Recettear English Localization

September 5, 2010 at 1:05 am 9 comments

I’m sure some of you have heard that doujin circle EasyGameStation‘s item shop RPG Recettear: Itemya-san no Hajimekata is being translated by startup group Carpe Fulgur into English as Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale and will be available for download starting September 10th. It’ll be distributed on GamersGate, Impulse and Steam, with a 10% discount off pre-orders at 18 USD. You can check out a series of casual playthrough videos here. I find it pretty awesome that a doujin game is being translated into English with the approval of the original producer and made available online to the general public. It’s about time we had a feel good story. Hopefully this will increase interest in other doujin games.

No new games announced this week. Release dates have been set for the following titles:

Shikage no Sonanil – November 26th
Hello, good-bye – December 17th

TYPE-MOON’s Mahoutsukai no Yoru has been delayed to later this winter, which is a shame since September looks pretty barren.

Mahjong title K-TEN is adding a plug-in where you can play with Shin Koihime Musou characters in free mode. Everyone is no match for Hawawa and Awawa Generals and their superior strategies.

The second PV for T.P. Sakura shows the battle scenes. It really looks like a cross between Nanoha and Cardcaptor Sakura. Miharu beeeeeeeeeeeeam~!!!!

MOONSTONE Cherry has opened the official site for Imouto Paradise. So Hiyori and Koharu are twins! Delicious!

Sedna topped the Maximum Magic chara poll, which had really low vote counts. How can you declare a winner with 42 votes?

Nana placed first in the Elle:PrieR chara poll. There’s a commemorative wallpaper available for download.

AXL has started up a Twitter account. It’s absolutely filled to the brim with their chibis.

Lass title 11eyes CrossOver will be ported over to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

A small feature for those interested in doujin games and Touhou: BlueMica‘s C78 release Ojousama no Dokidoki Daisakusen. You play as Remilia who roams the halls of the Scarlet Devil Mansion after weird things start happening. It’s an ACT/STG with ADV elements, so you can get your fill of bullet dodging while enjoying the story. Check out the gameplay video.

The sidebar has now been updated with the on-air schedule for the upcoming fall anime season. The Oreimo anime site has posted character profiles for Ayase and Kanako.  The second radio broadcast is also up.

Oreimo volume 7 is coming out on November 10th. Kyousuke, you know what to do! I mentioned the Ayase Niitengo last week. There’s also Niitengo of Kirino and Kuroneko in the January issue of Dengeki G’s (Nov 30th) and Dengeki G’s Festival!! Vol. 19 (Dec), respectively. Kuroneko is my fav out of all three. ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) Ayase looks so young in the manga! I thought she would look older, but I guess she is just 13 after all. Siskari and the tentacle imouto make their appearances! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this imouto somewhere before…

Yay! The fourth volume of my favourite light novel Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! is coming out on September 25th! I hope there’s more Sora moments!

Aside from the second volume of Prave!, there’s also two new series from Dengeki Bunko:

Chiisana Majo to Sora Tobu Kitsune (Minai Daisuke, illust by Ooyari Ashito), about the ace pilot of the Lewetria Air Force, Krause, who was suddenly asked to be an important assistant in a plot to end the civil war. He has to become the knight for a 16 year old witch named Anna-Lisa. You probably recognize the chara designs from little witch.

Gekkou (Mamiya Natsuki, illust by Shiromiso) follows an odd guy Nonomiya who is sick of the daily norm. One day, he picks up the notebook of the class idol Youko and found a piece of paper sticking out: “Recipe for Killing”. What will his relationship with this cute and cynical woman be like? So definitely don’t judge a book by its cover. I wonder what her true nature is…

The Prism Rhythm novel from Paradigm came out on August 31st. Focus should be on Elsterrier.

The latest portrait in Alchemist’s new project is a Siesta with a pink heart-shaped guitar. I think I can die happy now.

The new heroines in the upcoming Dream Club Zero are time agent Nonono and Mari (who was in the original game). In addition to new songs and casual clothes, there is a rodeo machine mode. I can already imagine the voiceovers.

Amagami is being ported over to the PSP this winter, with a few extra scenarios and mini-games (mahjong). I’ve been interested in it since watching the anime. By the way, Miya is awesome and I’m glad to see more of her in Sae’s arc. The PSP version of AIR is now available for download for 3500 yen.

Kotobukiya is making more and more Manaka de Ikuno!! figures. This time it’s Manaka sorceress ver. No scheduled date or price yet. Other figures by Kotobukiya are CLANNAD‘s Kyou from that scene, and Senjou no Valkyria‘s Alicia with Hans. Puchi Hans is so adorable!

Latest GSC nendoroid is Steins;Gate‘s Kurisu. Chara design was done by huke. Nothing too different except for the unique eyes. nemuiwanko is pretty excited about getting the latest Miku nendoroid: Absolute HMO edition. It looks quite different from the other nendoroids.

Check out azone’s 1/6 scale dolls of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun‘s Mikoto and Kuroko. Mikoto is priced at 13,650 yen and is released this October, while Kuroko is 15,750 yen and will be out in December. Biribiri doesn’t quite look like herself because of the eyes, but Kuroko is quite nice.

Both Remi (Daitouryou) and Yuu (se.Kirara) had their birthdays this week. You can download a commemorative wallpaper of Yuu here.

If you had to choose one of these D.C. I & II bath posters, which would it be? I’m torn between Miharu and Mahiru.

The last Kud Wafter merchandise that I expected to see is Kud oppai choco.

I’d play RO2 just to go see this. Although most likely it’ll a rare spawn that will be camped to hell. Oh well.

