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GM Blog – G3S4 Patch Information

On November 6th, G3S4 will be upon us. What side will you choose: The paladins who claim to fight for honor and justice or the dark knights who are driven by power and greed? In addition to the previous merged G3S3+G3S4 trailer, Nexon has posted a G3S4 Dark Knight trailer. As with before, I will introduce the main material implemented in this patch, possible patch material for Extra Generation, as well a brief outlook into G4.

Please proceed keeping in mind that there might be spoilers ahead. Thanks to Reverie for proof reading and verifying content. This post has been updated to reflect actual G3S4 additions.

New Content

Dark Knight

The main feature of this patch is the implementation of Dark Knights, the eternal enemy of Paladins. While paladins embody all that is good with the world, DK exemplify the evil. It is your choice which side you wish to be.

To become a DK, you must have completed G3 as well as the Dark Knight quest. I have written a guide for this quest here. If you turn into a DK, you cannot return to being a paladin.

If you turn into a DK, all of your existing paladin skills will transfer to their corresponding DK skills. They are as follows:

  • Spirit of Order (HP, MP, SP, Def, Prot) → Soul of Chaos (HP, MP, SP)
  • Power of Order (Str, Will) → Body of Chaos (Str, Bal)
  • Eye of Order (Dex, Bal) → Hands of Chaos (Dex, Inj)
  • Sword of Order (Min, Max, Inj) → Brain of Chaos (Int, Crit)

Similar to Paladins, Dark Knights’ appearance depends on the rank of Soul of Chaos:

  • Rank F: Dark Knight
  • Rank A: Black Knight
  • Rank 5: Chaos Knight
  • Rank 1: Infrablack

There are various differences between DK and paladins. When transformed, DK will automatically receive all three PD skills. There is also no required quest to be able to utilize these skills. Whereas paladins have a set transformation duration, when DK transformation hits that time, you will gradually lose HP at a rate of approximately 10 hp per second. Once you reach deadly status, the transformation will wear off. With enough HP pots, you can stay in DK form for a while longer for those long boss battles. DK also have a unique skill called Control of Darkness (CoD). When successfully used, this will bring a fomor under your control via dark powers. By using CoD on a Succubus, you will receive a title. Success rate is based on your rank and relative combat power.

A main selling point for DKs is that every time you transform, a modifier roll is cast, assigning rates of 60%, 100% and 180% to Body (Str), Hands (Dex) and Brain (Int) skills. There is a chance of being a lot more powerful, but there is also a chance of the transformation being weaker. Whether or not you think this risk is worth switching to DK is your choice. HP, MP and SP increases from Soul of Chaos are also subject to a modifier roll.

Since paladins and DK are enemies, they can fight (PvP) anywhere. If you do not wish to be involved in this battle, you can toggle area PvP off in your options. The default setting is off.

Rabbie Arena

For avid fans of PvP, Rabbie Arena will pose a new challenge. In this arena, the main theme will be paladins versus dark knights. Only players who can transform may enter the arena. You will stay in transformation mode indefinitely. DKs can keep re-transforming to attain maximum stat roll. As usual, there is no exp loss upon death. Battle arena coins can be bought at Eavan and proceed to meet Pero the friendly goblin #5 in the lobby. The twist is that in addition to players, fomors (lost sahaguin, imps, flying swords, wisps, etc) will roam the arena. Dark knights may use Control of Darkness to bring them to their side.

I am highly looking forward to this since this is the best place to farm nails. ^^;

Rabbie Advanced and Peaca Basic

The latest dungeons to be opened will prove to be challenging for most people. Rabbie Advanced will feature powered-up skeletons and skel wolves. Some of them will also detonate themselves just like lost sahuagins! Others will be totally immune from ranged attacks, making this one of the few dungeons that will pose problems for pure archers. This dungeon will definitely test your skills and teamwork.

Think Peaca is too hard for you? Maybe you can try out Peaca Basic. Same monsters, but less spawns. However, keep in mind that since this uses a pass, you can only bring a maximum party of 8. No more huge party runs. The much-desired dragon blade is waiting for you at the end though…. Is it worth it?

Please refer further down for detailed information regarding these two new dungeons.

New Clothes

The new clothing that are listed on the notice include Trudy Hunter set and Norman warrior armor set. Trudy Hunter suit can be bought at Ailionoa’s clothing shop in Emain Macha for 48k. It can be worn by all characters. The Norman warrior armor is available for males only. It can be bought at Osla’s weapon shop in Emain Macha for 23,920g. Technically, it can also be tailored (rank 9 pattern), but the pattern drops from fishing boat which isn’t in yet.

