Ari’s G3S2 Recap

October 1, 2008 at 8:03 pm 10 comments

It’s been a week since I wrote anything Mabi related. Why? It’s because I’ve been pretty busy playing the game itself and I’ve sure accomplished a lot. The release of the rank 6 cap on life skills was what I was waiting for the most. During this week, I’ve been working on the holy trinity of dex life skills, otherwise known as weaving, refining and handicraft. I will also write about my participation in the G3S2 events, along with some of the other new features that were implemented with the patch, such as magic music and pet battles.

This is an image-intensive post. Please click to continue.


The main reason I wanted the life skill cap release so bad is because I can’t advance skills that give too dex or I won’t be able to fail easily while refining. I had stockpiled thousands of ores over two months ago and now it’s time to finally clear them out! I took turns wearing -dex gear (scarecrow, silver fox) and +dex gear (wind, kobold) while I wanted to fail and succeed, respectively. Since I had all the ores except mythril ahead of time, I got to rank 2 quite quickly (just under 2 days).

I mined mythrils myself, getting between 60 and 140 per run, averaging about 100. Wearing -dex gears (49 dex) gave me 70% success rate on mythrils at rank 2 with production mastery F. Even at level 43, it wasn’t nearly as bad I expected. I finished up the rest of the mythrils within a day and then waited for Monday to do gold plates at 77% (full party, rank 9 rain, prod 6).

Last gold plate…

Woohoo! Rank 1! Now I’m free to up dex skills!

For those that are interested in how I completed each rank:

  • Rank 5: Iron plate (10/10), mythril success (4/4), mythril failure (8/8), gold success (18/20), gold failure (21/40)
  • Rank 4: Copper plate (30/30), mythril success (8/8), mythril failure (16/16), gold success (12/40), gold failure (7/80), copper success (51/250)
  • Rank 3: Silver plate (50/50), mythril success (20/20), mythril failure (40/40), gold success (14/75), gold failure (3/150), silver success (70/150)
  • Rank 2: Gold plate (80/80), mythril success (40/40), mythril failure (80/80), gold success (75/75), silver success (150/150), copper success (150/250)

An unfortunate thing happened while I was refining though. The server crashed when I was mining and I ended up getting rolled back and lost my pure white bunny robe since I had moved it from my pet to make room for megas’ gears when I was lending him the -dex equips. It made me real sad, but what can you do about it? This kind of stuff happens and it’s unfortunate. I haven’t decided if I will make another one or wear something else.


With refining out of the way, it’s time to start ranking up other skills. After ranking up production to rank 6 and advancing weaving to rank 5, I looked at the training requirements.

What? These are more like rank 1 numbers!!! For those that don’t know, the requirements are here. That’s a lot more things to do. However, considering last time it took Nexon a few months to fix the weaving 6 numbers, I’m not going to wait for them to fix it and just bite the bullet and do it. Following in Xiei’s footsteps, I started up a fine leather strap trading service (1 strap for each leather) since I had 99% anyway with a party on a regular day. I also intentionally failed the general store part-time to intermediate level so I have a chance of getting fine leathers from Walter. Usually, I ended up getting braids, as Xiei and I both know too well.

I finished all 900 fine leather straps after about 2 days of work, while shearing sheep and making tons of thick yarn for tight string. I finished up the tough/tight (Nexon, make up your mind) string requirements on Monday and stored them for handicraft later. Rank 4 was just tough string and tough thread, so I went to Emain and collecting webs for a few hours with help from Kaz. It wasn’t that bad (although the rate was horrendous at around 50% on a Monday), so I got to Rank 3 before the day was over.

Here’s me shearing sheep. Baa baa.

Tons of thick yarn reading to be weaved.

For Rank 3, my plan was to do a free finest leather cutting service since my base rate is 80% and I can reach about 90% with full party and/or rain. On Monday, I can reach 99% easily. Unfortunately, I had intentionally failed the general store part-time too many times and I needed at least 91% completion rate. Hence, I had to finish it another 40 times in order to get advanced. Now I could finally get finest leathers!!!!!!

How are you liking your brAIDS?

Well, at least some one likes them.

