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Aside from the major content that most players are aware of, there is a long list of minor changes in this patch. The implementation of new equipment, upgrades and titles will allow for new character looks and equipment sets. Wearing certain types of equipments together will result in various types of resistances. Life skillers will also benefit from new high-rank patterns, wool bags, and gathering item upgrades for faster collection and better quality. Even cooks and fishers will have have new cooking recipes and fishing locations at their disposal. For those are interested in PvP, dueling system is now available, along with team battles at Connus battle arena.

Since it is the beginning of a new chapter, the moongate and advanced play schedules will be changed and there will be a new log-in screen. It is unknown what the new schedules are at this moment. Some new premium hairstyles and face shapes will be available when you create your characters. Characters can be sorted by race in the character select screen. Maximum number of characters per race is now capped at 20 each. You can also toggle visibility of characters’ bank tabs by race.

Note that it is possible that NA might not implement all of the following content.

New Titles

In addition to the weekly Karu, Maiz, Longa Discoverer and linking Connus with Rano titles, there are a few new titles at your disposal.

  • Friend of Horses and Ostriches: -10 hp, -10 mp, -10 sp, +10 dex, +10 will, +10 luck. Ride all 4 routes in Rano (does not need to move).
  • Archaeologist: -20 hp, -20 mp, -20 sp, +10 str, +10 int, +10 dex, +10 will, +10 luck. Discover 100 relics using L-rods.
  • Elemental Master: +20 mp, +20 int, +3 def, -10 str, -10 dex. Reach rank F for Fireball, Ice Spear and Thunder.
  • Aspiring Sailor: -20 hp, -20 mp, -20 sp, +10 str, +10 will. Ride a ship 10 times.
  • Rano Explorer: +20 mp, -10 str, +20 int, -10 will, +10 luck. Visit all 7 landmarks in Rano (Does not require Monkey Landmark in Nubes Mountain or Star Landmark in Solea)
  • Connus Explorer: +15 mp, +15 int, +15 dex, -10 will, -10 luck. Visit all 6 landmarks in Connus.
  • Physis Explorer: +10 hp, +20 sp, +10 str, -10 int, -10 luck, -10 will. Visit all 5 landmarks in Physis.
  • Ice Spear Master: +30 mp, +20 int, +20 luck, -20 hp, -20 sp. Complete rank 1 training for Ice Spear.
  • Final Hit Master: +20 hp, +20 sp, +15 str, +5 dex, +15 will, -30 mp, -5 prot. Complete rank 1 training for Final Hit.
  • Mirage Missile Master: +20 mp, +15 int, +15 dex, -10 str, -10 will. Complete rank 1 training for Mirage Missile.
  • Friend of Spirit Weapon (8 types): +5 str, +5 int, +5 dex, +5 will, +5 luck, +1 def, +1 prot. Chat with a spirit weapon with Soc20+.
  • Cooking Tournament Winner: +10 dex, +10 int, -20 will, -10 luck, +20 hp, +20 sp. Finish in the top 3 in the Emain Macha cooking tournament. Can only be used during the week following victory.
  • Friend of Elves: +15 hp, -10 int, -10 luck, +15 sp. Support the elves (human-only). Receive blessings from the chief.
  • Friend of Giants: +20 str, +10 dex, -10 will, -10 luck. Support the giants (human-only). Receive blessings from the chief.


New Pets

A large number of pets were added between G4S1 and G6S4. It is highly unlikely that all of the following pets will be available when the patch is up. Keeping this in mind, it is not far-fetched to see the following pets implemented within the next few months. You can find specific stats for pets at Mabinogi World wiki. Italicized pets may not be implemented at all.

