Scarlett.

Ten. Years. Old. At that point does anything else even need to be said? Even if they somehow magically grow up at some point it doesn’t change the fact the basis for their characters lies in their ten year old versions, so building up a relationship with a girl that wrong… wow its as bad as Crayon Tulip and Kud Wafter. If you happen to be someone who finds this game appealing perhaps you should take a closer look at your life and consider turning yourself in before you commit any crimes.

With Ribbon

Company: ユロット (HULOTTE)
Game site: With Ribbon
Release date: February 25, 2011
New release date after being pushed back from January. This is the HULOTTE’s debut title. Shoutarou had a dream where a very young girl who he had never seen before leapt at him, saying that she finally found him and she had wanted to meet her father. She said that even though he’s not her father yet right now, he definitely will be. With a kind smile, she tells him that will understand what she’s saying soon. After waking up, he walks to Tokimizu Gakuen like usual with his osananajimi Hina and saves a girl from being hit by a car. It’s the same girl from his dream! “I’ve come to support your love, papa!”

It seems that there’s more games lately that don’t bother hiding the fact they’re strictly chara-ges and ramp up the heroine customization instead. The fact that Haruka’s personality changes depending on what route you’re on is an intriguing idea, but you’ll probably end up thinking only one is the ‘true’ route (mainly your preferred chara type since she takes after her ‘mama’). I’m still interested in this, but there’s other titles that have leapfrogged it for this month.

This story reminds me of a manga I read some time ago where a daughter comes from the future to help her father fall in love with her mother and keep other girls away, then another daughter from the main rival does the same or something like that, cannot for the life of me recall what the title was though. Anyway regardless of the concept itself being a ripoff I must admit I am a little curious about how Haruka will develop through the different routes, even if I am not very interested in the development of what appears to be rather standard characters otherwise. Perhaps the main appeal will be in how Haruka helps, or possibly hinders your attempts to create a relationship with a certain member of the opposite sex and the comedy which ensues as a result.

Hinata Terrace -We don’t abandon you.-

Company: 戯画 (GIGA)
Game site: ひなたテラス-We don’t abandon you.-
Release date: February 25, 2011
Yoshihisa doesn’t have any relatives, but he doesn’t feel sad or lonely. While there’s nothing wrong with his personality, he finds it difficult to connect with others. Upon acceptance to the school, the school director offered him a cheap room if he helps out around the apartment. He meets the other residents:  dojikko classmate Hina, the class rep Natsuki, and his teacher and self-proclaimed guardian Fumika. One day, a girl arrives carrying a letter and introduces herself as his imouto.

I find it really odd that the scenario writer’s name isn’t revealed. Will this be another landmine like bitter smile., considering this is also noted as a ‘human drama’ just like that and Sakaagari Hurricane? Well, I do like Mai, who even if she’s not a true imouto, is a lively and hardworking kouhai who calls him oniichan. However, I’ll probably wait for some reviews before considering playing this.

Pretty standard setup for this game, to the point there is nothing unique to stand on for this game. Not much to really say as .. there is nothing much here for anyone who has played eroge before, this is all standard fare in every way shape and form, from the cast down to the setting. Perhaps if you are someone who has never played an eroge before this may be an enjoyable game, however if you are used to the games, I cannot think there will be much fresh entertainment here for you, unless you happen to find the characters particularly appealing for some reason.

Agreed. It seems pretty forgettable. If you like this sort of stuff, it should fill up a week or two though.

True, still I would rather spend that time on better games in my backlog personally.

Don’t worry, they’ll still be waiting for you.

They will be waiting a very looong time then.

Grisaia no Kajitsu

Company: フロントウイング (FrontWing)
Game site: グリザイアの果実
Release date: February 25, 2011
New release date after being pushed back from January. Yuuji transfers to a small isolated school where there are only 6 students. Having lost all those he love, he has lost sight of the purpose of his life and spends his days in regret and atonement. The girls he meets at the school all have troubled pasts and regrets. He discovers a new hope and decides to do something for them.

