May 2010 Eroge Releases

May 15, 2010 at 8:38 pm 18 comments

It’s been a while since we’ve had a month where there’s almost 20 titles and none of them were delayed from past months. The much anticipated release of FH spinoff Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete will please those who have been waiting for more Mayuri-sama. Even without virtual hand recognition, there’ll be plenty of entertainment with Okiba ga Nai!, Hapi Sama!, Gratin and You Gaku.

This month was surprisingly hard to write about for some reason, I guess the games just did not stand out all that well for me. Then the sheer number of them further sapped any desire to write and or think about them. Still I am surprised at how good this month was in general, I may end up playing five or six of the games released this month, not to mention Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete is finally here.

Nadeshiko Ranbu

Company: White Cyc
Game site: 撫子乱舞
Release date: May 21, 2010
White Cyc’s latest work focuses on the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype – the ideal Japanese woman. Takahiro resides in Misaki-shi where there is a competition to determine who most depicts the Yamato Nadeshiko. In the past, there was a woman who protected the country during the period of war. The one who excelled in fighting was called the Nadeshiko Ranbu, while the one who excelled in the arts was called the Nadeshiko Ranka. He has to decide which out of the six girls he will support in the competition.

I personally don’t care much about the Yamato Nadeshiko ideal – it’s too old-fashioned for me. I guess that there’ll be competitions in tea ceremony, kyuudou and dressing up like a doll. We all know the black hair girl is gonna win. It’s fact. All kidding aside, White Cyc’s stories kinda suck, so I wouldn’t expect much. The main illustrator is Ooizumi Daisaku, who is new to White Cyc and last illustrated Rio’s Zettai Ryouiki!.

Focusing on a single trait character design or personality quirk inherent to all heroines tends to dilute the essence of that very trait. For one the only things that can define one character from another when a fundamental archetype is established are the sub traits assigned to each individual heroine, well aside from the obvious visual alterations. Even their personalities follow suit, bound to obediently compliment whichever trait leads the way. As I rather like the yamato nadeshiko character design I am even more insulted by a game obviously lacking any depth to its characters. All Nadeshiko Ranbu amounts to is picking which specific yamato nadeshiko trait you like, H scenes, the end. I do have to wonder why they could not be bothered to at least think of a better premise than tying a competition to the past Nadeshikos Rambo and Ranka. At the very least they could have just gone with a prestigious school for traditional values or something…

Okiba ga Nai!

Company: あかべぇそふとつぅ (AkabeiSoft2)
Game site: 置き場がない!
Release date: May 27, 2010
Returning from a mission, the giant steel robot Yarusenaizer hit a meteorite and crashed to Earth. Due to the heavy damage, he couldn’t go back to space and was taken in by Seiji out of pity. However, Japan is too cramped for a large robot like Yarusenaizer and he has to deal with things he has no experience in fighting, such as Seiji’s mom and the neighbourhood dog!

This robot-themed love comedy is written by Takehaya of Asuseka fame. It seems to be high on gags, but since it’s AB2 after all, I’m thinking that it will have some serious parts as well. Not a bad choice if you want some comedy akin to WLO this month.

Obviously high on the comedy side with a lot of parody humor aimed at the mecha genre, as such a silly premise and outlandish plotline are expected and acceptable. Still not my type of game at all personally given the premise of a random giant robot crashing to earth only to befriend some kid, seems rather boring. I prefer a more subtle style of humor than simply taking a pre-existing style then pushing it as far as it will go by expanding the scale.

Prism Rhythm

Company: Lump of Sugar
Game site: PrismRhythm -プリズムリズム-
Release date: May 28, 2010
On the night of the Algaro de Monde festival to thank the Spring Snow tree which brings blessed water to the people, Kazuki sneaks into the forest to find the rumoured fairy. He instead meets a girl named Caroline, one of the six holy dancers also known as “Eldis Bertina”. Inspired by her words, he decides to enrol into the prestigious School of St. Bertina and manages to do it even though everyone said he couldn’t.

This game is best categorized as an iyashi-ge (癒しゲー), since the stories focus on healing and kindness. Even though Lump of Sugar mainstay Moekibara Fumitake isn’t the lead illustrator on this game, Tanihara Natsuki (Natsunagi) more than suffices. The art is cute and I think you can’t really go wrong with this setup, even though nothing really stands out.

