Winter 2011 Anime Preview

December 30, 2010 at 8:25 pm 11 comments

Once again we’ll be previewing the newest anime that will be appearing very soon this winter. Zen and I (nemuiwanko) will be suffering again as we weed out the growing amount of anime disasters. With a small lineup as usual, there’s not much to look forward to. Time to hit my anime, game and manga backlogs and enjoy a bit of the past!

Although chartfag hasn’t been updating, we have a chart provided to us by the wonderful Zana! And of course a more detailed look of this season as usual by Random Curiosity.

Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Love (Craft-sensei) (12/10 Fri)

With the exception of Hetalia Axis Powers, I never really bothered with these kind of anime series shorts. Not to mention it’s an anime done in FLASH. The only redeeming factor is the flaming twintails. I wonder if fans of H.P. Lovecraft will get into a rage seeing how this turned out.

As of my writing this there are already three episodes out, and I would first of all like to point out how annoying it is for a four to five minute show to spend roughly half the episode on the opening blurb, ending, and preview as while funny the comedy is rushed and not enough happens per episode. Of course being flash based the artwork is rather simple, but for a short gag based series it provides ample visuals to go along with the quick and usually sex related jokes. Despite there being no real plot to speak of, I can’t see much reason not to keep watching what amounts to a few minutes of lighthearted comedy.

Starry Sky (12/23 Thu)

Too many men. Way too many men as usual. I guess there has to be one series each season that caters to the female demographic. As usual I’m not keen enough to check out a series that only features men and only men in the promotional images. Perhaps one day we should recruit a rabid yaoi-loving fangirl to the ranks just to add some diversity to these comments. This page could use more hearts :3

Gee where have I seen this concept before, a single person enrolling in a school composed entirely of the opposite gender… Wait actually come to think of it I don’t recall that, usually they dress up and hide their sex, or are just part of a minority, not completely alone. I suppose this serves as a good example of why I loathe shoujo stories, they always go to such unbelievable extremes with their plots that I have an excruciating time attempting to suspend my disbelief and identify with the characters and actions they take or the situations they find themselves in. Not to mention the singling out of a single girl or even guy is so dull I can only imagine this series is targeted at girls with severe self esteem issues who long to be treated as though they were the only female left on earth.


The original television series that this was based on was actually pretty good although I’ve only viewed the first season or two. But after viewing MADHOUSE’s rendition of Ironman, I feel like this is going to turn to crap. Can we get more original material and less adaptations? The anime industry is chipping away my patience and I think this series will follow the trend of being kicked off my watch list at episode 1.

Personally I find the entire premise of this series horrid, and the thought of wasting hours of my life on an anime which I will surely hate does not sit well with me. I for one think the concept of taking crappy western shows / comics / stories that go on forever as episodic wastes of time and turning them into an anime is quite possibly the worst idea mankind has ever stumbled upon. Frankly I hope these types of shows bomb so completely the thought of westernizing anime never crosses a single persons mind ever again.

Rio RainbowGate! (01/04 Mon)

Oddly enough, I find this show less interesting than Starry Sky. With a gambling theme and some fan service to make up for such lackluster trailer, I don’t know what to expect. Maybe it’s missing some twintails.

Now just to make things perfectly clear here, I have absolutely no foreknowledge about this series at all, as such I will refrain from any significant comments other than I really hate casinos, I was never much for games of chance in general as I personally prefer to play something like chess or go where you only have yourself to blame. I sincerely doubt I will be watching past the first episode or two here, if even that.

Kimi ni Todoke (01/04 Mon)

I’m actually going to be checking out the first season of this after I’m finished with Zeta Gundam. I heard quite a bit about this series so I’m looking forward to it. Not to mention, there’s a wanko in it. I frown at my weakness. So from anyone who’s seen this, is the first season worth watching?

Did not see the first season, have no intentions of watching the first season, thus won’t be watching the second season, how I love simple logic.

On another note, all Micchi needs to watch something is an imouto, all Wanko needs is a dog, I really feel left out that I don’t have a theme that defines my selections… Though I am inclined to agree with what Wanko said, given we have incest, furries, and assholes we clearly lack an author covering the fujoshi demographic.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (01/06 Wed)

I thought this show was just a joke when they kept showing it during episodes of Arakawa Under the Bridge Season 2. So I’m pretty surprised to see that this is real. I’m not into magical girl shows but this is getting a lot of hype due to the people working on it. Who would have expected Kaijiura Yuki for the music? So sadly enough this will be the first show of the new season I’ll be taking a glimpse of.

