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The exploration system is a new way for players to obtain AP. Similar to normal experience, players gain exploration levels by accruing exploration experience via a wide variety of quests and actions. The experience required to level exploration follows the same experience table as normal leveling. You will receive stat increases just like for normal levels when you increase your exploration level. However, exploration levels do not add points to training transformation skills.

There are numerous ways to obtain exploration experience:

  • Complete Iria dungeons (Karu, Maiz, Longa, Par)
  • Gather monster drops (quest)
  • Collect items from relics (quest)
  • Kill monsters (quest)
  • Sketch monsters and statues (quest)
  • Find hidden areas and items using L-rods (quest)
  • Guide lost elves back to Filia (only in Connus)

Exploration levels are capped at level 25. You can keep track of your progress on the character window, as well as the number of relics you have discovered. At levels 5, 10, 15 and 20, you must complete an advancement quest in order to progress further. These quests are different for each race. For humans, it requires sketching a series of objects at specific times and will take some time to complete. Upon rebirth, exploration level will automatically be reset to 1 when you choose to reset your level. You will be required to complete the advancement quests again after you rebirth.

If you are starting a new character in Iria or visiting Iria for the first time, you will have the option of doing a series of mini quests to get you acquainted with the new exploration system. Ffion will be the guide for humans, while Vena and Meriel will help elves and giants, respectively. It is recommended that you do them as it does not take much time, and you also get a free nonrepairable L-rod and some exploration exp.


While completing Iria dungeons will give you exploration exp, the main source of exploration exp will be from quests.  Quest boards are located in Base Camp, Filia and Vales, each with a different set of exploration quests. A list of exploration quests can be found on Mabinogi World wiki. Only those quests up to your exploration level will be listed. It is advised to do quests near your exploration level for maximum efficiency. To acquire a quest, you need to pay the cost listed. The rewards for completing a quest include exploration exp, normal exp and gold. You may only have one active exploration quest at a time.

There are three new actions associated with the exploration system: Exploration, Sketch and Land Maker.



L-rods are relic-sensing objects that are held in your main hand. Walking with L-rods equipped will cause the L-rods to emit blips of light and sound, signaling proximity to nearby hidden relics and treasure chests.

  • 2 soft beeps – far away
  • 2 normal beeps – getting closer
  • 3 normal beeps – close
  • 3 loud beeps – getting even closer
  • 4 loud beeps – very close

Once you hear 4 loud beeps, press X (the exploration hotkey) and click on the area where you believe the hidden objects to be located. A flash of light will appear along and if you are correct, either a relic or a treasure chest will reveal itself. You will obtain exploration exp regardless of being on a quest or not. This action is required to discover Karu, Maiz and Longa for the first time after they move. L-rods are more effective on Samhain (Saturday).

L-rods may be bought in Base Camp or Filia. Special types of L-rods that can only be used in Connus and Physis are sold in Filia and Vales. More information about these are available in the Land Maker section below.

If you find a relic, you can hit it to register having found it. Alternatively, you may decide to sketch or gather items from it. Some relics give more than one type of item. They are required for certain exploration quests as well as skill quests, such as Mirage Missile. There are two types of relics: stationary and moving. Moving relics will vanish shortly after discovery.

If you come upon a normal treasure chest, it will spawn with some guardian monsters (between 1 and 6). One of these guardian monsters will drop a key for the treasure chest. Harder guardian monsters do not necessarily signify better treasure. The treasure chest and guardian monsters will disappear after a while if they are not killed fast enough. There are two types of hidden treasure chests: those that house ancient medals and regular ones. Ancient medals are required for the transformation quests for elves and giants and are nontradeable. These treasure boxes will be protected by 1 each of fighter slate, archer slate, king slate and queen slate. More information on these Maiz monsters can be found in the post about dungeons. These types of chests are generally located near landmarks. There are 9 types for Rano, 6 types for Connus and 5 types for Physis.

Monsters that spawn for regular treasure chests are:

  • Mask goblin, mask goblin archer
  • Fighter slate, archer slate
  • Pot spider
  • Stone imp
  • Golem (Ciar normal)

Treasure chests will contain gold and 0~2 items. Items include potions, weapons, armors and clothes and enchants (including the popular Lizard enchant). There is also an clay whistle required for ranking Musical Knowledge past rank 9, as well as Nao’s exploration suit, which drops on Saturdays and Sundays only. Exploration exp from treasure chest discovery is lower during night.



To sketch, you need to have sketching paper in your inventory. You will learn the Sketch action automatically. Once you have found your target, right click the paper and use it on the target. You cannot move while you are sketching. For the sketch to complete, the target must not move and it must also not be dead. On Samhain (Saturday), sketching will still be successful if the target only moves a little. Some exploration exp will automatically be accrued upon success. To complete sketching quests, you must receive the quest first before sketching the designated object.

There is a 1.5 minute delay between sketch attempts. Dungeon and field bosses can only be sketched once. You can sketch monsters in resting mode in Iria dungeons.