Definitely lacking the depth of previous Lump of Sugar games, which is something that can be felt instantly, both from the artwork and premise. The artwork feels rushed, as though detail was neglected in order to get it finished as soon as possible, and the setting for the plot is mediocre to put things nicely. First Feng, (Well if they stopped delaying) and now Lump of Sugar both released games so cliché it brings a tear to my eye. Simply tweaking the setting of your typical random “Fated meeting” story coupled with standard characters is not enough anymore I should think..

I’d also like to point out that the story was written by those that worked on Signal Heart (which Zen dropped) and Mimi o Sumaseba (which I dropped).

Amatsu Misora ni!

Company: クロシェット (Clochette)
Game site: あまつみそらに!
Release date: May 28, 2010
Takahisa lives on Misora-jima with Kanna, a goddess who came to his house when he was a child and started living with him. He also has an imouto Miyu who is a gravure idol and is often away from home. That doesn’t mean things are quiet though, since Miyu’s best friend Serika idolizes Kanna and often causes a big ruckus. One day Serika comes in with big news: there’s a miko coming to the island!

What is this!? A big breasted idol imouto? A hyper aho kouhai? Another goddess that lives with the protagonist? You right there! Yes you! Stop everything and go play this!

Well I would be lying if I said I had absolutely no interest here, although however much I may like supernatural stories about gods / goddesses or anything that involves something abnormal, I cannot see this story working out in an interesting manner. Mostly due to a lax plot setup, with an obvious emphasis towards a basic eroge story structure relying on the cuteness of characters rather than making a game worth reading. Instead of trying to involve goddesses a story of this type I feel would be better off sticking purely to slice of life. The game would most likely change little whether Kanna was a goddess or not, so then what is the point of her being a goddess instead of a normal girl heroine?

That’s why you should play to find out~ Well, of course I’m a bit biased since I like Clochette. Wish there was a loli heroine though.

Onii-chan…. lolicon?

……………….. No comment.


Company: FLAT
Game site: うたてめぐり
Release date: May 28, 2010
Satsuki attends Yoiha Gakuen with his childhood friend Renka. He can absorb other people’s powers just by looking at them in the eye, while Renka is half human and also possesses her own special ability. A transfer student named Rebecca calls Renka to the school roof and asks her, “A monster continuing to pretend to be a human… Have you had enough?”. She then shoots her and Renka loses consciousness, while another side of her awakens. Not really interested in FLAT’s genre of choice (mystery/action/suspense), so I’ll pass. It’s just like Secret Game again.

Unfortunately, I am in agreement with Micchi here, the style of story and presentation is dull, the pretense of the storyline along with the setting makes things feel too forceful to be interesting. To put things another way, with what we know of the story so far there is very little mystery or a sense of wanting to find out what happens, yet they are obviously attempting to bait players with the unknown. Problem is the we know too much and can assume too much for it to feel interesting.

I did like the OP more than usual however, at least the music, visuals were boring.

Oshikake! Entremets

Company: カミツレ
Game site: おしかけ!アントルメ
Release date: May 28, 2010
This is Kamille’s debut game. Nagayoshi is great at housework and likes sweet things. One day when he was deciding on what to do in the future, his parents decided to go to France for training, entrusting him with running the family cafe Large. Of course he couldn’t do this by himself, so his parents got him some help. However, not only are Reon and Sunao going to work with him, they are both vying to be his bride! His childhood friend Wako who also has feelings for him hears about this, declares herself a candidate as well and moves in with them. This just sounds plain bad and looks just as bad. The artist needs to learn how to draw non-loli bodies.

Of course parents would leave for the other side of the planet and thus leave their son all alone where they can no longer keep tabs on him while providing him finances to assist in his running of their business. Yes I am sure every parent who runs a Patisserie does the exact same thing. “While we are at it lets throw in the complimentary childhood friend who has poorly disguised feelings for the protagonist” exclaimed the writers in a moment of delusion which they unfortunately mistook for genius. Copy paste basic eroge setup over a bakery, then remove any sensible introduction of characters or their relationships whether pre existing or had just met, and there you have it Oshikake! Entremets. In case there is anyone who may still suspect the game has some merit in the story one glance at the cover and its exposure level should immediately confirm otherwise, do yourself and the game industry a favor, ignore with extreme prejudice.

