August 2010 Eroge Releases

August 1, 2010 at 4:00 am 20 comments

Well, this month basically has nothing to new to offer. To put it in perspective, if you didn’t count doujin works, all-ages titles, remakes, adaptations, fandisks and delayed games, there are a total of three new PC games: NO PANTS!!, Links and Suzukaze no Melt. Out of those 3, probably only Whirlpool’s romance title has a decent story. From among the delayed games, feng’s Hoshikaka should be at the top of most people’s lists.

A depressing month for erogamers everywhere with only a few titles worth bothering to consider playing we can only hope they turn out to be well worth the time it takes to play them.

Majo Arisa no Monogatari

Circle: つきのわっか (Tsuki no Wakka) (doujin)
Game site: 魔女アリサの物語
Release date: August 1, 2010 (DL ver); August 6, 2010 (package ver)
This is an all-ages doujin game featuring over 150 illustrators, 30 amateur seiyuus and 450 CGs, under the common theme of witches. This probably means there isn’t much cohesiveness to the plot or art. I’m still surprised they got that many illustrators involved with the game at all.

For all the artists the art surprisingly does not feel all that great, I’m guessing each person contributed one line to every CG. Even though it is a doujin game and therefore not as much should be expected, still having so many people working on it means there is less of an excuse for the slightly awkward poses, extremely simplistic shading, and dull backgrounds. I also agree that the characters and setting for the game feels lifeless as though there is something missing to make the story itself worth reading. More or less comes across as a game to advertise the artists in the hopes of expanding their portfolios for a job along with the voice actors rather than a game meant to really be enjoyable.

Kono Uta ga Owattara -When this song is over-

Company: hourglass
Game site: この歌が終わったら -When this song is over-
Release date: August 6, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from July. This is the first game by hourglass. With graduation fast approaching, Motonaga is told by his classmate and love interest Mizuku that she has been called back for a second audition for Production Chaos Promotion along with his imouto Yura. She had applied for it because she likes singing and wanted to make a career out of it. He decides to support her. Both of them pass the audition, along with another cool girl Asuka, and they form a trio called Primo Amore. Motonoga wants to help them more and starts working part-time as the manager’s assistant. The producer decides to shoot their first PV at a quiet scenic spot named Ayashino, which is far away from the city and is accessible only via one road. However, strange things start happening…. Still not interested. Pass.

Borderline nukige where the cover says it all. The setup feels like an idol based Higurashi with ero, oh joy oh joy, just what I always longed for, I knew my life was missing something important. Not much to say really since Micchi covered the summary, and there really is not much going for this game.

Framing Summer

Game site: フレーミングサマー
Release date: August 13, 2010 (Comiket 78)
This is an all-ages game by WAVESTAR which will be released at Comiket 78. Kou joins the camera circle since he wants to take pictures of shooting stars. He meets there Rui who loves taking pictures of everything, especially cute things. He summons up the courage to talk to her about his dream and soon new members join and they aim towards achieving this goal. Similar to their previous work Soukuu no Shakti, this is a low priced game with slightly better art and concept than your standard doujin game. Might be good filler though.

Taking pictures of shooting stars? Nothing like taking on the perspective of a castrated protagonist right from the get go. Ok so maybe things aren’t all that bad, sure the protagonist has some gender confusion issues but there are cute girls to be had right? Then along comes Mr. Subpar Artwork to ruin your day with poor perspective, proportion, and inking. Once again we have proof that you usually really do get what you pay for, it would be hard to save this game even with a great story and characters which are obviously two more missing elements from Framing Summer. I am of the opinion that quality is always better than quantity when it comes to entertainment, spend your money on something that will give you a long and enjoyable return rather than a few cute CGs.

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou Fandisk

Company: ALcot
Game site: 幼なじみは大統領 My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. ファンディスク
Release date: August 13, 2010 (Comiket 78)
This President fandisk will feature after stories filled with ichaicha for Eru and Irina, although the rest of the cast will still be around. This comes out at Comiket 78. I wonder if there’s more Remi screentime in Eru’s after route…

As anyone who has been reading the monthly releases for awhile knows, I really hated this game, and the fandisk only confirms and deepens my loathing for so much moe gimmickry.


Company: ニトロプラス (NitroPlus)
Game site: STEINS;GATE
Release date: August 26, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from July. This is the all-ages PC adaptation of the popular Xbox360 ADV game by 5pb. and Nitro+, which takes place one year after CHAOS;HEAD. Similar to the delusion trigger in CHAOS;HEAD, there’s a ‘phone trigger’ system via which the player makes their choices. This version has new image songs, CGs and tachi-e for subchars. The story revolves around university student Rintarou (also known as Okarin) who claims to be the mad scientist. One day they managed to create a device which can send text messages to the past. However, SERN, an organization that has been researching time travel, soon finds out about this and attempts to retrieve this device.

