Fall 2010 Anime Impressions

November 6, 2010 at 11:12 pm 9 comments

Now that this anime season is underway we will give a more detailed impression of the series we have been watching as well as whether or not we shall continue to watch and thus make a review likely, or will be dropping the series, negating any chance for a full review upon reaching the conclusion. Having come to the decision that an early to midway single post would be more useful than simply providing summaries for episodes we will be separating our anime posts into three parts, a list of new series before they air, an impressions post once there are enough episodes to form opinions, and finally a full series review for those select series worth the time at the end of the season. Any series not listed here has been ignored by both authors, while series with only one author providing commentary have only been viewed by that author. As usual for anime posts Zen, and Nemuiwanko, will be providing the commentary with occasional outbursts by Micchi where appropriate.. and sometimes where not.

As usual here’s a series chart from our favorite provider chartfag, as well as more info from Divine at Random Curiosity.

Ironman (10/01 Fri)

After just one episode I wanted to rip my off my hair. The pacing of the anime put me to sleep and the setting was extremely bland for a Japanese setting. Although there’s a standard story involving an evil organization, it’s pulled off in a way that leaves me with zero interest in the characters. I tried to give episode 2 a chance, but it still felt horribly underwhelming.


Sora no Otoshimono Forte (10/01 Fri)

With fan service at every corner, Sora no Otoshimono doesn’t disappoint in giving you ridiculous scenarios that’ll be sure to make you laugh. It starts off by introducing a hilarious parody of the first season’s opening and also back are the different ending sequences per episode which adds an extra minute of fun to finish off the episodes. So far the newest Angeloid, Astraea/Delta is the latest to join the cast, and she brings with her a level of idiocy and naivety that rivals Tomoki. I’m currently having a lot of fun watching this and I like how this show doesn’t take itself too seriously. Not to mention the main protagonist Tomoki never fails to bring a WTF moment with every action he takes.


Nymph. Oh so delicious. They’ve definitely upped her cuteness tenfold in this season. Why do they need more angeloids when you already have Nymph!?


MM! (10/02 Sat)

What is there not to like with a show about the adventures of a hardcore masochist who would like nothing more than to be normal, and yet thanks to a fateful meeting with one of the two primary heroines Mio, continually winds up on the receiving end of her misguided attempts to beat the masochist out of him. Contrasting the outgoing and energetic Mio the other primary heroine Yuuno provides the more reserved and quiet side of the cast despite her willingness to pummel him bloody anytime he makes physical contact with her. Unlikely to have a concrete end where our pathetic hero Taro makes a real choice between becoming Mio’s pig, or Yuuno’s dog, I suspect the last few episodes will be a bit of a letdown with a focus on the drama instead of comedy. Nevertheless MM was a pleasant surprise this season, giving us plenty of light hearted comedy to brighten the various dilemmas this varied cast faces over the course of each episode. While there may be nothing truly revolutionary about MM, it does take the essence of a masochistic character into new territory all the while giving plenty to laugh about. I can think of only two minor quibbles with this series, one being that the drama sometimes feels a little too serious for the overall tone of this series, and the other would be they occasionally try a bit too hard to make it funny thereby missing the natural flow of a humorous situation.


Given its concept, I’m finding this show amusing enough to entertain me. Although initially slightly weirded out by the masochistic theme, I found it no different from any other anime where male protagonists are being beaten up by cute females. For the most part, the show is light-hearted enough to downplay the serious issues and problems that the characters have, so those looking to avoid something dramatic in the long term should look here. I must add however that I always seem to lower my expectations for comedy shows and welcome them more easily.


From what I’ve seen, aside from the crazy character types, there really isn’t too much special about MM!. I’m not a M, like a certain someone, so it didn’t really appeal to me too much.


Bakuman (10/02 Sat)

Now this is one of the shows that I look forward to watching every week. This shounen anime is doing a great job of resurrecting the young boy in me as I become very interested in the process and inner workings of the manga and anime industry. Even though there is romance and such involved in this show, I’m mainly focused on the  the growth of the main characters as they try attain their goals. I’m also loving the many manga references in this show as I look back to my nostalgic memories.