It also doesn’t help that Kamille keeps tweeting about anal…


Company: コットンソフト (Cotton Soft)
Game site: ぐらタン
Release date: May 28, 2010
Haruki used to live with his mother, but now moves in with his relatives: 4 sisters born from 4 different mothers, but the same father. Their father was a travelling magician who used magic on them before disappearing. There is only one way to remove the magic: all 5 of them must build a close family bond to each other. However, can Haruki resist temptation being with such cute girls and view them as just family?

Why resist when you can take them all h… oh wait, they’re already home. Anyways, this games has lots of kemonomimi and henshin heroines. I like how they made a few slightly different versions of the OP. Kirika’s transformation opens up a wide variety of H scenes, if you’re a minicon. Also Suzume looks like a Sakura clone, blond twintail, blue ribbons and all.

I feel this game suffers from a case of mistaken protagonist, it really should follow Haruki’s dad and his epic ero exploits. Five kids all from different mothers, his dad must have been really skilled with his magic wand. Crass, yet completely unavoidable jokes aside, this game is a pile of in your face stupid. I know, there are a lot of siscons lately, but I would think even the biggest siscon (Micchi) would balk at a bunch of pointless sibling relationships. Then comes the whole bond as a family bit, what the hell was his dad trying to do, provide a pre-assembled harem for his son as a first and final act of fatherly love? Actually you know what I don’t even care enough to wonder what the hell the people who came up with this were smoking.

Suddenly-introduced imoutos usually don’t have the same appeal. You need some sort of pre-existing family relationship to have that imouto feel. If I didn’t read the synopsis, I wouldn’t have known that they were his sisters. I think the game would still be entertaining though.

Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou!!

Company: softhouse-seal GRANDEE
Game site: ぜったい遵守☆強制子作り許可証!!
Release date: May 28, 2010
In 20XX, humans are on the verge of extinction. Due to low birth rates (especially for boys), the current male-female ratio is 1:10721. The world leaders decide to pass a new law to combat this crisis: The New Sex Law. All males receive a card called the “Free Sex Licence” which allows them to have sex with any female once it is shown. Obviously, there was much opposition to this and the results were very disappointing. To reduce the loss of vital sperm, a series of rules were imposed. Among them: no masturbation, no birth control, no non-vaginal sex. Will these drastic steps save humanity?

So softhouse-seal decides to make a full game instead of just churning out low priced mini games every month. Now instead of a nuki-ge with a ridiculous story, we get… a longer nuki-ge with a ridiculous story. It’s quite possible that someone will end up falling off their bike and thrusting themselves into a girl, but at least there’s a nekomimi sukumizu apron bracon imouto waiting for me. Delicious.

I am sure that no matter how horny the man, a potential harem of near 11k is a bit much for the body to endure…  I just do not see the point, why bother trying with a story like this, just make it straight H scenes and it would probably be received far better. No one who cares about story will ever be caught dead reading something like this, and those who only want H scenes will find constantly hitting the ctrl key a unnecessary hassle.

Hapi☆Sama! ~Miyanomori-mura e Youkoso!~

Company: Sugar pot
Game site: はぴ☆さま!~宮乃森村へようこそ!~
Release date: May 28, 2010
Yuuta lived with his father in the city after his mother’s death when he was young. One day, his father suddenly left for work overseas and Yuuta ended up getting evicted from his apartment and moved to his mother’s hometown, Miyanomori-mura. Living in the countryside for the first time, he is surrounded by girls who are interested in hearing about how it’s like in the city. He’s exhausted from this scenery change, but more unexpected things happen to him… He’s possessed by the goddess of wealth and fertility (in chibi form)! However, she makes him extremely unlucky instead.

This sounds awfully similar to Tenshin Ranman, with the unluckiness and all. Except this time the goddess brings it instead of alleviating it. The story’s pretty standard in terms of comedic value, but it definitely appeals to me. Not to mention the OP is really catchy. I have never seen troublemaker Mikoto’s hairstyle before…

I would hate to be the parent of an eroge protagonist, if I wasn’t simply killed off to get me out of the way and give more meaning to the brats past, I would be sent away to some far flung corner of the globe and forgotten.. at the very least until a love interest was established. Well poor Yuuta goes from living a lonely life with his dad in a concrete wasteland to being the center of attention in a relative paradise, oh poor poor Yuuta. Besides he’s an eroge protagonist, what is there to worry about a bit of unluckiness compared to wealth and fertility, at the very least we know he is going to make good use of the latter.

I do agree with the similarities between Hapi sama and Tenshin, but I feel Tenshin will have had a much better story going for it. In comparison Hapi feels bland and uneventful, completely standard among eroge with very little to make it a game worth the potential investment of time and money.

