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October 9, 2008 at 10:46 pm 17 comments

In-depth patch information
Patch maintenance time info
G3S3+G3S4 video link (Nexon)
G3S3+G3S4 video link (Youtube)

G3S3 is coming on October 15th. Nexon has already put up information regarding what to expect. As with the last patch, I will do an overview of the new content so that you can be better prepared for what lies ahead. This time, since the S3 and S4 promo videos have been merged, I will do a brief summary of what we should expect in S4.

Of course, if you wish to explore and find out these things for yourself, feel free to do that. Most of the information was gathered from JP wiki. Names may be changed in NA version. I will try to update them as appropriate. Thank you to Reverie for practical information regarding the Advanced dungeons.

New Content

Paladin Skill Cap Release

As you know, all paladin skills have been capped at rank 6 since G2S1. This includes Sword of Order, Power of Order, Eye of Order and Sword of Order. All four of these skills are now uncapped to rank 1. For those interested in appearances, Spirit rank 5 is holy knight and Spirit rank 1 is champion. Good luck!

New Paladin Skills – Passive Defence

Paladins now can acquire all 3 types of passive defence (PD) via a quest. Every time you transform into a paladin, anywhere from 1 to 3 of the PD skills will activate for that transformation. Please refer to my guide here.

New Clothes

They have listed dustin silver knight armor and the wolf and bear robes on the website. I am not sure what other ones will become available, if any. The dustin silver knight armor (dustin, for short) is the highest rank armor that can be made, at rank 1. The blueprint will be sold at Fleta for 274k. Here are some pictures of the male and female version.

The bear and wolf robes are dropped by goblin hunters in Barri advanced. These robes are dyeable, but cannot be repaired. These robes are the reason why I think Barri advanced will be implemented even though they didn’t mention it in their update notes.

Ciar and Barri Advanced Dungeons

For those that have been awaiting a challenge, Ciar and Barri now have advanced passes. Ciar Adv is easily one of the best places for exp… if you can beat it. Barri Adv has suicidal monsters and isn’t much of a cakewalk either. I have included some vital information further below in this post pertaining to each dungeon to help you prepare.

Dungeon Merchant NPC Tiro

Just like Goro, Muro and Morc, Tiro is always around to help humans… if you can find him. He appears randomly in Ciar and Barri Advanced (and Rabbie Advanced and Peaca Basic by G4). He sells your standard potions and healer supplies, but at double the cost. He also sells two kinds of specialty items: diet potions and animal taming music scrolls. Diet potions reduce your upper, lower or weight. Tiro sells them for around 23k each.

The specialty music scroll allows fomors to be tamed regardless of music skill rank. They cost 44k for 20 uses. You will be asked to choose a target when you begin playing. I am not sure about success rate, but it’s not high. Once under control, it will act similar to a pet. After a while, the effect will dissipate. The success rate and duration under control are rumored to be relative to the monster toughness.

New Pets

Finally, pet birds!!! Fetching birds (bluebird, raven and falcon) act the same way as pets, except that you need to wear a glove and hold a pet instruction stick for them to ‘sit’. The special ability of these birds is to fetch random items, from common items (arrows, potions, white spider scrolls) to rare items (advanced dungeon passes, raven enchants). Of course, it’s harder to get rare items, but I think it’s going to be fun!

So far I’ve used up all the summoning time for today on my falcon and the majority of the items were arrows, bolts, bandages and handmade arrows. It takes about 20 seconds for your pet to find an item and then you need to let it rest for a bit too. I guess it’s around 1-2 minutes per fetching. Rarest item it brought back was a Fiodh inter2 pass. It also brought a female blunt spirit stone back. I intend to do some testing and see if location matters.

Advanced Play Random Item Generator Update

A submarine patch for G3S3 is an update to the existing list of advanced play items. Now you can get tendering potions, recovery boosters, and remote tailor and blacksmith coupons if you select the random option. Mmm… tendering potions…

Ciar Advanced In-depth

This is not your normal Ciar dungeon anymore. Ciar Advanced is full of monsters with high attack, defence and protection, along with the standard multiaggro one would expect from a high-level dungeon. It is recommended to have 90% crit to be able to have 30% crit on everything in this dungeon. As with all advanced dungeons, there are passes for 2, 3 and unlimited. Adv2 is 3 floors long, while Adv3 and Adv Unlimited are 4 floors long. Each floor can have around 30 rooms. There is a mid-boss at the end of 1F for Adv2 and at the end of 2F for the other two.