This game got good reviews when it came out on Xbox360 and it’s been slated for an anime adaptation. Time travel and messing with the past/future is a tricky thing to write about, but when you get it right, it can be very enthralling to read. That being said, I think this would be a good pickup for anyone wanting a little bit of mystery and suspense.

Never could get into Chaos Head, it just felt kind of boring to the point I was not even interested in finding out more about the story and how it all came together. As such I don’t think this game will be much better so for those of you who enjoyed Chaos Head and that style of storytelling then this game is something you would be interested in, for the rest of you it is probably not worth your time. Nitro+ games are always rather hit and miss, they have a lot of difficulty conveying their concepts in an effective manner, so they often feel similar to a rollercoaster with entertaining highs and painfully dull lows.

Twinkle Queen

Company: MileStone
Game site: トウィンクルクイーン
Release date: August 26, 2010
Well, I think this is the first time I’ve seen anything eroge related on the Wii, so I had to write about it. Twinkle Queen features characters from G Senjou no MaouShin Koihime MusouShukufuku no Campanella and Tayutama. It’s an arcade-style fighting game where each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s an interesting idea, though I wish the sprites and motion fluidity was much better. Just watching the play videos, I know I’d go with Agnes. There’s nothing more funny than using Tango as an attack. Shooting staaaaaaaaaaaar~~~!!

I do like the idea of more companies making fighting games as offhand I know both Type Moon and Nitro+ have done the same in the past. Too bad unlike the games made by those companies Twinkle Queen does not appear to have much merit as a fighting game, the only appeal coming from the characters themselves. Which happens to bring me to the second major problem the choice of games and characters, there should be many more characters to choose from. I cannot help but feel what could have been with this game while lamenting how cruel reality is.

But you get to see Kanon attack with figure skates!

Some things are best left unseen.

Elle:PrieR ~Shiawase no Kakera o Sagashite~

Company: エトワルズ (Etoiles)
Game site: Elle:PrieR(エルプリエ)~しあわせの欠片をさがして~
Release date: August 27, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from July. Ryou lives in futuristic city of Oozora-shi and his normal life changes with the arrival of a girl named Konomi. She is an android created by his father who doesn’t have any memories. In order to regain her memories, she attends school and he brings her to many places, talks with her a lot and even does ecchi things occasionally. Who is Konomi and why does Ryou want her to regain her memories?

This game uses a magokoro system. During the ADV part, you can acquire heart points which are used to recover Konomi’s lost memories. This system is definitely the main attraction of this game and reminds me a little bit of strategy games. I’m pretty sure it’s different though as the ultimate goal is to help Konomi. Marika is really cute.

Combination of Chobits and Index in an eroge format, oh joy! Of course what would an android eroge be without the standard mad scientist father pawning some advanced tech off on their son. I could write up an informative theory on the origins and proper usage of such a setting for eroge but quite frankly a game this shallow doesn’t deserve it. So anyway her hard drive was formatted and now he has to decide what to install, at the very least she would make an interesting force feedback device for eroge no? As far as her memories are concerned I would imagine things might be better for him to keep that from happening, in fact maybe he should install OSX so nothing ever works and she can just be a paperweight, albeit a hip and stylish paperweight. I can’t imagine most protagonists needing much more than that from their physical user interface bishoujo android dakimakura.


Company: k-ten
Game site: けい☆てん
Release date: August 27, 2010
k-ten is a sub-brand of Circus and their debut game is an all-ages mahjong game for beginners and experienced players alike. In the kaibutsu world, the student council president declared that the fate of the light music club will be settled by playing mahjong! However, they don’t know how to play. Well, the game teaches you the basics of mahjong with moe chars… but wtf is Circus thinking? All I can see is K-ONSaki. At this rate, their next game will be about zombies. Very cute ones. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I laughed so hard at the concept for this game, in fact it still makes me chuckle with the realization Circus has begun to branch out, bringing their unique style to settings not of their own creation. How wonderful it is for a company to be willing to go to such lengths to bring their loving creations to fans old and new, that they would blatantly copy two already popular series and bring them together under a single setting. It takes a visionary of incredible genius to manage a feat such as seeing the value in milking not just one, but two popular series at the same time instead of making an attempt to cash in on certain already popular series. I applaud Circus for taking a risk by trying something completely new and distinct, nice to see a well known company still willing to innovate with their characters, settings, and stories.

Even the name k-ten reminds me of K-on.