I calculated that I probably would need about 3-4 days to get to Rank 1. I’m just going to take it easy and get there… when I get there ^^ Simon’s delivery part-time is awesome when he gives 5 thick yarn. I’ve been stockpiling them for tough string later for handicraft training.


I originally thought that handicraft wouldn’t be so bad. But that opinion has sure changed in the past few days. Since we can make tough string (tight string) and iron pipes (iron bars) now, we can get past rank C handicraft now. The staple of handicraft from this rank on is the wood board. Wood boards require 2 iron pipes, 2 tough string, 5 nails and 5 firewoods. Firewood is easily obtained via the campfire quest (multiple completions) and nails just take time to collect. I have a bank tab full of nails ready for use. This should last me till rank 9. However, tough string is a chore to accumulate, even if you do Simon’s part-time a lot. This bottleneck makes handicraft exceedingly hard to rank. Not to mention that the items produced don’t sell well nor do they really have any use besides taking up inventory space.

I got Rorec to make me the iron pipes at about 2 iron ingots per iron pipe. I’m going to bug him to make me more later. He’s going to have nightmares. Oh, notice that they don’t stack. How convenient.

It’s been a while since I chopped wood and collected nails.

Luckily wood boards have high success rate. Otherwise, I would be crying even more than I am now. They’re easily 99% for me now.

I always hold my breath when I make them since it’s such a waste of supplies when they fail. Luckily, this time it was a success. By the way, that’s chenchen in the back with the rock costume. It’s a rank 9 item that can be created at rank B. Since it requires wood boards which could be put to better use elsewhere, it’s merely for show.

After getting to rank B, I spent a while making paper cranes to meet the D- requirements. For CBA, I made powders from my leftover gems from my Albey runs while wearing -dex gears (including 2 silver foxes). The leftover successes were completed via fine bandages (1 common fabric each).

It’s time for nailnogi again!

Collecting gems and herbs for the powders. I’m also saving up the herbs for pot making purposes on my alt.

I’ve been buying iron ingots so that Rorec can make me a hundred pipes when he gets on. I’ll continue stockpiling thick yarn for Monday when I’ll make them into tough string. I only need another 13 wood boards for rank A, which should be pretty straightforward. I’ve been looking at the Rank A requirements and decided that I’ll be doing paper cranes for C- and potion concoction kits for 9BA while wearing the -dex gears. Any leftover successes (if any) will be satisfied by wood boards. The only thing that satisfies the 8+ requirement are Nao costumes. These requirement 3 wooden boards each and I need to make at least 26 of them. Luckily, they should be over 95% success rate, so I should only need about 78 boards. I have enough materials to make around 50 boards at the moment. My goal is to make rank 9 handicraft by end of Monday.

Here’s the truth about Nao.

Looking ahead, I really don’t care about handicraft past rank 9. The amount of time and money spent is not worth the 2 dex. That being said, I probably will slowly work on it when I don’t have other things to do since all I have to do is Simon’s part-time job, which is every 36 minutes. When Iria comes out along with fishing boats, bone marin swords will make handicraft training a lot easier.

Maple Leaf Collection Event

You’ve all probably read my guide for this already. I guess I’ll post a few screenies from my run-through.

I started off in Sen Mag, where there was already a fully grown tree. I was lucky and got a few leaves right away. I sold a few later for 15k each.

There were less people in Emain, so I had to do some watering. I used an alt stationed in Dunbarton by the well and transferred bottled water via my pets. This stop didn’t take too long either.

I hated Dunbarton so much. I helped grow 11 trees. It took FOREVER. I wanted to give up so many times. Non-stop clicking also hurt my hand.

After a quick stop in Tir, I made it to the last stop in Dugald in the wee hours of the night. A nice small group of people grew trees, killed them and grew them back up again. We even had a tree house! Notice that there’s a pally dog too. I’ll talk a bit more about these later.

Finally done! I like the colours of the leaves. I definitely would wear this sometime. But for now, it’s heading straight for the bank!

