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I’ve been following the official blog of Koihime Musou, Shin Blog de Musou, and came upon this great picture of Ryuubi (Touka). You might recognize the Kanji as the renowned Liu Bei and you’re exactly right. Koihime Musou is an eroge released in early 2007 that is based on the Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Basically, all the characters (generals and strategists) are female and based on mostly prominent figures from the novel. The game is a mix of standard ADV and ‘battle’, which is more like 10-way rock paper scissors. The routes are quite linear and with the wide array of personalities and figures, there’s bound to be a few that you would be interested in. Shin Koihime Musou is an expanded version of the first game, adding even more heroines and factions to the mix. It comes out December 26th and is featured in the November issue of Dengeki Hime.

Note that as standard with all eroge posts, the target audience is 18+. Click to continue for more info regarding this eroge.

First of all, here’s the PV and OP from the original Koihime Musou. The PV song is 蒼天の向こうへ (Souten no Mukou e) and the OP is Hφwling Sφul. It’ll show you most of the cast from the game.

There’s an anime adaptation of Koihime Musou. However, it is very similar to Galaxy Angel in that the anime and game are entirely different. The anime is 12 episodes long and focuses mainly on Kan’u (Guan Yu) and Chouhi (Zhang Fei) meeting various people. I personally don’t think it had much direction, although it was good comedy fare (with various yuri scenes too). The OP and ED are nice though.

In the original game, the lucky guy protagonist is Hongou Ikuto, a regular student who’s pretty good at history and warfare strategies (not to mention melee combat skills). Seeing another student stealing an artifact mirror, Ikuto tries to stop him. In the confrontation, the mirror shatters and he’s transported back to the back to the end of the Han dynasty in China. Some yellow turban bandits confront him, but he’s saved by Kan’u, who proclaims him to be a ‘messenger from heaven’. He unwillingly follows them and a new journey begins.

There are 5 factions: Shoku (Shu), Gi (Wei), Go (Wu), Tou (Zhao) and En (Shao). Get used to multiple names for the same thing, since there’s the Japanese name and the Chinese name. Characters are further separated into two names, plus an original name so that you’re not reminded that you’re screwing Liu Bei or some girl based on him (and so on). Basically, each faction has a bunch of commanders and strategists (who are mostly either loli or MILFs). The story is pretty easy to follow and is standard romance/comedy fare, with a few battles added to simulate the Sengoku feel.

I like the art a lot. There’s a LOT of CGs… which makes sense since there’s so many characters. Here’s a few of the non-H ones.



So, are the characters actually similar to the figures that they were based off? Well, you really have to look at it with an open mind. However, there are some clear similarities. Zhang Fei is very strong, but acts without thinking much. Ma Chao joined the group to avenge the death of her father. Cao Cao takes a liking to Guan Yu. Xiahou Dun was blinded in one eye from an arrow and wears an eyepatch over it. In the sequel, the Oath of the Peach Garden between Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei is played out. Ma Dai and Wei Yan are at odds with each other. There are many other instances, but I’ll let you find out yourself.


BaseSon decided that having two dozen heroines wasn’t enough and doubled it for Shin Koihime Musou. Having over 50 characters now, it’s safe to say they’ve covered basically every fetish that exists in eroge (loli, S+M, tsundere, milf, tennenboke, meganekko, futanari…) as well as every appearance trait (ribbons, berets, and various accessory). I’m gonna do a quick run-through of the characters for Shin Koihime Musou and make some comments.

Shoku (Shu)


Ryuubi (Liu Bei), Kan’u (Guan Yu), Chouhi (Zhang Fei), Shokatsuryou (Zhuge Liang), Bachou (Ma Chao), Chouun (Zhao Yun), Kouchuu (Huang Zhong), Gengan (Yan Yan), Gien (Wei Yan), Batai (Ma Dai), Houtou (Pang Tong), Riri

Shu is still the best! In the original game, I liked Shuri (Zhuge Liang) the most due to her はわわ tendencies, as well as the beret. So moe~ I like a lot of the new additions too. Touka (Liu Bei) is kind and a tennen boke, so I absolutely wouldn’t mind fighting under her. Not much interest in Kikyou (Yan Yan) and Enya (Wei Yan), although it seems like Enya’s objective is to be ecchi with Touka. Interesting. Tanpopo (Ma Dai) definitely hits the imouto-kei spot. I hope they find a good CV for her. What? Wizard hats in the Sengoku? Hinari (Pang Tong) is a strategist alongside Shuri, except she’s really shy. She also says あわわ. I’m gonna be hearing a lot of わ’s…