Navi navi ☆ Ocean ~Koi no Cruising wa Kaze Makase~

Company: アベリア (Abelia)
Game site: なびnavi☆おーしゃん~恋のクルージングは風まかせ~
Release date: August 27, 2010
This is a remake of GutenTag’s Cruise Cruise with animated H scenes and new character art. A young girl fell in love with a young boy and made a promise with him. But as the years passed, he soon forgot about their promise. On his graduation day, Kaoru receives a ticket to a mystery tour aboard the luxury cruise ship Trident, along with his childhood friends Chihiro and Akane. He thought it was suspicious, but he decided to go anyway. When he boards the ship, he meets his classmate Kiriko and notices that he knows most people there. Original game wasn’t interesting at all and this remake doesn’t make it any better.

Woohoo a remake of a game I already had less than zero interest in as the setting is silly. At least they had the good sense to fire their illustrator, the game at least looks playable now.


Game site: のーぱんつ!!
Release date: August 27, 2010
This is the debut title from One day, the student council president Chinu announces unexpectedly that all members are prohibited from wearing underwear. The reason for this was because she wanted to get back at Seigo, who is in charge of general affairs. While protesting her decision, he thought that this might actually end up being something good. The other girls demand that he make her change her mind, but they are unable to do so.

Even though the girls were so vehemently against the idea, they soon get used to it (it’s a breeze after all). Of course there’s lots of erotic happenings because of this! Since there’s no panties in the way, there’s a lot of cosplay H scenes for those that love them. And what’s with guys named Seigo being closet perverts? This is quite close to a nukige, but the mix of characters is good and you get a good sense of them when playing the flash game. Hane is still my fav since she’s an osananajimi and also belongs to the tennis club. Oh did I also mention there’s two imoutos in this game (his and Aiko’s)? I must check this out.

Wow, just wow. Panty shots are not enough to stand out anymore as everyone has them, so what do you do next, after what I am sure were aneurysm inducing brainstorming sessions Molamola came up with an answer for us! Yes if panty shots are not enough then remove the panties to give new meaning to a tried and true staple of eroge! Seems they then ran into the little problem of how they could possibly rationalize it, most likely aided by copious amounts of illegal substances they came upon an epiphany. Just use the student council president, as we are all well aware they have a complete dictator like control over a school to the point their authority overrides all else including common sense.

Thanks to these heroic brain surgeons and their willingness to evolve the genre to the next level we have a game focused on looking up the skirts of girls wearing nothing underneath. Truly a brilliant plan to make a quick buck as hordes of voyeuristic horny teenagers go wild with unrestrained lust over characters as shallow as the unfortunate plot and setting which surround them.

Favorite Sweet!

Company: Lost Script
Game site: ふぇいばりっと Sweet!
Release date: August 27, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from June. The protagonist’s relatives are leaving overseas and plan to close up the cafe they work at. He decides to try to be the new owner himself. But the patissiere who works there is a tsuntsun girl who had dumped him at school. She tells him that if he doesn’t do a good job and sell all the sweets that she makes, then she will quit. He’s now not sure if this will go as smoothly as he thought it would. Art looks a bit weird and still no OP out yet (unless they count panning character profiles as an OP…).

This is one of those games that make me feel insulted for having to waste the time necessary to write up a commentary on it. In fact the more I look at it the more I cannot find anything of value in this game whatsoever, if anyone else can find something of note please do mention it.

Majino Complex

Company: light
Game site: まじのコンプレックス
Release date: August 27, 2010
Majino Complex is the third and last of light’s low-priced series with Sakashiki Hito ni Miru Kokoro and Don-chan ga Kyuu. All three of them together are also lumped into one package coming out on the same day under the title Kamisama no Ringo. In this game, popular wagamama tsundere imouto subchar Majino becomes the main heroine. The story begins from Noriko’s graduation when she tells Majino that it’s now her turn to find a good boyfriend. With Noriko’s impending marriage, her fan club holds one last party before disbanding. The club members are heartbroken and many of them cry, but one boy wishes her the best with a smile. As the seasons turn to autumn, Majino meets this boy.

Majino is slightly S, but she’s pretty cute! Since it’s a low-priced game with only one heroine, the story is simplistic but sweet. It seems like there’s lots of H scenes similar to the other games in this series.

Not my type of character nor game, If the character happens to appeal to your tastes this might be a quick game worth your time, doesn’t seem very good nor very bad. Ah well not really much to say here other than the Op made me laugh pretty hard, and was far more entertaining than most.

Links! ~Kimi to Seirei to Tsukaima to~

Company: flap
Game site: りんくす!~キミと精霊と使い魔と~
Release date: August 27, 2010
The world of Lacrima was created during the war between the demon world Wespel and the god world Ecra. Since the demon world often tries to invade Lacrima, magic users protect the world. It is difficult since there are not many people who can use tsukaimas or the ‘elemental linker’ power, but the legendary spirit user Grande Links comes to their rescue. Hundreds of years later, magic is still prevalent, although it is closely watched by the government to prevent misuse. A young magician Heliodor raised the idea of alchemy so that those who don’t know magic can use magic as well. Ten years after his disappearance, the Krauselung Alchemy Academy was founded.