  • Mounts: Malamute, Alaskan husky, Black ostrich, Brown ostrich
  • Ensemble/Thunder: Black ferret, White ferret, Dapple thunder spaniel, White thunder spaniel
  • Transformation/Windmill: Djungarian, Persian, Black wolf
  • Collection: Clover gnu, Clover pig, Coral cobra, Desert cobra
  • Fetching: Cocker spaniel mini
  • Singing birds: Greenfinch, Kingfisher, Pitta
  • Dancing: Beyaya
  • Grows larger: Red panda, Golden pig
  • Others: Green lizard, Black lizard, Kangaroo rat, Afghan hound, Rhagodessa, Young wild boar, Lesser panda, Emperor penguin, Adelie penguin

New Equipment and Set Bonuses

NPCs will now sell a lot more types of equipments. Of course, there will be race restrictions on most items. There will be new weapons, armor and clothes, shoes, gloves and glasses. By completing a quest in Connus, you can receive a new type of instrument called the roncadora. In JP, new gachapons were also added at this time, however it is not known whether or not we will receive these. If we do, they will contain many types of rare clothes and weapons, as well as sewing patterns that cannot be obtained in any other way. We may also be able to buy an additional 6×8 item bag (79800 gold), thereby increasing inventory size. It cannot be used for vending, however each player can have only one in addition to their normal vendable item bags. Extra Storage premium service is required.


Certain sets of equipment give resistance or cost reduction bonuses when equipped together. The total amount of accrued points for each type must be at least 10 to gain the stated bonuses. Individually, they will not give the stated effect. Active resistances will be shown as a status icon in the character window. It is possible to have more than one type of bonus, provided the requirements are satisfied.

Petrification Resistance (Cannot be petrified, still takes 1 damage)

  • Head: Bone marine helm (3), Mongo magician hat (4)
  • Body: Bone marine armor (3)
  • Hands: Bone marine gauntlets (3)
  • Feet: Bone marine boots (3), Valencia cross-line plate boots (3)

Explosion Resistance (Cannot be knocked down, -80% damage)

  • Head: Dustin silver knight helm (4), Broad-brimmed feather hat (4)
  • Body: Dustin silver knight armor (3), Bone marine armor (3), Magic school uniform (3)
  • Hands: Dustin silver knight vambrace (2), Bone marine gauntlets (3)
  • Feet: Dustin silver knight greaves (2)

Stomp Resistance (Cannot be knocked down if far away, reduced damage)

  • Head: Bone marine helm (4), Starry wizard hat (2)
  • Body: Valencia cross-line plate armor (4), Dustin silver knight armor (3)
  • Hands: Valencia cross-line plate gauntlets (3)
  • Feet: Valencia cross-line plate boots (3), Dustin silver knight greaves (3)

Poison Resistance (Cannot be poisoned)

  • Head: Mongo’s wizard hat (3), Starry wizard hat (3)
  • Body: Valencia cross-line plate armor (3), Celina’s magician suit (3)
  • Hands: Valencia cross-line plate gauntlets (2)
  • Feet: Bone marine boots (3)

MP Cost Reduction (-10%)

  • Head: Broad-brimmed feather hat (3*), Mongo’s wizard hat (3)
  • Body: Magic school uniform (3*)
  • Feet: Magic school shoes (3)

* A+ grade finish for tailored items will give 1 more point (extremely rare)

SP Cost Reduction (-20%)

  • Head: Mongo’s wizard hat (3), Dustin silver knight helm (3)
  • Body: Celina’s magician suit (3)
  • Hands: Dustin silver knight vambrace (4)
  • Feet: Magic school shoes (4)

Nao’s Clothes and Accessories

Let us not forget about Nao! Two new outfits are available for Nao. Nao’s explorer outfit can be found from hidden treasure chests on weekends, while Nao’s Iria casual look is a reward from Karu normal on weekends.


A new collection book for Nao’s accessory presents is available. You will need to talk to Tin, Ffion, Vena or Meriel to obtain the book. All 24 different types of accessories must be collected, some of which have the same name. For example, there are 6 different types of rings and 2 of them have the same sprite, but different descriptions. All accessories must be full durability. If you successfully finish the collection book, you will receive a keyword “Completed Nao’s present collection”. Talk to Nao upon rebirth or on your birthday to receive an accessory with a random enchant on it based on your race.

  • Human: Weather-type or flower-type
  • Elf: Zodiac-type or weather-type
  • Giant: Zodiac-type or flower-type
  • Weather-type: Hail, Shower, Whirlpool, Earthquake, Freezing, Thunder, Blizzard, Frost, Hurricane, Sleet, Storm, Snowfield
  • Flower-type: Evening Primrose, Violet, Forget-me-not, Rose, Clover, Sweet Pea, Salvia, Lily, Marguerite, Hyacinth, Cornflower, Cosmos
  • Zodiac-type: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

On the topic of Nao accessories, she will give you a different type of 20th birthday present based on your race.