Tegami Bachi Reverse (10/02 Sat)

Adorable Niche is back! This show is going along as I expected and so far has been full of crying as usual. But with a season’s worth of story already covered, the plot is now slowly progressing into a more tangible direction. I am enjoying seeing Niche and Steak again as Niche proves to be the real star of the show ^_~ But among the current season lineup, I would say that this would be one of the better shows out there. Having something that takes place out of modern Japan is always a treat for me now, especially if it’s outside of a school!


Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto (10/03 Sun)

While there are many mecha series that I consider bad, until I came across Star Driver I had never imagined just how bad they could potentially be. I feel as though the inception of this series involved someone reading my mind, then crystallizing everything I loathe into one series. Star Driver consists of what is essentially a mahou shoujo with a sex change thrown on top of a mecha concept as poorly developed as Power Rangers. Not only did I find myself completely apathetic towards the characters from the start, the moment the protagonist Takuto breaks into a magical girl pose and calls himself the galactic pretty boy, I was done. I cannot see much value in what has so far felt like an episodic mahou shounen, I am sure there is a point to everything eventually but frankly whatever brings this aneurysm inducing affront to nature together is something I would be better off not knowing.


I started to tire of Star Driver by the fourth episode. With its monster of the week and Kamen Rider/Sentai style plot progression at the moment, I felt bored waiting for something to actually happen. The pace needs to pick up a bit, but I guess I’m getting too impatient. However, it does look like things may possibly get better after how the fourth episode went. But I don’t think I’ll stick around to find out unless someone tells me otherwise in the future.


Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (10/03 Sun)

From the cold Yakumo to the bumbling female lead, I find myself not caring about any of the characters. Not even the fact that the supernatural genre being my favorite could save it from me kicking it off my list. The episodes felt rushed and there wasn’t much time in there to get me interested in the characters, or the events that take place. Therefore the two main characters lack of appeal, character, and direction of development are the biggest pitfall to the series. Male leads should never be tsunderes.


Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (10/03 Sun)

For those who are reading the light novel for OreImo the anime series proves to be a surprisingly faithful rendition of this explosively popular series with only a few relatively minor differences between the two mediums. As an eroge parody centered around Kyosuke and his relationship with his tsun tsun sister Kirino OreImo has found a niche to call home even for those uninterested in the imouto style of characters, afterall anyone who has played eroge will find something to laugh at as the show treks through an all too familiar course of events. Each minor story arc takes us through a situation that mimics common themes in eroge, be it hiding a part of yourself from those around you, repairing damaged relationships with friends, or simply reaching an understanding with your estranged siblings. Of course along the entertainment lies in how Kirino manages to drag her normal brother through such events, forcing him to unwillingly take on the role of a protagonist with her own distinct variety of stares and “Skinship”. I would like to think that the story will still go all the way to the end of volume 4 in the light novels, however the current progress is a bit slower than I had expected and unless they cut out a lot from here on it appears volume 3 is more likely. A pretty entertaining series which provides as much humor from the ignorant “Fanbase” it has spawned thanks to the popularity of the anime medium, and their constant ranting and raving over ill-conceived opinions better directed towards the Yosuga no Sora series.


Oreimo has so far met my expectations and is such a fun watch seeing otaku subculture explored in the way shown in the anime. I’m sure many of us have trouble telling friends/family about our eroge/anime-related hobbies and this anime focuses on the social implications of trying to enjoy what you love. Besides the obligatory convention and Akihabara episodes, I can’t wait to see what else they’ll expand on and how Kirino will be able to develop as a person as she leads her double life. One thing I’ll need to comment on is the relationship with Kyosuke and Kirino. This isn’t exactly Yosuga no Sora, and given the tone and atmosphere that the series displays I feel that people may be overreacting to the growing relationship between Kyosuke and Kirino. I don’t know what happens in the light novels, but from what has been shown so far, I don’t think people should start screaming the word incest at every turn this early in its run.