Well, the magic and alchemy setting is interesting, but we don’t know too much about how the protagonist or the heroines are involved. I have the feeling that it’ll be similar to Primary, where the story is just like any school ADV except with some magic use. This is the first game illustrated by Okishi Jien and I think the art is pretty good. The character immediately grabbing my attention is the pure oniichan-loving Ruchiru, who’s dark skinned and has heterochromia. Mm… variety…

This is the perfect month for a game like this to come out, a month with almost no competition to speak of really helps games that are average. The setting for this game is yawn worthy, the characters don’t look too special but the lack of info does help a bit making things interesting. Just because this month is so slow I’ll add this to my list so I can check it out at the very least.

Did you miss the part where I said there’s magic?

No, I just ignored it. I don’t mind magic as long as it has no relation to magical girls, and serves some purpose towards furthering the story.

Sword World 2.0 Replay Tanodan ~Inishie no Fune o Oe!~

Company: ocelot
Game site: ソード・ワールド2.0リプレイ たのだん~いにしえの船を追えっ!~
Release date: August 27, 2010 Delayed to September 24, 2010
This is an all-ages kinetic novel based on the Fujimi Shobou’s fantasy novel TRPG series Sword World 2.0Tanodan is short for ‘tanoshii dungeon’. Sherry runs away from a planned wedding and meets an aspiring dwarf adventurer named Chirol. With no place to call home anymore, she decides to join Chirol on her journey. Along the way, more people join their party including healer Lexus, ‘bunny’ magician Popo, swordswoman Justine and elf Cety. Visiting new cities and exploring dungeons together, this is a tale of love and friendship.

Basically it’s just like Dungeons & Dragons since you get to set your starting stats and then roll (virtual) dice to resolve encounters. Of course, those are a lot more fun when you’re playing with friends and doing random stuff. Bunnies seem to be more dangerous lately.

Such a generic story I am falling asleep just thinking about it. The only saving grace I see here is that it is made by ocelot, as I have developed a certain degree of affection towards the Polyphonica series. I really cannot see much of value here at all, though in an effort to recover some good karma I’ll say they just might pull off a game worth playing despite the lackluster premise.

I haven’t played the Polyphonica series, but ocelot’s one of the few companies that regularly makes all-ages games aside from Kogado Studio. So they must be doing something right.

Prism Magical PRISM Generations!


Company: ぱじゃまソフト (Pajamas Soft)
Game site: プリズム☆ま~じカル PRISM Generations!
Release date: August 27, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from May. This is a comical and heartful magic ‘girl’ battle ADV where everyone, including the protagonist, is a magic girl. A normal boy Raika wishes to live a normal school life in a seaside town Misaki-chou with childhood friend miko Ibuki and his maid Yuri. However, his father was a magic girl and other magic girls are coming to the school to find the hidden magic stone Mana Prism. Because of his lineage, Raika can turn into Crimson Red using the Magical Prism! Now he has to battle other magic girls… who are his allies and who are his enemies!?

Using the magic battle system from Princess Witches, the player chooses the element and then the battle will be determined by a series of rules similar to rock paper scissors (think Koihime battles). There’s also special attacks and abilities.

Oh man, where to even start… You can’t treat this as anything but a comedy (check out OP2 below). With names like Rising Earth and Frozen Aqua, I seriously thought this was a Captain Planet eroge. The art isn’t anything to write home about as I find it a bit shallow, but the SDs are funny. Of course, transformation scenes are fully animated, including Raika’s. So long as you don’t take anything seriously, this should be quite entertaining.

I feel sick just thinking about this game. Games like these are my kryptonite and as such I am going to refrain from even bothering to comment as it is impossible for me to say anything good about it. As a final parting comment, I wish the pedophiles that play these games would pirate more so the companies go out of business.

Magi- magical magical~♪ Magi- magical magical~♪

*Falls over vomiting blood*




Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu

Company: アージュ (âge)
Game site: 君がいた季節
Release date: August 27, 2010 Delayed to December 24, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from June. This is a full remake of âge’s 2001 title using the AGES system, with twice the volume. Masaki lives at the Isumi mansion with the four beautiful Isumi sisters. His hobby is taking pictures and he meets a renowned photographer Mitsuko who took him as her apprentice. At the same time, he fell in love with one of the sisters. One of his photos caught the attention of world-renowned photographer Helmut Newton-John who invites him to join him in America. This is a one in lifetime chance, but he is reluctant to be so far from his girlfriend. In the end, which will he choose: his dream or his love?