I am of the conservative belief that it is against the laws of this universe for a mahou shoujo series to be any good no matter the medium or creators, especially given the director is rather hit and miss, often he sacrifices the nature of the story for the sake of his attempts to be a cutting edge director. Animes targeted at pre teen girls and overweight thirty plus year old pedophiles simply do not appeal to me. I apologize to anyone who happens to enjoy these shows for not falling within the targeted demographics, as I shall be incapable of further commentary.

Infinite Stratos (01/06 Wed)

A romantic comedy featuring a male protagonist with the ability to pilot an exoskeleton that only females in that world can do. Sounds familiar enough. With school tournament battles providing the action portion of the anime, we’ll have our first harem of the season. It does remind me of strike witches seeing those units in action though. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing just as much pantsu too. x_x

Shounen harem garbage with a pathetic twist. Why is it that most mecha stories have some absolutely retarded limiting factor? For example: can only be used by girls in order to flash twice the panties, has to be piloted by emo 14 year olds in order to justify wasting half the series on the protagonists whining, or has some kind of exotic technology that just so happens to choose the protagonist (usually a kid unable to legally buy cigarettes) as the savior of the world. Can’t we just have giant robots killing each other with normal pilots for once? About the only series where I could accept the circumstances of the pilots was Full Metal Panic, the rest always bother me when it comes to the circumstances that drive the characters involvement in a given situation. Quite simply I am incapable of believing kids of such young ages could be holding the fate of the world, or alternatively be the only possible pilots and thus serving as soldiers. Not to mention if the creators decide to stick to a school setting where they are in training, things always somehow wind up with the kids being in the center of a major incident and thus saving everyone, despite the fact such a base would have a large contingent of actual soldiers and instructors who would be infinitely more capable of dealing with any possible problematic situations. In my opinion mecha series are done best when they make sense, otherwise the mecha element is little more than a gimmick to add an extra “Cool” element to help bring in sales.

Yumekui Merry (01/06 Wed)

This sounds like a standard beat up a monster per week anime. I was hoping for something along the lines of Paprika or maybe even a bit of Inception considering its usage of the dream theme. Although I can’t tell much from the trailer, the dream sequences do sound promising.

An anime focused on blurring the distinction between dream and reality sounds interesting at first but I have a bit of trepidation towards this particular anime, as it feels focused towards a younger audience than I would prefer for a show of this type. As such I am not expecting anything too deep or interesting to happen other than a pretty standard shounen plotline, I will give it a chance but doubt I’ll stick around long.

Wolverine (01/07 Thu)

No more! Please MADHOUSE! I’ve had enough of western adaptations!

If anyone needs an explanation on this series, chances are extremely good that you want nothing to do with an anime adaptation of American comic book heros.

GoSick (01/07 Thu)

I am reminded of Shinku’s Detective Kunkun cosplay as I look through this. A gothic lolita solving mysteries is definitely something I needed to see this season since I’ve gone mad from this season’s selection. Although I admit, it’s been awhile that I’ve seen anything from the mystery genre, and this time the detectives aren’t mahou shoujo… or so I think! But this looks a heck lot more appealing than most of the choices above. Speaking of which… were they trying to say Gothic with the title?

So instead of lolis wielding mahou shoujo powers running around playing Sherlock Holmes we get a story about yet another loli, only this time in gothic dresses and who somehow appears to be omniscient, magically solving crimes no one else is capable or inclined to solve. If she is not Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter sent from the future to solve past crimes in order to prevent the creation of Skynet, I find myself completely unable to buy into this in any way shape or form. Having read a few chapters of the manga I can honestly say this series is not for me as I personally prefer mystery stories to have greater depth to them.

I think Zen could use some more desu and dolls. But hopefully we’ll find a nice theme to associate with him someday!

Cardfight!! Vanguard (01/08 Fri)

I wonder how many free games would it take for Zen to watch this xD

It would take a time machine, lots of alcohol and possibly psychotropic drugs to get me to watch this.

