Figure Review: Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid + Figma Combo!

September 15, 2010 at 8:11 pm 7 comments

Guess who’s not stranded in Rokkenjima anymore? Well… until episode 7 gets translated. Anyway since I started collecting again, I’ve decided to post small reviews of my monthly shipments.

Figmas and nendoroids vary in quality and design sometimes so I thought it would be good to cover any noteworthy details in anything I encounter. I don’t really collect figmas, therefore the primary focus will be nendoroids mainly. But just for this special case, I’m going to also write about both the nendoroid and figma version of Black Rock Shooter.

Initially I didn’t care much for the figma version, but the preview pictures showed a high quality design that was enough to break me out of my nendoroids only policy. And it does help that by now I have too many schoolgirls in my collection. Some much needed variety was desired. Anyway onto the duo product review!

Both of these come in their standard figma and nendoroid boxes and an advertisement on the front regarding the Black Rock Shooter OVA anime. Personally, in terms of packaging I always found that nendoroids look great in their boxes and keeping them in there is great for display if you’re worried about dust.

Figmas on the other hand are quite a different story. Compared to the nendoroid, it feels like I’m actually suffocating the figmas so I tend to display figmas out of their boxes. I mean they are meant to be played around with given their high level of articulation after all.

They both come with their standard black rock shooter accessories: the rock cannon, and the black katana. The figma also comes with chains… but I don’t think I’ll tie her up anytime soon with it x_x;;

And mentioned earlier it comes with a 50 minute anime DVD that is surprisingly subtitled with the following languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. It looks to be region-free as well so all buyers are in for a treat.

Both of these figures are detailed pretty well and the quality of the sculpt and paint are well within my expectations. Most of the time I have not been disappointed with my nendoroids and figmas and these are not an exception.

However, one of the newest things I’ve noticed on the Black Rock Shooter nendoroid is the change in stand design. Rather than use a variation of the typical stands they have for nendoroids, she now possesses the same stand design used for figmas (except for the base). If you look at the first picture of this post you can clearly see it and I have to say that this change opens up some extra possibilities for posing this nendoroid.

Unfortunately I’m not so creative with my poses but I’m sure many nendoroid owners will be pleased by this little change. I do feel this new stand is easier to use and will probably cause less problems than the typical nendoroid stand. I sometimes fear breaking them ever since I broke Suzumiya Haruhi’s nendoroid stand.

In addition for the purpose of posing with heavy weapons, a second stand was included with the figma. Even with the second stand it didn’t hold up the cannon so well for my figure. I had to shift some weight onto the figma in order for the cannon to stay still for the photo. I may have overlooked something, but it’s something to take note of. However, like the nendoroid I would rather use the cannon as a nice place to sit on!

Like with a lot of other nendoroids, Black Rock Shooter comes with a silly face shown above. It really fits the chibi super deformed theme that all these nendoroids have. Besides them being adorably cute with their standard faces, these nendoroids sure know how to have fun!

Final Thoughts: 

  • Black Rock Shooter Figma
  • Company:  Max Factory
  • Release Date:  Late August 2010
  • Price:  2667 Yen
  • Availability:  Yes, it’s in stock! (As of this post)

The black rock shooter figma was designed pretty well in terms of physical appearance. It comes with standard figma articulation to create a variety of poses.

Along with the weapons and DVD, I believe her price is very well worth it for what you’ll be getting. I haven’t had any problems with her at all upon opening the box and playing around with what she has. Although the stand could be more stable for holding up her cannon, I find that the most pleasing changes with her figma release was that her hand attachments weren’t a hassle!

With the Lucky Star figmas, I tended to hurt my fingers trying to remove the hands from the figmas. Attaching them was also a strenuous experience until I got used to how it worked. However with the BRS figma, it was easy to switch her hands. That in my opinion is a major improvement! Although slightly loose sometimes, I found it manageable.

For figma owners, this would be a great addition to your collection. If you were at all a fan of the Black Rock Shooter song by supercell and the designs by Huke, there is no better way to show your devotion to the character. Although I do feel bad that a friend of mine out there is addicted and bought this figma among others due to me :3

WARNING: It has also come to my attention that the chest piece for the figma is very fragile. A friend of mine mentioned it to me and I was able to google up someone’s figma review regarding that. Try to be gentle with your figmas and especially careful in handling and removing the protective plastic. For more info visit Plastic Parfait’s site! Don’t turn your figma into a horror story!

  • Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid
  • Company:  Good Smile Company
  • Release Date:  Late August 2010
  • Price:  3334 Yen
  • Availability:  Buy this, now. Actually I would prefer you buy this over this figma as I’m biased. (Restocks take too long! Do it!)