The art definitely reminds me of older games, even though it’s a step up from the original game. I can already feel the drama. A better question is why isn’t âge making a new game instead of milking Muv-Luv and Kiminozo. The AGES system is one of the best, so they really should design a new story specifically for it instead of just adapting an old game. Anyways, passing since I’m not interested in remakes.

Sadly as much as I usually like one of the characters in âge games I dislike their protagonists, the rest of the cast, and all the pointless drama so I’ll be avoiding this game completely. Since it is a remake there is little to say really if you liked the original game, liked other games made by the same people, or were interested in the game before this is a good chance to play the game after an update. Otherwise not a whole lot here to warrant your gaming time.

Yokoshima!! Pandemic

Company: Kur-Mar-Ter
Game site: 邪!! ぱんでみっく
Release date: August 27, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from July. Rei attends Nagi Gakuen which is well-known for strange happenings. Since he was small, he has been able to sense spirits. One day, he met a mysterious girl at the abandoned old school building and many strange things kept happening afterwards. Deemed as the main culprit, he is invited to the 4K club (kagaku de wa kaimei dekinai kaii genshou o kenkyuu suru kurabu – club to investigate strange phenomena which cannot be explained by science) by club leader Otoha, but he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Still feels like YouGaku… Why are Kokomi and Hanako in the back?

Given the similarities between Yokoshima and Yougaku I will definitely be avoiding this game until someone else takes one for the team to find out whether it is worth it or not. Aside from my own opinions there does not seem to be too much value in the premise of this story, with a more episodic feel than a central storyline to bind everything as a whole. If investigation of the supernatural was a side story for providing comedic relief and or side stories for the plot then there would be something here worth reading. Without this type of unification for the various elements used in the setting and story I predict the game will not be worth the time or effort unless you just want to look at the “Artwork”.

Akizora ni Mau Confetti

Company: etude
Game site: 秋空に舞うコンフェティ
Release date: August 27, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from July. One autumn day, Hayato met a young girl who was standing with an umbrella in the pouring rain. Picking up the notebook which he thought was hers, his normal life gradually changes. He visits the drama club to look for the owner of the notebook. There he meets various club members: Saya, the girl he met before, who is also a screenwriter; Yuki, his classmate who is an amazing actor; Nanami, his tennen dojikko apartment manager who is also the club leader; and Kanae, a mysterious girl with amnesia who he found collapsed on the roof. He joins the club to help revive it and becomes the lead in the upcoming original play about an urban legend. With each passing day of practice, his monochrome world gradually turns into colour.

Maybe I should check this out since the scenario is written by Wakase Ryou, who is also one of the writers for SAGA PLANETS’ upcoming Kisaragi Gold Star. Art is wonderful as usual from Ueda Ryou, even if the limbs are a bit long.

Sigh more drama clubs, I suppose for those people who enjoy forced romance drama, the clubs must sure help that along. Well any drama club without Nagisa is a huge plus in my book, so as long as she is not there I hold nothing against them for there being a drama club, however this game does still feel exceedingly dull. By all appearances what we have with Akizora is a completely standard school romance story plus a drama club backdrop. Much of the story therefore relies on rather bland and predictable character growth. The lack of any central problem deeper than the clubs revival to deal with further solidifies the lack of a true plotline past simply selecting a girl.Wow though the artwork for this game is so bad it deserves its own section. As Micchi already took the time to point out the arm lengths feel awkward to say the least, sometimes they line up properly with the body length according to their placement at the hips but still manage to look wrong. While I have not looked at it in detail enough to point out how exactly, I would guess this is caused by two major factors, the clothing and the disproportionately thin bodies. Of course other times the arms are just plain too long as mentioned. In addition to the arms the other instantly noticable major issue are the faces and most notably how the eyes being too far apart ruins the perceived shape of the face, leading to awkward expressions. I have no idea how this artist managed to become professional but they really should go back to art school to relearn the basics of body proportions.

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi

Company: フォン (feng)
Game site: 星空へ架かる橋
Release date: August 27, 2010 Delayed to September 24, 2010
New release date after being pushed back from July. Kazuma moved to Yamabiko-chou due to his younger brother Ayumu’s health and ended up staying at the Yorozuyo inn, owned by his father’s friend. On his first day at school, he got lost and asked for directions from a fellow student, Ui. She led him on an offbeat path and he accidentally fell and kissed her. Coincidentally, this was all seen by Ui’s friend, Ibuki, who thought he was a bad guy and declared him to be an enemy.