Other that are available include Selina half jacket coat, Norman warrior helmet and the Graceful set. You can buy them at Osla and Ailionoa.

Dark Knight Cats


Instead of horses, we get pet cats (Siamese, Bengal, Bombay) which transform along with dark knights. You can view them in the premium shop under character cards. They function just like paladin dogs.

Possible Extra Generation Material

The following should be implemented in the next major patch: Extra Generation or G3ES. All of the following either have been shown in released NA material for G3S4 or have been released in G3S4 or G3ES in foreign servers.


Sick of walking? Horses can get you there 2-3 times faster! An essential service when Iria continent is released in G4, there will be 3 horses available for purchase. The thoroughbred is a brown horse designed for solo riding. It is the fastest of the three. The shire (black) and halflinger (light brown) can hold 2 people, but run slower. Their summon times are around 90 minutes with inventory holding about 35-42 cells. If you’re interested in buying one, the price should be around $9 for the thoroughbred, $8 for the shire and $7 for the halflinger.

Raise them well and you’ll find them very useful to you in the future!

New Pets

Some people have mentioned that the hedgehogs from the G3S2 trailer have not been implemented yet. Let’s keep an eye out for what comes out.

Housing System

Housing was showcased in the latter half of the combined G3S3+G3S4 trailer, along with the brownies that are part of the system. This is a major addition to Mabinogi and I’d love to get a house for myself. There will be official guides produced by Nexon for housing. You should read through these carefully when they come out.

Fast facts about housing system:

  • There are two housing areas: East of Dugald Aisle and South of Sen Mag Plateau.
  • Each housing area contains 1 castle and 260 lots. They are located on a separate channel.
  • Guilds participate in a blind auction for control of a castle. This ownership expires after 8 weeks.
  • After winning the auction, they must collect various items within 3 days. If this is not completed successfully, the winning bid is nullified and the castle goes back up for auction.
  • Castle owners control the building and renting of houses, as well as taxes.
  • Taxes can be set between 10% and 90%.
  • If a house is built on a lot, players can bid in a blind auction for it.
  • The winning bid is kept as a down payment. You will receive 95% of it back at the end of your lease.
  • House leases last for 4 weeks.
  • Each week, the homeowner must pay (base construction cost + upgrade cost) * tax to the castle owner in their region. There is an option to autopay.
  • There are 4 types of houses. Customization comes at a price.
  • You can buy furniture and life skill equipment from the shop in the middle of town. You can also make them via handicraft and blacksmithing, as explained below.
  • You can hire brownies to weave and refine for you, if you have the necessary equipment.
  • Your house acts as a shop even if you are offline. Bulletin boards can be used to market your items.
  • By strategically using housing tickets, you can create an endless supply of passes to hard to reach places, such as Ceo Island and Tir Na Nog.

New Handicraft Recipes and Blacksmith Blueprints

If housing is implemented, we might get new handicraft recipes and blacksmith blueprints for housing items. Handicraft can make furniture, such as standing lamps, writing tables and bird cages, as well as weaving equipment. There are four types: looms for fabric and silk and spinning wheels for fine and finest leather straps. Player-made equipment have higher success rates than regular NPC-bought equipment. Each of these pieces of equipment can be placed in your house and used a maximum of 100 times. You may also let others use your equipment for a price. Similarly, blacksmiths can create furnaces for copper, silver and gold ingots, and regular, high and highest grade anvils.

Morva Aisle and Ceann Harbour

Located south of Bangor is Morva Aisle, which leads towards Ceann Harbour, the gateway to Iria. While I do not expect Ceann Harbour to be opened, there is a chance that Morva Aisle may be, since it is connected to Sen Mag housing area. There’s no much to do or see here aside from a weird rock at the crossroads.

Rabbie Advanced In-depth

With most monsters having NS2 or higher, Rabbie Advanced is an archer’s worst nightmare. Conversely, since most monsters do not have MR, mages should fare well in this dungeon. Rabbie Adv2 and Adv3 are 3 floors long, while Adv Unlimited is 4 floors long. There is a mid-boss at the end of 2F. As with Ciar and Barri Adv, there are treasure boxes with gold and HP50 potions at every dead-end. There are self-detonating skeletons residing here, however their explosion trigger is slightly different from lost sahuagins in Barri Adv.

