Pioneers of Iria – Skills and Actions

February 17, 2009 at 3:23 am 9 comments


A variety of new skills and actions are added with Iria, resulting in new battle mechanics and revised strategies. Humans can now dual wield swords and use Final Hit, while giants can dual wield blunt weapons. Elves and humans may use Play Dead and Throw Stone, helping them get out of sticky situations as well as safely draw aggro or activate dungeon triggers. The final advanced magic skill, Ice Spear, will be available to mages, along with fusion magic and chain casting. In addition, a variety of life skills, such as First Aid, Rest, Campfire and Musical Knowledge are now uncapped. If you have raised your spirit weapon to a decent level, it will be able to use a once-per-day powerful skill called Spirit Weapon Awakening.

Please consult the Races post for race-specific skills, namely Mirage Missile, Hide, Stomp and Throw Attack.

Dual Wield


Humans are able to equip two one-handed bladed weapons at the same time, while giants are able to equip two blunts at once. Elves do not have the strength to dual wield. Dual wielding is not a skill, but only a change in battle mechanics. It is possible to equip different weapons in each hand, although it is recommended to use the same speed type (number of hits) due to better handling. Attacking will results in a total number of hits equal to the sum of the number of hits for both weapons. In general, damage output will be roughly doubled.

Weapon stats are either averaged or added together, depending on the type:

  • Averaged: Min, max, crit, bal, max/min injury
  • Summed: Hp, mp, sp, str, int, dex, will, luck, def, prot

Damage from melee skills (Smash, Windmill and Counter) will be calculated as:

  • [base damage + combined damage from both weapons] * [damage modifier from skill]

Note that the base damage is not the bare-hand damage, but the damage while attacking with magic powder or gathering items. Since it is much harder to perform advanced combat strategies, such as N+1, new players should acquaint themselves with single weapon combat before proceeding to the higher damage dual wielding. In addition, dual wielding will spend more sp than attacking with a single weapon.

Some one-handed weapons may not be dual wielded, such as machetes. The left weapon will always strike first and hence will accrue proficiency and durability loss faster. Both weapons gain proficiency when used with a skill. It is possible to shear sheep or cut leathers while dual wielding, however it will function the same way as normal.

Final Hit

Final Hit is a strong skill for humans where they can constantly teleport and attack numerous targets within a short period of time. It is an extremely powerful skill, however it costs a lot of AP to reach high ranks. As the rank of the skill increases, the duration, teleport distance and str/will bonuses all increase. The skill also has a shorter cooldown period.

If dual wielding, the target will not be pushed back. Otherwise, every hit will knock down the enemy. While switching weapons during skill activation is permitted, the player cannot use potions or items. Final Hit ends when the time limit is up or when the user is knocked down by a skill, such as FB. There will be a warning given 10 seconds before the time limit expires in the form of flashing in the skill icon above your head.

To learn the skill, you must talk to Aodhan in Emain Macha about skills and obtain a keyword about dual wielding. Talk to Nicca in Base Camp using this keyword and you will receive a quest, in which you have to do the following:

  1. Sketch the hidden statue of the dual wielding warrior in Kaypi Canyon near the sun landmark.
  2. Clear Karu Forest Final Hit dungeon. You can finish it in a party, but it only counts for the leader.
  3. Sketch the same statue in step 1 in a thunderstorm (rare occurence, average once per real life day).
  4. Clear Maiz Prairie Final Hit dungeon. You can finish it in a party, but it only counts for the leader.

You may buy sketches from other players if you wish.

Ice Spear


The final implemented advanced magic skill is Ice Spear. An ice wand must be equipped to use this skill. While it is not as powerful as Fireball and Thunder, it is a good mob control skill since it freezes enemies around the target for 4-5 seconds, before knocking them back.  It also has a shorter target range and high mp cost at high ranks, but can be cast quickly (2s starting at rank 9). You cannot move after charging the skill. Frozen monsters may not be attacked, with the exception of those with MR and those using defence skill. MR2 monsters will continue running at you.

The quest to obtain IS is long and difficult. You may start the quest by talking to Stewart in Dunbarton with the Noob Elemental Master title on and an ice wand equipped. Two collection books must be completed: Iria first, then Uladh second. Pages do not expire and can be collected in any order. The most difficult pages will be the 3rd page of the Iria book and the 2nd page from the Uladh book.