  • Human: Zodiac-type or other
  • Elf: Flower-type or other
  • Giant: Weather-type or other
  • Other: Gloss, Luxury, Properly Face, Beautiful, Holy, Splendorous

New Upgrades

Wands can now be upgraded with chaincasting ability. For more information on chaincasting, check the Skills and Actions post. Two-handed swords, claymores and dragon blades have upgrades from Ferghus, Edern and Nicca that increase splash range and damage. Slightly different upgrades for heavy armor, light armor and clothing are available from Effie and Nicca in Base Camp. Round, kite, hetero and light hetero shields can now be upgraded with auto-defence properties against melee, ranged and magic attacks. Nicca also offers a nice alternative modification for crossbows that does not lower range as much as Aranwen’s.

Gathering items may now be upgraded for faster collection, increased drops and better quality of drops. This is extremely helpful for training life skills and church part-time jobs. The downside is a severe increase in repair cost. It is recommended to use the first upgrade for increasing durability.


  • Handle polishing (10 prof, 0~3, 1000g, Sion/Granites)
    Faster mining, +70% repair cost
  • Blade sharpening (70 prof, 4~4, 6200g, Sion/Granites)
    Faster mining, +735% repair cost
  • Sion’s copper mining modification (55 prof, 4~4, 5100g)
    Increased copper mining rate, +100% repair cost
  • Sion’s silver mining modification (60 prof, 4~4, 5300g)
    Increased silver mining rate, +100% repair cost
  • Sion’s gold mining modification (65 prof, 4~4, 5500g)
    Increased gold mining rate, +100% repair cost
  • Granites’ copper mining modification (60 prof, 4~4, 4300g)
    Increased copper mining rate, +100% repair cost
  • Granites’ silver mining modification (65 prof, 4~4, 4700g)
    Increased silver mining rate, +100% repair cost
  • Granites’ gold mining modification (70 prof, 4~4, 5100g)
    Increased gold mining rate, +100% repair cost

A comparison of pickaxe mining speeds and sp usage for different amounts of upgrades are as follows:

  • Nonupgraded: 5.6s, 3 sp
  • With 3x handle polishing: 4.8s, 2~2.5 sp
  • With 3x handle polishing + blade sharpening: 4s, 1.5~2 sp

It is rumored that the mining rates for copper, silver and gold are increased by 20%, 30% and 40% respectively by their modifications (no major difference between Sion and Granites’ modifications). However, bear in mind that the drop rates for these ores are significantly lower than iron, so iron ore will still be the most common drop.

Gathering Knife

  • Handle polishing (12 prof, 0~3, 600g, Deian/Granites)
    Faster shearing (-0.25s), +70% repair cost
  • Blade sharpening (50 prof, 4~4, 7200g, Deian/Granites)
    Faster shearing (-1s), 10x repair cost
  • Deian modification (60 prof, 4~4, 5800g)
    Chance of dropping 2 wool at once (~40%), 10x repair cost
  • Granites’ modification (55 prof, 4~4, 6000g)
    Chance of dropping 2 wool at once (~40%), 10x repair cost

Gathering Axe

  • Handle polishing (8 prof, 0~3, 500g, Tracy)
    Faster chopping, +70% repair cost
  • Blade sharpening (45 prof, 4~4, 6800g, Tracy)
    Faster chopping, +340% repair cost
  • Tracy’s modification (50 prof, 4~4, 5000g)
    Chance of dropping 2 firewood at once, +200% repair cost


  • Handle polishing (14 prof, 0~3, 700g, Endelyon)
    Faster harvesting, +70% repair cost
  • Blade sharpening (55 prof, 4~4, 6400g, Endelyon)
    Faster harvesting, +340% repair cost
  • Endelyon’s modification (55 prof, 4~4, 5400g)
    Chance of dropping 2 crops at once, +200% repair cost

Weeding Hoe

  • Handle polishing (16 prof, 0~3, 800g, Del)
    Faster harvesting, 1.7x repair cost
  • Blade sharpening (60 prof, 4~4, 6600g, Del)
    Faster harvesting, +repair cost (unknown)
  • Del’s modification (60 prof, 4~4, 5600g)
    Chance of obtaining 2 items at once, 2x repair cost