The plot is quite promising and the chara designs by Watanabe Akio are evident as I see shades of Hitagi in Yumiko. The seifuku designs could use some work though. Of course, I’m most interested in Makina, Sachi and maybe Michiru too. The OP is pretty good and I’m curious what’s with the destruction in the beginning. At least it’ll be a bit different from your standard school setting. It’ll be on my playlist.

There are two problems I see with this game, the first is that the whole of five other students who all happen to be around the same age is stretching things a bit, and is a little too specific as a fortunate occurrence even for an eroge setup. The second is how drama laden the whole story feels, just a passing glance at this game while thinking about the likely stories turns so emotionally exhausting I can only imagine how borderline depressing some of this game will be, and of course since I am not very good with reading forcible drama I do not feel like I could put up with this game for very long. That said the primary reason that I won’t be playing this game is how the origins of the writing and problems the characters have  feels give me the impression they are a bunch of sad emo girls who are waiting for your love injections to make them feel better, great message there! Afterall when you are feeling down there is nothing like finding someone similar and latching onto each other because you have no one else to rely on and faking happiness is the next best thing, right?

Sweet Robin Girl

Company: チュアブルソフト (Chuable Soft)
Game site: スイートロビンガール -Sweet Robin Girl-
Release date: February 25, 2011
The town of Levindom feels unchanged from the past, with red-brick buildings lining the stone-paved roads and overlooked by an old castle. In the Lower Town, there is a small and quaint cafe called the Birdies’ Perch, which used to be popular among the locals. But now, no one comes to enjoy coffee there anymore. The owner Sydney, burdened with increasing debts, drowns his sorrows with wine. As the payment date draws near, he prepares to lose the last thing that he owns.

That’s when four young girls came to his shop. Their names are Fiona, Elen, Meg and Primrose. They all lost a place to call their own for different reasons. The leaves turn red and the wind becomes chilly, but yet these girls continue living happily while he just laments at his current dire situation. He realizes that he cannot just give up and, motivated once more, he opens the cafe with their help.

We all know that lolis solve everything. Just in case White didn’t satisfy you, there’s plenty more lolis in Chuable Soft’s attempt at an iyashi-kei game. Actually, one of the game’s appeals is ‘age gap’. They’re using a new artist Sekiya Asami and I think that her charas don’t have enough visual depth to them. If it was an all-ages game, I think I would try it, but as an eroge… No, sorry they’re just too small (especially Primrose). I’d rather be called oniichan than ojisan.

Not enough of an establishment of setting or character relationships, there is not enough difference between the characters in terms of how they are brought into the story to really give this story a firm enough foundation to stand on. An example would be one girl should already work there, one should know him, another should be his friends or mentors daughter, and the last one could arrive for her own reasons, instead of having something of a giant lump sum to speed things up. I know they all have their own reasons which will undoubtably factor into their routes, but there is something lacking when their initial encounters and relationships are not varied enough, it feels too much like a contrived setup rather than a smooth introduction of characters in a sedate slice of life setting. Aside the introduction I can’t say I feel much potential from the story in general either, as I am pretty sure everyone has a good grasp of the majority of possibilities this game presents. Even were it something noteworthy the extremely loli centric nature and older protagonist can be a little disturbing at times, of course the art being on the rather terrible side does not help matters much. Most likely yet another game which shall end up forgotten amidst the plethora of better games available on backlogs everywhere.

Flag Heshiori Otoko

Company: はむはむソフト (HamHamSoft)
Game site: フラグへし折り男
Release date: February 25, 2011
Kogorou is the assistant instructor at the Suzuhara-ryuu Kendo dojo in Minoudai. He lives alone at the top of a hill and his osananajimi Mahiru comes to wake him up every day, even though she knows that he will already be out of bed and dressed by the time she gets there. That’s because she is like many other girls who has fallen in love with him because of his honesty and seriousness. He is known as the ‘man who breaks flags’.

That’s right he doesn’t just trigger them, he BREAKS them. But other than that, this is just some guy who emits pheromones that make girls within a 100m radius swoon over him. I’m also willing to bet that he’s extremely dense (probably like Primary‘s Kohaku). Art is nothing special. The OP is catchy, but that’s about it. Pass.