T-rack has Twitter accounts (Kanakon) with hiragana and punctuation as profile pictures. You can follow these to write words that show up in your follower icons. For example, check out my Twitter account to see what I wrote!

Webclap responses:
Aloha Micchi,
Hope you doing fine :)
I`m webmaster of the The site is mostly about hentai news, hentai fetishes, releases, eroge, some pictures, etc.
In plans is adding of tab about Japanese modern life, culture and traditions. Domain is rather old and has pr2.
Just take a look and if you`re interested in a link exchange, pls let me know.
Great thanks in advance :)

I’ve replied to this in the About section. Unfortunately, I’ll have to say no since I don’t really want to link to a site that specifically provides H material as I want to show people that it is not the focus of eroge. Good luck with your site though!

Yes! I beat FDCGR with my original team build setup! Dunno how to trigger the ending yet but got the main objectives done. by Amoirsp
Congrats! I never did end up beating the very final boss of FDC since my party really wasn’t set up for it and failing 15 times sucks (especially when you die in 2 rounds after chipping away at it for over 20 mins). That and my save files got wiped when my HD died…

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Saimoe 2010 – R1 Blocks G-H 2010 Best Moe OP

9 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Amoirsp  |  September 5, 2010 at 4:10 am

    I vaguely recall the Recettear situation, but I wasn’t aware of its availability.

    Hm, the figures this time around are easier to recognize. I’d say the design doesn’t look too bad. (Hm prefer a Manaka Magical Princess one though, but actually that outfit isn’t particularly good.)

    How does K-Ten have a plug-in for Shin Koihime characters? I don’t see the correlation. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I would have expected … something else.

    Yeah I saw the livestream and saw your defeat against Carmille. Then I didn’t think that timing with the HD dying, so ahh. (I didn’t build correctly either, but saved points since I went physical for all 4 characters, ran passives and buffs, and then realized how to read the text. Ruri went berserk.). I tried a new set of 4 characters, and the combination didn’t mesh despite more preparation on build setup, so eh.

    I wonder how far Kotobukiya will go with their figurines. There’s over 20 characters I think.

  • 2. Eab1990  |  September 5, 2010 at 9:58 am

    “Capitalism, ho!” and “Yayifications!”

    Yeah, I might just buy the game. Might.

  • 3. Wrathkal  |  September 5, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Proves how much Maximum Magic SUCKED.

    Lol, Kud’s oppai choco?

  • 4. SlashZero  |  September 5, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Actually that poring is only a semi-rare spawn (I think there are 8 total) and it won’t be camped at all since the only real time it needs to be killed is for a quest. I haven’t seen many mobs that have long respawn times at all yet.

  • 5. KarenMizuno  |  September 5, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Nemuiwanko is not the only one excited about it. I want one!!

  • 6. Reltair  |  September 5, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    Pretty awesome that Recettear will be available on Steam. That’s a pretty big market right there.

  • 7. Eab1990  |  September 6, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    *watches T.P. Sakura PV*

    Oh hey, Alice is in this. Awesome.

  • 8. Micchi  |  September 14, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    @Amoirsp: I prefer sage Nanako. I mean, witch or magical princess Nanako. My party setup failed miserably since it relied on debuffs and when I needed silence to work, it didn’t.

    @SlashZero: Oh that’s good to hear. It’s nice to see all the RO mobs in 3D form.

    @Reltair: Ya, the reception has been quite good. I hope this means more localizations in the future.

    @Eab1990: Puppetmaster!

  • 9. Amoirsp  |  September 15, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Ah I had silence timely, but later I realized Magical Princess’ Magical Barrier can tank the hit anyways. After that, I just made sure the MP had all the buffs because damage output sucked for the MP. (That and the unique armor for MP was defensive anyways, so cover was useful.) Using provocation with the berserk SA wasn’t a good idea since she was a glass cannon (since the unique SA helmet and armor are totally offensive related), but the damage output with the defense drop debuff was nuts with criticals.

    I actually never understood the Treasure Hunter’s “weak skill” attack skill thing that combines the weak skills (but does good damage anyways). And when I fought those extra bosses on the 1.04, the SA still went nuts. There was one smaller boss that took like, no physical damage whatsoever, and I ran no magic, so I defeated it with attrition using arbitrary poison I had wasted early points on, and that was it.

    Yeah, I overplanned the setups with running passives, and then it fixed itself when I realized there were debuffs (or item mastery, which indirectly nullified opposing debuffs). Too bad I didn’t try sniper and it’s slow + spike effect, or much singing (haste + critical dance). The JK I used didn’t need to sing for reduced accuracy debuff and I used it to simply parry with a freaking Aegis (but I didn’t pick a good weapon and ended up with a basic silencing spear. Obviously I prefer to use the school bag and the orihalcon bat thing, but there was too much TP and not enough to do with it. VL made more sense with the role I made the JK in the end, but I preferred 4 different classes and well seriously, can’t go wrong with JK and the gigantic skill set.). By then I just had to make sure the buffs were up.

    For the most part I didn’t know how to read the abilities of the items, other than the obvious stat up.

    Then I was like wait, I collected all the books and got all the CG, why am I doing class builds now? I just need to figure out how to trigger the ending, which I don’t know how.

    I say attempt FDCGR again. :P I stopped for like a month when I couldn’t beat the final boss, then suddenly I realized you can read the bar on the top for debuff status and … recasting buffs is a good idea … and pressing attack when it’s clearly missing (I don’t understand how accuracy works, or the damage reducing effects, or whatnot) by all means was a bad idea. And clearly a bad allocation to skill points makes it very brutal. I had to save versions that saved points, and still managed to screw up anyways.


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