I think it’s actually going to come out this month and it happens to be at the top of my list. The binaural audio is definitely something I want to hear. I love Tsurusaki Takahiro’s art and the OP now that it’s finally out. Can’t wait! Highly recommended for those looking for an iyashi-kei love comedy or a Minato cameo.

So protagonist transfers, but wait here lies the unique abnormality for this game, YOUNGER BROTHER! For once the powers that be decided not to make it a younger sister, thus surrounding the protagonist with all females other than the complementary perverted friend. So since there are no clingy little pests to deal with everything is looking good so far, oh wait.. accidentally kisses a girl from a seemingly innocent chain of events.. boooring I take it back this game sucks. Maybe if you happen to want something to read in a sort of lazy manner while not really caring about the plot or characters this may have a bit of appeal… otherwise ignore with extreme prejudice. Perhaps the only redeeming feature I could imagine would be a little brother route that is extremely easy to activate just so I could laugh at imagining people’s faces when they see it.

Having had several months to think about it, I realized Akane iro did not look especially good in summary form either yet I did like that game, so I suppose I will give this a chance.

I am really getting sick of seeing this game month after month, sometimes constant delays are funny but when I don’t really feel like making fun of the game, the enjoyment evaporates. Anyway since this game has been extensively covered in-depth for a number of times I will just say, yes I want to play it despite not finding the premise particularly appealing due to my enjoying feng’s other game Akane iro.

You didn’t even bother to add anything new? At least comment on the OP now that it’s out…

Hey I put a lot of effort into copy pasting all that… Besides I didn’t even bother to watch the OP, what are the chances it comes out this month anyway?

Suzukaze no Melt -Where wishes are drawn to each other-

Company: Whirlpool
Game site: 涼風のメルト -Where wishes are drawn to each other-
Release date: August 27, 2010
Whirlpool’s 5th title is about the bonds between humans and spirits. Akihito lives in Mishiro-machi, a town which is said to be protected by a local god and spirits, but not many people nowadays believe this. Every 10 years, there is a large festival at the local shrine. Akihito serves as the priest during the festival due to his lineage, while his childhood friend Nazuna is chosen as the miko. There are rumours of a strange being around town and he doesn’t believe them until he saw the spirit himself. It seems that the spirit was lost and they help it return deep into a forest where normal people cannot enter. There he meets the beautiful god of the land Suzu. He decides to protect all the spirits in the town and return them to the forest.

I love the catchy OP sooooo much! Tomodachi wa ima mo kanarazu koko ni iru kara! This has all the makings of a cute and sweet children’s tale, with those imaginary friends or weird things that you can only think of in dreams. The seiyuu cast is very good, featuring Miru, Kaibara Elena, Toono Soyogi, Matsuda Risa, Gogyou Nazuna and Yukito Saori. Chara designs are ok (love those berets!) and Komowata Haruka’s SD art is adorable as ever. My only reservation is about the story, but if you’re getting a moe-ge/chara-ge, this is it.

Nekokoi was not very good of a game and I ended up dropping it, so not exactly hopeful here as they share a lot of similarities. Still this month is so bad I don’t even have much of a choice in the matter so I will at least give it a chance.

While the premise of the game is boring and the characters uninteresting, I must say I really would love to punt one of those fluffy round spirit things.

Micchi’s Top 3 for This Month

  1. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
  2. Suzukaze no Melt -Where wishes are drawn to each other-
  3. Links! ~Kimi to Seirei to Tsukaima to~

Zen’s Top 3 for This Month

  1. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
  2. Suzukaze no Melt -Where wishes are drawn to each other-
  3. Links! ~Kimi to Seirei to Tsukaima to~

That was a hard post to write. There was almost nothing to write about. Time to go back to playing Moeshouden.

Yeah this month was.. rather lacking in games to write about.

Wait… do you see what I see…

Nope, I don’t see anything worth mention, must be your imagination.

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The Tale of the Time Travelling Loli Saimoe 2010 Main Draw

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  • 1. seele00  |  August 1, 2010 at 6:44 am

    Holy crap, Zen and Micchi AGREED upon something… Ah~本当だ。世界が終わった。

    As for my picks:

    1) Akizora ni Mau Confetti
    2) Steins;Gate
    3) Majino Complex

  • 2. SnooSnoo  |  August 1, 2010 at 7:11 am

    Will get Steins; Gate since I (sorta) liked Chaos;Head.
    I just hope the protag isn’t usless all the way till the last chapter.

  • 3. Algester  |  August 1, 2010 at 11:26 am

    but whirlpool is still whirlpool -_- they tend to crack you up all the time everytime @_@ prism magical…. NOO JUST NOO… please @_@….
    in anycase my list still remains the same

  • 4. Kitty  |  August 1, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    My top 3:

    1. Prism Magical (It looks so funny, so why not?)
    2. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi (The audio seems very interesting…)
    3. Suzukaze no Melt -Where wishes are drawn to each other- (Why not? I think it’ll be good. Maybe Whirpool will start to make better games!)