How to Obtain a Pass

  • Skeleton laghodessa (Rabbie adv mid-boss)
  • Skeleton squad (Rabbie adv)
  • All Rabbie end chests (high rate in adv, low rate elsewhere)


  • Gray town rat
  • Gold goblin (strong ver): Multiaggro, 600 hp, 400 exp; Uses counter, smash, FB
  • Skeleton wolf (strong ver): Single aggro, 610 hp, 34~59 atk, 2 def, 3 prot, 700 exp; Uses counter, smash
  • Skeleton (full armor): Multiaggro, 510 hp, 20~40 atk (50~80 with bow), 15 prot, 700 exp; HS1, NS2, MR1; Uses counter, smash, poison attack, ranged attack, magnum shot; Melee weapon is 5-hit; Only appears on 1F
  • Red skeleton (full armor): Multiaggro, 610 hp, 20~40 atk (70~100 with bow), 20 prot, 700 exp, fire; HS1, NS2, MR1; Uses counter, smash, windmill, poison attack, ranged attack, magnum shot; Melee weapon is 5-hit; Only appears on 2F (Adv 2/3/Unlimited) and 3F (Adv Unlimited)
  • Metal skeleton (full armor): Multiaggro, 810 hp, 30~60 atk (70~110 with bow), 20 prot, 800 exp, lightning; HS1, NS3, MR1; Uses counter, smash, windmill, poison attack, ranged attack, magnum shot; Melee weapon is 5-hit; Only appears on 3F (Adv 2/3) and 4F (Adv Unlimited)
  • Skeleton squad (strong explosion): Multiaggro, 410 hp, 60~80 atk, 700 exp, lightning; NS2, MR1; Uses counter, smash, windmill, self-detonation; Will self-detonate immediately when killed (there is no animation similar to lost sahuagins); Blast range is approximately the same as basic bolt (FB/IB/LB) maximum range; Blast damage is 150~300
  • Skeleton squad (weak explosion): Multiaggro, 610 hp, 20~30 atk, 800 exp, lightning; NS2, MR1; Uses counter, smash, windmill, self-detonation; Same detonation mechanism as strong explosion type; Senses faster, weaker blast damage


  • Skeleton Laghodessa (x4): Multiaggro, 1210 hp, 1500 exp; HS1, NS3, MR2; Uses poison attack, windmill


Adv2: 1 black succubus, 1 yellow succubus, 12 skeleton imp, 2 skeleton laghodessa

  • Black succubus: 3000~4000 hp, 100~150 atk, 2800 exp; HS2, NS2, MR2; Uses counter, smash, windmill, IB, FB, LB
  • Yellow succubus: 3000~4000 hp, 100~150 atk, 3200 exp; HS2, NS3, MR2; Uses counter, smash, windmill, LB, thunder (if longsword equipped), magical music (berserk)
  • Skeleton imp: 1010 hp, 1000 exp; HS1, NS3, MR2; Uses counter, smash, LB; Wields gathering equipment (fishing rods, pickaxes, weeding hoes, etc)

Adv3: 1 red succubus, 1 yellow succubus, 4 skeleton imp, 6 skeleton laghodessa

  • Red succubus: 3000~4000 hp, 100~150 atk, 3200 exp; HS2, NS3, MR2; Uses counter, smash, windmill, IB, FB, LB
  • Yellow succubus: HS2, NS3, MR2

Adv Unlimited (1 person): 1 red succubus, 1 black succubus, 1 yellow succubus, 1 pink succubus, 1 white succubus

  • Red succubus: Same as above except HS2, NS1, MR1
  • Pink succubus: 3000~4000 hp, 100~150 atk, 3000 exp; HS2, NS1, MR1; Uses counter, smash, windmill, IB, FB, LB, poison attack; does not usually attack if HP over 2/3
  • White succubus: 3000~4000 hp, 60~100 atk, 2800 exp; HS2, NS1, MR3; Uses counter, smash, windmill, IB, healing

Adv Unlimited (2~5 people): 1 red succubus, 1 yellow succubus, 4 giant lightning sprite

  • Red succubus: HS2, NS1, MR1
  • Yellow succubus: HS2, NS3, MR2

Adv Unlimited (6~8 people): 1 black succubus, 5 giant lightning sprite

  • Black succubus: HS2, NS2, MR2

Stuff You Want!