Land Maker


The Land Maker action is automatically learned when an L-rod of cool wind fairy, L-rod of warm wind fairy or L-rod of snowfield is equipped. It is considered a complement to Exploration and enables the magical movement of the landscape to discover hidden items. If using Exploration does not reveal anything when you hear 4 beeps, try using Land Maker instead.

L-rods of cool/warm wind fairy can only be equipped by elves or humans that support elves. L-rods of snowfield can only be equipped by giants or humans that support giants. In order for humans to use these race-specific equipment, they need to have their L-rods modified for them by the NPC that sells them, Hagel in Filia and Krug in Vales. You must be at least exploration level 5 and allied to that race in order to receive modified L-rods. Modified L-rods are untradeable and cannot be repaired, however you can transfer them between human characters on the same account via bank.

L-rods of cool/warm wind fairy work only in Longa Desert in Connus. Use the exploration hotkey, X, just like you would for a normal L-rod. When used in conjunction with Land Maker, the cool version lowers the sand level, while the warm version raises the sand level. L-rods of snowfield work only in the snowy landscape of Physis. Using it lowers the level of the snow. Giants may also use Stomp as an alternative to Land Maker, however the effective range will be smaller.

Advancement Quests


In order to pass every 5th exploration level, an advancement quest must be completed. These are different for each race. If you rebirth, you will have to redo these quests by selecting them from the quest board, since the owl will not deliver them to you. Rebirthing while undertaking advancement quests will cancel them.

Locations and time-tables for advancement quests for humans, elves and giants can be found at Mabinogi World wiki. If they are not complete, I might make another post later for them.


  • Lv 5->6: Sketch statues in N/NE Maiz Prairie and North Muyu Desert
  • Lv 10->11: Sketch statues in central Muyu Desert while they are in certain positions
  • Lv 15->16: Sketch rock faces in Karu Forest while they are showing certain emotions
  • Lv 20->21: Sketch statues on the boundaries of Muyu Desert while they are in certain positions


  • Lv 5->6: Find the hidden sun statue using L-rods west of Filia.
  • Lv 10->11: Find the hidden ram statue using L-rods in Longa Desert.
  • Lv 15->16: Find 4 different hidden monkey statues in SE Longa Desert.
  • Lv 20->21: Find the hidden giant statue in SW Long Desert and recover 5 fragments.


  • Lv 5->6: Using an L-rod of snowfield, use Stomp or Land Maker to find a snowfield hedgehog west of Reus River.
  • Lv 10->11: Obtain one snowfield rat claw south of Balba Basin mana tunnel. Stomp or Land Maker is required to find snowfield rats.
  • Lv 15->16: Sketch the hidden horse statue at Serra Coast at night (between 6pm and 10am).
  • Lv 20->21: Awaken a hidden sleeping ice worm in Runai Valley, south of Reus River, and obtain an ice worm scale from it.

Connus Special Quest: Rescue Lost Elf


The lost elf quest is a special exploration quest for the Connus area. Currently, there are no special quests available in Physis. You must be an elf or a neutral/elf-supporting human in order to complete this quest. Since this is a special quest, you may have another exploration quest running at the same time.

To begin the quest, find a sarcophagus in Longa or Lupes Desert using any type of L-rod. After clicking on the sarcophagus, an elf will come out. Talking to the elf, you find out that he or she is lost and needs help getting home to Filia. Then, they will follow you as you make your way back to Filia. You may not use continent move, mana tunnels or goddess wings since the elf will be left behind. However, if you have 2-seater mount, you can bring them along by right clicking on them and telling them to get on. Beware of falling into the underground maze when making your way back.


Report to Castanea to complete the quest. The experience rewards vary depending on location.

  • NE Longa Desert: 500 exploration exp, 1500 gold, 750 exp
  • Lupes Desert: 1000 exploration exp, 1500 gold, 1000 exp
  • South/Center Longa Desert: 1500 exploration exp, 1500 gold, 2000 exp

Only one elf may be rescued at a time. The quest will be automatically cancelled if you are too far from the lost elf. If an elf has been left behind, any passing players can grab them to start their own quest.

Linking Rano and Connus


Another special quest that is occasionally available is building a bridge over the Lutra River, linking Rano and Connus. There are a maximum of 7 such bridges that can built and they can be rebuilt every week. If you successfully build a bridge, you will receive a title, as well as 2500 exploration exp and 2000 exp.

  • Linked Rano and Connus: +10 str, +10 int, +30 will, +5% crit

The quest may be started at the altar in Nares Plateau in Connus, near Lutra River. It may only be started if there are less than 7 existing bridges. You will be required to obtain two items, one from Rano and one from Connus. The first item is a bottle of spirit water from a fountain found via L-rods near the river in Karu Forest. Remember to bring an empty bottle. This item cannot be stored in bank, on pets, burned or destroyed. The second item is a rock spirit fragment from a rock in Filia. You will need to chip it off using a pickaxe. Giving these items to the altar will finish the quest, provided you are faster than other adventurers.

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