G3S2 is here!

September 24, 2008 at 1:52 am 5 comments

Lots of exciting news the past day regarding Mabinogi. I’ll do a quick rundown of the updates.

In-depth patch information
Patch maintenance time info
G3S2 video link (Nexon)
G3S2 video link (Youtube)

Well, the timing of the patch caught me off guard. I had expected it to be next Wednesday night. But hey, there’s no complaints coming from me. Especially when life skills are uncapped! Woohoo!

G3S2 features include:

  • Life skill cap removal
  • Pet battles
  • Magical music
  • Party healing system
  • New premium eye and mouth styles
  • Mini-story quests
  • New clothes

With the life skill cap removal (most likely along with enchant), this will allow me to have a lot more to do. First up is refining! Time to clear out those ores that I saved up like 2 months back. Pet battles are interesting, but are more of a fad. Magical music isn’t for me, since I don’t specialize in music. However, it does have advantages as there are stat boosts and status effects. These require high levels of music skills (at least rank 9, status effects kick in at rank 5). I have heard party healing isn’t really useful, although if you wanted to get it, I wouldn’t stop you. The new styles look oddly familiar (aka the last ones that were added). The mini-story quests probably are referring to Fleta’s quests and Manus and Aeira’s secret secret shops. They can only be opened once, so make sure you bring enough money when you have them opened. I’m not sure which new clothes are opened, so we’ll see.

There were some other features that were rumoured to be implemented in G3S2. These include poison and antidotes, mandragoras, new enchants, new pets (ferrets), and some others. I cannot vouch for if these will be implemented this patch. Please tell me if they are.

G3S2 Events

Event page

There are three events for G3S2:

  1. Hunt for Treasure Chest
  2. Maple Leaf Collection
  3. Adopt a Huskey

I’m not really too excited about the “Hunt for Treasure Chest” event. As a matter of fact, I don’t really understand it fully either. Where are these treasure chests located: in dungeons or out in the field? I guess there’s two types of chests (premium and normal). To me, this just seems like a blatant cash grab for Nexon. Looking at the rewards, the one that immediately catches my eye is the seemingly fixed pure red dye. If this is really a limited item and is pure red, this could easily fetch millions later on. Oh, and I laughed at the very rare brown leather longbow.

The “Maple Leaf Collection” event intrigues me. This is also the shortest of the three events, lasting only 5 days. I have written more about this event here.

I am highly amused by the fact that they misspelled husky. But anyways… Transformation pets shouldn’t have been in till G3S3 or possibly G3S4, but here’s one for the taking now. Siberian huskies transform with you if you’re a paladin. If you plan on going dark knight in G3S4, I’d suggest you wait for the DK cat pets later on. If you’re interested in the stats for the Siberian husky, check out the MabiWorld Wiki. When it transforms along with you, they will gain stats according to your paladin skills (Spirit, Power, Eye and Sword). The cost is 620 yen in JP, so I expect it to be about $6-$7 here. The JP Wiki is a huge help for those that can read Japanese or wish to attempt to decipher Google’s translation.

Guild Community

Guild community page
Notice re: guild community implementation

Nexon also added a feature called the “Guild Community” prior to G3S2. Basically, it’s a small forum with notices and boards. People can register as ‘web guild members’, as which you get some limited guild functions. Sen signed up as a web member of Avalon, but we’re not giving him 5m.

Guilds are all listed, along with info on their type, number of members, guild points and accumulated guild gold fund. The guild master can toggle the guild as being public or private. There is a useful search function, as the list is sorted by reverse chronological date of creation.

As a whole, this isn’t such a bad idea, but since we already have own forums (Avalon + Puripuri), we won’t use this.

Change of Plans

Well obviously, due to the release of the life skill caps, I now have three goals to achieve now: Refining 1, Weaving 1 and Handicraft 6 (cap). Refining 1 is my priority due to the necessity of failing, which is progressively more difficult as my dex goes up. After that, weaving and handicraft will be less pressing as they take time to train anyway.

At the moment, I have completed my training for Crit 4 and can advance to rank 3 at any time. I have decided to not do this yet since I will be taking a break from combat at the moment to focus on life skills. I have also deranked Ranged to 3. Hopefully I get more drugs skill reset capsules later on to help with refining. As usual, my Production Mastery is already at F. Two months ago, I had amassed all the ores I need to get to refining 1 except for the mithrils, which I intend to mine myself when the time comes.

The plan now is to get to refining 1 asap. I will be dealing with successes and failures by changing titles and gears. I plan to use skillful and experienced death titles. For equips, I will be using my wind/kobold set and my perfect scarecrow (-63 dex) set. Today, Rev also helped me burn a perfect -9 dex scarecrow on to the silver fox enchanted boots that I hostaged from Azure. Thanks Rev! As for mithrils, I will run the mithril dungeon solo. I have calculated that I should get about 100 mithrils per run, with each run taking less than 45 minutes. This means that I probably won’t need more than 30 runs, but we’ll see.

After getting refining 1, I can up Production to 6 and Weaving to 5, and slowly work up Weaving and Handicraft. There will be much more leeway as to what I can do with Refining and WM out of the way. Getting Ranged back up to 1 and Crit to 3 are also possibilities, but I will have to see how my AP holds up.

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Saimoe – A2-3, B2-3 Maple Leaf Collection Event

5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Sen  |  September 24, 2008 at 3:22 am

    me wanna borrow that silver fox!

  • 2. Kyuri  |  September 24, 2008 at 3:57 am

    if you a paladin!

    i wish i had r6 of some life skill… my alt has r6 production tho >_>

  • 3. Micchi  |  September 24, 2008 at 4:03 am

    @kyuri: lol, missed that. fixed now.

  • 4. Skroddle  |  September 29, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    Do you know where your friend found the Silver Fox enchant? Very handy for refining indeed o.o

    I should probably introduce myself.. I play on Tarlach and found your blog through a guildy. I’m hoping to get rank 1 mill & title tho it won’t happen anytime soon, lol (currently I’m rank 5).

    Anywho, I’ve found your blog very helpful and look forward to more Mabinogi posts :)

  • 5. Micchi  |  September 29, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    @Skroddle: Thanks for stopping by! I usually do Mabi posts every now and then. I haven’t had much time to write since I’ve been working on life skills since S2. The silver fox enchant was found in Peaca dungeon from cloakers. You can also get them in scary library. Good luck on getting wm1!


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