Iria collection book

  1. Stone mimic (Karu, Maiz)
  2. Hidden treasure chest (Iria)
  3. Any type of shining boss (Karu)
  4. Hidden treasure chest (Iria)
  5. Mask goblin archer (Karu, hidden treasure chests)

Uladh collection book

  1. Giant ice sprite (Coill elemental dungeon – pass from Nele)
  2. Yellow succubus (Rabbie adv)
  3. Mimic (Various Ciar, Rabbie, Math, Fiodh, Barri, Coill)
  4. Catsith (Runda siren)
  5. Ice sprite (Math adv, Coill, Ceo Island)

Fusion Magic and Chain Casting


In addition to IS, mages can now add fusion magic and chain casting to their repetoire. Fusion magic is the ability to combine any 2 of the 3 basic bolts (IB/LB/FB) and the resulting attack will carry properties from both elements. The two players must be in the same party, within a reasonable distance of each other (2/3 of a room), and one must begin casting their skill during the casting time of the other player. The two bolts must be different types. Both players must equip wands of the element of the bolt they are casting. The wands must not be modified with chaincasting ability. Spirit wands must not be over Soc6.

In general, IB increases number of attacks, LB causes splash attack (but only remains charged for 15 seconds) and FB always causes knockdown. The resulting bolt looks different from normal bolts and is more reminiscent of advanced magic. For example, LB+FB would be an attack which splashes and knocks down all monsters. Int bonus, magic balance and crit rate are dependent on the caster.

The player version of chaincasting is different from the version that Mores has. Wands (except healing and combat wands) can be upgraded with the chain casting ability. Spirit wands over Soc6 automatically receive this ability. Wands can only be used to chaincast the normal bolt of the same element. For example, ice wands can only chaincast ice bolt. Each charge will use the same cost as if you charged each bolt individually. If there is not enough mp to charge all 5, but enough to charge 1, the chaincasting will still be successful. Upgraded wand modifications govern how many charges are completed per chaincast, in addition to increasing the mp cost. Spirit wands gain extra charges every 5th social level, with full chaincasting at Soc21.

Play Dead


What would you do when you’re in a bind with no place to run? Time to pretend to be dead and hope your pursuers think you’re actually dead! Play Dead is a valuable action for humans and elves only. It may be learned from Tracy in Dugald Aisle. Using this action will cause the player to appear fainted, resulting in monsters losing their aggro after a few minutes. It drains sp at a rate of 1 per 0.8s, but the action will remain active even if sp drops to 0. However, you can be attacked with ground-targeted AoE skills or splash damage (including LB and Mirage Missile effect). There is a delay getting up after playing dead (~2s). If there is still an aggroed monster on you, it will attack immediately. The benefit of this action is that you may summon and command pets while playing dead, resulting in pet revolver tactics. Elves may also use Play Dead if they cannot use Hide due to having been in combat within the last 30 seconds.

Throw Stone

Throw Stone can be learned from Sion in Bangor. Only elves and humans may learn this action. It costs 2 sp and has a range of about a normal magic bolt. You can use it to target monsters to drag aggro or to hit triggers from afar. This is great for non-archers/mages who do not want to equip a bow for the sole purpose of luring monsters. You can also use Throw Stone to finish monsters or kill those in deadly. Throw Stone is better for defence or counter locking monsters than IB/LB since it works even after the target has loaded their skill. Interestingly, this action counts as a magic attack and will trigger Mana Reflector PD for monsters that have them.

Dice Throwing


Basically, you pick up a big die and throw it. In KR, it was abused for gambling, hence it was removed. It is unknown whether or not this will be implemented on NA, however JP did receive it between G4 and G6. The action is automatically learned when you hold a die in your hands. All races may use this action and it costs 3 sp per throw. The die will stay on the ground for 5 seconds.

Skill Uncaps

The release of new NPCs and areas in Iria allows various non-combat skills to be ranked higher than before. All of the following are books or quests. Do not gift the items to the NPCs.