As a series that I had been highly anticipating for so long and raving to everyone about, it’s obvious that I’ll still be watching it 5 episodes in. I already know about the course of the story, the characters, etc, so I’m just curious as to how faithful they would be to the light novel. So far, I’ve been pretty happy. Of course, it’s not doing it exactly the same (some scenes switched around, some added, some removed, etc), but all in all the flow is nice and it’s an enjoyable few hours every week (I rewatch it a lot). Little details like recognizing almost all the games in Kirino’s stash and spotting cameos at Comiket make it fun even if you know the general story. Of course, I wish they spent more time developing Ayase instead of making her look like a stuck-up ‘friend’ and that they included Kirino’s comment to Kyousuke at the end of ep5 (LN v2). And that they didn’t add in fanservice scenes that aren’t needed. But it’s still nice. Oh and if you haven’t noticed already, Oreimo isn’t about incest. At least not at this point.


Hyakka Ryouran (10/03 Sun)

After watching five episodes just for the sake of figuring out the point of the story I decided it was futile and gave up on my expectations. Not having read the light novels I am unsure where the story itself is going however so far the show has been about little more than Muneakira establishing his own personal harem of girls to fight both over and for him. There is plenty we can tell about what will happen later on, however there is little connection between the suggested bad guy and the characters currently. Regardless of how stupid the outfits for the girls are, and worthless story is I did find myself reluctantly forced to laugh at a few of the cliché love comedy jokes, usually due in part to the extra helping of absurdity involved. The only thing I have found more annoying than the lack of story and excessive fanservice was frequent use of ink as a form of censorship, while censoring is fine in and of itself given how often they find an excuse to strip their characters naked, I had to question why they gave them revealing outfits, then stripped them, if they were just going to censor it. In my opinion it would have been better just to give them more normal outfits and less “Battle damage”, thus freeing our eyes from the distracting and bothersome ink blots involved in almost every fanservice or fight scene.  For all that is bad I have to admit they did an excellent job of baiting people into continuing with the series, I find myself in the irksome position of feeling compelled to watch this series only to figure out what the hell is going on and how it is possible for things to make sense. I think I shall continue watching off and on when bored just to figure out what the hell is even going on, if for nothing else than to enable myself to form a cohesive opinion on this series.


My main interest in the series was a loli Sanada Yukimura played by Kugimiya Rie. But as I watched the series, there was just fan service and nothing else to supplement it. As nothing really  happens in this anime at all, I’m better off buying the Hyakka Ryouran figures which I must admit look quite nice in quality. Although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind this show at all if I was 10 years younger. Then again this show is slightly entertaining when you’re actually watching it as I noticed myself being fine with its level of comedy versus reviewing this when not watching it. But maybe it’s really because of hormones in the end.

WATCHING slightly – I’m sure on some days I could use some level of fanservice >_>;;

Arakawa under the Bridge S2 (10/03 Sun)

I had no problems at all watching the first season of this series. However, I’ve started to notice how slow this series is and it does require some amount of patience to sit through everything that goes on. Like a lot of other SHAFT series, the gags and dialogue that takes place are the main focus of the show. Besides the romance between the two main characters, everything that occurs is very random. But fortunately at the start of the second season, more of Nino’s past is slowly starting to reveal itself. With the first season establishing the main cast and Kou’s character, I hope that the back stories and character development for the rest of the cast proceed smoothly despite the chaotic nonsense that envelops everything in this anime.


Yosuga no Sora (10/04 Mon)

As an anime adapted from a game which I have played I was pleased to find that the quality between the two mediums was consistent, in other words they both suck equally. The apparent format in use for this series is a two episode “Common route” that establishes the characters followed by individual “Routes” for each of the heroines consisting of two episodes. While normally I would complain about the lack of development for the heroines in their brief two episodes of glory, I found it appropriate for Yosuga as there was nothing else to the game itself anyway and the anime has more than enough time to do and admirable job of covering the characters routes. Surprisingly given the extensive degree of exposure this is probably the most ecchi of all the animes I have seen this season, even Hyakka Ryouran pales by comparison. Other than the unnecessary nudity I have to give credit to the production staff for the anime, they managed to pretty faithfully recreate the game, for those of you who have not played it, if the current state of the anime is compared there is little reason to play the game and visa versa.


