Mabinogi Letter Collection Event

January 6, 2009 at 6:25 pm 4 comments

With the end of the New Year’s event comes the Mabinogi letter collection event. You have to collect the letters and report them to Simon or Nerys for prizes, depending on how many sets you finish. There are actually three versions of this event on the JP servers, so I had wondered which one they would implement. In the end, they kept the monster drop list from 2006, but totally changed the reward list.


I’ll just briefly list out the main information for you so you could start collecting. Make sure to read the books too since it’ll explain the event to you somewhat, as well as listing prizes.

Event Duration

This event lasts from January 6th to January 21st. Rewards cannot be redeemed after the end date.

How to Start

Buy anything from Simon or Nerys and you will receive a collection book. Collect letters M A B I N O G I to complete 1 book and receive a coupon.

Collecting Letters

There are 8 letters. The two I’s are differentiated by color. They are dropped by various animal types.

  • M/A – Raccoons, mimics
  • B/I (yellow) – Foxes, bats
  • N/O – Wolves, rats, ratmen, skeleton wolves
  • G/I (red) – Spiders, dire wolves

Letters are stackable up to 100. They are vendable and tradeable, but cannot be picked up by other people.

Exchange for Coupons

By completing the collection books, you will receive coupons. Coupons are stackable up to 10000.



  • 1 coupon – Tricolor robe, Popo’s cap, Tork’s merchant cap
  • 5 coupons – Mongo’s jester cap, Sandra’s sniper suit cap
  • 100 coupons – Oriental warrior suit (M), Messenger’s wear (M), China dress (F), Cores’ ninja suit (F)
  • 2500 coupons – Selina school uniform


  • 1 coupon – Broadsword, long sword, warhammer
  • 5 coupons – Round shield, Cores’ ninja glove, solleret shoes
  • 50 coupons – Drandos leather mail
  • 100 coupons – Arish Ashuvian armor
  • 2500 coupons – Layer-collared Arish Ashuvian


I wasn’t impressed with the event as is, and with the rewards being a lot less worse, I don’t have motivation to do this event. I agree with Doktor in the comments below that I think ‘layer-collared’ is just a mistranslation of ‘rare colored’. There are a series of rare colored Arish Ashuvian armors that came out in the 2007 letter collection event on JP Mabi. You can see the female and male ones at the JP wiki. Note that they were only 100 coupons in JP, so I might be wrong with this assumption. The Selina school uniform doesn’t look that nice.


2500 coupons is 20k letters. Either you’re going to have to buy letters or waste a lot of time acting like a bot. I’m gonna pass on this event. However, I think it’d be fun to use those letters to spell out stuff…

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  • 1. Mix  |  January 6, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    I actually looked into this myself. I logged on today (I’m not able to log on lately due to schoolwork) and I was suprised that people haven’t READ the book for the rewards. My guildies were grinding for coupons for kite shields and forgot to read the book. I read it and disappointed all of them accidentally. To me, this is just added time in awaiting G4. I’m looking forward to your ‘Goodbye G3’ post soon cause I’m really interested on what you’re going to say about G4.

  • 2. Original  |  January 6, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    Looking forward to your “Goodbye G3” post, too!

    Hello G4 :0

  • 3. Doktor  |  January 7, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    I’m pretty sure layer-collared is a phonetic misspelling of rare-colored.

  • 4. Micchi  |  January 7, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    @Mix, Ori: I don’t really have that much to say about end of G3 since well.. I already did it in another post (prematurely). I still need to read up a lot about G4/Iria, but Sere, Khenta and Rev will help me with that.

    @Doktor: That is a really good point. I wouldn’t put it past Nexon to do something like that. Looked it up on the wiki and there’s a bunch of Arish armors (M/F) that came from the 2007 JP letter collection event (pure black, pure red, green/white, purple/white, light blue/white). Arish armors are so G1 though…


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