  • Rank D->C: Book acquired from Karu Forest end chest
  • Rank C->B: Book reward from level 3 Rano exploration quest “Statue with Humans and Flowers”

Rest (New sitting position at rank 9)

  • Rank C->B: Book reward from level 4 Rano exploration quest “Mongoose with Black Fur”
  • Rank B->A: Book acquired from Karu Forest end chest
  • Rank A->9: Give 5 coconuts and 5 mushrooms to Effie in Base Camp

Campfire (Increased success for enchant burning at rank B)

  • Rank C->B: Give 10 firewood to Effie
  • Rank B->A: Give 5 mana herbs and 5 holy water to Alexina in Base Camp
  • Rank A->9: Give 3 wood boards to Alexina

First Aid

  • Rank D->C: Give 20 wool to Heulfryn in Base Camp
  • Rank C->B: Give one pot spider’s tooth to Heulfryn
  • Rank B->A: Complete Heulfryn’s quest by using First Aid 10 times


  • Rank 9->8: Win the weekly Emain Macha cooking tournament. Consult the miscellaneous section for more details

Musical Knowledge

  • Rank 9->8: Give a clay whistle to Effie. You can find it from hidden treasure chests
  • Rank 8->7: Book reward from level 5 Rano exploration quest “Collect 5 maned aardvark’s claws”
  • Rank 7->6: Collect 3 different types of tone bottles in Longa Desert using Exploration and give them to Granites in Filia. There are specific combinations of tone bottles that must be attained. Giants cannot complete this quest and are capped at rank 7


  • Rank 9->8: Book acquired from Karu Forest end chest
  • Rank 8->7: Collect 10 white kiwi feathers and 10 black kiwi feathers for Effie

Spirit Weapon Awakening


Also known as Ego Incarnate, this skill is available for spirit weapons with social level 21 or higher.  To perform the skill, the spirit must have accrued at least 100 energy points. There are two ways to charge energy points:

  • Attacking: +2 points for every attack on a non-weakest monster
  • Chatting with spirit: +5 points each time, maximum once every 5 minutes

Depending on the type of spirit weapon the player has, the effect will be slightly different. In general, the skill will deal high AoE damage to a group of monsters. The damage is not affected by player stats or enchants, similar to Stomp. As the social level of the spirit weapon increases, so too does the rank of its awakening skill. Higher ranks mean higher damage and a wider area of effect, as well as a higher energy gauge. The animation effect changes slightly at Soc26. There is a 30 minute cooldown period after use.

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Pioneers of Iria – Exploration Pioneers of Iria – Miscellaneous

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  • 1. Kanaka  |  February 17, 2009 at 7:00 am


    btw i like your dice throwing character

  • 2. aikatears  |  February 17, 2009 at 11:54 am

    I was getting worried for the stone action one I think its elf and human only not elf and giant only.

  • 3. Micchi  |  February 17, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    @Aika: Oh whoops. I meant elves and humans. Let me fix that.

  • 4. Sora  |  February 18, 2009 at 5:54 am

    As expected of Ari, another superb post ;3

  • 5. Raquel  |  March 2, 2009 at 5:29 am

    I tried giving Alexina lots of holy water and mana herbs, but she won’t give me the campfire book. Any ideas of why I can’t get it?

  • 6. Micchi  |  March 2, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    @Raquel: Oh, there’s another quest before that from Effie. Talk to her about skills.

  • 7. Raquel  |  March 2, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    Hmm.. I talked to Effie about skills.. but didn’t get any quest..

  • 8. Micchi  |  March 2, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    @Raquel: Hmm… maybe it’s not implemented yet then.

  • 9. Lifted cap on skills - Mabinogi Guru Forums  |  March 9, 2009 at 11:08 am

    […] Pioneers of Iria – Skills and Actions Hau~ Omochikaeri~! It’s in the bottom of the page. So far, I can only confirm that First Aid can go up to A, Rest up to A, Meditate can go up to B, and composing can go to 8. Anything else I’m unaware of because I haven’t attempted to get the book or I haven’t come across it yet. I tried getting the quest for raising Campfire to B and A, but no such luck… __________________ Zinc210 in Tarlach, Champion Master of Range, Rank A Weaving, Rank 9 Fishing, Rank 9 Magnum Shot, Rank 4 Critical Hit, Rank 5 Windmill, rank 5 Arrow Revolver, rank A Defense, Lightning Bolt rank 4 Next Goal(s): rank 4 Defense, Fireball Book(pg10), Rank 1 Critical Hit, rank 1 Refining […]


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