  • Fomor scrolls (skeleton wolf, skeleton, red skeleton, metal skeleton)
  • Deadly enchant (gold goblin)
  • Fox hunter’s cores’ thief gloves (skeleton wolf)
  • Hamster popo’s skirt (gold goblin)
  • Gladius (metal skeleton)
  • Big panache headgear (skeleton imp)
  • Healing wand (white succubus – dropped if crit countered)
  • Various musical instruments (yellow succubus – dropped if crit countered)
  • Peaca basic passes (skeleton, red skeleton, metal skeleton)
  • Rabbie advanced passes (skeleton squad, skeleton laghodessa)

End Chest Enchants

  • Fine, Sharp, Solid (Adv2)
  • Old (All): rF prefix, -1 crit
  • Rusty (All): rE prefix, -2 crit
  • Cautious (Adv3): r9 prefix, shield-only, -30 hp, -30 sp, +4 min if defence over r7, +4 max if defence over rC
  • Stubborn (Adv Unlimited): r8 prefix, shield-only, +5 bal if level over 6, +5 crit if level over 18, -20 hp, -20 sp

Peaca Basic In-depth

Home to Banshee, Peaca Basic has slightly stronger monsters, but has less spawning per room (up to 4, not counting bats and mimics). Since it uses a pass, the maximum party size is 8. Remember to bring enough supplies, including healer coupons and cheap leather straps and a handicraft kit for the boss, unless you want to deal 1’s only. This dungeon is 5 floors long. Similar to Ciar and Barri Adv, there are treasure chests with gold and/or potions at dead-ends. Switch rooms give random monsters per trigger. Monsters will have titles, modifying their stats and exp. There is a mid-boss at the end of 3F.

Ghosts will not appear until after the herb room in each floor.

How to Obtain a Pass

  • Banshee (Peaca basic boss)
  • Hell cat (Peaca basic boss room)
  • Ghost (Blue and red; Scary library and Peaca normal)
  • All Peaca end chests (high rate in basic, medium rate in normal)
  • Giant moth (Peaca basic mid-boss)
  • Cloaker (Scary library and Peaca normal)
  • White (Peaca normal)
  • Red pirate skeleton (Runda adv)
  • Red captain skeleton (Runda adv)
  • Skeleton hell hound (Math adv)
  • Skeleton (Full armor) (Rabbie adv)
  • Red skeleton (Full armor) (Rabbie adv)
  • Metal skeleton (Full armor) (Rabbie adv)
  • Skeleton laghodessa (Rabbie adv)
  • Skeleton captain (Runda adv boss)


  • Vampire bat
  • Coffin mimic
  • Ghoul (blue) (strong ver): Single aggro, 4100 hp, 13 def, 50 prot, 1800 exp
  • Ghoul (white) (strong ver): Single aggro, 3200 hp, 13 def, 50 prot, 1300 exp
  • White (strong ver): Multiaggro, 3700 hp, 50~80 atk, 40+ def, 60 prot, 1800 exp; Uses rank 1 bolts
  • Hollow knight (strong ver): Multiaggro, 3700 hp, 100~200 atk, 33 def, 50 prot, 1500 exp
  • Ghost cloaker: Multiaggro (max 3), 3100 hp, 80~120 atk, 30 prot, 1200 exp; Uses rank 1 LB
  • Red ghost (strong ver): Multiaggro, 5400 hp, 52 def, 70 prot, 2800 exp
  • Blue ghost (strong ver): Multiaggro, 4800 hp, 150~230 atk, 40 def, 70 prot, 2800 exp


  • Giant moth (x3): Multiaggro, 6010 hp, 3500 exp; HS3, NS2, MR2; Uses windmill


  • Banshee: 5000 hp, 200~300 atk, ~50 prot, 4500 exp; Extremely fast, wide-sense; Uses windmill, thunder, fireball, chain casting, teleportation, petrify; Summons ghost minions; Receives 1 damage from all attacks unless ghost sword equipped
  • Hell Cat (x12): Multiaggro, 3010 hp, 200~300 atk, 2000 exp; HS2, NS2, MR2; Uses smash, IB, LB
  • Ghost (minion): Multiaggro, 2000 hp, 1000 exp; HS1, NS1, MR1; Uses windmill, teleportation, fireball, chain casting; Drops ghost fluid 100% of the time

Stuff You Want!

  • Silver fox enchant (Ghost cloaker)
  • Sexy lady’s tank top (White)
  • Artless potion concoction kit (Red/blue ghost)
  • Fork look wear (male-only) (Red/blue ghost)
  • Peaca basic passes (White, Red/blue ghost, Giant moth, Hell cat, Banshee)

End Chest Enchants

All enchants will be on a dragon blade (very slow 2-hit sword, 25~55 atk, 12 dur, 0~0% injury, 10% crit, 40% bal).

  • Intricate, Simple, Deadly
  • Banshee: r3 prefix, weapon-only, -6 min if over age 14, +12 max if under age 20, -100 hp if over level 20

Looking Ahead to G4

G4 is the beginning of a new chapter for Mabinogi. Chapter 2 (C2) will open up a whole new continent, Iria, which is much larger than Uladh. So what new things should we be looking forward to?