For an eroge adaptation, it has way more explicit scenes than I thought that they would ever show! What I can say is that this series is sure taking an interesting approach with how they’re working on the character arcs. Especially with what has occurred so far in the anime, things are proceeding too fast for me to be fully accept what is happening. But given what’s out, I don’t think you can reliably expect things to resolve in a satisfactory manner. I’ll mainly be sticking around for Sora since twin imoutos are awesome. ^_^


Otome Youkai Zakuro (10/04 Mon)

As much as I want to say I was initially wrong about this series and have misjudged it when considering it was a bit more enjoyable than I expected, I still must come back and honestly say I was absolutely one hundred percent correct with my initial evaluation of this series. Ok maybe only ninety percent correct, still close enough that I refuse to withdraw my previous comments. We have a story about the relationship between demons and humans while our male lead is deathly afraid of demons, so far so good right? Oh how I wish, but unfortunately the series is still more about the romantic relationships, and just using the setting as a medium for conveying the growth of various relationships resulting in the show straying from interesting plot and development into a reverse Inuyasha. Of course with that said I do still find a lot more to enjoy here than I did with Inuyasha, however that does little to change the essence of the story from a standard shoujo romance plot in a slightly unorthodox setting. I did rather enjoy the song they keep singing whenever there is a battle, however the introductory remarks before singing were cheesy to say the least, thus killing the mood. Well despite the problems I still find myself enjoying the series enough to keep watching, even though the sparkly smiles of the bishounen cast are irritating to say the least, the comedic developments before the male and female leads are enough to keep me watching.


I enjoyed this show a lot more than I thought. I was going to drop this series if the main male characters were the incarnation of perfection, but seeing a cowardly male lead with that kind of face is amusing. With comedy, romance, and a story that is starting to unfold, I think it has a good mix to be a decent watch this season. I also want to note that they perform some kind of song and dance performance in battle which had a nice feeling of culture to it. The battles ended up becoming  a lot more interesting to watch due to that.


Shinryaku! Ika Musume (10/04 Mon)

Less about environmental commentary than I was expecting and more about cute humor involving a squid girl, Shinryaku has found a place in my heart as a lighthearted series always there to save the day when I am in need of some lighthearted fun. Each episode involves a few short stories about how our favorite squid girl interacts with the humans around her, such as the discovery of her various talents such as making pasta sauce to waiting on multiple tables at once, or being forced to pose for pictures in various cosplay outfits. Over and over I find myself chuckling at her innocent antics as my repressed inner child squeals with delight over the simplest of jokes involving mundane every day occurences.  Definitely not the type of show anyone would watch for the sake of a good story, however as long as expectations are not too high there is little to not like about squid girl.


Squid girl has mercilessly invaded my list of shows. As a cute moe comedy show I found it reminiscent of Keroro Gunsou except for the fact that frogs aren’t moe. But I do find the thought of squid girl and alien frogs conquering earth together to be an awesome idea xD Overall I found it entertaining and it does a great job of adding characters that show off the many sides of squid girl. From the obsessive stalker to the only girl who actually fears squid girl’s true status as an invader, squid girl has a lot to handle if she wants to do a successful invasion! The show covers a lot of ground by splitting each episode into three shorter segments. For its gag anime comedy format, I find it nice that they can stick to short stories rather than trying to stretch and warp the original source material.


