Extra Generation Overview

December 16, 2008 at 10:41 pm 8 comments


In-depth patch information
Patch maintenance time info

The Extra Generation (or G3 Extra Season) patch is one which occurs between G3 and G4. This will be implemented on NA servers on December 16th. Along with the final additions from G3, such as the housing system, other future updates have been added. The addition of gestures, postal system, party boards and updating of the guild system will keep you entertained until the opening of the new continent of Iria next year. I will introduce the new content with my thoughts as well as additional information.

Please proceed keeping in mind that there might be spoilers ahead. Thanks Sen for the info on guild battles and Rev again for proof-reading.

New Content

Housing System

The much anticipated housing system is added, allowing players to rent houses and customize them to their liking. Of course, you’ll have to spend money to get what you want. Castle ownership is a great investment for guilds. Both housing areas in Dugald Aisle and Sen Mag should be opened.

Please read the Official Housing Guide on Nexon’s Mabinogi website thoroughly. It should answer the majority of questions you have.

The GMs will control both castles from December 19th till January 5th. Bidding for houses has ended.

I’ve copied over the fast facts about the housing system from the previous overview for G3S4.

  • There are two housing areas: East of Dugald Aisle and South of Sen Mag Plateau.
  • Each housing area contains 1 castle and 261 lots. They are located on a separate channel.
  • Guilds participate in a blind auction for control of a castle. This ownership expires after 8 weeks.
  • After winning the auction, they must collect various items within 3 days. If this is not completed successfully, the winning bid is nullified and the castle goes back up for auction.
  • Castle owners control the building and renting of houses, as well as taxes.
  • Taxes can be set between 10% and 90%.
  • If a house is built on a lot, players can bid in a blind auction for it.
  • The winning bid is kept as a down payment. You will receive 90% of it back at the end of your lease.
  • House leases last for 4 weeks.
  • Each week, the homeowner must pay (base construction cost + upgrade cost) * tax to the castle owner in their region. There is an option to autopay.
  • There are 4 types of houses. Customization comes at a price.
  • You can buy furniture and life skill equipment from the shop in the middle of town. You can also make them via handicraft and blacksmithing.
  • You can hire brownies to weave and refine for you, if you have the necessary equipment.
  • Your house acts as a shop even if you are offline. Bulletin boards can be used to market your items.
  • By strategically using keys and fliers, you can create an endless supply of passes to hard to reach places, such as Ceo Island and Tir Na Nog.


Surprisingly, the first type of action to be implemented are gestures which were actually introduced in G8S4. To access the action window, either press the button along the bottom or the default hotkey, N. If it is not already set for you, you may set a hotkey for it in the hotkey settings under the options. Under the ‘Gestures’ tab, you’ll be able to select the one you wish to perform. Some gestures will be shown differently depending on gender. Note that there is a basic set that is available for all players, while some are only available to those with premium service.

The basic set for regular players are as shown below.


Premium service users will have access to all gestures.


Have fun trying them out!

Here’s the Gestures promo video. And before someone asks, no, we don’t get elves, giants, dual wielding…

Hotkey Update

Now it’s possible to put actions and pots on your hotkeys, so you don’t accidentally drink the wrong type in combat. You can only put HP, MP and SP pots on the hotkey bar. You cannot hotkey wound recovery potions, full recovery potions, tendering potions and recovery boosters. When we get more actions such as L-rodding in G4, I’m assuming you can hotkey that too, although it has its own hotkey already.

Music Performance and Jam Session

Musicians in Erinn can now put out a tip box for people to give them gold coins during their performances. To obtain the action, equip an instrument and it will show up in the Action window. Use the action and then begin playing to bring out the tip box.


Musicians may also band together to play in a music ensemble. To obtain the Jam Session action, first you need Playing Instrument rank C and Music Theory rank C, then you will receive a quest to go talk to Nele. Once you have talked to Nele, make a party with “Music Jam Band” type and recruit fellow musicians!




Party Boards

Party boards are located in all major towns, as well as Sen Mag. To register your party in the party board, check off the button on the party settings window. You may enter goals and items, as well as restrictions on skill ranks and levels.