    Micchi, have you ended up playing Neko Koi? If you did, did you also drop it?

    • 5. Micchi  |  August 1, 2010 at 1:34 pm

      I didn’t play Neko Koi!, but I played 77 and never could really get into it. There’s something about the writing that doesn’t hold my interest.

  • 6. Diclonius  |  August 1, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    My picks are pretty much the same as Micchi and Zen…

    Moeshouden…. just wait until you see the scene where Kazuto starts asking each girls actual age (this started when Kazuto learned that Karin is younger than Touka and Renfa…)

    The responses from Kazuto when he learned the true ages of Shuri, Hinari, Tanpopo and Rinrin were hilarious ^_^

  • 7. m3rryweather  |  August 1, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    What are you talking about Windmill having a decent story? I don’t see a Windmill title. o_0

    • 8. Micchi  |  August 1, 2010 at 7:44 pm

      Whoops. That’s the second time I’ve made that mistake.

  • 9. dawningblue  |  August 1, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    1. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi
    2. Akizora ni Mau Confetti
    3. Osananajimi wa Daitouryou Fandisk

  • 10. Amoirsp  |  August 2, 2010 at 12:23 am

    After Ama Ane I didn’t really look at new releases after that, so I cannot say much on first impressions.

    Regarding Twinkle Queen, I simply like the concept of using recent (year 2008) visual novel characters in a new fighting game. Of course, usually the first spawn of a fighting game that uses visual novel characters is within a few year threshold, but this is the only one I recall that’s recent, that uses characters not prior used. That and it uses four different company’s characters.

    The other amusing thing is the selection of 3 characters per game, particularly since games like Shukufuku no Campanella and Tayutama mainly had 4 girls, and the ones not used were either the smallest/non-combat oriented/advocate of peace and happiness types. (Okay so maybe there are extra characters). Unfortunately via Wii, the portions of the console system I find advantageous over other consoles are the Nintendo characters and the Wii remote system, neither which factor here (not that it could anyways). Granted I can see how this concept (at least how it looks) doesn’t really seem to fit the 360 or PS3 much (despite future visual novels porting over there and not so much the Wii).

    And of course I don’t think I actually saw a fighting game that uses an ice skater to be honest. Either way, good or bad, I just find it amusing that it’s a combination of not previously seen things. Well, actually no, since each component isn’t really new (characters from another medium in a fighting game, crossovers in a fighting game, a new engine maybe not, variety in character pool), only specifically eroge characters from different companies in a wii fighting game itself is somewhat uncharted, but almost every other aspect when broken down has been done before.

    I don’t think Milestone is quite as doujin/fanmade as Tasfro or French-Bread, and I don’t think they made a fighting game. I’m really curious how the production came about. Using visual novel characters from different series is fine, but if the base gameplay or combat system isn’t fluid is functionally good then it wouldn’t matter (though if it did work then yay).

    Conceptually I like the properties though. Making the game 2D would have probably been more difficult, but these are … 2D characters. Well, there was pretty much no chance that this would have been like EFZ. I think the keyword is “arcade-style” since that’s what Milestone appears to produce. If I encountered the game I’d still play it with an Agnes-Ameri combination.

    Can’t test … binaural feature … without a trial version …. Yeah Feng is fine but by now I forgot about Hoshikaka.

  • 11. Eab1990  |  August 2, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Dammit, Zen, why are you never satisfi– oh, wait, you agreed with Micchi.

    … brb jumping off a bridge

  • 12. Amoirsp  |  August 2, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    I’m sure Zen agreeing has to do more with the severe lack of new interesting titles, rather than him actually agreeing with Micchi. It’s like the pool is lacking in appeal so much that there really is almost nothing to choose from.

    In fact I’d put it as far to say it’s not Zen agreed with Micchi but rather the pool was so lacking in appeal that Micchi had to get really selective, which happened to matched Zen’s picks. (Aka Micchi having a lower selection of interesting games to choose from and just happening to pick the same games, as opposed to Zen picking the same top 3 as Micchi. Big difference there.)

    On an imouto aspect there wasn’t any game that sparked a big oomph (like a Sana), making it more possible to have synonymous picks.

    I tend to call this effect of a visual novel pool with few to stand out as saturation but now I’m not sure what to call it.

    Not to say it’s too worrisome, but you kind of see a pattern rising of lack of new content. If something newer was integrated (like Saki x K-On) it’s like uh … more like mashing two things that worked separately into an odd integration (hm that suddenly sounds like Twinkle Queen too come to think of it), at least Da Capo is completely unique to circus, even with all the fandisks and variations.

