Figure Review: Yui Nendoroid K-ON!

October 13, 2010 at 8:59 pm 9 comments

I’m back for another round of figure reviews. This time I’ll be focusing on a nendoroid that had already been released a few months ago. However, I’ve only recently acquired it since I had to order from the second round of shipments.

Although I was planning on doing the Bakemonogatari Petit/Puchi Nendoroid set, I thought that photographing all 9 petit nendoroids while practicing my photographing technique would have been a bit too much. So Hirasawa Yui of K-ON! will be joining us today with a few other familiar faces to aid in the review. I was pretty delighted to see how cute she ended up being.

Yui comes in a hot pink box and a sticker verifying its authentic content. I had to take Yui out of the box to do this box shoot, so I didn’t realize until now that I put her back in a different pose than what she originally came in. So don’t be alarmed by the fact that my Yui looks different from a brand new nendoroid box.

But as a tip, always check sites like Hobby Search to see how the actual products look in their boxes and what poses they have. In addition to the sticker, these two main things that you look for will help eliminate bootlegs if you’re buying from a shady or third party source. Especially for the earlier nendoroid bootlegs, you would find the nendoroids displayed with a different face compared to the default faces that are used when shipped.

Yui comes with her guitar, equipment, standard hand/limb attachments, and a total of three faces. However, unlike the other K-ON! members or other nendoroids she doesn’t get any other signature items such as a cat or a tea set. I was surprised since nendoroids normally get an accessory or two that’s great for using in group nendoroid displays. But then again she does get a guitar and all.

Notably in the K-ON nendoroid displays such as Yui and Azunyan’s, it differs slightly in the fact that this new design allows them to stand more naturally on the surfaces they’re on rather than on the display base itself. Therefore it does look more pleasing when posing as the nendoroid stands tend to be a bit obtrusive.

Especially shown here you can see how different it is when you have nendoroids at ground level versus being on top of a base. It definitely looks a bit off although the typical stand designs tend to be a bit more stable than the K-ON! display stands. I had quite a bit of trouble getting my K-ON! nendoroids to stand straight instead of angling off.

As you can see setting up the guitar was troublesome… it actually broke! It happened while putting the strap on the guitar. I had no idea that it would break off so easily. Azunyan and Mio’s are still intact and those I had no trouble with at all. Although that may be attributed to the fact that I got used to setting up Yui’s.

Fortunately in terms of posing, I could lightly place the two halves together and it would remain that way unless I touched it. I’ll probably look into using super glue on it sometime soon. But be very careful with your guitars!

Other than the unfortunate mishap, the Yui nendoroid does well by presenting us with a guitar playing nendoroid of one of our favorite anime characters. The more nendoroids you buy, the more accessories and scenarios you can set up in your mini playing field. I’ll admit however that with what’s given, Yui’s limited in the poses you can setup with her. I would have loved an extra hand attachment or two, or even a different arm.

Luckily since the K-ON nendoroids share the same uniform, you can just mix and match any existing arms from any of the K-ON nendoroids.

Sorry Churuya-san, Yui’s going to eat that smoked cheese.


Final Thoughts

  • Hirasawa Yui Nendoroid
  • Company: Good Smile Company
  • Release Date: Late December 2009
  • Price: 3334 Yen
  • Availability: Yes (As of this post)

As most nendoroids are made from Good Smile Company, they tend to be of good quality in terms of material and sculpt so I’ll skip straight into the other categories as it starts to feel redundant.

Yui’s design reflects the character from the anime pretty well, so I found the transition to be surprisingly nice. I wasn’t expecting much from this figure since I got it mainly to complete my K-ON! set. But I do feel the color from her hair looks amazingly solid and well done as I found myself noticing that part of the nendoroid the most.

The three faces she comes with are enough to cover a variety of situations. Her crying face in particular was useful in showing her reaction to the death of giitaa.

As for the accessories she’s gotten, her guitar is the main selling point, so I can’t complain about the lack of any extra things like Azunyan’s cat, Mugi’s tea set. But I could have really used a different arm to setup different poses. I used Azunyan’s arms on Yui for one of the shots to add a little variety so at the very least she can swap with her band members.

WARNING: As I mentioned earlier, beware of snapping the guitar in half. I tried to be very careful with it yet I ended up with what you saw as I tried to put the strap on the guitar. The only thing I’ve ever broken were random Gundam parts and a Suzumiya Haruhi nendoroid stand yet it couldn’t prepare me for how easily the guitar broke!