In switch rooms, each trigger may give different monsters, so watch out. Of course, be careful with multiaggro. Most monsters will have titles next to their names, thus modifying their stats and exp. At the end of each dead end, there is a treasure box. Usually this is just gold or potions. The mini golem is so cute!

How to Obtain a Pass

  • Green snake (Ciar adv)
  • Bugbear (Ciar adv)
  • Mini golem (Ciar adv boss)
  • All ciar dungeon end chests (high rate in adv, medium rate in inter, rare elsewhere)


  • Red rat: Multiaggro, 310 hp, 20~50 atk, 30 def, 10 prot, 500 exp; Uses smash and counter
  • Green snake: Single aggro, 750 hp, 100~150 atk, 12 def, 30 prot, 1200 exp; Uses smash and counter
  • Red sickle laghodessa: Multiaggro, 610 hp, 70~120 atk, 11 def, 25 prot, 950 exp; Uses windmill and poison attack
  • Red spiked laghodessa: Multiaggro, 660 hp, 80~150 atk, 16 def, 20 prot, 1000 exp; Uses windmill and poison attack
  • Dark ratman: Multiaggro, 510 hp, 60~100 atk, 6 def, 20 prot, 900 exp; Uses counter, smash, windmill, LB (r5+ speed)


  • Bugbear: Not a bug or a bear, it’s a troll. Multiaggro, 3010 hp, 200~400 atk, ~25 def, ~30 prot, 1800 exp. Has lv2 of all types of PD (heavy stander, natural shield, mana reflector). Enjoy.


Adv2: 1 mini golem, 3 dark ratmen.

  • Mini golem: 3810 hp, lv2 PD (all), summons poison skeleton knights.
  • Poison skeleton knight: 1000+ hp, uses poison attack and bow, multiaggro

Adv3: 2 mini golems, giant lightning sprite

  • Mini golem: 4510 hp, lv2 PD (all), uses teleport, does not summon monsters, multiaggro

Adv Unlimited: 2 mini golems (A & B), 2 giant lightning sprites

  • Mini golem A (darker): 3810 hp, lv2 PD (all), summons metal skeletons
  • Mini golem B (lighter): 4510 hp, lv2 PD (all), uses teleport, summons bard skeletons
  • Bard skeleton: 600 hp, multiaggro

Stuff You Want!

  • Fine/finest leather straps (green snake, bugbear)
  • Stamp enchanted items (mini golem)
  • Ciar advanced passes (green snakes, bugbear, mini golem)

End Chest Enchants

  • Nature, Counter, Smash, Windmill
  • Revolver (Adv2): r3 suffix, crossbow-only, +10 crit, +6% repair cost, +20 dex if weaving over r7, +10 will if tailoring over r9, does not need pre-enchant
  • Divide (Adv3): r3 suffix, two handed weapon-only, +10% bal, -3% repair cost, +20 str if lv 10+, -20 luck if lv 40-, does not need pre-enchant
  • Spike (Adv Unlimited): r5 suffix, weapon-only +10 max, +10% repair cost, +10 dex if herbalism over r9, +10 str if pot making over rA

Barri Advanced In-depth

Soldiers, you have been training for this day! Fomors in this dungeon are vicious and they will even blow themselves up to kill you! Do not let this deter you, as I have managed to acquire top secret info regarding our enemy and the warzone in which we shall enter.

Barri Advanced has 3 types of passes: Adv2, Adv3 and Adv Unlimited. Adv2 is 3 floors long, while the other two are 5 floors long. There are no herbs just like in every other Barri dungeon. You may mine instead, but we do not recommend you do this. Just liked in Ciar Adv, trigger rooms give a lot of mixed multi-aggro monsters. Dead-ends also gives treasure chests for restocking. More incentive to get lost?