There’s nothing more that I can really say about this nendoroid other than the fact that it’s cute. That is always the main appeal for buying nendoroids.

With the only major changes in nendoroid design involving her stand, there’s not much to separate her from other nendoroids besides her character design. As all nendoroids have a nice number of accessories to go along with them, it all comes down to how much you like the character and how they look. I tend to favor twintails >_<; But it helps that you also get a free 50 min DVD without a price increase.

If you have any questions regarding nendoroids, figmas or figures in general, feel free to ask and comment. I’ve ordered domestically in the U.S. and also directly from Japan through Hobbysearch and HLJ. Also be careful of bootlegs, but I’m sure that given its release date there shouldn’t be any out of these figures yet.

Next Review: Possibly Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Puchi/Petit Sets #1-3 – I’ll be looking into creating a lightbox for better pictures/background sets, going to aim for better photos!

And now for a special Omake….


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Mai Distracted Me Galge no Sekai yo, Youkoso! Vol.1

7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Amoirsp  |  September 15, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    Hello nemuiwanko. Good to know you’re not stranded in Rokkenjima for the time being. Anyhow, I had been keeping an eye on the Onosaki Kiyoka figurine for some time. However, for the most part, they’re sold out, or rather, discontinued. How would you suggest one searching for one without hitting dead ends or being concerned with fake ones? I don’t think I’ll find one (that isn’t budget explosive either) but who knows, it does exist. Just not really either.

    • 2. nemuiwanko  |  September 23, 2010 at 7:52 am

      I’m still looking for the figure at the moment. It’s pretty hard! Just to make sure this is the one that was released in 2003 right? At the moment I doubt there are any bootlegs nor have I seen any information regarding that. For searching figures I normally just google around, modifying search terms to suit what I’m looking for.

      I’m sure there’s one out there. As a matter of fact, I might drop in a store sometime to see if they have one lying around while I’m out on an errand. Sometimes I find old and rare figures just sitting at a figure store for years waiting to be sold.

    • 3. Amoirsp  |  September 24, 2010 at 2:00 pm

      I don’t think the figure is recognized such that bootlegs would exist. It’s hard enough to find the series, let alone a non-primary.

      I think this one was released in 2003, so I don’t think it’s like, impossible. Discontinued, likely. At the last convention I was at I was surprised to see a Hinayama Rio one, but To Heart has had way more exposure than Mizuiro on all facets.

      That and there’s like, never a price drop.

      … There was one that wasn’t 2003? I’d be surprised if there existed a second figurine of the same character.

  • 4. KarenMizuno  |  September 15, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Welcome, again. Lucky you, I want both. Especially the figma. It looks so cool. And it comes with a CD!! Bonus!! Hope you will continue writing here.

  • 5. nagiamatsu  |  September 16, 2010 at 3:47 am

    welcome~ so how’s in rokkenjima~?
    meanwhile….those nendo really alluring…
    ughh…I really want it right now… ~~>__<~~
    and yes, it's cute! other than being careful, another suggestion you can give? (as I myself are still novice on this…and will do any best to avoid horror story… :D)

  • 6. nemuiwanko  |  September 16, 2010 at 8:29 am

    @Amoirsp – I’ll look into it and get back to you about that. But always be careful when looking on auction sites. I always make sure to look at negative reviews of sellers for any mention of bootlegs. Always aim for sellers who have the lowest amount of negative responses. I’ll go into more detail about it when I wake up on bootleg checking. I should be sleeping xD;

    @KarenMizuno – I plan to write more often now. I’ll be doing reviews and assisting the site in adding some extra content for variety. You should get some of these figures during the free/50% shipping sales ^_^

    @nagaimatsu – Rokkenjima is nice place, but I’ll be writing more often even while being stranded ^_~ As for advice I can give, always make sure to not stress out the nendoroid stands if you have nendoroids. You can end up breaking it by assembling/reassembling the stands and or/hooking it onto the characters. There are different stands out there for nendoroids, but I’ll admit that the earlier generation nendoroids have the worst stands. That hook like attachment for Haruhi for example gets worn down every time you place her into it. I broke it after a few times of removing her from stand for pictures. And try not to have figures touching each other, or say have figure parts physically in contact with each other. For example, figma Konata’s hair tends to get into contact with her legs, and the paint has rubbed onto that area. You really don’t want paint rubbing off on the wrong areas xD; And a general tip is try to minimize dust. One of my old gachapon figures got covered in dust that I couldn’t wash off x_x;; I still need to test out cleaning figures so one day I might write about how effective cleaning methods are.

  • 7. Reltair  |  September 18, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Oh wow, I didn’t expect the DVD to be region-free. I enjoyed reading your review, and nice omake photo. ^^


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