What is with this month and terrible setups for eroge? Yes, I am sure that like every other eroge protagonist he randomly has everything female within ten kilometers falling in love with him and yet is blissfully oblivious to all the patently obvious advances which have become cliche in eroge. What else is there besides what is likely a frustratingly dense protagonist? Not much that I can think of, so lets just place this game on the “Best forgotten about” pile and move along with our lives and commentary…


Company: SMEE
Game site: ラブラブル~Lover Able~
Release date: February 25, 2011
Haruki and his imouto Kaho move to a new town due to their parents’ work and are taken care of by their uncle. Due to a promise made between the adults, they have to help out at their uncle’s beachside cafe Fruitia. During the summer, he meets a girl that transferred in at the same time Chinatsu, quiet and mysterious classmate Satsuki, lively kouhai Tsugumi and fellow part-timer Nanako. Of course, Kaho is always by his side. This is the beginning of a summer romance.

It sounds like a pretty standard love comedy plot, but what makes LoverAble different is the customization. Prefer short hair to long hair? Want her to wear a dress instead of T-shirt and shorts? The system allows you to tailor the heroines to hit all your moe sweet spots, making all those ichaicha moments even better. Other things you can change are the main character’s name (which also changes the imouto’s surname), personality, as well as texting mannerisms. I’m definitely going to be trying this out. Tsugumi, Satsuki and Kaho are all so adorable! Hau~ omochikaeri~!

Artwork is a bit colorful for me but well done, story may be standard but in a boring month it seems decent enough, and yet I find this game to be the most repulsive of all releases this month. I cannot help but feel it is wrong to allow customization of the heroines, as that defeats the purpose of their characters to begin with. It is almost like saying, you should try your best to force a girl to change till she suits your tastes completely, a train of though which I find disgusting. Personally I feel that the small imperfections in a person or character are what makes them endearing, and finding those little bits to their personality not only gives depth to their character but gives more than a selfish line of thought where everything should reflect what you would want. Of course I realize this is just a game, but as the main selling point involves treating the heroines like objects, dolls even, to cater to your specifications the message sent and appeal this generates is something I think defeats the entire point of a good eroge. I guess my views are just old fashioned on what makes a relationship worthwhile and what one should look for in a partner, as such a game that reminds me of when guys constantly hint at their girlfriends what they prefer in the hopes the girl will go and attempt to change herself makes me hope this fails for the future of quality eroge.

Physical customization doesn’t really change much, but I’m more intrigued about the ability to change their personality. This shouldn’t just mean changing their mannerisms and speech, but also explaining why they act that way, etc. But that would mean that every heroine has more stories, resulting in shorter routes. Even now, with the extra lines for each seiyuu, it probably will be a shorter game than most love comedies.

Any customization is offensive to me, in fact personality is worse than physical to me. Just the idea you can change them on your whim is something I find disgusting.

Soukyuu no Soleil ~Fullmetal Eyes~

Company: SkyFish
Game site: 蒼穹のソレイユ~FULLMETAL EYES~
Release date: February 25, 2011
New release date after being pushed back from October. Soukyuu no Soleil is a tactical battle SLG which is the successor to SkyFish’s previous “Valkyrie Saga” titles Shirogane no Soleil and Gouen no Soleil. The story takes place in another world where there is a white and a blue moon in the sky. The humans are constantly fighting magical monsters called ‘berserk’, which are weapons which activate using the souls of humans. Valkyries come from the white moon to aid them in battle. This is where the main protagonist Sora meets the valkyrie Odette on the battlefield and fight alongside one another.

The battle system is like chess where you have to your pieces on the board and engage in battle. Of course, there’s battle animations just like in all other SkyFish titles. All characters are voiced, including the protagonist Sora. The special disk from Getchu adds Primary‘s Prim as an unit, voiced by Aoba Ringo. If you liked the other games in this series, this should be a fun pick-up for you. Hemi in particular enjoyed the trial a lot, but then again it’s Hemi.

Gotta love continuation games, when writing a commentary on them there is not a whole lot that needs to be said. I would however rather they just went TRPG system for such games though, they are more fun and interesting making the battle scenes feel less like work.

