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There are two other races that exist in Iria: elves and giants. With the new patch, you too will be able to create these characters, in addition to the current humans.  Elves are more geared for ranged and magic combat, while giants excel at close combat. Both races have their advantages and disadvantages. While humans are not the best at any particular type of combat, their versatility enables for the development of successful hybrid builds in the long run.  Their race-specific skills, Final Hit and Arrow Revolver, are also extremely powerful.

Starting, aging and level-up stats are different for all races. Depending on the character’s race, most skills also cause different damage, cost different AP, give different boosts, or take different amounts of mp or sp to use. In addition, training requirements may be easier. In particular, ranged attack is very different mechnically between humans and elves. Each race has their own skills specific to their race.

Elves are the fastest out of the 3 races in movement speed, at approximately 1.3 times the speed of humans. Giants also move slightly faster than humans due to their size. The cap removal quests at every 5 exploration levels are different for each race. Some emotion actions are race-dependent.

The G1, G2, and G3 mainstream storyline is not available for elves and giants. As a consequence, they cannot obtain paladin and dark knight transformations. However, if you complete a lengthy and difficult quest, you can obtain falcon transformation skill as an elf, or beast transformation skill as a giant. You will need to sketch field bosses, kill a sandworm and infiltrate the other race’s town, among other missions. As usual, you will need premium services to transform.


Elves and giants are mortal enemies. Their hometowns of Filia and Vales are heavily guarded and the guards will attack anyone of the other race, as well as human supporters. As a human, you may choose to support their race by talking to the chief about their rivalry and confirming your intention to help their cause. Doing so will gain you a title that you can use as long as you are allied, a 5%~15% discount on all shops in the town, as well as a free assistant card to create a character of that race. You may only do this once per account, even if you delete the assistant card at a later time. You can change your alliances every real-life day. Hence, you can obtain both a free elf assistant and giant assistant card.

The chief will bestow blessings upon humans that support their race. Elves give 10 dex, 10 hp, while giants give 10 str, 10 hp. These blessings last until you die or leave their area (Connus or Physis). Humans that support giants can ride on giants’ shoulders.

Elves and giants may engage in PvP combat anywhere, similar to paladins and dark knights. It is possible to toggle this on and off in the options menu. Due to their mutual hatred, elves and giants cannot fall in love. Human/elf and human/giant interracial marriages are available at Filia and Vales. The registration process is the same as the one in Emain Macha.

To create an elf or giant, you will be required to use the corresponding basic or premium card. Alternatively, you may use the assistant card, however you cannot use this for rebirthing a character. You may not change a character’s race upon rebirth. Once you create your character, you will automatically receive a title proclaiming your lineage.

  • Descendant of Elves: +5 hp, +5 mp, +5 sp, +5 dex
  • Descendant of Giants: +5 hp, +5 sp, +5 str, +5 will

Race Comparison


  • Strengths: Versatility (good at everything), high sp, dual wield bladed weapons
  • Weaknesses: Movement speed, high sp cost for skills
  • Special skills: Final Hit, Arrow Revolver, Paladin and Dark Knight transformation


  • Strengths: Ranged combat, high mp, movement speed, horseback archery
  • Weaknesses: Melee skills, low hp, cannot equip heavy armor
  • Special skills: Mirage Missile, Hide, Falcon transformation


  • Strengths: Melee skills, large choice of melee weapons, high hp, dual wield blunt weapons, wield 2-handed swords and shields at same time
  • Weaknesses: Ranged combat (cannot use bows), magic skills (extremely high mp cost), cannot use Play Dead or Throw Stone
  • Special skills: Stomp, Throw Attack, Beast transformation

Elf, the Bow Specialist


In addition to some carryovers from the human template, elves have new types of appearances to choose from. Elves can vary the length of their ears and the type of marks on their face. Their skin palette are all light-colored. They can also use different hairstyle and hair colors from humans, including the popular pink as shown above. A wide variety of eye shapes are available too, along with more vivid eye colors.


After a visit by Nao and an Iria-themed opening movie (“Wind”), you will be moved to the Connus training grounds, where you can learn about exploration from Vena. You will receive a Sasha robe and an Eiry spirit short bow. There is an entirely different set of beginner quests, starting at Castanea in Filia. These quests emphasize exploration and will be more difficult than the Uladh human beginner quests.

Elves can use most equipment as humans, with the noticeable exception of heavy armors. Due to this, they cannot benefit from some equipment set bonuses, such as Dustin armor. They also cannot wear XL helmets. Since their combat skills are not that great, they cannot dual wield or use two handed weapons. However, there are some elf-only equipment, including the guardian bow and arrow bags that hold up to 500 arrows. They are also the only race that can inherently use L-rods of the cool and warm wind fairy.