You∽Gaku ~Yougakuen no Mirai wa Kaichou Shidai!?~

Company: ぱわふるソフト (Powerful Soft)
Game site: よう∽ガク~妖学園の未来は会長次第!?~
Release date: May 28, 2010
This is Powerful Soft’s first title. Hokusai Youkai Gakuen, also known as YouGaku, is a school built for youkai to learn to live in peace with humans. Ryuuji is a half-youkai who was recently elected as the student council president for YouGaku. He is born to a family of great power, but his power has not awakened yet. He had planned to enjoy the school life, but then a bunch of Western youkai appear and decide to split the school, changing the rules to their liking and causing a commotion among the students! Not only that but sensing Ryuuji’s hidden powers, they have begun making moves on him too!

Speaking of catchy OPs, here’s another one (hai hai~!). I’m really interested in this title too since it’s your standard school love comedy with a twist and there’s a lot of recognizable seiyuu (Kawashima Rino, Ogura Yui, Aoba Ringo, Fujimori Yukina, etc). I’ll be cheering on the Western youkai since I really like Lilith and Misha. There’s no way werewolves are this cute! Hau~ omochikaeri~!

Surprisingly YouGaku by all appearances is a well made first game, to the extent that even I am interested in it as it comes across as a fun love comedy with interesting characters and some potential for story worth reading. It is worth noting that the protagonist starts out as the student council president though, typically the protagonist begins his conquest completely worthless, so I for one welcome the potential for a protagonist with personality and character. This is a definite play for me this month, It will be interesting to see if the company can live up to my expectations of them.

OP was annoying to me, the abrasive squeaking that can only loosely be referred to as a “Song” made me wish I was deaf.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t flop like Kissmaou (btw, you still haven’t played Shinobu route).

And I vowed that I NEVER will.

Little Rabbits -Wagamama Twintail-

Game site: りとるらびっつ-わがままツインテール-
Release date: May 28, 2010
This is WHITESOFT’s first game. Miyako loves her oniichan Ryoutarou a lot, more than just as siblings, and makes daily advances on him. Somehow he’s been able to withstand her temptations, but now his older sister Azusa is coming back for the summer vacation and she loves him just as much. He decides that he can’t keep going on like this and decides to get a girlfriend – his kind classmate Rina. However, this only makes things worse as his sisters team up with his osananajimi Sayo to gain his attention. Even though he has a girlfriend, it doesn’t matter… They will keep loving him!

Well, as the title suggests, if you like wagamama (selfish like a spoiled child) or twintails, this is the game for you. I prefer my imoutos with the short twintails instead and the art doesn’t really captivate me, so pass for me. The OP music doesn’t really fit the theme of game… unless they turn yandere? Hmm, now I’m a bit interested.

The artwork is quite off-putting for me, and well it is boring when there is nothing to work for besides simply choosing which girl to go after. I do not really mind prior feelings being a part of a storyline, but when all four girls are just throwing themselves at the protagonist right from the start, what point is there to the game? Part of the problem is there is little incentive for them to bother making much of a story out of things with instantly clear cut and understood relationships without the need for development.

I agree with Micchi on the OP, it does not fit the game at all, on the other hand I liked it far more than the typically offensive and annoying OPs which amount to little more than aural rape. I don’t know if it is just me, but the song reminded me of the OP for Shakugan no Shana.

Evo Limit

Company: propeller
Game site: エヴォリミット
Release date: May 28, 2010
When Yoshikazu woke up from a deep sleep, he realized he had lost all his memories. In front of him stood a girl named Kazuna. “This place is not the world you know.” Just by attaching a stone (‘patch’), a human can become superhuman. Yoshikazu begins to unravel the mysteries of this world full of superhumans with Shizuku, a girl who has also lost all her memories. The pick of the month if you want some serious action with a good storyline (propeller has a good track record in this regard). Not really my type of game though.

To be completely honest I really don’t know what to think about this game, part of me instantly hates it because it looks stupid, and another part of me looks a bit more and thinks “Well maybe there might be something worth it in there somewhere”. Since I am unable to decide on whether I should make fun of the game or support it, I will just say it has potential if this type of story appeals to you, and I shall wait and see if I have time to spare before giving it a try.