Kaminomi zo Shiru Sekai (10/06 Wed)

First of all, I’ve already read the manga before watching this show. I’m going to say that I’m impressed on how well it actually turned out. If I never read the manga, I would definitely add this to my list of shows to watch. The animation is done well and the characters don’t look as weird as they do in the manga. But I still don’t like the character designs and their outfits. As a matter of fact, among the main characters displayed so far in the anime, my only favorite is the twintail. His other captures don’t interest me very much which goes to show how shallow I am in how my heroines are designed x_x


Tantei Opera Milky Holmes (10/07 Thu)

The four main heroines make very cute loli characters and even better nendoroids! But with scary bare chested male villains and brats to face, I can’t help but look away in disgust. And who knew having superpowers was a requirement for becoming a detective? I don’t think I can accept the fact that they turned something I thought was going to be a cute detective show into something more mahou shoujo. But please, can we get rid of flamboyant characters for the sake of my eyes.


I was looking so forward to this series. And the first episode disappointed me so much with absolutely nothing happening. It’s obvious who the baddies are and how the hell do the girls not know who they are. Sadly, the highlight was probably laughing my ass off at Twenty.


Togainu no Chi (10/07 Thu)

Always nice to see my initial thoughts affirmed when it comes time to actually watch a show. Togainu is one of those shows that makes me feel so much pity for the people trying to justify it as more than just BL, as frankly all there is to this story is BL. Not only has there been only one female character who appeared for a whole of five seconds, the various men are all over each other, of course including plenty of emo close ups to make the fujoshis swoon. Right from the start I had to facepalm at the absolutely horrid fight choreography as I realized clearly there could be no justification for this series aside from having a strong fixation on BL. After surrendering myself to fate and continuing to watch despite the insultingly bad initial scene, I found myself face to face with what may very well be the worst story ever conceived by a human being throughout the course of our brief existence on this planet. Essentially the show boils down to this, a bunch of gay guys go to fight each in a game where they try to gather the right hand of cards from the dog tags they are given with images of cards on them, in order to topple the current ruler of the run down and nearly empty district the show takes place in, Ill Re. Yes, that is all, I am sure there is more to this eventually… or at least I sure hope there is or else I cannot imagine even the most emo of fujoshis finding much to enjoy here. While I certainly have no problem with others opinions or tastes I do wish people would try to be less misleading about their preferences and just admit they are watching for the sake of fantasizing about hot boy on boy action, anyway saying you watch this series for the story is so much more embarrassing than watching it for the BL.

DROPPED faster than soap in prison.

In an alternate universe, my loli counterpart is covering this.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (10/07 Thu)

I think this ranks as perhaps the most intriguing of this seasons anime so far, with no significant plot to connect the individual episodes aside from the fact our air headed protagonist Hotori (THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME OF HER NAME KRESNIK! I LOVE YOU! PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!) *Ahem* has fallen for her math teacher who just so happens to despise her every atom. Most of the story takes place in the maid granny’s cafe or Hotori’s school, between which we are allowed to enjoy Hotori’s humorously unique outlook on life, much to the chagrin of those around her. The varied supporting cast ranges from her manipulative grandmother, maid obsessed best friend, extremely strict and uptight math teacher, to an assorted lot of less important characters. Focusing on the way Hotori’s philosophies combine with her record setting airheadedness makes the most bland slice of life events into hilarious encounters. Forgoing the usual slapstick comedy found in most anime Soredemo has managed to find its own value by finding the funny side of every day life, I can’t help but want to keep watching the silly conclusions Hotori reaches in her quest to win the affections of her teacher.


I don’t want to see old ladies and ugly women in maid outfits. As a matter of fact as long as I see less of that ugly friend of theirs, I think I’ll stick to watching some of this show. She didn’t have to look that bad, I wouldn’t mind if her face consisted of three dots! The comedy in this slice of life show is fairly average with its colorful and yet weird cast of characters. With its setting mainly at the maid cafe and a huge lack of moe, I’m wondering how far this show can keep me interested.