Elves follow a different table for starting, aging and level-up stats. AP assignment is the same as humans. Overall, elves gain the least amount of stats out of the three races, resulting in less accrued CP. However, they have the highest increases in mp, int and dex. In addition, as opposed to humans that do not gain int and mp until higher ages, elves consistently receive moderate int increases from a young age. On the other side, they have significant lower hp, str and will.


The main skill that is different between humans and elves is ranged attack. Elves can run while loading and shooting arrows, however accuracy will be capped at 50%. Each individual use of the skill will shoot 2 arrows at the same time. If the shot hits, double the arrows will cause double the damage. You will gain bow proficiency for both hits. However, if one arrow misses, the other will too. Loading the skill only takes 0.3s instead of 0.8s, and takes 1.5 sp instead of 5 sp at rank 1. However, the overall dex increase from the skill itself is lower than the human version. Elves are also the only race that can use horseback archery. Due to these fundamental differences, elves fare better in the fields than in confined spaces in dungeons.


Other skills that are different include:

  • Magnum Shot: Lower load time (0.5s instead of 1.5s at rank 1), can be used on horseback, can run while loading on horseback
  • Support Shot: Can be used on horseback
  • Combat Mastery: Lower damage and str
  • Smash: Longer load time (2.5s instead of 2s)
  • Defence: Decreased defence boost
  • Counter/WM: Lower damage
  • IB/FB/LB: Increased AP cost
  • Ice Spear: Lower mp cost

Mirage Missile

This is a new ranged skill only available to elves. While similar to a normal ranged shot, its special ability is that it will cause an area of effect whereby surrounding enemies will constantly lose hp. This effect is similar to poison, but cannot be cured using antidote potions. Their life may drain until 1 hp, however they will not die from the effect. NS3 monsters are protected from this effect. In addition, you may not use this skill on players or pets. Since Mirage Missile is a skill that combines both magic and ranged, it uses mp instead of sp. You may obtain this skill after completing a quest from Castanea.



Hide is an innate elven action. When you are in trouble or just want to remain unnoticed, using the Hide action will cause your sprite to disappear in the eyes of monsters and other non-partied players (outside of PvP duels). As a result, all targeting monsters will de-aggro. It requires 5 mp to use and drains 1 mp every 3 seconds while in use and cannot be used if you have been in combat in the last 30 seconds. You also cannot pick up items while hiding. When you run out of mp, you will automatically be forced visible. It is a nice action to use in conjunction with Play Dead.

Falcon Transformation


Channeling ancient powers, elves can transform into falcons just like humans can become paladins and DKs. Premium service is required to transform after completing a difficult and lengthy quest. The amount of levels required to level up each individual skill is the same as humans. The duration of the transformation is fixed depending on age and number of rebirths. It increases with number of rebirths (by 3s each) and decreases by 10s every 2-3 ages. The starting transformation duration at age 10 and no rebirths is 4 minutes. You may transform once per Mabi day, recharged at 6am. Similar to paladins, falcons receive 1~3 PD skills upon transformation. You cannot use the stat bonuses from transformation to obtain Strong, Wise and Skillful titles.

To obtain the falcon transformation, an elf must a series of quests including recovering an ancient medal from a hidden treasure chest, finding a lost elf, sketching a stone horse keeper, doing the Maiz shining gargoyle dungeon, sketching a series of field bosses, hunting the giant field boss sandworm, and infiltrating the giant hometown, Vales. There is an in-depth guide at Mabinogi World wiki.

Appearances are governed by the rank of Fury of Connus. New looks are bestowed at rank A, 5 and 1. In addition, Fury of Connus adds hp, sp and str. There are also 3 passive skills that increase stats.

  • Armor of Connus: Will, def, prot
  • Mind of Connus: Int, mp
  • Sharpness of Connus: Dex, bal, crit


Elven Magic Missile is an active skill transformed elves may use. Mp is required to load the skill and you must have a bow or wand equipped. When loaded, there is a spinning wheel with three elements on it: ice, fire and lightning. There is a period of 10 seconds in which you may select your target, thereby choosing the element at which the pointer is pointing to at that moment. Depending on the chosen element, the range and splash radius will be different. Note that the attack will be non-elemental if a bow is used.

  • Ice: Hits all enemies around player and target (r5 wm range), freezing effect (similar to IS), ignores protection
  • Fire: Hits enemies on path to target, as well as enemies around target (rF wm range), 1.5x damage if near campfire
  • Lightning: Hits enemies around target (twice r5 wm range), 1.5x damage if near campfire

The skill always hits and all struck enemies will be knocked down. The movie for this skill may be turned off in the options.