Freezing (01/08 Fri)

I was thinking Sekirei when I saw the trailer but what I got from the plot synopsis was Aliens vs Sekirei. I normally find it easy to determine the quality of an anime by how naked the girls get after a battle scene so I don’t really have any high expectations for this. I’m also a bit wary of it since I have a horrible image of Korean manhwa.

Korean ripoff of Mai Hime, pretty accurately sums this series up in my opinion. Having read around twenty or so chapters of the manwha I eventually found myself facing the typical disgust that only a manwha can elicit. Perhaps you wonder why I invariably find manwha so repulsive and perhaps you don’t or can already figure it out, but either way I think I shall take this chance to elaborate. I find that the authors consideration towards female characters utterly repugnant in every single manwha I have read with only one noteworthy exception (Id). At first I had the impression it was simply one or maybe two of them, however the more and more stories I read the more I find a very subtle sense of misogynistic patriarchy capable of making me rage quit any story no matter how good the concept otherwise. Furthermore manwhas seem to primarily be defined by good art and bad story, given this is a complete ripoff of existing Japanese stories it manages to be ever so slightly better than average. However unless you are really into pathetic protagonists, beating up women, or battle damage moe this is one series best left untouched.

Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janai Dakarane (01/08 Fri)

They’ve really been upping the incest content lately. It doesn’t seem like it’ll get anywhere near Yosuga no Sora or Kiss x Sis levels but its focus on comedy should slightly dampen the the serious issue of this forbidden relationship. The animation seems cute yet also strange to me at the same time but I think it”ll do decently as an ecchi comedy provided you can ground yourself with the fact that incestual relationship is only taking place in an anime. And given the track record for these shows, I bet one of them’s even adopted or a step-sibling in order to justify this.

Before I delve into my own completely predictable opinion on this series, I would like to highlight a fun fact, even Micchi did not find this series very appealing, which says a lot about the quality of the content here. Anyway back on topic I have also read some of the manga and found it quite boring, there is just not enough to drive this story along with the main focus being an imouto who potentially may not be blood related and sticks to her brother tighter than velcro, having to jealously fight off other girls who are arbitrarily interested in him. Without going to the extremes of other stories there is nothing here we have not seen a thousand times prior. What this series boils down to is an ill-conceived attempt to make money off of the imouto loving populace, the work on the whole feels sterile and lacks the heartfelt appeal other such stories generate. Chances are that should this go imouto route it will follow along the lines Kiss x Sis and avoid any incest themes through remarriage or adoption, sorry for those of you looking for something akin to Yosuga again this season. On a side note given how much Japan seems to love imoutos, I can only find myself assuming Izanagi to be a bad influence.

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu (01/08 Fri)

I found the first season quite delightfully amusing. It was a fun ride with all the nonsense that takes place and given the chipmunkish character designs, I found it hilarious whenever they tried to play off a dirty joke. As it will be more or less the same thing, I’ll be continuing where I left off.

Not interested in stories about bratty children, I hate them enough in real life why should I have to deal with them during my relaxation time? Not to mention I feel Kodomo no Jikan is more than enough for this type of story, we hardly need any more such frightening content.

Beezlebub (01/09 Sat)

As this is another adaptation from a series that is currently running in Shounen Jump, you can probably guess how it’ll go as a shounen type anime. Set in a high school, expect a lot of fights with delinquents and of course a naked baby as the titular character. If you liked any of the Shounen Jump series, you’ll probably enjoy this. But this doesn’t really have anything new to offer except an uncensored baby that really should get some diapers :3

The manga for this series started out rather amusing given the protagonist was the bad guy, and as a result ends up having to take care of a random naked demon baby. However eventually the same jokes over and over got old and the story turned into something more standard shounen way too fast to stay interesting. Too bad this series is more or less going the good guy route, instead of developing the story from the very beginning and focusing on the demonic goal to destroy humanity. Still I will at least watch the first few episodes for a few laughs.