Hime to Majin to Koisuru Tamashii

Company: オレンジペコ
Game site: ヒメと魔神と恋するたましぃ
Release date: May 28, 2010
The first game by new company Orange Pekoe. During the Heian Era, the queen of the demon world sent her two daughters Kaguya and Sakuya to the human world for training, with the one with better results becoming the successor to the throne. Kaguya used her power to make humans suffer, while Sakuya blended in with the humans to control them from within. However, Sakuya fell in love with an onmyouji and thought that living in the human world isn’t that bad. She then received a request: to eliminate her older sister Kaguya. With the help of her lover, she successfully sealed Kaguya and brought peace to the land. However, her lover soon passed away due to illness and she returned to the demon world. Thousands of years later, Sakuya will be crowned the new queen, but she must marry some one. There is only one person in her heart, so she heads back to the human world to seek the her reborn lover.

In addition to the AVG part, there are two systems in the game. One is the seal battle using a card system, similar to rock paper scissors. The other is a map system where you move around the area to fight monsters or talk to heroines. Not a bad attempt at a first game, unfortunately there’s others that are more attractive.

Despite a system that appears to have annoyingly useless elements in it, and rather ugly uniforms (sigh, pink), I think the game has some potential given there does not seem to be an undue amount of emphasis on the whole lovers separated by time only to be brought back together thanks to reincarnation bit. Well to be fair a large part of my interest is thanks to Isuzu.. But still for a first game with such subject matter I feel the game has more hope for it to be worth playing than most others of the same type (Such as the next game), with a good mix of comedy and plot to keep the reader interested as well as the characters to match.


Company: Puzzlebox
Game site: ファミ魔!
Release date: May 28, 2010
Yuuji had been living by himself for a month. Just when he was starting to feel lonely, a girl comes to his house and tells him that she’s his imouto from a past life! The other girls accompanying her explain that he used to be a maou, and they all decide to live in his house. I like the art and the imouto, but it’s pretty obvious that the story won’t be the strength of this game. I hear it’s quite an entertaining ecchi comedy, so it’d be nice for some mindless relief.

And then on the other hand we have the really stupid kind of maou, the pointless kind with no relevance to the story at all. This game makes Nadeshiko Rambo look well thought out and brilliantly written. They must be really grasping at straws for ways to create a non blood related younger sister relationship if they are involving past lives.

Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai

Company: ALcot ハニカム (ALcot Honey Comb)
Game site: リアル妹がいる大泉くんのばあい
Release date: May 28, 2010
Ryou has played lots of eroge and loved lots of (2D) imoutos. However, one imouto has stolen his heart. Voiced by his favourite seiyuu and drawn by his favourite illustrator, Mai is not like his real imouto, Shiori, who treats him like garbage and sees him as nothing more than a disgusting eroge-playing maniac. No, Mai would take a bath with him, hold hands with him on the way to school… it’s totally different from reality. One night, Ryou had a strange dream. When he woke up in the morning, he found Mai straddling him… “Good morning, onii-chan!”


Ah Shiori how I sympathize with you, my Onii-chan is just like Ryou, please Shiori tell me how to fix Micchi onii-chan! All the tsun in the world seems unable to save our poor siscon Onii-chans from their perverted ways, not to mention those lust filled eyes they gaze upon our poor untainted imouto flesh with.. I for one am fine with Onii-chan having eroge imouto Mai appear in real life to take care of him, then I don’t have to, yay!

Half kidding aside, the game itself hmm well for what it is I would say it is a bit interesting, especially given the main character is NOT one of the pointlessly overly kind, thick headed, useless, self-serving, assholes that other garbage eroge protagonists are. For an obviously little sister based game which instantly kills any desire I could have possibly had to play the game it will probably be fairly well done and interesting. Fewer heroines is usually a good thing as well as there is more focus on making their stories better rather than creating a wider sense of appeal through gimmicky character traits.

First of all, my name is not Ryou and her name is not Mai. I think any imouto loving onii-chan has imagined this situation before. This title definitely markets itself to this demographic, of which I am a part of. Since ALcot Honey Comb is an established brand and the scenario is written by Orugouru (Mashifoni), I think it will turn out to be quite good. Not to mention Ryou is a pretty awesome and cool-looking brother. Just look at him! And he only plays eroge that have imouto routes! That’s someone we should all aspire to be. Wait for me, imouto-tachi!!! ^______^

Meguri Megureba Meguru Toki!?