The nendoroid stand is a good step towards better nendoroid pictures as it helps make pictures look a bit more natural. At the moment, the only nendoroids that can stand without a display base are the twintail nendoroids such as Miku shown earlier in this post. The design helps to easily prop them up through the use of the twintail hair.

With the exception of the fragile guitar, Good Smile quality shines through once again! Although it’s not a nendoroid that would upon first glance get me to buy her, she is something to consider if you’re a fan of Yui and K-ON! The sad thing is if you do get her, you gotta catch em all… The appeal of displaying a full band is a huge weight to shoulder. I have yet to get Ritsu, but at this rate I’ll be getting a nendoroid drummer in another form if Ritsu never restocks.

And for those who wanted to take a look at the Bakemonogatari set, I snapped a shot of the display base I’m using. Since the lighting wasn’t so great, and the depth of field was so horrible, I placed them in two rows for this occasion. I’m still a novice in photography but I’ve finally moved on to using manual mode!

Nendoroid Count: 34 big ones and counting!

Next time: Bungaku Shoujo Nendoroid? + Experimenting with Diorama Backgrounds


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Best Moe 2010 Winner Saimoe 2010 – Final

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  • 1. Amoirsp  |  October 13, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Speaking of Twintails, which character is that one that’s on the background with Churuya?

    And gosh when I was reading I was shocked on the guitar snapping thing. That fact that it was Yui’s guitar also was a bit ironic.

    Too bad that occurred. Did you fix it up or use glue? I thought the pictures were chronological so it looked functional later, but I gather that’s not the case.

    Don’t forget to do a K-On band photo, but as you stated, you’re missing Ritsu at the moment.

    • 2. nemuiwanko  |  October 14, 2010 at 2:56 am

      The twintail girl is Kokonoe Rin from Kodomo no Jikan. She’s one of those examples of figures I buy without knowing about the source material beforehand. Gotta love how happy that figure looks.

      I didn’t fix it up yet but I plan to use superglue. It should easily do the trick given how it was split off. And yeah the pictures aren’t chronologically organized, well for the most part it is, but that picture of I included of the broken guitar was done last actually.

      However, the picture of Yui posing with a guitar was done after it got broken. Because of how it got broken off, you can still temporarily connect the piece. But any movement at all would split it apart.

      It took me awhile to shoot that photo since every time I would nearly get the pose right, a slight movement would cause the guitar to fall apart again.

      • 3. Amoirsp  |  October 14, 2010 at 8:54 pm

        Ouch, hard to hear.

        Yeah as soon as you said Kodomo I’m like OH RIGHT. I think since the eyes were denoted as ” ^^ ” I couldn’t notice it. That figure looked happy for sure.

        I can’t imagine how frustrating it can be to have a new nendroid and have its feature miscellaneous/signature item to break in half.

  • 4. warum  |  October 14, 2010 at 8:29 am

    I loved the end of Gitah shot…Zetsuboushita! Though my condolences for what happened.

    One day, wanko will make a picture story with all his nendoroids and it will make millions. Then the nendoroids would multiply forming the nendoroid army :).

  • 5. Reltair  |  October 15, 2010 at 1:20 am

    A good and informative review once again! I had trouble putting on the guitar strap for this nendo as well. :(

    34 nendos? That’s quite the army you’re building there.

  • 6. Micchi  |  October 18, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Poor gitah T_____T

  • 7. nemuiwanko  |  October 18, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    @amoirsp – I’m just glad that it’s repairable at least. What would be worse if I somehow end up breaking all the band members items.

    @warum – Picture story shots are pretty fun to do. I find that it’s a good way to show off the stuff you can do with nendoroids and I do feel happy with the pictures I took this time ^_^

    @Reltair – Thanks for reading once again as well xD I hope to gather up an even bigger army! I just hope I’ll be able to clear more space for it.

    @Micchi-senpai – Churuya-san says she’ll fix the guitar for some smoked cheese xD

  • 8. haruhi suzumiya  |  June 14, 2011 at 11:58 am

    anyone noticed the konata in the backround behind kokonoe rin

    • 9. nemuiwanko  |  June 16, 2011 at 8:14 am

      The background came from the lucky star figmas, so that’s why Konata is on there. I didn’t even notice that I had included Konata in there, but either way she makes a nice spectator!


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