New Enchants

Chapter 2 introduces over 100 new enchants obtainable predominantly from dungeons, giant field bosses and treasure chests found underground or via L-rods. While I will not list all of them, here are some notable enchants:

  • Principle: r5 prefix, light armor-only, +5 str, +5 int, +5 dex, +9% repair fee, +16% crit with Critical Hit Master title equipped, +6% bal with Maiz Prairie Ruins Discoverer title equipped, enchantable regardless of rank
  • Fundamental: r6 prefix, heavy armor-only, +5 str, -20 int, +20 will, +12% repair fee, +15 max with Combat Master title equipped, +5 max with Maiz Prairie Ruins Discoverer title equipped, enchantable regardless of rank
  • Arch Lich: r6 prefix, weapon-only, +5 min if level over 22, +5% crit, +5% bal, -5 max if level over 44, -250 cp, enchantable regardless of rank
  • Snowdrop: r8 prefix, ranged weapon-only, +10% crit if level over 30, +4 min if Windmill over r6, +4 max if Magnum Shot over r6, -20 luck, +12% repair fee
  • Dauntless: rA prefix, +4% crit if Critical Hit over r6, -5 hp, -5 mp, -5 sp
  • Fennec Spider: rA prefix, 2h weapon-only, +6 max if exploration level over 9, +2 min if exploration level under 12, -5% prot
  • Lizard: rB prefix, weapon-only, +10% crit if exploration level over 12, -5% min injury, -15% max injury
  • Corundum: rB prefix, +6 max if exploration level over 10, -5 min if exploration under 18, -5 luck
  • Peace: r8 suffix, gauntlet-only, +10 hp if Fishing over r5, +15 str if Handicraft over r9, -15 sp
  • Harm: r9 suffix, gauntlet-only, -100 cp, -10 luck if level over 3
  • Hindrance: r9 suffix, heavy armor-only, -100 cp, -10 dex if level over 6
  • Trouble: rA suffix, light armor-only, -100 cp, -15 int if level over 3
  • Outrage: rA suffix, 2h weapon-only, -3% repair fee, +5% crit, +20 max if Windmill over r6, -20 luck
  • Metal Needle, Wooden Needle, Unfamiliar, Secret, Mirage

Life Skill Items


If you find yourself bored of your looks and those being sold by NPCs do not interest you, why not tailor some? Tailors will have a wider variety of clothes to make for profit or training. Some of these patterns can be bought, while others must be found obtained from monsters or hidden treasure chests.

  • High class leather armor (r1)
  • Terra V-line four-point armor (r1)
  • Kyrie floral robe (r3)
  • Bone marine armor M/F (r4)
  • Middle-class leather armor (r5)
  • Tie-up long boots (r5)
  • Terra diamond-shaped leather boots (r5)
  • Stitched long robe armor (r6)
  • Spark leather armor (r7)
  • Riding suit (r8)
  • Giant shoulder armor (r9)
  • Basic leather armor (r9)

For weavers, wool bags can now be obtained as a reward from exploration quests. These wool bags are 2×2 in size and can hold 20 wool. It is not possible to put anything but wool into it. Wool that is picked up is automatically moved into the wool bag. You can withdraw a maximum of 5 wool at a time. Fine and finest fabric gloves are now available, as well as fine silk gloves. They increase the chance of obtaining those types of silks and fabrics upon weaving success. Similar to current silk gloves, they are unrepairable and blessing water does not slow durability loss.


Iria offers new cooking ingredients, such as coconuts and mushrooms, in addition to new types of fish from fishing boat and ice fishing on the Reus River in Physis. Using these fresh new ingredients, cooks will be able to cook delicious new dishes. It is also possible to create magic dishes via cooking, which cause interesting effects if they are 5 star. These dishes will require cooking potions, which require potion making and the rare brown poison matsutake mushroom that can be found in Karu forest only on weekdays. I wonder what will happen if you try out these dishes?

Food bonuses (until rebirth) now have an upper limit of 100 for each stat. There is no lower limit. Players that are already above the limit will have their boost reverted to +100. Brownies may be available to guard your vend shops so you can use your pets instead of having them watch your shop. If clover pigs and gnus are released, potion makers will be able to make HP300, MP300, SP300, lucky potions and love potions. Lucky potions morph into a random item after one day, while love potions are useful for accessing secret shops since they raise NPC intimacy level.

