Ari’s G3S3 Recap

October 22, 2008 at 7:07 pm 1 comment

Time for a look back at the past 2 weeks of Ari’s fantasy life! I’m gonna go through some of the G3S3 details, along with my training with that horrible life skill handicraft. Lots of pictures as usual. Enjoy!

Preparing for G3S3

As soon as I heard about G3S3 being implemented, I started gathering the items I needed for the pally PD quest, namely the three rainbow trout and 10 flower bunches. I also went to Gordon to buy some T-bone steaks. Putting my alts to good use! I got Fia to fishing rank 5 too, which will come in handy later on.

The second thing that I wanted to prep for was Ciar Adv. I heard that you needed at least 90 crit to hit the cap crit against all regular monsters, so I made an extra crossbow just for the dungeon. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really any good mods for the weapon (not until Nicca in G4), so I ended up with less than half the range of an upgraded LLB. It sucked. But the crit is awesome. With goddess title and crit gears, I hit 106% crit! However, I don’t really need that much, so I ended up scrapping the bow and made a crit LLB instead ^^;


At rank 9, I still had to make a bunch more bushes and go through about 500k worth of common fabrics for failing fine bandages in order to get to rank 8 handicraft… so I can make trees! Just failing the bandages took me 1.5 hours nonstop. Very boring work indeed.

At the core of handicraft training post-rankC are wooden boards, which requires thousands of yarn. I am SO glad that I got a wolf pet, since herding sheep as a wolf to get them stuck behind fences is one of the most fun things I’ve done on Mabi.

Having put them into position, time to commence easy shearing! Qilla over there is Milfeulle’s alt. We’re thinking alike.

Having finally reached rank 8 last Monday, I had some fun with trees! Here’s me barricading Simon’s store since he’s too stingy and wouldn’t give me thick yarn half the time.

When there’s more than one, it becomes a forest!

Time to head to Peaca and try out my MGS stealth skills.

Bili disturbed us, so we chased him. Do not mess with nature!

This Monday, after spending half the day on production skills (let’s not mention iron pipes), I made it to rank 7! Finally, I can make the sun! So my bank tab ended up like this. Pretty.

But that’s not all! At rank 7, I can now make Item Fishing W22, a fishing rod that doubles the item rate! It’s also repairable! Note that it requires rank 5 fishing though.

Getting to rank 6 requires anywhere from 300 to 900 more stacks of thick yarn and iron pipes, so I’m not caring about it as much. I can currently craft every item available at the moment. When housing comes and if the handicraft recipes are updated, the only thing I couldn’t make would be the finest strap spinning wheel, which is available at rank 6. My intention is to make W22 for the 876 success requirement instead of bushes (2 boards each), so I can get it faster. However, while magical golden thread are readily available since people go to Rabbie Basic often, silver thread is rare and expensive. I tried hunting them myself in Alby Basic, but after 6 hours, I only had two silver threads to show for it. Not very encouraging.

I am buying, selling and trading handicraft supplies and costumes!

Magical golden thread – 1k ea
Magical silver thread – 5k ea

Item fishing W22 – 35k ea

Sun costume for 50 thick yarn
Tree costume for 50 thick yarn
Bush costume for 30 thick yarn
Nao costume for 20 thick yarn

Note me on Arietta or just write a comment here!

Halloween Event

Halloween is almost upon us and the decor around Erinn has changed to fit the occasion. I took a look around all the major towns and found it quite nice.

There’s also a Halloween event where there’s a scarecrow that you can give items (wood, branches, wheat) for cookies, rare cheesecake and regular pumpkin masks. After a while, he gets angry and zombies appear and the Dunbarton field becomes a battlefield. The objective is to push or lure him to the potato fields near the southeast exit of Dunbarton. Luring is easy when there’s not many people, but with a mob, it’s usually best to just whack away until it moves. I found it really frustrating, so I didn’t really care much about the event. The masks are ok, but just are just another collectible. I sold some of the normal ones for 10k.

Dungeon Runs

I did a Ciar Adv unlimited run with some guildies. It went pretty smoothly. Spinning-top rhags are absolutely hilarious. There’s also a lot of food dropped. The mini golems are SO cute! A bit dangerous, but you can lure them no problem.

As an archer, I got so many passes, I had to drop like 8 of them. Later I did a few Adv2 with Yoshi and then Kaz. No revolver enchant, but I wasn’t really planning on using a crossbow till G4 anyway. Dark ratmen actually look scary… in the cutscene.

Time to check out Barri Adv! Bili got a pass for 3, so Kana and I tagged along. It didn’t seem hard at all. Most monsters died in an AR or a WM.

Then, we met the terrorists. I thought if we killed them before the timer ended, they wouldn’t explode. I was wrong. They blew up anyway. Kana had fun and smash killed them and got herself into deadly a couple times (and dead the other times).

The monsters sure drop weird things. An iron bar!! I need that for handicraft! Now I only need 187210982 more! We didn’t get any wolf or bear robes though.

After making it to the boss, it’s time for a fair 3-on-3 battle. The gremlin power rangers new gremlin squadron actually have decent AI and fight as a team, which is refreshing. We tried to lure green (the healer) over to the corner so we can WM it to death, but it wouldn’t come, so we forced it to come using mag. The rest took about 30 secs, if that. I want to do Barri Adv unlimited. Magical music sounds fun… maybe.

Odds and Ends

I finished the paladin PD quest pretty quickly. I loved the effect with the coloured glows after transformation. Very nice.

Pally Uppercut!

Now that the fetching birds are finally in, I can get one! I love birds IRL and I’m quite fond of falcons, so it was natural that I would get one in Mabi. The stance is awesome and I could stand in that position all day. It takes about 1.5 to 2 mins for each fetch if you include downtime. I’ve been keeping track of what my pet fetches, as well as from which location. So far, there’s not enough data to determine if location is a factor, but overall, I’ve been getting tons of arrows, bolts, handmade arrows, handmade bolts, and slices of meat. The main reason I got it was for the passes. So far it’s fetched for me Ciar Adv2, Ciar Adv3, Alby Inter2, Fiodh Inter2, Runda Basic and Runda Siren. The best item so far?

It’s also fun to play as the bird. I love the gliding motion.

Speaking of animals, Yoshi tried out the animal taming scrolls with high music ranks, but the success rates are really low. You don’t necessarily succeed with the taming even if you get a perfect performance. In addition, you can only control fomors that are animal-type. So no succubi or golems. Too bad. We decided it wasn’t worth the money or time.

Other than handicraft, I also did some crit training in red/silver gem and leveling to get a higher Eye of Order rank. I finally reached Crit2 and Eye4 to go with Handi7.

What lies ahead? Of course, I’ll be trying to get Handi6, but it’s not as important now. I’ll get wool when I’m bored and I’ll still keep doing Simon’s PT. I’ll also try to buy golden/silver thread whenever I see them. Getting to crit and ranged to r1 should be attainable by the end of next rebirth, then I will be able to work on getting mag to r5 for the splash and additional damage. Might be able to get enough levels for r3 eye too. Still lots to do!

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Onii-chan~♡ Cross Days

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  • 1. Azure  |  October 23, 2008 at 12:39 am

    i got a silver bar from barri adv :<
    …and ari should gogogo rank 1 smith + handi :D


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