Gi (Wei)


Sousou (Cao Cao), Kakouton (Xiahou Dun), Kakouen (Xiahou Yuan), Jun’iku (Xun Yu), Kyocho (Xu Chu), Kakuka (Guo Jia), Teiiku (Cheng Yu), Gakushin (Yue Jin), Riten (Li Dian), Ukin (Yu Jin), Ten’i (Dian Wei)

Wow, 6 new chars added. I’m not really that impressed with any of them though. Meganekko Rin (Kakuka) looks to be an interesting character that will butt heads with Keifa (Jun’iku). The other new strategist is the silent Fuu (Cheng Yu). Is that a lollipop stuck to her mouth? I can’t really tell if she’s a loli or not… and what’s with that headpiece o_O Don’t really care much about the other 4: Nagi (Yue Jin), Maou (Li Dian), Sawa (Ukin), Ruru (Dian Wei).



Go (Wu)


Sonsaku (Sun Ce), Sonken (Sun Quan), Sonshoukou (Sun Shangxiang), Shuyu (Zhou Yu), Rikuson (Lu Xun), Kannei (Gan Ning), Shuutai (Zhou Tai), Kougai (Huang Gai), Ryomou (Lu Meng) [+ Daikyou (Da Qiao), Shoukyou (Xiao Qiao)]

Where’d the twin lolis go???? Well, they should be back for the second installment and there’s a picture of them up there (with the chains around their neck since they’re slaves to Zhou Yu). Anyways, only 3 new chars for Wu: Minmei (Zhou Tai), Sai (Huang Gai), Aashie (Lu Meng). I like Minmei’s outfit a lot, although it looks more Japanese than Chinese. Aashie’s look is definitely the most similar to historical Chinese outfits, and I think this is the first time I’ve seen a monocle.


Tou (Zhao) and En (Shao)


Tou: Toutaku (Dong Zhuo), Kaku (Jia Xu), Ryofu (Lu Bu), Chouryou (Zhang Liao), Kayuu (Hua Xiong), Chinkyuu (Chen Gong); En: Enshou (Yuan Shao), Bunshuu (Wen Chou), Ganryou (Yan Liang), Enjutsu (Yuan Shu), Chouisao (Zhang Xun)

I really like Chen Gong. Not sure about her other name since they haven’t released the information yet (hence, it’s darkened). Devious loli it seems XD Yuan Shu seems to be another spoiled brat, while Zhang Xun is her assistant. She looks like a bus guide.



Kihabatou (Yellow Turban Rebels): Choukaku (Zhang Jiao), Choutakara (Zhang Bao), Chouhari (Zhang Liang); Nanban (Southern Barbarians): Moukaku (Meng Huo), Shamu, Mike, Tora; Others: Kousonsan (Gongsun Zan), Chousen (Diao Chan) [+Saji (Zuo Ci), Ukitsu (Yu Ji)]

They added two new factions in Kihabatou and Nanban. The Yellow Turban Rebels are now an idol group (what?). Zhang Jiao looks really cute. I guess that’s how they got the support of many people. The Southern Barbarians are all lolis dressed in skimpy clothing made mostly from animal furs (with dog collars to boot). They look cute in chibi form. Bairen (Gongsun Zan) finally gets a name and her own route. She’s more of a joke character it seems though.

Diao Chan… why T____T They had to turn one of the prettiest women in the Sengoku into a hideous man-thing. No wonder Karin (Cao Cao) must’ve been scarred for life… There’s also Zuo Ci and Yu Ji, but I won’t go into detail here since it’s related directly to the plot. They’re the only prominent male characters in the game aside from… Diao Chan.


I can’t wait for this eroge to be released!

BaseSon official site
Dengeki Hime

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  • 1. Kanaka  |  November 6, 2008 at 1:30 am

    =w= this makes me want to play…time to dig up the iso from my external when i get home

  • 2. kazuma  |  November 7, 2008 at 10:12 am

    wow this looks awesome ><

  • 3. kazama  |  October 30, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    this remind me of dynasty warriors .love the anime it awsome


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