To Aru Majutsu no Index S2 (10/08 Fri)

The second iteration of the popular Index series has thus far left me with somewhat mixed feelings. While getting right back into the story where we left off is nice, the addition of a character who feels like little more than Index 2.0, gives the impression of repetition with the first series, even much of the scenario build up thus far matches the first arc of the first season of this show. We start with a series of events leading to an unknown nun just happening to run into Touma, and she is of course being pursued by her own organization. Yes, there is more to it but I am hesitant to continue the comparison further given how much it feels like spoiling the story thus far, suffice it to say most should be able to spot all the comparisons quickly with a bit of consideration. Ignoring the overlapping feel giving the impression of a new skin on an old favorite, Index herself is just as annoying and useless as ever, of course she gets a nonsensical attack this time that makes her useful for a whole of five seconds before her character is rendered completely worthless once again. At the very least the new Index is a huge improvement over the old one, making me wish they had swapped out the old in favor of the improved version available for purchase in this second season. On the plus side it seems we will get to see more Kanzaki (Thanks again for the name, Kresnik, what would I ever do without you? *swoons*) who was barely a part of the first season, despite her being my favorite female character, this alone gives me some hope. I see little reason to stop watching yet as things are still just in the first story arc and have plenty of room to improve from here out, though so far I feel a little betrayed by my own expectations for this series.


Although there hasn’t been much biribiri appearances so far, I’m delighted to see how fast they started up the  first story arc in the second episode. With Index being a lot more useful than she was in the first season, the action picks up in each succeeding episode. Even with four episodes out, I can see that this series will do as well as its first season. I have to comment though that this show sure loves their petanko characters! I hope some of you can bear through the fanservice of the less endowed :3


Fortune Arterial (10/08 Fri)

For anyone who has played the game Fortune Arterial is based upon the first thing you will notice is how much the anime deviates from the game itself, while most events have at the very least similar outcomes the timeline is mixed about quite a lot. Understandably they have had to make concessions given the time constraints they are bound to work within in order to pick up the pace of the early common route section of the story. Episode five marks the end of the common route in the game itself with the end of the athletics festival and so it is from this point on that the story will have to really be judged now that all the introductions and basic relationships are established. Although there were some disappointing scenes when compared to the game, so far they have gotten all the major points more or less correct enough that the story should not be affected, giving me hope that the latter half of this series will be well worth the viewing time. If only the series was a little further along I could comment on the story without feeling as though I am spoiling the whole thing, ah well. Regrettably there are some issues I found a bit annoying with this series, among them the relentless use of completely unneeded fanservice shots where there was absolutely no need for them was particularly irksome. Still, so far Fortune Arterial has been more than worth the time spent, providing a solid if not spectacular viewing experience for those of us who are well used to these type of shows and I plan to keep on watching till the end. (Now if only I could find the time to write up that game review…)


A slice of life mixed with vampires. After watching a few episodes I didn’t find this show special but then again I didn’t find it boring either. I’m curious to see if the vampire element is just for show so I’ll stick around until I get bored.


Kuragehime (10/14 Thu)

One of the more interesting shoujo stories, reminds me of the other I enjoyed, Wallflower / Perfect girl evolution, same core concept in play just modified a bit to suit a different setting. The idea of turning an otaku girl into a good looking woman by itself is rather lame and boring while on the other hand the comedy of the crossdressing Kuranosuke being the one to influence the change among Tsukimi and her reclusive companions changes the situation enough to feel fresh and new. Most of the humor revolves around the “Amars”, Tsukimi’s housemates and friends rejection to all things fashionable, including the continued invasions of Kuranosuke, who finds them interesting. Thankfully so far the traditional shoujo scenes I have come to know and hate, have not made much of an appearance in this series, and when they do there is no feeling of repugnance towards the way it is woven into the story and setting. Perhaps part of the appeal comes from the variety of otakuism on display with the cast, all of the main characters are obsessed with something, and it is usually something completely unrelated to what most westerners associate the term “Otaku” with, such as anime, manga, and games. Feeling a more varied and perhaps down to earth cast helps develop the ambiance of the show, as even Kuranosuke being obsessed with fashion is likely to come into play as a method of relation to Amars. I do find myself rather curious about how the ending will play out, will they go for the traditional shoujo end where she ends up being the pretty girl everyone is envious of? Or will they somehow find another way to conclude this series, I think that while not as funny as Wallflower, there is a certain appeal that has kept me interested enough to settle down for the long haul and watch this series to whatever conclusion they have decided upon.