Nekonade Distortion

Game site: 猫撫ディストーション
Release date: February 25, 2011
New release date after being delayed from November. Tatsuki’s imouto Kotoko is striken with an incurable disease and spends every day in her room reading books. He told himself not to enter her room to avoid giving her any stress. One night, he saw lots of shooting stars in the sky and wanted to let her know since she loved seeing pictures of stars and space. When Tatsuki opened her door, he found Kotoko without any vital signs. He blamed himself for causing her death.

On another day much later when the night sky was full of shooting stars just like that fateful day, he visited her room just like before. To his surprise, Kotoko was there. The next morning, his parents thought that Kotoko had never died, and for some reason, his pet cat turned into a catgirl.

First thing that came to my mind was Schrödinger’s cat. That and parallel worlds. Still doesn’t really explain the catgirl bit though. WHITESOFT stated that the motif for this game is family relationships. All I know is there’s no way his mom can be this cute. The system is similar to ALcot’s moving bubble textboxes. While the plot is interesting to say the least, the graphics really need some work. This hamburger is way too big. “Bullshit!! Hard problem!!” is an awesome title for an OP. Might be a decent pick-up if you’re into mysteries and don’t mind the occasional disproportinate art.

Finally a noble protagonist who treats his sister right by ignoring her on her deathbed. I suppose to show you care it is best to rely on not knowing whether she is alive or dead, truly an older brother who deeply cares for his sibling, what a heroic brother he is. All kidding aside while there is at least more story to this game than most this month I have a default policy of extreme wariness when it comes to anything with ties to any sort of scientific theories or the like as they are often misinterpreted by the writers leading to annoying plot holes in their stories. My misgivings about authors not properly researching their choice of subject matter aside, given this month is one of the worst I have seen in a while I cannot help but be slightly interested in this game as I am inclined to believe it is relatively speaking one of the better games this month. One can only hope that the writers manage to pull this off without making fools of themselves for not paying attention during their highschool science classes.

On a side note, I think I have played too many shooters when “Nekonade” makes me think of a cat grenade.

Schrödinger’s cat has definitely been butchered in other titles before, but I think the point of it is to borrow theories as a base and then use your creativity license on it. Maybe it’s just me, but so long as it’s enjoyable, it doesn’t have to be 100% realistic. Some research is appreciated, but writers aren’t being paid to do that.

Creative license in my opinion means coming up with something grounded, IF you choose to borrow from reality then you have a duty to get it right, if you don’t want to do that, then make something up instead. Afterall reality is something we all have a good grasp of, when you use reality as a reference for your story you should at least make the effort as a writer to work within those confines you have set. Nothing short of lazy when writers use a cheap way to get out of five seconds of thinking about something creative, or five minutes of research to get it right.

Himesama Gentei! ~Princess Limited~

Company: Princess Sugar
Game site: 姫様限定!~Princess Limited~
Release date: February 25, 2011
This is the first title by Princess Sugar. Celina is the princess of the prosperous western European country of Mellberg and came to Japan to study at a normal school while concealing her true identity. Since she is a distant relative to Yuu, she ends up living in his house. One day, the princess of the resource-rich country of Marualand, Olivia, was exiled to Japan in a coup d’état. Quickly gaining notice around the town, she was treated like a honored guest. However, Yuu disapproved of her snobby attitude since he had grown accustomed to being around princess Celina. Then, Celina told Olivia not to be near him as he is her most precious person. Not backing down from the challenge, she states that she will make him hers.

Of course we all know who’s going to win: the bracon imouto who already lives with him. Miku is pure, cute and great around the house (including cooking). She’s already a himesama to me~ The graphics and SDs are pretty nice, although you probably shouldn’t look forward to too much from this template scenario (Shuffle!, DamaMuko, etc). If you feel like playing a fluffy princess game, this is it.

Yay a world where there are enough princesses to go around you would think we were back in the middle ages once more, not to mention they all seem to have a penchant for slumming with random Japanese students. It makes me rather sad that games which focus on a single trait can be not only made but end up successful, it just shows how shallow the average eroge player is, caring for little more than whether or not characters exhibit the trait of their choice. Frankly while I have nothing wrong with the classy girl setting or ideal, this is just pandering to a target demographics moe sensors in the hopes they will gobble it up like a wild Yui unleashed upon an unsuspecting cafe. I stand by my default policy regarding any game that singles out a specific trait to broadcast appeal to potential consumers as sub par money grubbing targeted at a gullible market unable to think using anything above their waist.

