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December 31, 2010 at 6:52 pm 6 comments

JAST USA has announced the English localization of ALcot’s Osananajimi wa Daitouryou. It’s a decent comedy title, but I’m worried that not all jokes will come through well. Since there’s no definite release date, it’s best to watch and see how this pans out first if you are planning on preordering.

In light of the recent developments, Kodansha and Animate have announced a new event called the Anime Contents Expo, which will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, just outside of Tokyo. It’s scheduled for March 26-27, 2011, the same days as TAF. All the publishers that boycotted TAF 2011 will be attending this event.

Doujin circle RIFF*RAFF is going official with Renai Katei Kyoushi Rurumi★Coordinate, which expands on their existing Rurumi game. ocelot announced two new kinetic novels: Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica ~Farewell Song~ and Sousou Oni Reginald. caitsith is now known as Amatsukami. Still no new info on their next title, Youkai Restaurant.

XUSE’s Kuon no Kizuna -The Origin- has been scheduled for March 25th.

The following titles have been delayed:

Bula Bula – February 24th
Yuusha to Kimi ni Hanataba o – March 25th
Vanitas no Hitsuji – Spring 2011

The chara poll for Marguerite Sphere has started up. You can vote once a day. Of course I’m throwing my support behind imouto Matsuri!

Nanagane Gakuen -Suigetsu-, the next title in the series by doujin circle Luna System illustrated by Mitha, will come out at C80.

Coming out in January under the Dengeki Bunko label is Omae Nanzoni Musume wa Yaren (Maruyama Hideto, illust. by Tsukigami Luna). It’s only the third day of high school and Hayato already has lost interest in school life. Then an angel appeared before him: Kirishima Moe-senpai. With soft hair as fluffy as cotton candy, skin as white as marshmallows and lips as red as a cherry, she’s perfect in every way. He soon comes to the realization that she is actually his daughter from a past life.

Frontier Works is releasing a trap drama CD titled “Bokutachi Otoko no Ko” on April 27th. They’re idols, but are we supposed to take their word that they’re guys? I don’t see anything that makes it different from standard idol themes.

New console games coming out are Code 18 (part of the Infinity series) for the XBox 360, Corpse Party Book of Shadows for the PSP and Root√Double Before Crime*After Days.

I really don’t like the eyes of the 1/10 scale Kuroneko swimsuit ver. figure by WAVE. It doesn’t look like her at all. The figure is available for 4200 yen and is out in July, with 2 versions as usual. The Kotobukiya 1/8 scale Kuroneko looks much better, but I’d still prefer Kirino or Shironeko (unlikely since she doesn’t appear in the anime).

Figures that were revealed at C79 include: Kirino figma (Oreimo), Kurisu figma (Steins;Gate), Suika figma (Touhou), Suruga (Bakemonogatari) and Chen (Touhou). GSC also announced upcoming nendoroids for Panty and Stocking from Panty and Stocking.

The puchi nendos from the BGM Festival set were also showcased. They consist of Miyako (ef), Otome (DCII), Kenshin (Rance), Kirari (Kirakira) and Asuka (Oretsuba).

If you can only choose one, which of the C79 official and doujin dakimakura would you get?

Here’s some pictures from the Akihabara Dengekigai Matsuri that was held before C79. It was attended by a bunch of eroge companies, such as Nitro+, ALICESOFT and Studio Ryokucha.

Learn how to talk with your imoutos, Oreimo style!

Finished Yaya’s route in Clover Point and I finally understand why lots of imouto enthusiasts love her so much. Her unwavering love for her oniichan in the face of adversity is just so touching >_<  I definitely like her as much as Sana! I’ll maybe finish the rest of the Clover Point later, but first I’m going around and finishing popular imouto routes.

Next up is Yukiuta‘s Nano! She is definitely a different breed, trumping even Hoshimemo‘s Chinami (not in annoyance though).