Infiltration Keys

  • Gremlin boss Go go power rangers! (Barri adv)
  • All Barri end chests (medium rate in Barri adv, low rate in all others)


  • King mimic
  • Brown gremlin
  • Green gremlin
  • Grey gremlin
  • Imp
  • Chonchon: Single aggro, 300 hp, 20~40 atk, 700 exp; lv2 heavy stander, lv2 natural shield, lv1 mana reflector, LB
  • Goblin hunter: Multiaggro, 350 hp, 100+ atk, 950 exp; Uses poison attack
  • Goblin hunter archer: Multiaggro, 400 hp, 90~130 atk, 950 exp; Uses poison attack
  • Lost sahuagin: Multiaggro, 350 hp, 40~70 atk, 1100 exp; Uses self-detonate when under 50% hp; Does not give exp for self-detonation; Cannot escape from blast by abusing windmill aftercast invincibility
  • Spiked worm: Single aggro, 850 hp, 1200 exp; Lv2 PD (all)
  • Giant worm: Multiaggro, 1660 hp, 1600 exp; Lv2 PD (all); Only uses defence and normal attack; Only appears in Adv Unlimited 3F

Big Boss

Adv2: Gremlin Blue, Gremlin Pink
Adv3: Gremlin Blue, Gremlin Pink, Gremlin Green
Adv Unlimited: Mighty Morphin’ Power Gremlins! (All 5)

All gremlins have 3000~4000 hp, 100~150 atk and ~3000 exp.

  • Gremlin Blue: HS3, NS1, MR1
  • Gremlin Pink: HS2, NS1, MR3
  • Gremlin Green: HS2, NS3, MR1; Uses healing
  • Gremlin Black: HS2, NS1, MR1; Uses magical music (berserk)
  • Gremlin White: HS2, NS1, MR1, Uses magical music (berserk)

HS = Heavy Stander (against melee)
NS = Natural Shield (against ranged)
MR = Mana Reflector (against magic)
Berserk makes it so no gremlin can be knocked down. However, they will take full damage from attacks.

We Came Here to Loot

  • Fine/finest leathers (various gremlins, giant worm, spiked worm)
  • Iron/copper/silver/gold bars (chonchon)
  • Iron/copper/silver/gold plates (goblin hunter)
  • Bear robe (goblin hunter)
  • Wolf robe (goblin hunter archer)
  • Avenger enchant (gremlin boss) – r2 suffix, heavy armor-only, +12 max, +10 crit if in deadly status, +20 str if potion addicted, -20 bal if poisoned
  • Barri advanced passes (gremlin boss)

To the Victors Go the Spoils

  • Snake hunter’s, Fine, Sharp, Good
  • Fickle (Adv2): r4 prefix, magic clothes-only, +10 int, +10 mp, -9% repair cost, +10 bal if using diligent title; +10 crit if using lazy title
  • Habit (Adv3): r3 prefix, magic clothes-only, +20 str, -12% repair cost, +12 max if using hungry title, +10 crit if using luxurious title
  • Stage (Adv Unlimited): r5 prefix, magic clothes-only, +10 dex, -6% repair cost, +10 max if using fire arrow title, +10 bal if using noob elemental master title, does not need pre-enchant

Looking Ahead to G3S4

As you’ve probably seen in the promo video, G3S4 will introduce the housing system and brownies. In addition, the highly anticipated dark knight will make its appearance, and possibly Rabbie arena and horses too.

The housing system can be a great way for a guild to make money if you are willing to spend a lot to gain a lot. For regular players, you can bid for a house via silent auction, and then live in the house for up to 4 weeks if you continue paying taxes to the current castle owner. As a homeowner, you will be able to customize your house, use it as a 24/7 shop, or rent out life skills equipment for others to use, to name a few. Brownies will be available to be eaten help you with weaving and refining if you sign a contract with them. There is a lot to know about housing and other servers have released manuals for players. Please read them thoroughly when they are released.

The dark knight side-quest will be introduced in S4. I might decide to write up a guide for this at that time. Rabbie arena is solely for paladins versus dark knights. I am not familiar with the set-up for this form of PvP. Horses were introduced in G3 ES (extra season), before Iria continent (G4). It might be combined with the S4 patch, but this is at Nexon’s discretion.