Company: キャラメルBOX いちご味 (Caramel BOX Ichigo Aji)
Game site: 廻り巡ればめぐるときっ!?
Release date: May 28, 2010
Other than not being interested in any girls under 80cm bust size, Masayuki is pretty much your standard oppai-loving student. However, due to a traffic accident, he gained the ability to use astral projection (the mind leaving the body) and now can see the spiritual world which is full of ghosts and youkai. One day while he’s enjoying this world, his body was possessed by someone else! When he returns to his body, he receives criticism all around and has been branded as a pervert. What happened when he was gone!?

I have fallen in love with Miyoko, Kumi and Amane-lookalike Miyu. The art is very pretty and the OP is really catchy (you’re my only prince~). While the story doesn’t seem that deep, I’ll give the first-time scenario writer Matataku Suihei the benefit of the doubt. Probably will try this title out, if only for Kumi. She’s so adorable >w<

It is really unfair of them to put Miyoko in this game, just to play her route this game tempts me so much… Of course the rest of the game does not interest me at all, so I suppose it will have to be a wait and see type game. Regardless it does seem to be a rather comedy based game, so if I was going to play a game for pure comedy value this month Meguri would be my choice. The artwork also appears to be really well done and helps to make the game worth looking into. The part I am a bit wary of is thanks to the emphasis on breast size, I am not a fan of overly busty heroines myself.

Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete

Company: ユニゾンシフト:ブロッサム (UnisonShift Blossom)
Game site: 君の名残は静かに揺れて
Release date: May 28, 2010
This is an ‘if’ story from UnisonShift’s popular 2009 title Flyable Heart, focusing on Mayuri. One day, Shou received a student pass from the famous private school Hootori Ryouran Gakuen and decides to head there, tempted by free food. There, he meets a girl who is looking far into the distance. Her feelings could not be expressed as simply as lonely or sad. Considering what a let down Mayuri’s route in FH was, it’s about time that she got a story that doesn’t seem half-assed. However, I do approach this game with a bit of apprehension since it doesn’t have the same feel as FH anymore, being a lot more serious. It’s like Tomoyo After being a spinoff from CLANNAD. The clincher for me though is that Yui and Suzuno do not appear at all here, so I will just hear about the story via Zen.

This game is the closest I will ever come to guaranteeing that I will play and review something. I will definitely be playing this game, though I cannot guarantee actually managing to finish and thus review it. Mayuri was by far my favorite character from Flyable Heart, and her afterthought of a route was infuriating considering how poorly it concluded the events of her story. I have been waiting for this game ever since I finished FH, but now that it is here I feel it is very likely not the game I was anticipating so eagerly. To start with why does her home look like a western mansion, I may be wrong but I recall the images of her home looking traditional Japanese in FH. Then we have the over the top drama, which is about the things we already knew thanks to FH, and really do not need to be dealt with. I for one just wanted a more conclusive route and ending to clearly establish their relationship and future together. A normal fandisk would have been just fine, providing a more detail for Mayuri and short stories for the rest of the cast. Ah well assuming this is game ends up being an eternity of drama I will drop it despite how much I wanted a better route for one of my favorite characters.

On a side note THANK YOU GOD FOR THE LACK OF YUI AND SUZUNO!! Really I could not be happier with those two pests gone, I hated both and their routes were agonizing. It is a shame Kururi is still around, but well that can’t be helped as she is a continued existence in both dimensions, besides she is not as annoying as the other two, she’s just a bit too loli and well.. jailbait in more ways than one.

You know… I’m amazed we sometimes agree on things considering our preferences. Now where’s my Yui+Suzuno FD…

I am just as amazed at times, I suppose it does help to point out what is likely to be exceptionally good when we agree though.

Micchi’s Top 5 for This Month

  1. You∽Gaku ~Yougakuen no Mirai wa Kaichou Shidai!?~
  2. Meguri Megureba Meguru Toki!?
  3. Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai
  4. Amatsu Misora ni!
  5. Hapi☆Sama! ~Miyanomori-mura e Youkoso!~

Zen’s Top 3 for This Month

  1. Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete
  2. You∽Gaku ~Yougakuen no Mirai wa Kaichou Shidai!?~
  3. Hime to Majin to Koisuru Tamashii

It took a while for me to decide on how to order the top 5 since they all have their strengths and weaknesses…

I cannot help but wonder if Micchi will ever play a single one of the FIVE games listed… you would think with so many listed Onii-chan would at least get around to one or two, since he has such a voracious appetite for imoutos.