Treasure Chest Event

As you know, the treasure chest event began on Friday and lasted till Sunday. It will be repeated two more times in the upcoming weeks. At first, I didn’t really understand how the event worked, but it soon became apparent. Every monster (in dungeons and fields) dropped treasure chests (both regular and premium) as well as regular keys. Treasure chests are really common, so much that people make abstract art with them. Keys, on the other hand, are quite rare and currently sell for around 10-20k each. Regular keys open regular chests, whereas premium keys (buyable from the premium shop) can open both kinds, although you should use them on premium chests only for maximum return.

Treasure chest from a mimic!

Since the items dropped from all monsters, I didn’t go out of my way to hunt them. I was refining at the time, so I just got a few keys and chests running mythril dungeon. I opened a few and got a mix of good and bad items. I got a few campfire kits, advanced and party feathers, fine silks, and a few sewing patterns. I’ve also heard of people getting battle attack potions, tendering potions and other somewhat useful stuff. Then there’s this thing.

Using this will allow you to say something server-wide in ugly yellow and red flashing text at the top of the screen. It’s somewhat annoying considering most people use it for immature comments or passionate expressions of e-love. Some people wisely use it for trading or selling purposes. However, there were a few that made me laugh.

When you open the chests, there’s a chance that a monster will spawn. This thing freaked me out when it first came out, but I killed it one windmill.

Sometimes monsters get stuck, especially in banks.

I decided to fight him for the chest.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a huge overabundance of treasure chests. Luckily, these chests have high NPC value even though they only sell for 0 gold. Hence, the wisest decision is to use them as food for your ego weapon. This is an easy way to increase their social and sometimes, strength level. It’s especially beneficial to me since they add str for male ego bows.

I expect to do more ego feeding this upcoming weekend!

Magical Music

There’s a lot more people playing music around Erinn nowadays thanks to the implementation of magical music. I’ve found it pretty useful in certain situations, such as mining, refining, gathering wool from sheep or herbs from pets. Did you know you get the magical music benefits so long as you are in the party, no matter where you are? It was nice to have when mining. I didn’t have to chug as many sp pots.

There are also status effects, such as berserk. I have to say it’s pretty nice. Then again, sometimes it fails and everything has PD against you. That’s not so nice. Actually, that sucks.

The animation is quite nice too.

Daily Effects

The daily effects were changed in G3S2. Most stayed the same, some changed, while others were added. A full list is here. Noteworthy changes are as follows:

  • Sunday: Magical music success rate increase
  • Wednesday: Increase in drop rate from nature and animals (changed from Thursday), decrease in bank fees (changed from Friday)
  • Thursday: Increase in proficiency accumulation rate
  • Friday: Potion become more potent (changed from Wednesday)

Obviously, they didn’t translate everything as Sunday’s effect was all squares and obviously included L-rod success rate increase… which aren’t in.

Odds and Ends

There’s also other added features that I didn’t care that much about or haven’t tried yet.

Pet battles are useful for testing out pet AIs. Other than that, it’s not that interesting. Some people like to wager on them though. Speaking of pets, all three of the transformation dogs (for paladins) are in. The Siberian husky is a limited item while the others are not. Here’s a picture of the greyhound.

There are few new rank 5+ enchants, such as marble and various colours of scar. Marble is very nice, but is a pain to enchant since it’s rank 4. Fleta has a mini quest now involving empty treasure boxes from bears and talking to NPCs in Emain. You will be rewarded by a one-time access to Aeira and Manus’ secret secret shop. I don’t need the skill books from those, but if you do, please check it out. Remember to bring enough money though! Violet, orange and ivory herb patches are now out, giving poison, mandrake and antidote herbs, respectively. Party healing is also implemented, but from what I’ve heard, it sucks and you should stick to normal healing.

It seems that there’s also a promotion with Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine. I haven’t even heard of them before. If you buy their latest issue, you get devCAT ear muffs and a club paw club. The ear muffs are cute and are repairable.

The club has great stats (fast 3 hit weapon, 27~43 dmg, 20% crit, 60% bal, 12 dur), but it can’t be repaired. So it’s pretty much not that useful.

With the release of the life skill cap, Dunbarton’s population has increased significantly. I hope it stays like this.

That’s it for my recap of the past week. Hope you enjoyed it. And I love comments, so please do so ^^

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