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? (01/10 Sat)

Although not the brain eating zombie we’re used to, we have the main protagonist Ayumu who’s been resurrected as an immortal Wu zombie possessing abilities far beyond that of normal humans. I’m a bit interested in this but only because it involves mahou shoujos, necromancers and vampire ninjas all in one place. Now my mind is drifting off and I’m imagining a battle between vampire ninjas and nazi werewolves. And I really enjoy the Sora no Otoshimono cosplay =p

Being killed only to be resurrected is a common enough theme by itself, having been done many times prior in one form or another, most notably 3×3 eyes as Wanko has already mentioned above, so the creator of this series seems to have decided to grab a bunch of other random themes and throw it all into a blender. I was a little interested in this series for the comedy till I came across the two words I dread more than any other, mahou shoujo. With an obvious focus on comedy and the absurd I think I may be able to stomach some limited magical girl themes, as long as it does not fall into the usual cute pink loli firing stars and beams while reciting ear shattering and mind numbing catchphrases.

Dragon Crisis (01/10 Sat)

With all the magical relics and dragons involved in this story, I did get a slight To Aru Majutsu no Index vibe from this. This could really go either way, but the only thing that stood out for me was the Aisaka Taiga voice calling for Ryuuji. I really thought they were reusing sound clips from Toradora for a sec.

Who wouldn’t want a pet dragon and super Mr. Stabby? The real question, at least for me is whether or not the story will be good enough to keep my interest past the first few episodes as there is definitely potential for something entertaining if most likely not amazing. I can only hope Rose is not as annoying as Index and he is mature enough to not go loli route.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be punching your monitor as soon as you first hear her call the protagonist’s name.

Level E (01/10 Sat)

Level E is definitely different from what I expected. I thought it was going to involve a Twenty-ish (Milky Holmes character) character running around due to the promotional image. But looking at the trailer, it might provide the much needed sci fi alien adventure comedy that I’ve been craving for awhile. To-Loveru is not sci fi ;_;

Since I don’t have the time or inclination to read some of the manga in order to properly judge this series I think I will just watch it and find out how it is with no preconceptions. That said I am finding myself interested in the prince as I usually rather enjoy such characters.

Fractale (01/13 Wed)

The animation and music here surprised me by reminding me a bit of Miyazaki’s works. As a fantasy adventure anime and also an original work, I look forward to seeing how this will turn out. I’m hoping that at the very least there will be one series this season that won’t turn into garbage. Please Fractale, don’t disappoint me! I liked Angel Beats, but even that didn’t exceed my expectations!

I have read a bit of the manga for Fractale and from what I gathered the story revolves around what is essentially social commentary about the influence excessive convenience has on the human psyche, and what we are forced to give up on in our never-ending quest for technological progress. An interesting concept to say the least and one I find myself agreeing with on several levels, as much of the same issues are becoming more and more obvious when the current evolution of human society is glanced at. Despite the intriguing setting, I have my doubts on whether or not the story can stand on its own beyond the setting, the characters are not particularly appealing nor is there any unique aspect to the way events play out in order to move the plot along. While I am curious about the conclusion that will be brought about during the apex of the protagonists travels I am not as interested in the process which brings him there as I am in the writers exploration of the setting.

Hourou Musuko (01/13 Wed)

Probably the most serious among the series in this lineup. It deals with societal and complicated issues regarding the crossdressing and gender identity issues as our main cast consists of a trap and a reverse trap. The amount of drama here might garner some of my interest but I think it may more or less turn me off depending on my curiosity toward this issue as a whole. But perhaps the appearance of this anime is a response to the growing amount of trap characters that are appearing more and more in each season. 2D traps are definitely fine with me, but who knows if the public is ready for something like this.

Not interested in the least, personally I could not care less if people crossdress, I see no reason to treat them any different as they harm no one so this series is something of a moot point for me. Of course one could argue that the appeal is in the drama and difficulties they face coming to terms with their own feelings and mental state all the while dealing with the prejudices society forces upon them, however I am not interested in drama where my stance is already clear. I expect the series to be critically well received yet will do little to change the point of view of anyone, though I doubt the majority of western anime fans will find anything of worth here as it is obviously catering to a more mature audience than can be found among  the ignorant brats who swear by series like Naruto, Bleach , or Higurashi.

I’ll provide the alcohol, so anyone has a time machine or psychotropic drugs for Zen? Let’s make it happen :3

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11 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Eab1990  |  December 30, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    So much hate on mahou shoujo…

    I’ll wait for Madoka to deliver, if solely due to the voice cast. I saw the Nyaru-Ani ONAs, so I may as well watch this as well, even if I’m dismayed at the fact that it’ll be flash-shorts again.