I’m glad to find another otaku subculture anime this season. As it covers mainly fujoshis and a trap, I liked watching how our female counterparts compare in this story. Also worth mentioning is that with the art style and character designs I find myself taking their characters more seriously. Thankfully despite not being bishoujo characters, at least they’re not as hideous as a certain character in this season’s lineup. In addition with a trap as the main love interest for the female lead, I’m sure things won’t get boring as she tries to cover up the fact that there’s a boy in the midst of a female-only apartment building. It must be hilarious falling for a male who looks better than you do as a female. It should however be an interesting development to observe.


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9 Comments Add your own

  • 1. f1j4r(4d1l)  |  November 7, 2010 at 1:45 am

    the best impression for me this season is:
    1. Fortune Artelier
    2. Oreimo imouto wa konani kawai wake ga nai..
    3. To aru majutsu no index II
    well the best for me is still SRWOG the inspector… but at bleast for not mecha type the three anime that i say is my choice….
    well for MM, God only knows, and sora no otoshimono i think i rather read the manga yet… not to watch it…
    for last place i can watch hyakka ryouran at least stil have Samurai…
    well hoping for next month is gundam 00 movie… (Ow i can’t watch it at the cinema… T_T since i’m not live in japan)

  • 2. Fabricio  |  November 7, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Great post! I was indeed looking for impressions about some of this season’s animes, and you guys were straight to the point.

    I was already interested in Fortune Arterial and OreImo – Micchi had a lot of influence about this one (now I’m also looking for the light novel) -, but a few others also caught my attention, like To Aru Majutsu no Index (should try the first season first :P) and Shinryaku! (which looks a silly, but pleasantly funny anime).

  • 3. Tsubasa  |  November 7, 2010 at 11:45 am

    my most time are in Eroge
    so can not tell if this or that anime are good or not
    but here how i think my anime list is like

    top 5?
    Fortune Arterial
    Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
    Hyakka Ryouran
    To Aru Majutsu no Index S2
    Shinryaku! Ika Musume

    because i like it in some way
    Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
    Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto
    Arakawa under the Bridge S2
    Yosuga no Sora
    Otome Youkai Zakuro

    see if it better than US one

  • 4. SnooSnoo  |  November 7, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    No mention of Gainax’s newest abomination?

    • 5. Zen  |  November 7, 2010 at 8:54 pm

      I don’t think any of us have tastes bad enough to watch even five seconds of that show, not much to say about a show we refuse to touch. It was stricken from existence as far as we were concerned the instant we saw that distasteful monstrosity.

  • 6. dawningblue  |  November 7, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    1. OreImo
    2. Ika Musume
    3. Otome Youkai Zakuro

    Milky Holmes
    Fortune Arterial
    Pocket Monsters Best Wishes
    Heartcatch Precure (continued from earlier season)

    Yosuga no Sora

  • 7. aquaspirit39  |  November 7, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    1.) Ore imouto
    2.) Fortune Arterial

    also watching:
    yakumo and yosuga but dont really think highly of both, just watch it to pass time.

    and continuing from previous season:
    Legend of Legendary Heroes. This is pretty good, I thought it is something like Slayer, but the story turn out pretty dark.

    • 8. nemuiwanko  |  November 19, 2010 at 2:07 am

      Legend of the Legendary Heroes is a lot more better than I thought it would be and it’s also nice that it gets 24-26 episodes rather than the standard 12-13 we’ve been seeing a lot of recently.

      I’m also catching Shiki which is continuing from the last season too, but that sure gets delayed a lot. But if you want something dark and filled with suspense involving vampires then that’s something you should check out.

  • 9. just looking  |  October 22, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    “I found it no different from any other anime where male protagonists are being beaten up by cute females. ”

    This is the worst, most offensive, most repulsive convention in anime and anyone who supports it does not deserve to live


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