  • Field Boss (Giant White Wolf, Giant Bear, Mini Bear, etc)
  • Create Guild
  • Match (Pet Match)
  • Train Skill (Weaving, Blacksmith, Enchant, etc)
  • Acquire Skill (Paladin, DK, Fireball, Thunder, AR)
  • Party Quest (Defeat Skeleton, Defeat Werewolf, etc)
  • Main Scenario / RP (G1 Barri Dungeon, G2 Good Deeds, G3 Peaca, etc)
  • Dungeon Play (Peaca Basic, Albey Silver Gem, Ciar Intermediate, etc)

Restrictions are either on accrued level or skill ranks. Accrued levels may be set at 200+, 400+ or 600+. Skill ranks may be set at any rank F or higher.


When your party has been set up, it will show up on all party boards. Interested players may join the party from any party board, provided they meet the requirements. This will be very useful for production parties!


On the topic of parties, there are now additional party quests available including hunting succubi, golems and other bosses. The exp and gold reward isn’t shabby at all!

Postal System

I’m sure Rev is happy about this being implemented. I’m actually quite happy about it too, as it allows me to move stuff from bank to other accounts without having to rely on people to be around to help me transfer. It can also be used to send items to people and you can specify a price that they must pay in order to receive the item.


As noted, mailboxes are located outside each bank. There are some restrictions to sending and receiving mail.

  • You may not send mail if you have over 30 received or sent mails in your mailbox.
  • You may not send mail if the receiving character has more than 30 received mail stored in mailbox.
  • You may only send a maximum of 10 mails to the same receiving character per mailbox access.
  • Mail which has not been read by the receiver within 30 days of sending will be deleted and attached items will be returned to the sender.
  • Mail delivery takes at least 1 minute (if the receiver access the same mailbox as the sender). Additional time will be included if the receiver uses a mailbox in another town.

Friend List Update

The friend list has been slightly modified to include a tab for guild members. Now you can see when your guild members are online! As a guild leader, this is really helpful for management. I’m sure this would be really nice for those guilds with lots of members. If you set your status to appear offline, it will still show your status as offline to guild membrs.


New Premium Shop Items

Premium winter character cards are now available in the premium shop for a limited time. These are loosely based off the Kirin Winter Coat. The holiday mini bear pet card is also available. Its stats is the same as the mini bear.


Nao’s santa outfit is also out in the item shop for 4500 NX. You will need to give it to her when she kidnaps visits you on your birthday in order for her to wear it.


Guild System Update

Guild stones can now be upgraded if the guild has accumulated enough GP and gold. There should be no requirement for number of guild members. You will need at least a Level 3 guild to change to the Guild Stone of Hope. One thing to note is that if you decide to move the guild stone after upgrading it, it will revert back to the default type.



The location of the guild stone also shows on the mini tab as a blinking Guild icon.


There are 5 guild quests and they are obtainable from Eavan. All are priced at 1200g each. To use these quests, you must be in a party with at least 2 people with all party members being from the same guild. It’s rumoured that the time limit is 4 Erinn days. The following guild quests are available:

  • Eliminate Demi Lich – 31700 exp, 27300g
  • Eliminate Banshee – 40600 exp, 35700g
  • Eliminate Goblin Bandits – 7100 exp, 15700g
  • Eliminate Giant Ogre – 9500 exp, 13800g
  • Eliminate Giant Bear – 19600 exp, 6700g


Guild robes may be created by the guild leader for members to buy and wear. It requires 1000 GP and 50k gold to design and create a guild robe. You may do so at Eavan in Dunbarton. Every time you redesign the guild robe, you will have to pay the fee again. You may design the following items:

  • Emblem type and color
  • Emblem mark type and color
  • Stripe pattern and color
  • Color behind the emblem

The main color of the robe is randomly generated and changes at midnight every Mabi day. The patterns and colors are listen below, courtesy of JP wiki.



Emblem Mark and Stripe Patterns




Once the guild robe is made, members may purchase it at Eavan for 10k gold. The guild robe has the following properties:

  • 0 def, 0 prot
  • 10 durability
  • Cannot be stored on pets, traded, dropped or burned
  • Can be stored in character’s bank tab at 250g cost
  • Can be enchanted with elementals
  • Main color and chest cloth can be dyed (border and belt cannot be dyed)

Guild Battles

The following info on guild battles is courtesy of Sen. Thanks!