Micchi’s Top 4 for This Month

  1. Koiiro Sora Moyou FD Flyable CandyHeart
  2. LoverAble
  3. Grisaia no Kajitsu
  4. With Ribbon

Zen’s Top 3 for This Month

  1. No.
  2. Nekonade Distortion
  3. With Ribbon
  4. Flyable CandyHeart

I wish next month would write itself.

I second that wish in the hopes next month will be finished on time…

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More Clothes-Shredding Goodness Winter 2011 Anime Impressions

23 Comments Add your own

  • 1. relentlessflame  |  February 14, 2011 at 12:17 am

    Regarding White… the ironic thing is that, of all the trials I’ve tried for this month’s releases, it’s actually the game that had the most interesting plot twist and the most potential for an actually interesting story. But, the age and age gap issues put me off from the title as well, so it’s not going on my order list. It would probably be quite interesting (and work quite well) as an all-ages game, though… but of course, those don’t tend to sell as well.

    Of course, even if it’s not to my taste, it should go without saying that enjoying a game like White does not make you any more likely to commit crimes than enjoying a game like GTA or MW2 (or anything else for that matter). Video games = not real. People who want to harm other people are mentally ill, and it is not caused by the games they play or the fiction they read. How this is not seen as a self-evident truth after so many years of these sorts of debates is beyond me…

  • 2. Wrathkal  |  February 14, 2011 at 12:43 am

    Artemis Blue- Definitely not my type, but the male character’s name resembles some other guy’s name. Just a ‘gi’ missing…

    Flyable Candy Heart- Got a friend who’d like this, but probably not for me. Interesting to see cameos though.

    White- Ten years old… pass.

    With Ribbon- Light-hearted comedy… MAYBE

    Hinata Terrace- Not ‘pretty standard’, it’s SUPER standard setup. Didn’t see who’s the singer, but its got that high pitched voice that I’ve long associated with GIGA games.

    Grisaia- I always wondered, what sort of reasons would the guy have for transferring to such a lame school? Parents moving would be the typical one, but what else? By the way, I think this video might make it into Micchi’s best of 2011.

    Sweet Robin Girl- I’m completely with Zen on this one. Likely to stay forgotten beneath one’s huge backlog. The title sounds like a pun on ‘Sweet Loving Girl’ to me.

    Flag- Mmm…. pass. What’s a flag breaker anyway? Cute OP… one of the voices sound like Kisaragi Gold Star’s Nanako.

    LoverAble- Customization… a very interesting prospect. Is there anyone around who’s going to try to make reverse traps? XD

    Nekonade- KOTOKO song identified instantly! Wonder if they picked her on purpose because of the little sister. A LIKELY to play game.

    Princess Limited- My ears! Crappy voice, but the video makes it look like it might be funny. Still, the premise of princesses = not very likely.

    Thanks for another backlog month! More time to clear backlog!

  • 3. Mesousa  |  February 14, 2011 at 1:08 am

    Been waiting for this since forever.

    I have a Hoshizora Memoria vibe in Nekonade Distortion, but the rest of the girls except Kotoko (Is this a KOTOKO joke or what?). Whatever, I can’t wait.. to fap to her anyway.

    Nothing really got me interested. AGAIN.

  • 4. Eab1990  |  February 14, 2011 at 2:16 am

    Woo, Aisia in T.P. Sakura!… But seriously, where the hell are my OVAs?

    Also, hell yes for Flyable Candy Heart. Akira route is definitely do want.

    Lastly… an imouto named Kaho? Sounds like SisPri…

    “This story reminds me of a manga I read some time ago where a daughter comes from the future to help her father fall in love with her mother and keep other girls away, then another daughter from the main rival does the same or something like that, cannot for the life of me recall what the title was though.”