Help me Shiori! My imouto chastity is in danger!?

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Do Not Underestimate Lolis Summer is Almost Upon Us!

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  • 1. aquaspirit39  |  May 15, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    Finally it is out, been waiting for this for a while. Really thank you both for your hard work every month to come up with some nice preview to read.
    This month is full of “standard template” games I guess, but that cant be help since most of this come from new company, I guess they just cant hire a better writer or probably just stick with template to reduce the risk of their debut game not getting sold.

    My game this month:
    1.)置き場がない! I just loved akb2 product
    2.)ヒメと魔神と恋するたましぃ like zen said Isuzu is very interesting char but minus point for Kansai-ben…
    3.)エヴォリミット getting bored of school setting so this is good, and main char is voiced make it even better
    4.)あまつみそらに!because it is Clochette, so gonna give it a try
    5.)よう∽ガク~妖学園の未来は会長次第!?~ this one interest me for no apparent reason. Probably just love youkai setting

    • 2. Zakarum  |  May 16, 2010 at 4:39 am

      How is Kansai ever a minus??
      And to be precise it’s specifically a Kyoto dialect, not the typical Osaka dialect.

      • 3. aquaspirit39  |  May 16, 2010 at 12:26 pm

        Kyoto then…the dialect is funny and entertaining to look at for a little laugh now and then, but I just dont like main heroine speak it, just my preference no big deal. I also dont like old Japanese that use wara wa and sonata.
        Well I am just the type of person that fussed over seiyuu and the way they talk, guess not many people like me.

  • 4. Wrathkal  |  May 15, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    Yay, it’s finally out. Just want to let you two know, I WAS SERIOUSLY LAUGHING TILL MY SIDES HURT when I read about the synopsis of Real Imouto, since we all know how it pertains to Micchi.

    Somehow it seems like you guys, I automatically got drawn to YouGaku, with the Okibaganai and Hime to Majin following close.
    What exactly is so attractive about it I wonder?

    Btw, Micchi, I saw Shinobu daki, even if you don’t play it, there are still people who are trap-inclined.

  • 5. Kresnik  |  May 15, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Okiba ga Nai, MeguMeguMegu, and Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete..

    Though it might be impossible for me to finish all three before June surge..

  • 6. Observer 31  |  May 16, 2010 at 12:10 am

    And thus the reign of imouto galge begins…

    I thought Nadeshiko Ranbu would’ve piqued Zen’s interest seeing that it seems to be his preference(along with black long hair) but I was wrong :O.

    YouGaku seems very similar to Kashimashi Communications (Axel), except with superpowers…In fact the protag in Kashimashi starts as vice president. I think nekomimi is the deciding factor here.

    Thanks for the hard work again!

    I like the emotes in this entry…ლ(╹◡╹ლ)…MOAR!!

  • 7. Amoirsp  |  May 16, 2010 at 2:32 am

    Yeah, the commentary on that imouto game was amusing.

    This month did seem harder to write about. Premises seem feasible but most seem to lack depth on writing possibilities, like some deep concept or afterthought. I wonder why it feels so absent in this pool.

  • 8. Zakarum  |  May 16, 2010 at 4:49 am

    I’d say the most interesting titles are (in no particular order)

    Okiba, Prism Rhythm, Amamiso, Fami-ma

    The Fami-ma trial was really really good. As in hilarious. I just hope it isn’t trial syndrome and the full game is this good instead of running out of steam.

  • 9. molnet  |  May 16, 2010 at 9:37 am

    This month was hard. Can’t say which games I am going to play, since most of them seemed interesting, each in their own way.
    However, two that I will play is ヒメと魔神と恋するたましぃ and よう∽ガク~妖学園の未来は会長次第!?~. Besides that, I am going to see what I feel like when the time comes. Also, I’d have to say pink is better than yellow. By. Far. *shivers in remembrance*

  • 10. Arioch  |  May 16, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    it will be “You∽Gaku ~Yougakuen no Mirai wa Kaichou Shidai!?~”
    and “Meguri Megureba Meguru Toki!?” for me this month.