Halloween Cosplay Event (10/9 ~ 11/2)

Event page
Official rules

This is an event for those that like to dress up for Halloween (IRL! Not in Mabi!). Take pictures of yourself and submit them. You might win one of 10 limited skeleton pet cards! I don’t know about you, but I’d like something cuter…

It’s been mentioned in the forums that they’d ask you for your account information. I’m assuming that they mean only your account ID so they can give you your prize, but it’s kind of funny they say that since they supposedly never would ask you for your information.

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Best Moe – SF, Group 1 Paladin PD Quest

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  • 1. Kyuri  |  October 10, 2008 at 12:37 am

    someone’s gonna cosplay as ferghus… someone has to..

  • 2. Tomoyakun  |  October 10, 2008 at 12:48 am

    Kazuma AKA Ferghus The Failure!

  • 3. Skyth  |  October 10, 2008 at 12:55 am

    Wow, in that Dustin pic his swords are black as night.

  • 4. Yoshiyuki  |  October 10, 2008 at 2:38 am

    Those gremlins have nothing on us! We’re the Baka Rangers!

  • 5. Kanaka  |  October 10, 2008 at 3:03 am

    so whos in the baka rangers?! yoshi must be white, but ari is white too……interesting

    and for enchant does not need pre-enchants, if you fail the item you are enchanting to will disappear!!

  • 6. Soria  |  October 10, 2008 at 3:35 am

    Wow, the only armor I really like is the dustin…

  • 7. Mizahel  |  October 10, 2008 at 8:16 am

    Thanks for the info Ariii

    Can’t wait to get home!

  • 8. Aikatears  |  October 10, 2008 at 9:40 am

    “then live in the house for up to 4 weeks if you continue paying taxes to the current castle owner”

    are you sure about this? I have been asking since OB on how long we can keep houses…from kit been told that as long as you have service and can pay the rent you keep the house.

    I have yet to hear from someone who plays on other servers who has a house there (jp verson dont count at all)

  • 9. Kazuma  |  October 10, 2008 at 11:01 am

    thanks for the info ari :)
    and LOL @ TOMO xD rawrr

  • 10. Micchi  |  October 10, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    @Kyuri: Oh god, not Ferghus…

    @Skyth: That pic makes me consider armor for once, as armor-averse as I am. However, thinking about the repair cost makes me cringe.

    @Yoshi: *punts*

    @Aika: I’m not entirely sure, but it’d make sense since when you win an auction for a house lease, that lease is only for 4 weeks under the current owner. I’m not sure if you can renew that lease to extend it over to the full 8 weeks the castle is up, but it absolutely wouldn’t make sense if it carried over between castle owners. What if you signed a lease where you paid 10% tax per week and then the new castle owner now charges 30%?

    Also, I jumped the gun and thought this week’s maintenance was S3. Nexon was misleading people by putting up the S3 info and videos while announcing a relatively long maintenance at the same time. I don’t mind waiting a week though.

  • 11. Aikatears  |  October 10, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    renew a lease sound ok, that part of housing when it comes to keep it has always left me with more question…guess we will find out in season…4..very sad about that blah

  • 12. Lux  |  October 10, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    Brownies! Nom

  • 13. Kanaka  |  October 11, 2008 at 2:10 am

    im not sure either, but i thought the tax is based on how much it is set to when the house is build

  • 14. Mizahel  |  October 11, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    Anyone have a vid of a wming rhagho? :D

  • 15. Mimi  |  October 16, 2008 at 10:51 am

    lol finished barri adv before going to school about an hour or two ago. OMG it’s so fun can’t w8t for ciar adv later today. Those suicide fishy bombers remind me of the Prinnies form Disgaea blow one up and they chain boom :D – had me laughing the entire run spawn a few in a switch room with lots of other monster then kill one fishy and boom lol mini FB :D As for them gremlin rangers once they all agro you its over >< thats all i need to say lol

  • 16. Azure  |  October 16, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    ciar adv is cake….now for barri adv, that was really funny. they just kept blowing up lol. the explosions have huge range too….or maybe it was just me being hit alot :x

  • 17. Animal-Taming Music Score from Tiro - Mabinogi Guru Forums  |  December 19, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    […] catch more flies with honey than vinegar. You don’t need to bold things, we can read just fine. G3S3 Overview Hau~ Omochikaeri~! Just like Goro, Muro and Morc, Tiro is always around to help humans… if you can find him. He […]


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