Due to Iria’s immense size, there will be lots of places for you to explore. Go out and see new places. Explore with a friend! Exploration levels will also be implemented. This is a different way of getting the AP that everyone wants, as it can be reset upon rebirth similar to current levels. To gain exploration levels, you have to complete various quests that involve finding and killing monsters, sketching objects and wildlife, or just finding items and places. Exploration levels are capped at level 25 (not sure if it will be lower when it is first implemented), although it is difficult to get to that level within 3 weeks.

L-rods are used for finding things. These L-rods, along with sketching, are actions, which is a separate category from normal skills. I won’t go into much detail here as I do not expect the action window to be implemented in G4.

Iria is far away, so you will have to take a ship from Ceann Harbour to reach it. It is possible that the ‘continent move’ option may be implemented. This will take you from Dunbarton to Iria Base Camp and vice versa once per Mabi day. In G4, only Rano area of Iria will be implemented. Two new dungeons, Karu Forest Ruins and Maiz Prairie Ruins, will be available for those players interested in battle. These dungeons change locations every week. The person who finds it first will receive a ‘seal breaker’-esque title to commemorate their achievement. In addition, they will receive special enchant scrolls. Various skill books for ranking first aid, campfire and other life skills will be available for purchase from shops or via quests. There will be giant field bosses, such as dragons and sandworms, but there are not likely to be implemented before G4S3.

Another way to travel is via mana tunnels. Mana tunnels are unique to Iria and are similar to moongates in Uladh. They are open from 6am to 6pm every Mabi day. Unlike moongates which have set patterns, you may move from one entrance to another, so long as you have visited it before. Once you reach a mana tunnel, clicking on it will register it on your world map. Obviously, mana regen is extremely high near mana tunnels. This is helpful in training skills that require lots of MP.

Dual wielding, final hit and ice spear will be available in G4S3. Dual wielding can be done by anyone, while final hit and ice spear have a quest involved. Ice spear is the last of the advanced magic to be implemented. For those who wish to skip G2 mainstream, the option to do so will be available in G4S2 or G4S3. However, be warned that it may make your life more miserable in G3 mainstream.

There’s still much more to be explored! Enjoy your fantasy life ^^

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【鏡音リン with 初音ミク】たゆん!たゆん!【オリジナル】 Saimoe – Final

14 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Lux  |  November 1, 2008 at 4:49 am

    Oi. Looking forward to this stuff

  • 2. Kanaka  |  November 1, 2008 at 5:02 am

    hmm, Ari here is some info about housing in chinese
    if you bother reading it…the tax is up to 90% o.o

  • 3. Vinh  |  November 1, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Aren’t there actions in G4? D:

  • 4. Micchi  |  November 1, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    @Kana: I’ve read the JP translated version of the housing guide from KR. I’ll skim through the link later. Thanks.

    @Vinh: I only know of sketching. I’m not sure about what other actions will be added. I’ll ask Rev about it.

  • 5. Kousei  |  November 1, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Nice nice. I missed my horse. As for the actions, if they’re following the tw schedule, they shouldn’t be out until g7-8

  • 6. Kousei  |  November 2, 2008 at 2:58 am

    My mistake. Thought you were referring to the “emote” actions for some reason. orz

  • 7. Micchi  |  November 2, 2008 at 4:10 am

    @Kousei: Ya, those are in G8S2, I believe.

  • 8. Kanaka  |  November 2, 2008 at 3:49 am

    GJ Ari! this took me a while to finish reading

  • 9. Vinh  |  November 2, 2008 at 5:22 am

    Oh, throwing stone and playing dead is in G5 x.x
    Those are the ones I’m really looking forward to

  • 10. Aikatears  |  November 2, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    only a few more days then maybe three weeks later G4 sweetness

  • 11. Mimii  |  November 3, 2008 at 1:52 am

    Yay finnaly a dungen for mages :P U know where u gonna find me now all day

  • 12. Sora  |  November 5, 2008 at 5:49 am

    thx for posting this stuff it helps alot, i randomly came across this searching google for how to get the coins for rabbie arena and i found everything ive been looking for. Thx~

  • 13. Mix  |  November 17, 2008 at 10:33 am

    ‘It is rumoured that the HP, MP and SP from Soul of Chaos are also subject to this modifier roll (Needs to be verified).’

    Yes, they are modified but if you add all the added on hp/mp/sp, it should be equivalent to the added on paladin hp/mp/sp. It’s to a different modifier, I think, but there is a modifier.

    Just wanted to comment on that. :]

  • 14. Micchi  |  November 17, 2008 at 11:45 am

    @Mix: Alright thanks, I’ll update this.


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