    Story intensive seems to be lacking.

  • 13. Wrathkal  |  August 2, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    Well, I saw this yesterday, but being rushed for time, I decided to delay my post until now, and I’ll only cover the interesting ones.

    No Pants!!-Nice sounding OP, but dumb plot. Not refusing the pres like that, makes it out as though you could rape the girl and she’ll be fine with it.

    Links!-Rather nice art, story is a little meh, and I’m in full agreement with Zen about coming out against little competition

    Prism Generation-LOLing at this only because it’s poisoning Zen

    Hoshizora e-Another nice OP one. Dunno about it though

    Suzukaze-Tayutama vibe. Might give it a try, not really sure anyhow.

    Looks like a dismal month, but at least it makes it easier for me to catch up.

  • 14. Kresnik  |  August 3, 2010 at 5:49 am

    Just Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi. Nothing else.

  • 15. f1j4r(4d1l)  |  August 4, 2010 at 9:29 am

    maybe the first priority is hoshikaka.. (i have been waitig month after month about this game)
    and 2nd is twinkle queen oh i can’t wait to use tomoya and chelsea^^
    3rd is yokoshima pandemic the game is remind me about bakemonogatari….
    maybe i will look the osananajimi wa daitouryou fandisk…
    even i haven’t play the 1st game….
    ow man -/- i hope hoshikaka is not being delayed again….
    hope don’t be ==”

  • 16. lonelyamure  |  August 4, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    The games that catch the most attention for me would probably Elle:PrieR, Prism Magical, Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi, and Suzukaze no Melt. All of the art and the way they are presented are just… very good ^-^ See, Amane Sou’s new in the buisness (which I do like her art), but Tenmaso, Ryohka, Tanihara Natsuki, and Ohno Tetsuya are all showcasing some excellent products~

    Of course, they’ve been delaying for Hoshizora since forever @_@ It has to come out!!! School is almost over! It’s anything that I really want to play before I have to pack my binders and textbooks. I understand the other releases, but Hoshizora should have been out a while ago!! I kinda raged on my blog a couple times about that~

    And then Comiketto 78 is coming up in 2 weeks… I wish I could go *cries* But anyway… it’s an alright month. I just hope I get the time to play all of these during wintertime, considering I have to cram in some writing in my blog and schoolwork and what not~ Oh Heavens I’m a good student XD I’ll try my best to get around… to get around…

  • 17. Zen  |  August 5, 2010 at 12:09 am

    @seele00 : It does happen once in awhile, though I think this is the most we have agreed on so far.

    @Amoirsp : While I like the idea of an eroge based fighting game with characters from different games and companies, I would have preferred they used a better console, and perhaps a pre-existing fighting game to build on top of. The gameplay just looks terrible and they really could and should have invested the time to use more characters.

    Also ice skates are vicious, they are razor sharp as anyone who has been cut with / hit by them can attest.

    @Eab1990 : I laughed.

    @Amoirsp#2 : It was a bit of both, no real games for either of us to choose from, in a normal month I don’t think I would have chosen either Melt nor Links. This was really the worst month in a long time, and after a series of somewhat lackluster months it is made all the worse. Though you are probably right that it was more Micchi being forced to pick different games due to no imoutos. I would like to have a few games worthy of reviewing but I haven’t found a single game worth completing for such a long time..

    I respected Circus a bit more with DC, since as you mentioned it was at least their own creation, stealing ideas from others because they are popular and trying to make a quick buck is worse than just milking your own creation.

    It really does seem like there is less and less focus on good stories and more emphasis on moe visuals. Still there are some better games to look forward to even if the overall trends are shifting slightly.

    @Wrathkal : I bet there is a rape scene in No Pants, it really would not surprise me at all.

    I see my pain amuses you, sadist.

    Yeah, months like these make me think “Thank god for backlogs”.

  • 18. Shiny  |  August 6, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    I’m amused the Majo Arisa Monogatari website actually advertises the lack of graphical uniformity as its “unique style” when in a normal eroge it would count as a negative quality.

    Anyway, the hourglass HP is giving me an error 403, but is this happening for anyone else?

  • 19. Micchi  |  August 6, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    @Zen: It’s not rape if there’s consent. Also, magi- magical magical~♪

    @Shiny: They blocked foreign visitors as they’re under the sp-janis brand, along with Ciel and Puzzlebox. You can check out a synopsis of hourglass’ games here:

  • 20. f1j4r(4d1l)  |  August 20, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    yappari dana koreha….
    hoshikaka is been delayed again until 24th sept….
    ow man… i can only enjoy the summert comiket game this month…
    dou suru….T_T


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