    … Didn’t I see this already? It’s Yomeiro Choice. >_>

  • 5. ONH  |  February 14, 2011 at 2:17 am

    WAT no ” 純潔女神さまっ!” ? i think it’s coming out on 25th…

  • 6. feal87  |  February 14, 2011 at 3:01 am

    Two more mahou shoujo with me…i’m happy everyone has so many wishes. :D

  • 7. aquaspirit39  |  February 14, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    February is empty for me I guess….
    lets wait for 穢翼のユースティア on March…
    just finish the trial game on that one…that one will definitely be a master piece…楽しみ ^^

  • 8. cyrgon  |  February 14, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    I’d be interested in reading that manga about the daughter from the future helping the protag with her mother, and a rival daughter showing up. Do you think you might be able to recall any part of the title at all?

    • 9. Eab1990  |  February 15, 2011 at 12:34 am

      #4: “… Didn’t I see this already? It’s Yomeiro Choice. >_>”

  • 10. Zen  |  February 15, 2011 at 6:10 am

    @relentlessflame : Not sure if you realized or not but it was a joke, and one mostly directed at a few select people who know who they are. That aside though the point of it was to suggest people who were interested in it were already likely to commit sex crimes against children, not that the game would drive them to it.

    @Eab1990 : Oh I saw last month, in fact I am pretty sure I responded to your comment, but ya know copy paste doesn’t know that I know this. I had debated fixing it but well it was easier to just leave it.

    @cyrgon : Eab1990 already covered this and thank you for helping me justify an un-altered copy paste for that commentary.

  • 11. weeaboo  |  February 15, 2011 at 6:34 am




    i’m starting to convulse fdsjfgjj hhrbggrg

    no year is bleak if type moon is releasing a new product that year.

  • 12. hajikelist  |  February 16, 2011 at 7:42 am

    Thnx for this Micchi!!!
    f1j4r: Looks like last month was imouto and this month is Lolicon huh…
    4d1l: このロリ武道してください!
    f1j4r: oi… stop it… well for this month list….
    -Flyable CandleHeart (今月のFDを!)
    -With ribbon and grisaia no kajitsu (誰が先月から遅れる人!)
    -Lover Able (最後に、来ている!)
    -Hinata Terrace (ギガはただね、エロゲーメカタイプを行うことが….)
    -and Soukyuu no soleil (RPG戦闘システムはプリズムアークのように同じであることを一つか…)
    f1j4r: Well put that aside if i look nekonade distortion is same like hachimitsu huh…
    4d1l: これは2つのゲームがあることを意味するのと同じ業者か…
    f1j4r: yeah you right…. But!! look hime sama wa gentei is just princess type that you looking for right!!!
    4d1l: プリンセス…. グアアアア!!! *o*!!!
    f1j4r: O…oi!!! Blood blood!!! from your nose!!!!
    well then sorry for interupt Oh BTW this not new it’s me f1j4r(4d1l) from last month if you remember thnx!!!

  • 13. Diclonius  |  February 18, 2011 at 4:44 am

    “Oh look, it’s little witch (tenco)”

    Alright! ^^

    So does this mean “Little Witch” is back in business because the title logo image for that “new” company’s eroge looks way to much like the title logo image from Little Witch’s eroge “Shoujo Mahougaku Littlewitch Romanesque”

    If not then oh well more Oyari Ashito delicious art to look forward to :p

  • 14. Hiro  |  February 18, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Sure that it is possible in LoverAble to change the heroines’ personality more or less to one’s liking? At least I got this impression from what you’ve said.
    However, the only thing I could find on the homepage is the fact that the heroine’s personality changes or rather the heroine starts showing the protagonist another side of herself once they start dating. Would be nothing new, though. Maybe as a concept that ALL heroines have their own “hidden” personality.
    In my opinion, the clothes/style-changing concept is a simple one and has both its good and bad sides. In most of the games (I can remenber) with elements like this there is only a connestion to one H-scene – that was it. Being able to literally see the results of one’s choices, even minor ones is good, if it has visual aftereffects even better.
    Well, there’s definetly nothing wrong with a girl for wanting to suit her boyfriend’s tastes. But it’s not right either, is it? 5/5 heroines – really? Would be happy to see conversation flows like “I like short hair” -> “Too bad, since cutting my hairs is an NG.” at least once. Not in 5 of 5 cases “I like short cut” -> next day: “Oh, you’ve cut your hair?”. Sounds to me like World of Dollcraft or something.
    My idea of heroine would contradict with the main concept the producer advertizes with, though^^’.