  • 2. f1j4r(4d1l)  |  December 30, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    well it looks like AXN film become anime like supernaturral but i don’t want to watch it…
    priority for anime 2011:
    1. Infinitie Stratos(looks like break blade huh…)
    2.Korewa zombie desuka(WTF of that cosplay…)
    3.Yumekui Merry(well i already read the manga…)
    4.Cardfight!! Vanguard(Another card battle like Weiss survive)
    5.and Gosick(maybe interesting)
    some anime from shonen jump like belzeebub maybe in my last list… but is there any info for Hidan no Aria???

  • 3. seele00  |  December 31, 2010 at 12:49 am

    My only pick for this season is Fractale. ‘Nuff said.

  • 4. Reltair  |  December 31, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Fractale is the way to go this season.

  • 5. warum  |  December 31, 2010 at 3:34 am

    Going in with less expectation means there might be some surprises! It’s all but a small wait until the real deal comes! Spring 2011 :D.

  • 6. Silver  |  December 31, 2010 at 5:48 am

    About Kore Wa Zombie, I don’t think that many people even thought or know that much about Sazan Eyes (3×3 Eyes) although I wish they did because that was a good series. Either way, it still seems interesting to watch.

    I so agree with you about manwha though. I initially love them for the art but after going through them for a while, I got really annoyed. And just like you, Id is the only one that is completely different (and it’s really good too). Why can’t they choose Id to make an anime instead? I think there’s quite a lot of people who would love that.

  • 7. Mysha  |  December 31, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Fractale is something I’m gonna watch. I have enjoyed the studios other releases. Even if Sora no Woto was kinda Strike Witches meets K-On! and Nightraid was kinda Darker Than Black meets Baccano.

    And then I’m gonna try Gosick. I hope I’m not gonna disappoint…

    I think I’ll try Madoka too. I don’t like mahou shoujo shows that much but I have seen some that parody them and found them entertaining. And because of Arakawa, I must see what Madoka is all about.

    I’ve been waiting Kimi Ni Todoke’s second season! I loved the first season, I don’t know why because I’m not usually interested in this kind of stuff. Maybe because it was… more mature? Not “Kiyaaa! I love love LOVE this guy and he talked to me?! OMGWTFBBQ?!” The only thing is that the couple never gets anywhere with their relationship! xD It’s frustrating!

  • 8. Zen  |  January 2, 2011 at 2:49 am

    Seems like just about everyone is anticipating Fractale this season.

    @Eab1900 : I just don’t like, what I don’t like.

    @Silver : Hmm you may be right though I always thought of 3×3 eyes as a classic, just the story got repetitive after going on for way too long. I suppose that is just my perspective though, there are others I could have used but I am bad with remembering names and did not want to put too much effort into looking up similar titles.

    Nice to see there are others who agree about the manwha thing, it has always bothered me, and while I know a few people who agree I was unsure how many other people had that same impression.

    I would love to see an Id anime, though hard to make that into a 12 or even 26 ep series as it is a fairly long running manwha, and not much point to animating it till they finish up the manwha story, it needs a conclusion.

  • 9. nemuiwanko  |  January 4, 2011 at 3:57 am

    @Silver – I’m glad to see another person who is familiar with 3×3 eyes. I’m waiting for the final volume to be translated :3 Although maybe I’ll just break down and read it raw with a dictionary on hand x_x

    @Mysha – That’s good to know about Kimi ni Todoke. But yeah, I kinda expected the relationship wouldn’t progress to far seeing that for that genre, the journey is more important than the end.

  • 10. akani  |  January 22, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    I’d strongly recommend watching Madoka. Yes, it seems to start off light-hearted and a bit stereotypical, but it really is setting out to destroy a lot of the cliches in the mahou shoujo genre. The writer is Urobuchi Gen – just that name alone should tell you exactly where this series is going.

    If Zen can put aside his insistent stubborness, I’m sure that he’d find that Madoka is at least decent.

    Also, the soundtrack is to die for.

    • 11. Micchi  |  January 23, 2011 at 12:15 am

      I’ve been pushing him to watch Madomagi. It’s my lone series this season and it’s been pretty good, even though not the standard stuff I follow.


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