Emain Macha Cooking Tournament

Every Samhain (Saturday), a cooking tournament will be held at Emain Macha to find out who is the best cook in the server. At stake is not only bragging rights, but also the book required to advance to rank 8, a title available for one week, cooking hats and clothes. Top 3 winners will receive prizes. Ideally, you will need to be at least a rank 9 cook.

The contest is held on a channel to be determined later (Ch4 on JP) on the SW side of Emain Macha square. It is held at 1pm and 8pm, and runs for 1 hour. Contestants can sign up for the tournament from Monday to Friday leading up to the tournament date by completing a part-time job from Shena and receiving a weekly cooking tournament ticket. This part-time job must be completed on the tournament channel. The ticket cannot be placed in pet inventory, vended or transferred across bank tabs. It has an expiry time of 7 days. When you join a tournament, it will take all tickets in your inventory. If you wish to participate in both sessions, please store a spare ticket elsewhere.

When the tournament begins, you will be able to buy ingredients for free from the NPCs that appear (Caitin, Glenis, Gordon). These can only be used in the tournament itself. If you forgot to bring cooking supplies, you can also buy them here. Contestants will be required to make three 5-star designated dishes. Creating these dishes will not give training exp. The best cooks will be deemed winners and their names will be broadcasted across all channels. Winners can redeem their rewards from Gordon.

The top 3 cooks will receive a book on how to make pasta for Cooking r9 training. They will also receive a Cooking Tournament Winner title which they can use for that week, an entry ticket for the monthly cooking tournament, as well as the following based on placement:

  • First place: Veteran cook’s hat
  • Second place: Advanced cook’s hat
  • Third place: Apprentice cook’s hat


On the last Saturday of every month is a monthly cooking tournament, open only to winners from the weekly tournaments. It starts at 8pm and runs for 1 hour. There will be no morning session. The tournament structure is the same as the weekly one. The top 3 cooks will receive a Tork’s cook clothes (unrepairable, cannot be dyed). Depending on their placement, the color of the clothes will be different. The apron will always be white.

  • First place: White
  • Second place: Black
  • Third place: Beige

Mainstream Quest Changes


The G2 and G3 skip options are now available from the weird cat in Duncan’s house. If you wish to skip G2, you will still need to complete the White Wolf RP in order to gain paladin transformation skills. You will receive the keyword to enter Barri mythril dungeon, but passes must be bought at 6400g each. To obtain the paladin PD skills, you must obtain all 7 pages instead of only the final 5. All dungeons for the DK quest will have more floors too.

If you decide to skip G3, you will obtain the DK keyword to start the DK quest. However, you will not receive the Savior of Erinn title, Obsidian enchant scroll or the Spirit’s Tear keyword. All dungeons for the DK quest will have more floors too. Baol infiltration should be shortened to 1 floor of 11 rooms.

The cutscene movies from G3 will now be available at the crystal balls in Dunbarton library.

Dueling System and Connus Battle Arena

Players can now request and accept duels with fellow players, similar to pet battles. The damage percentage is agreed upon by the players. There will be no outside interference. Note that if you are defeated, you will be revived with 1 hp and 50% wounds, unlike after paladin/DK PvP. Match statistics will be recorded and can be seen in the character window under the rebirths tab. The PvP rankings will also show the players with the most wins and highest win percentage.


For those players who prefer team battles, the Connus battle arena is now open west of Filia near the mana tunnel. The NPC Yoff sells Connus battle arena coins, as well as HP and SP pots. There are two teams (red and blue) and you cannot join when a battle is underway. For a round to begin, there must be at least one player and a maximum of 20 per team. Players click on the colored poles for the team they wish to join. The first person that clicks the pole is designated as the team leader and other players must join within 50 seconds. When inside, you can choose to be a participant or a spectator. Each round lasts 3 minutes. Precasted skills are not allowed upon entry and there is no friendly fire. Everyone will be moved to lobby when the round is finished. The winning team can redeem their stars for arena coins from Yoff.

Skills and Actions <<    >> Looking Ahead

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    I shall be TOP CHEF!!!

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