    … are my eyes telling jokes or I could swear that on “imi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete” Zen actually said he wanted a fandisk? o_o

  • 11. Kitty  |  May 17, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    My top 2 for this month are Nadeshiko Ranbu (What a nice Op it has,but it can’t b as good as Hoshiuta or Hoshiuta Starlight Serenade’s!!!) and Real Imouto (It looks so good,not to mention,Mai is so..ADOWABLE!! Omochikairei!!~~~)

  • 12. uis_kana  |  May 18, 2010 at 12:30 am

    This month look hard to choose…

    Anyway lets see:-

    1.Gratin – Sakuranbo must play~
    2.You∽Gaku ~Yougakuen no Mirai wa Kaichou Shidai!?~ – micchi top VN rite…
    3.Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai – Hmmm nice art…
    4.Amatsu Misora ni! -clochette never dissapoited me so far…
    5.Prism Rhythm – Lump of Sugar yessss~

    Maybe play:-
    1.Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete – no Yui and Suzuno FFFFffFFFFFFFFFFFFFF derpderp…
    2.Little Rabbits -Wagamama Twintail- – Play if i have time because whitesofe…

  • 13. Micchi  |  May 18, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    Seems like there’s quite some interest for YouGaku.

    @aquaspirit39: I personally don’t mind the seiyuu so long as they voice the character properly. When the voicing seems forced, it’s really hard to enjoy the game.

    @Wrathkal: Maybe since it’s a familiar scenario, just with a twist. Oh, I’m very aware there are people who like traps. I don’t mind them, I actually love trying to get Zen to play their routes. ^o^ I’m not all about the imoutos! Just um… mostly.

    @Kresnik: Personally I think May is slightly better than June overall. Although there’s some ones in particular I’m looking forward to in June… *cough*Sana*cough*

    @Observer31: ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

    @Amoirsp: Well, most games aren’t that deep story-wise and focus on characters or comedy.

    @Zakarum: FamiMa! -does- look fun. Maybe I should just play it for a day or two for some laughs (and imoutos).

    @molnet: Oh god, I didn’t need to get reminded about the yellow.. *shiver*

    @Arioch: Soon, he’ll be playing nukige, imouto-ge and otome games (and be bros with m3rry)!

    @Kitty: Mai -is- so adorable!! >w< Definitely the epitomy of the 2D imouto!

    @uis_kana: I wonder if this Sakuranbo crawls in from the window too…

  • 14. Zen  |  May 21, 2010 at 2:58 am

    I really should learn to check comments more often… oh well.

    @aquaspirit39 : I have to agree, I do not particularly like the kansai dialect too much myself, but it is not realy make it or break it to me. More or less comes down to not being used to it so it is harder to listen to and understand for me.

    @Wrathkal : Yeah by this point it is fairly obvious that a certain someone whos name I shall not mention has a slight inclination towards all things pertaining in the general direction of little sisters.

    @Observer31 : Rambo is a game focusing on a single trait, which means there is less importance on making that trait work and be worthwhile. When something is diluted to such an extent I lose interest. Besides while I may like long dark hair as a physical trait, it is still just a physical trait and hardly a deciding factor of whether I favor a game or character. I suppose I just don’t want to play a game where everyone is too similar.

    @Amoirsp : I think it is due to many of the games not being really good, nor really bad. I found myself sitting there staring and drawing a blank for the most part while I tried to think about what I thought of a game. I did not feel much positive nor negative on the whole, more of a just “I don’t care” type of feeling for most of them.

    @Molnet : Both are bad enough to make me wish I was colorblind.

    @Arioch : Well it is not so much that I want a fandisk as it already sort of is, but rather I suspect that a fandisk may have been a better choice given the overall tone of the game. If they are completely missing the point as to why people liked Mayuri’s character as seems to be the case, then it would have been best for them to stick with the original formula and expanded on her existing story instead. I for one simply do not want to play a game about drama and making Mayuri into some whiny “Sad girl”.

  • 15. Kitty  |  May 28, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    I also prefer Black Cyc’s horror stories more than White Cyc’s old fashioned one. xDD

  • 16. weeaboo  |  June 1, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    dood that twin tail eroge is totally shakugan no shana op

    it doesnt fit the game at all, but it is catchy, similar to the shakugan no shana op.

  • 17. Riaimo Mini-Review « Tomato Conspiracy  |  June 10, 2010 at 4:24 am

    […] in short Riaimo) Everytime I do the story introduction of an eroge I feel like it has been done before and thus redundant. But if anything the introduction is just a disguise, the real story of Riaimo […]

  • 18. Wrathkal  |  June 27, 2010 at 4:41 am

    Just saw the CGs for FamiMa, looks pretty funny. Anyone can shed some more light on it?


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