I also started reading Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! and it’s pretty entertaining. After his father’s passing, Shougo transferred to his dad’s past school as specified in his will. As the heir of his business, he needs to find someone to marry. However, he gets a call from a stranger who tells him (using a voice changer) that she is his imouto and she’s attending the same school. Not only that, but she’s aiming to marry him! Not knowing her name, face or voice, he must fall in love while avoiding his new found imouto. I have the feeling it’s Miyabi-chan, but we’ll see if my intuition is correct…

Webclap responses:

Just finished HimeTama, and on my birthday, too. Can ask Zen what he thought of it? It seemed average, but I did enjoy it quite a bit myself.
Not sure what I should play next, there are some newly patched games in English (Not Daitouryou, I’ve had enough of that) by Wrathkal

Happy birthday! I’ll get Zen to add his comments when he’s not drunk (after I get him to comment on the Jan post). I’ve been playing a mix of old and new games lately. Just go through your backlog and see what interests you :)
It was pretty average yet enjoyable for the most part, though personally I loathed the card battle system, especially on subsequent playthroughs it became extremely obnoxious, becoming a hinderance to just moving along with the story. On the whole though I enjoyed the characters and their routes despite the story not being anything spectacular, and the endings having something of a bittersweet taste to them thanks to the differences in age. As far as what to play next… well I just randomly go with what I feel like at the time, instead of having a preset layout of what I will play, but if you want more suggestions just pop on IRC and im sure everyone there will be rather helpful.

Thanks to your blog, I was able to find out a lot about OreImo related goods that I otherwise would have never known about, or would have been left in the dark about. Not only that, but your blog is the best and most interesting by far ^^ compared to any other blog I’ve ever read. So thanks a lot for your blog, and I hope you blog continues to be successful in the future! Happy New Years!
PS: Right now I’m playing with that OreImo iPhone app you mentioned earlier, so thanks again! by Riyin

Always willing to bring you the latest Oreimo info ^o^ Thanks for the best wishes. Happy New Year to you too!

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Best Eroge OPs of 2010 Welcome to 2011!

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  • 1. Eab1990  |  December 31, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Today’s a great imouto day. Hoshimemo prologue patch is out, you’re done with Yaya/Clover Point, and there’s the rest of that top imouto-ge list to cover.

    Being an infinity and imouto fan, Code18 and Root Double are also highly anticipated.

    And Asuho/Mare dakimakura, since I can’t have Chinami, apparently.

  • 2. warum  |  December 31, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    >>how to talk with your imoutos
    I can’t believe Ayase’s reaction turned out to be most normal :S. Need…more (preferably non-physical) impact D:

  • 3. Wrathkal  |  January 1, 2011 at 5:21 am

    Haha, Zen, for some reason, me and IRC have a really bad relationship. Any chance of MSN instead? As for the routes, Sakuya & Mikage’s was touching (due to age, like you said, but I’m a sucker for crying girls), I got somewhat bored with Himiko and Saho (but that scene in Himiko’s room was damn funny, and so was the one in Saho’s room when Isuzu walked in on them), but overall, the route that got to me the most (maybe tied with Sakuya) is Isuzu’s one, I think she’s like a tsundere, but she only acts tsun because she doesn’t know what to do. Plus the Kansai-ben and the change in her character at the end was great. Not too sure about Kaguya’s one… I keep hearing Narukana in her voice.

    Also, I just finished Bunny Black, that was quite the entertaining game, and things tied up quite well. The humor was great too.
    (Wall is a rock monster with a part that looks like the top half of a nude female)
    Darks: ‘You’re… a female, right?’
    Wall: ‘No.’
    Darks: ‘Then the female part?’
    Wall: ‘Hobby’
    Darks: ‘…Err’

    Official: EUPHORIA!!!!!
    Doujin: Suika!
    If I had to pick one, it obviously has to be Euphoria.

    • 4. Zen  |  January 2, 2011 at 2:23 am

      Sorry for the delay been a bit busy for the last few days, but anyway sure just uhh webclap your MSN, so neither of us has post our email to the comment section.

      Might be better to use IRC if possible though since there are a lot of other people who can help give you ideas, I can’t guarantee that I will be any help by myself.

  • 5. Anonymous  |  January 1, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Where’s the roulette? You said there would be roulette.

    • 6. Zen  |  January 2, 2011 at 2:39 am

      It’s single player Russian, you go as far as you can till you lose, then you try again and see if you can break that record.


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