    Anyway, I had much fun writing this much. Even though I wasn’t really interested in playing this game from the beginning. xD

    • 15. hajikelist  |  February 19, 2011 at 3:48 am

      f1j4r: then stop making that coment before you playing the game first you know…
      4d1l: このゲームをプレイしない人は、ただゴミです!
      f1j4r: you’re the worst you know…” Loli”
      4d1l: 私はロリコンじゃない!

      • 16. Hiro  |  February 19, 2011 at 6:25 pm

        I’m just being sceptic because I’m still not sure what to think of this game. Nothing more nothing less. Okay, the World of Dollcraft was too much. I’d like to apologize for that one. As you pointed out I haven’t played this game yet. And now that I think about it, that expression had a much stronger image than I wanted it to have.

        Also there was a miswording on my side. It was meant to be “in the beginning”, not “from the beginning”. Maybe I was tired, dunno.
        Anyways, the game somehow caught my interest – wouldn’t comment on it otherwise.
        Well, I’m still not sure whether to play it or not.
        That pesonality thing is still a bit unclear (to me), for example. Do you know which one it is? I have faith in my japanese skills but I tend to overlook important things.

        @4d1l: That -> (このゲームをプレイしない人は、ただゴミです!) wasn’t serious, was it? Just part of your 漫才(Manzai), I guess. Would be offensive to a lot of people otherwise.

        • 17. Hajikelist[アディル]  |  February 21, 2011 at 8:07 pm

          f1j4r: well for me personally when i playing some eroge sometimes i can’t know what kind of heroin that this game have?? but when i play it i can understand it a little(well sometimes when i playing some nukige-type i can understand it quickly)
          4d1l: だけでなく、私私はちょうどその文字の性質を調べることによってそれを理解することができますに..
          f1j4r:(just ignore him…) yeah for example when i playing Kisaragi gold star at first maybe just looking the nature of the heroin you can tell it but when you look they story sometimes they have a other side of they nature… so.. it’s okay for me to accept for what you say..
          4d1l:(くそはf1j4r!) また私は、あなたがそれはあなたのゴミ箱を意味している再生されない場合は言わないよあなたは多分あなたはそれを知っていることがゲームをプレイするための楽しいを持っている場合..

  • 18. warum  |  February 21, 2011 at 6:03 am

    Hmm, customization seems to be quite the stir, which I am surprised since it isn’t a concept new to the industry. In particular the 3D type eroges have all kinds of customization.

    My concern would be how it affects the plot, seeing as there is an option to change personality. It’d be interesting to see the individual routes branch out and see different endings (which seems to be exactly what Micchi has said xD).

    >>into mysteries and don’t mind the occasional disproportinate art
    That sounds about right for me :). Nekonades sounds “cat”chy.

    I will be preparing for next month! A few exciting titles are coming up :D. Thanks for the previews!

  • 19. Metaler  |  May 6, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    I sort of have to agree that customizing the heroines is a little in bad taste. I like to see them as characters, as if they were alive and breathing, not just objects for men’s pleasures. Still, I’m curious, and will definetely try it out.

    But my best pick would be Grisaia no Kajitsu. I saw the “Battle of Wits” tag on VNDB and came buckets.

    • 20. Micchi  |  May 11, 2011 at 1:00 am

      In the end, it wasn’t that much customization. I actually just stuck with the normal types for the most part since they felt the most natural.

      • 21. Metaler  |  May 11, 2011 at 2:13 am

        Hmm, I see. I just wish to get to the customization part quickly because honestly, it’s not looking exactly interesting. D:
        Also, something about the artwork bugs me.

  • 22. _Tenna_  |  May 17, 2011 at 2:31 am

    ah. . thanks 4 the great info. anyway, I still dont understand “how to activate Flyable CandyHeart”, that ‘alpha activation’ or sumethin. can u tell me about it? thanks :D

  • 23. toyib  |  August 4, 2013 at 10:48 am

    so, turns out zen was said that he didn’t like the first series of the grisai yet he like the sequel one -_-


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