Giant, the Towering Warrior


In stark contrast to elves and humans, giants do not have a wide selection of appearances. There are only 8 hairstyles, 13 eye shapes and 4 mouth shapes. Color choices are mostly dark. They are much larger in size than the other two races. It seems the camera angle is slightly adjusted for giants. However, their size does have drawbacks. They cannot ride humans and elves’ pet horses, nor wild horses and ostriches in Rano. In addition, no two giants can ride one horse, however a giant may bring along a human or an elf on their own horse.


Similar to elves, giants are also visited by Nao, then moved to the Physis training grounds. Meriel will be there to assist you, in addition to giving you an Eiry spirit giant mallet. The giant beginner quests begin at Krug in Vales. They are similar to the elven quests in structure and will teach you basic skills, as well as exploration.

Equipment for humans and elves cannot fit a giant. Hence, giants generally use their own equipment. They can wield large weapons, such as giant swords, knuckles and giant mallets. While they cannot dual wield bladed weapons, they can dual wield blunts. In addition, they are strong enough to carry a two-handed weapon in one hand and equip a shield at the same time, but this may not be implemented until G8SE. In Physis, they may punch thick trees and use the dropped logs as weapons. Due to their lack of finesse, they cannot use music instruments nor bows. Their only ranged weapon is the atlatl, which throws javelins when used with the giant-only Throw Attack. They are also the only race that can naturally equip L-rods of the snow field.


Due to their limitations, they cannot attain some titles, namely the Fire Arrow, Friend of the Bow Spirit Weapon, Friend of Horses and Ostriches and the master titles for ranged skills.

Similar to elves, giants have a different table for starting, aging and level-up stats, but receive the same AP assignment. Since their strength is melee combat, they naturally have high hp, sp and str. Conversely, they have low mp and int. In addition, due to their lack of ranged skills, it is difficult to raise dex and attain consistent high balance.

Giants are very adept at melee combat, with higher melee skill damage and more effective boosts. Even their combat skills are easy to train, giving more training exp per completion. Giants cannot use the Play Dead and Throw Stone actions which are available to human and elves.

Skill differences to note include:

  • All combat skills (except Crit): Much easier training
  • Combat Mastery: More str and dmg
  • Smash: Faster load time
  • Defence: Highest defence boost
  • Counter: Increased damage
  • Magic Mastery: No int boost, lower mp increase
  • All magic skills: Increased mp cost



Note that the giant version of Stomp is different from the stomp attack used by monsters, like golems and ogres. However, it is similar in that it is an area of effect attack situated around the player. It hits all moving targets within range for low defence-piercing damage, stunning them, but does not knock them down or draw aggro. The damage is solely dependent on skill rank and is not affected by stats or enchants. It is considered a ranged attack and hence is affected by NS PD.

Giants must use Stomp on Reus River in Physis to create a hole for ice fishing. It is also possible to use it instead of Land Maker to reveal items for exploration in Physis, however the effective range is smaller. Stomp is an easy way to wake up mimics. You can learn Stomp from the beginner quests.

Throw Attack


The atlatl is the only ranged weapon that giants possess. It will be taught to you in the beginner quests. It does not require aiming and a javelin is thrown when the target has been selected. The accuracy starts off at 90% and increases to 95% at rank 5 and 99% at rank 1. Since you can run when loading the skill, it is possible to use hit-and-run tactics. As with other ranged attacks, it may be guarded by NS PD. Monsters will never be knocked down by this attack. Due to the higher cost of javelins (50g ea), bigger inventory size (1×5) and low amount of javelins per stack (20), it should not be considered as a primary source of damage for giants.

Beast Transformation


The giant’s equivalent to the elven falcon transformation is the savage beast. The duration and training requirements are the same. The main differences are the skill bonuses, the transformation’s active skill and the fact that all 3 PDs are initiated upon transformation. The giant equivalent to Fury of Connus is Demon of Physis. It gives dex, max/min atk and bal. Other skills increase the following:

  • Shield of Physis: Hp, def, prot
  • Spell of Physis: Int, mp, crit
  • Life of Physis: Str, will, sp

The quest to attain the beast transformation requires finding an ancient medal from a hidden treasure chest, sketching a giant bandersnatch in Par and a stone horse keeper in Karu, completing the Maiz shining gargoyle dungeon, sketching various field bosses, hunting a sandworm and infiltrating Filia. An in-depth guide is available at Mabinogi World wiki.


The beast special skill Giant Full Swing takes advantage of their raw power. The giant will do a series of swings, with the damage dependent on the type of weapons used. If blunt weapons are dual wielded, a gauge will appear. If you time it at the maximum point, your damage will greatly increase. The number of hits increases at rank 5 and rank 1. As with other melee skills, sp will be consumed. This skill has a 10 second cooldown period. The cutscene movie for this skill may be turned off in the options.

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