Every Saturday, the guild battle that lasts 2hours will be hosted in Sen Mag Plateau. It is not only a test for the strength of the guild but also a test for individual participant’s endurance (pfft). To be number 1 in guild battle also means the access to a special title for a week. How does it work?

Participation and Signing Up

  • Sign up time: Every Saturday, 12am to 8pm PST.
  • Sign up cost: 900gp, 100k gold. It will be automatically deducted from the guild stone.
  • Only the guild leader can sign the guild up for battle at Eavan in Dunbarton.
  • Eavan will tell you if you failed to meet the requirements.
  • After Saturday 8pm PST, the guild leader will no longer be able to sign up.


  • If you enter Sen Mag Plateau after 8pm,choose “Join” to enter the battle arena.
  • The official starting time of the battle is 8:20pm.
  • Guild members that wish to join the battle must enter Sen Mag Plateau between 8:00-8:20pm.
  • If the guild did not sign up to participate in the battle, members will not be able to enter the Sen Mag arena map.


  • At 8:20pm,the guild battle officially starts.
  • During the guild battle, you can target anyone who is not in your guild.
  • Every guild has one VIP. VIPs will be marked with a special flag on top of their heads.
  • VIPs are the leaders, officers or senior members.
  • Once the VIP has been assassinated, the VIP flag will be passed down to the next person with the highest power. Note that this is not combat power, but rank within the guild.


There are two score systems, one for the guild and one for individual players.

Guild Points:

  • Kill a normal player: +2 points
  • Kill a VIP: +50 points
  • Get killed: -5 points

Individual Points:

  • Kill a normal player: +2 points
  • Kill a VIP: +50 points

You will be spawned randomly in the map after been killed. You will have invincibility for a while, during which time, you cannot attack other players.


  • At 10pm, a system message will announce the end of guild battle. After the battle is over, all points will be calculated. At the same time, all players in the Sen Mag arena map will be teleported to Sen Mag’s Housing Channel.
  • The guild members of the highest scoring point guild will obtain a special title, “Strongest Guild Member”.
  • Title: +10% exp, +15 str, +15 int, +15 dex, -15 will, -15 luck, -5 hp, +5 mp, +5 sp
  • The title will only last a week. If the guild fails to win the next guild battle, then the titles will be given to the new winning guild.
  • All participants will be awarded experience according to their individual points during battle.

Happy battling!

Odds and Ends

There is now a lock function for your bank. You may set a password so that will restrict access to items and money within the bank if you input the password. Make sure you remember it! This feature is mainly as a safe-guarding against scammers and hackers.

There is also a performance tab in the options system setting. You can control the visual field and minimization of nearby characters to reduce strain on your computer if it’s not up to specs.

That’s all for now. Have fun and hope it keeps you entertained for a few more weeks until Iria! I can’t wait!

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8 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Lux  |  December 17, 2008 at 12:34 am

    Noice. Guild battles sound interesting. Nice site header as well. It makes me happy in my pants.

  • 2. vinhthehero  |  December 17, 2008 at 12:38 am

    Another great overview! :D

    +Rep :O

  • 3. Tomoyakun  |  December 17, 2008 at 12:43 am

    Wheres me Tri Color Robe D:

  • 4. Original  |  December 17, 2008 at 2:50 am

    Great overview, Ari!

  • 5. Sora  |  December 17, 2008 at 3:39 am

    thx for the overview arii~

  • […] Guild Battles! Source: Extra Generation Overview Hau~ Omochikaeri~! […]

  • 7. Skroddle  |  December 18, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    Thanks for all of the info! I’m loving my guild’s robe. I’ve gotten the hat matched up now, just need gold shoes! XD

    For the moment at least, we’ve been able to trade robes. I’m guessing this might change but it’s been helpful so far with getting everyone’s robe the same color using the dye program :3

    I can’t wait for guild battles!!

  • 8. Micchi  |  December 18, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Hope everyone’s having fun! Fingers crossed on GMs fixing housing and mail systems with today’s patch.

    @Lux: Glad you like it ;3

    @Tomoya: Go buy one from Simon ^o^

    @Skroddle: Looks good. Oh, I didn’t know you could guild robes atm. Guild battles do indeed look interesting.


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